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 "High expectations are the key to everything." ~Sam Walton



I been rocking with since 2008 to the present paying out a lot of dues. is where foundation research and deliver Started... June 2001 to 2007. ...We both have come along way... How are We doing...?


Most marvelous and enviable is the fecundity of fancy which can adorn whatever

it touches, which can invest naked fact and dry reasoning with unlocked for beauty,

make flowers bloom even on the brow of the precipice.

-Margaret Fuller






Maxim Words of Wisdom the Wise never the Jackass neither the Wheel before the Cart nor the Lower Degradation of Stupid or Economy Educated Decline to cause nor lower conditioning or Condition or Conditioning Quality: There can be no such thing as mental illness. Thomas Szasz may have died, but his Anti-Psychitary Lives on…~Thomas Szasz The Denial of Mental Illness is Alive and more than Well… Thomas Szasz, the father of the anti-psychiatry movement, has died, but more than his legacy lives on…Thomas Szasz (born April 15, 1920 – September 8, 2012)

Carlos Bernard Toomer 1996-2006 Necked like science.....This is what potential wives have always seen Between these years...205 pounds to 245 Pounds (1996-2005). 6'4" is what I have

always been after age 17 when I could dunk a Basketball from the

free throw line at 6'4" 180 Pounds.



Corinth High School Basketball (1987-1990)

CO-Captains Steve Davis and Carlos Toomer Senior Year (1989-1990 season); the smallest Public School in Basketball History to almost be #1 in the Nation... the name of this movie is more than probably going to be called "Flight"...

**** State Champions 3 Years in a Row #1 in Mississippi 3 years in a Row and all Corinth High school from (1987 to 1990) improved by Leaps and Bounds except Girls Basketball... Boys Basketball practiced a 1000 days in a Row from June 4th, 1987 to March 1990 at a anytime Ready for all morning practice, and or all day and all evening...our own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Our 1988-1989 Team Corinth is also One of the Best Highschool Basketball Teams ever in the entire History on Mississippi Highschool Boys Basketball..because of our 1987-1988 Team We became a whole #1 Process... We was each others process every second out of and into ever hour which made the Flight of a 1000 days in Row to #12 in the Nation in Highschool Basketball...

Hall of Fame - Mississippi Association of Coaches

One (1) person related to the advancement of high school athletics in Mississippi may be honored. One (1) of the five persons to be honored may be honored ... hall-of-fame/ This is or was Carlos Toomer's Junior Highschool in 7th and 8th Grade (1984-1986) where he broke and set the Long Jump Record (18'10") and High Jump Record (5'8") in 8th Grade at Belle Valley South Middle School Belleville, Illinois





Was it in the Daily Corinthian Newspaper 2002 that Corinth Highschool Mississippi was thinking about Retiring Carlos Toomer and Steve Davis Basketball Jersey for being the Greatest Athletes to Ever Attend Coringh Highschool Mississippi...Major League Baseball and Whomever Else Research it... This is my Highschool Principle's Facebook Page!/harold.smith.79025?fref=ts and She "Kim Jobe" use to work at the Daily Corinthian back then 1987 to 1990!/kim.jobe.10 and here is the Websites to the Corinth Highschool and the Corinth School District
 Coach Shirley "Naomi Judd" saved her Life 20 years ago my going Natural Holistic Healing and Organic Foods...Now at 68 years of Age she is healthier than a Think Tank and a Tunker Truck!!!

Research it Investiagate it Natural Organic Foods and Holisitic Healing...!/dennis.shirley.9 is one of my Highschool Baseball Coaches (1987-1989)

Experience with education can teach you Wisdom....Corinth, Mississippi High school Basketball Team 1989 to 1990 was almost Number One in the Nation... a 3A Classification Board of Education Public School with 300 hundred Students.... "Corinth High school" We almost was Classified 2A.... Does this mean Honestly Jessica Alba Somebody... "Everybody" We all about the Same Age... We all done Gain Time... Is or does this mean Carlos Toomer was at least the Best Defensive Guard out of the State of Mississippi and or maybe Ever in the History High School Basketball.... ?

