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Impetus LoversloveloveloveCircleOctober 2007...This Vista Print Web Site was Created....

When life is sweet say thank you and celebrate and when life bitter say thank you and grow. ~ Joyce

My oldest Son Aaron Toomer December 20th, 2016 Asked me Why did i make this Website...? I told him it was for Solution Solve to make sense out of right from wrong, correct or keep my mind going in a good direction compared to what the world has or had to offer been there done that a lot of it... I texted him their is nothing like it on the market or stock exchange. I saw or see a business opportunity in it....What do you think about this Website... and or everything on it or in it...?


Listen to all of our artists anytime on our I Heart Radio channel, now with a show hosted by JayDeMarcus. Listen here:

About Me:

I am the creator and inventor of Christian Sports Science...and business class legal brief classics a Subject Article Bible Proof Positive books in the Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible short for the EIV Bible. I am the founder of Crossfit Team Ministries at the Church of Truth, Light, Love, and Humor.

I been rocking with since 2008 to the present paying out a lot of dues. Their maybe two ways to get in on Board of Directors Membership pay your way in or be One of the Better or Best Poets..... is where foundation research and deliver Started...January 2000 to 2007....We both have come along way... How are We doing...?

Quality Love Value Romance Clarification Point: “True Love is a beautiful dream that is supportive." ~ William Sharp Revised

About Us

Pink Nation Exclusively Ours.

Good Karma Great Gifts Excellent Pink Positive Nation!!!

Inner Circle Impetus Members...There are at least 33 of us by my Personal Choice...

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.



My Hips Rock Like Fidelity Mutual Faithful and Elvis Presley I don't Know if she is a Shot Gun or Semi Automatic but on the Draw she is a 45 Priscilla Presley ...



@Oceanmist10@LisaPresley I just can't get enough of that lyric and tune <3

You aint seen nothing Yet! #StormandGrace#No1 by

TweetingAlien4MinutesAgo 19May2012 4:17 pm


@LisaPresley Will the grammy show b on your site?? PLEASE i will beg if i have to.LOL ur 1st show so special just like #stormandgrace xoxo by Oceanmist107 minutes ago 19 May 2012 4:17 pm

@LisaPresley who has that mysterious quality and compelling attractiveness. Wow that's Charisma! #LisaMarieOnIdol#StormandGrace#No1 May 18th, 2012

February 10th, 2013 and the World is Listening



Location: Buckingham Headquarters the Palace at the Vine or is at the Vine "Divine"

3318 Dinky Run

Valdosta, GA 31605-5838         



Business Cell Phone Number for Impetus, Inc.:



Impetus Circle is Team Impetus a Courtly Educated way of Wit-The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible Thus Inner Circle Impetus is a Christian Courtly Country Wit for the Experienced Educated...


FAX Number or Ring Master Number:



Monday - Sunday 24/7


Business Emails for this Website are Presently: and



Personal and or Business Email


Clean is Clean and Clean is Always Clean Innocence should never be Stolen...




Taylor Swift--->Percept #8... Touchdown Sunshine




Dr.Steve Harper ---> Precept Percept Preside #5

Remember who's One of Your Favorite Personalities and your one on my Favorite Professors and Teachers Advisor and Advise me 16 years know where I messed up at I shoulda got a detail career path of does and don'ts Spring 1997.....



Amy Lee Always was the Sweetest Sixteen...And Um Became....

Amy Lee ---> Percept #16... Aha Lover!/SmockedAuctions!/SmockedAuctions




Queen of England Elizabeth II--->Percept # 1

Princess Madeleine -> Percept 33....Memory Believes Pleasure Princess Memory Believes Sweeter the Nectar Gooder the Goose Good Gives God Gives Regards to My Queens H.M. and H.R.H and H.R.M and T.R.H. and etc...and Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland (Madeleine Thérèse Amélie Joséphine; born Drottningholm, Drottningholm....? Princess Madeleine was born at Drottningholm Palace... You the Goodess... You the Cutes Royal... Lawyer that speaks more than Five Languages Juris Doctorate....