Hall of Fame - Mississippi Association of Coaches

One (1) person related to the advancement of high school athletics in Mississippi may be honored. One (1) of the five persons to be honored may be honored ... hall-of-fame/

Curtis McCants of George Mason in the CAA may tell you what Coach Rick Pitino always Knew... January 4th , 1996 CAA Colonial Athletic Association... Curtis McCants open up at George Mason with 45 Points and 13 Assist going into the Home Game Opener for the CAA.... It was "UNCW v.s. George Mason" Carlos Toomer held him to 10 Points 1 Assist by the end of 1st Quarter he was at the 2 Guard position No Longer Running Point just like i did Anthony Hardaway in Highschool.. I put him at the 2 Guard Position "Memphis 1989 Thanksgiving Invitational" Feliz Navidad just because Cause he couldn't dribble or Score in or at or from the Point Guard Position...and Anthony Hardaway was Ranked Number One in High school Basketball 1989 -1990 Season... I almost know if you Research it Curtis McCants still went on and got the scoring Title for the (1995-1996) NCAA's Div One Basketball Season and i almost know he scored more points in one season than Easy E had Casual Beats like 8 Miles and Running and or in Compton too... Curtis McCants (1995-1996) NCAA College Scoring Title is it the Highest Ever... Curtis McCants may have beat "Pistol" Pet Maverick 1969 LSU Scoring Title... 44.5 Points per game but in 1966 thru 1970 has Career Scoring average 44.2 points Per Game...? The Pistol Raleigh, North Carolina Broughton High school Needham too and it's best like Toni Esposito "Coby Bryant" they or We all know what she needs... Go GameCocks Tell ing her She Taught me...i never told nobody until now and Y... So Sammy make Sure they pay us... She loves money and perfection... and i Swear to God she loves to Laugh...I knew my Number and She did too... i Almost asked her for $5,000 dollars the Second time to Study for the GRE and or the GMAT... if she would not of been playing at Rye Johnson Daddy's Beach House after she Knocked me out and Lifted me up on Request... She is so playful...She would and could of Gave me more Build Up Confidence... to be a Doctor like she is now...if she was not so playful after Moses like Actions...She Requested... i just needed money to past the Test like She did to get Advanced Degree beyond Bachelor with the highest Scores 1998...i Carlos Toomer have been taken Advance Education Courses sense my Freshman year in Highschool... i never Told on us or her Sammy Little Brother ...and also more then Good Luck on the National College World Series Baseball this 2012 year and Up and Coming 2013 Season...Congratulations on Winning 2011 and 2010 College Division One Men's Baseball World Series....  

Carlos Toomer Junior Highschool where He broke the Junior Highschool 8th Grade Long Jump (18'10") and High Jump (5'8") Records at Belle Valley South, Belleville, Illinois they still may be the School Records or Record in Track after 20 years...?​


Derrick Miller #3 is a Georgia Boy. He graduated from the State of Georgia, 1989 was his Senior at the University of Kentucky...

He shot more 3 Pointers then Birds Fly to and or to Tell it...Whoever Whom Who is the Social Chair of us...?

Attempt to Tell it... I don't want to Take the Title... I just want you to Give it to me...

We about the Same Age... You don't have to pass the Torch..... you know what we need... We need this...

A Bluegrass Wildcat Skylight Lofted Lodges & Penthouses that are Olympic Styled....

for Kentucky Men's Basketball Players and all between the Airport and Keenland... Coach John Calipari all we need is 30 Games a year in Winning and beat UCLA Basketball Records and hopefully all the Rest of the Basketball Records....I know when i was playing sports... I wanted to exercise all the time give back and give to and give to all my fans of course alot of fun and memories that build relations that are unforgettable which could always be improved or imitated... The lead Sports Writer for the University of Kentucky Sports Jerry Tifton has all the Statics on all of the Men's Basketball Lettermen Kentucky Men's Basketball players and our Feelings away and separated from each other... The world is mean and we the best athletes in the entire world and the Air Force Fighter Pilots got the Truth whose minds are superior and OBE One Kenobi the State Governor of Kentucky could Tell you Different but um the Air Force Fighter Pilots could and should tell you the Truth....about Basketball and the Roll it plays in being a great fighter pilot.

VIP Family List for these and those Ones Each One Us have these types of created relations, Closeness and or Business or Professional to and for what ever Reason We Close. Period!!!




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5.) Etc...



The Queen of UK Can Carry 300 Personnel or 3,000 Cases of Gin....Troop the Colours....When.........?