Naomi Judd ---> Percept # 4.... Nipple Joule

Female Country Icon Entertainment Guru Christian Parent Judge Advisory Committee Mother Heat...


Hillary Rodham Clinton--->Percept #7... Ham rrr Country

Since January 2009 Hill has made it to 100 Countries June 27, 2012 it a Record.

Susie McEntire --> Percept #7 and or #55 Standard mmm

Carrie Underwood--->Percept # 11... Caregiver Undivided "Told ya..."




Mother Angelica-->Percept # 10

Eucharistic Pilgrimage Information

For information on retreats at Our Lady Of The Angels Monastery and the Shrine Of The Blessed Sacrament; as well as tours of EWTN and live show tickets.-->


US mail:

EWTN-Eternal World Television Network

5817 Old Leeds Rd.

Irondale, Al. 35210-2164


We can become saints not because of what we are but because of what he is, and what he can make of us. Love is the one thing necessary. You must love God with your whole mind, your whole heart, with all your strength. Let him become part of your work and play . . . let him be your constant companion throughout the day, speaking to him as you would a friend.

–from Mother Angelica: Her Grand Silence (born April 20, 1923 -- passed March 27, 2016)

Natalie Grant--> Percept # 9....Nutrition Guaranteed




ph: 615.297.2021

fx: 615.2972776

Arianna Huffington-->Percept # 19... Apple-Pie Homecoming

(Born July 15, 1950) is a Greek-American author and syndicated columnist. She is best known as co-founder of the progressive news website The Huffington Post.

Dolly Parton--> Percept # 14...Deeds Pardon

Miley Cyrus-->Percept #21...Money Clever

"I am a Blue Grass Ashley J Ready, 28 Springtime Low Roaming Mountain Wildcat, a Left Handed 21 Billy, and a 365 Cyclical Vocal of a Billionaire 18 Disney more than a Singing Star... Palm my Beach Cheerleader, I need at least my laughter Flatwoods Kentucky" Palm my Beach Cheerleaders...




Selena Gomez--> Percept #22...Salsa Gifted

Miranda Cosgrove--> #23....Mother "Potential" Caregiver



Martha Stewart--> Percept #17 ...mmm Saute

 "I had a Lemonade Stand by the Age of 13 making Profits...Almost...."



Lee Ann Womack--> #13 ...the Lovely Amplified Wishbone

"LAW Social Club is.... "




Nigella Lawson--> Percept #26 ...Needs Love

  " My feelings about all religions are that they are not the Church of Truth Light Love & Humor.... "




Puala Deen--> Percept #27 ...Pull Deeper

Caroline Benton " I am going to Seminar School lived or lives outside of Savannah, Georgia...? "




Kellie Pickler --> Percept #28 ...Kava Pleaser

" I got a Sausage Dog named Moon Pie Short for moo moo.... "

Marilu Henner--> Percept #24 ...mmm Heaven

"A Yellow Taxi Cab is not only for Midnight Confessions...."

Suzanne Somers--> Percept #25 ....Summer S'mores

Threes Company Two Tight Lovers one came from Israeli his name was Jesus....

Katie Holmes--> Presiding Percept #38 Karma Hold Kava Homerun Kickstand Wholesome...

Erin Andrews--> Exceptional Amplitude#33... She is a UNCW33


Main Lobster Lewiston Maine Gator Bait O'Connell Center Dancer Coach Donovan and Christian D'Auroa...Christian tell her who got the best Smile... Who got the best smile...? Who the most fun who the Fun...? Who was always the Fun....a Shilling not a Pheasant nor a Pence a Pint...neither one of us was ever a Squatter or Squatters...but we are Christian Sports Science... We Athletes and Coaches...? Philosphy is Sports Ology and Motion Defense and Offense...?






Jodie Messina--> Percept #15... Jumper Movement

" I could of thought that action consisted of who has the wettest whistle and bellows a foot of harmonics longer than the day is noon and or the night time moon that Romantics Romance instinct and or instincts..."


  Clean is Clean and Clean is Always Clean Innocence should never be Stolen..What are Christian Soliders of God...What do we do.....?

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