Who is Dale Brown #32 we were best friends at UK, the Mississippi like Connection....? And than there was the 1993 Final Four University of Kentucky V.S. the Fab Five University of Michigan their Sophomore Year into the 1993 year after #3 Jeff Brassow scored 39Point in One Half Performance when we was 38 Points Down at Half Time; a come From behind to Victory, 38 points down, and We was down... Jeff scored 39 points in one Half with also a Defensive Blanket. We Came from behind an Won at LSU... Regular Season Conference Play against LSU at LSU. What a Tiger...Lets move forward to Dale Brown #32 Final Four Same Year April 1993...He Scored 18 Points in the 2nd Half and put himself out of Commission... He put on a Triple Treat Dribbling Shooting Jumping Clinic "Mid Range, Long Distance, and Three Point to Box and Lane Extensions with Finish and Touch..." Brown drop a Cinnamon Roll Double Clutch with Hang Time and Closed off in Chris Weber's Chest... the Center for Michigan was Chris Weber " Dale made it into a 3 Point Play....and made the Extra the free throw line... Coach John Pelphery should Call Dale " Why did you do the Jeff Brassow like Dive into the Stands When you was in the Untouchable Offensive Zone with Offense and Defense Artillery......?" Jeff Stop all that Fake Diving and Hustling whenever the ball is clearly out of bounds...I need to seat you off into this Chiar and talk to you....

The National Geo spatial-Intelligence Agency's seal. I mage: United States Government.

Letitia A. Long became director of the National Geo spatial-Intelligence Agency

on August 10, 2010, became the first female director of a major intelligence agency in US history.

Long has been in government service for over three decades, and her former positions include second in command at the Defense Intelligence Agency, deputy undersecretary of defense

for intelligence, and deputy director of Naval Intelligence. Long was sworn in at the NGA's under-construction Springfield, Virginia campus, where she hailed the recently created NGA's accomplishments. She also said that "I have never seen an agency as young as the NGA do so much in so little time." The NGA was created in 1996 and collects and analyzes overhead imagery and geospatial information. The agency's motto is "Know the Earth, Show the Way." Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Intelligence Committee, said that a woman director at a major intelligence agency was a key milestone, and she also said that "this is an important appointment, and I hope that she will bring a new and determined management ability to this agency." Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Leon Panetta said that Long's appointment was an "outstanding choice" and that "having served in so many important roles over the course of her distinguished career, she will undoubtedly exercise strong leadership at NGA and

help identify new ways to meet those challenges." Though women have served in as second in charge in the National Security Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office and at the NGA, they have not served in the No. 2 position at the CIA.




This was Suppose to be Carlos Toomer's Senior Year at the University of Kentucky 1993-1994 Season


This is the Year Travis Ford Shot 95% from the Free Throw Line and 55% from the 3 Point Line was it the 1993-1994 Season or 1992-1993 Season....Teammate Travis Ford lead the NCAA in Free Throw Shooting and 3 Point Shooting with the Highest Percentage....was it that he did them both in the Same Season or One in one year and the other in Another year or both at the Same Time....?




Update Investigate it...Ran a 4.17 40 Yard Dash August 6th or August 4th, 1999 Audition for the Football Movie "Remember the Titans in Atlanta Georgia...I Carlos Toomer was 6'4" 225 pounds back then in Sunday Church Bottom Tennis Shoes and I Slipped at the Beginning Lost a Second and Still Ran a 4.17 Second 40 Yard Dash... Ask Jerry Bruckheimer he may still have Records.... I came in 2nd out 500 people a Track Start ran a 4.13 Second in Track Shoes that were ment for Grass...He was the Black Wide Receiver in the Movie Remember of the Titans...When I crossed the Finish line...He ran to me and Said what was your Time...I said 4.17 Seconds...He Said mine was 4.13 seconds...but I never ever in my Entire life seen anybody Run so Fast...if you would not of Slipped in the Beginning you would of beat much you weigh you look like a Line Backer...


 This is the Website Link is where Carlos Toomer at Mascoutah Highschool Illinois 9th Grade Track (1986-1987) where I site the Freshman Long Jump Record 21 Feet 10 Inches or it was 20 Feet 8 inches...? However the Highschool Senior Long Jump Record was 22 Feet 4 inches almost beat it the Senior Highschool Record as a Freshman in Highschool...The Only boys I never beat in Long Jump or the 400 Dash was only a could count them on One Hand...Varsity Track Season (1986-1987) I missed going to State as a Freshman by 4 the long Jump and 3 Tenth of a Second in the 400 Meter Dash.....

Choose a Subject write on it into a certain formula or schematic and you have Business Class Poetry to Watch or Read or Listen too or Vote on.....





Index III Music List and Music to the Epigram Impetus Bible

Pages 294 thru 1474 Index III Music List is on Pages 1521 thru 1535

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