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Ch.10 the Book of Humor Cover Pa ge One (Pages 829-890)

Page 829

Chapter 10. The Book of Humor

Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Humor Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

What is the use of Work Besides Money…? Does the ideal job consist of sweat….? Or do you prefer a White Color Air Condition job sitting on or behind a Desk…? Money made money does make money and can increase Health. Sweet as honey is sex funny….? What is work OR Exercise….?

Answer in the Back of the EIV Bible…Pg. 1546

Did you know... ... that today July 5 is Graham Cracker Day? This day celebrates the birthday of Sylvester Graham (born in 1794 in West Suffield, Connecticut). Zealous about the nutritional value of whole wheat flour, Graham lent his name to the flour. His Graham flour led to Graham crackers, which Nabisco later trademarked. Celebrate by scarfing down some Graham Crackers!! ;-)


Today's Inspirational Quote: "Listen to your inner voice for it is a deep and powerful source of wisdom, beauty and truth, ever flowing through you. Learn to trust it, trust your intuition, and in good time, answers to all you seek to know will come, and the path will open before you."

-- Caroline Joy Adams

" The moral sense is the first excellence of well-organized man. ” --Thomas Jefferson quote (American 3rd US President (1801-09). Author of the Declaration of Independence. (Born: 1762 --- 1826 ) #11 Pg.1480


Humility is a Virtue to Tactful Humor…The Lord is with Thee…It is virtue of the average man that can make heaven on earth. Humility of Tact Humor is the virtue that maneuvers any situation or obstacle with Humor. The Ability to make a point with humor that is not Offensive No Matter the Situation or Obstacle.





Ch.10 Humor Cover Page II the Virtue of Humility (Pages 829-890)


Page 830


Virtue to Tactful Humor Ch.10 Humor (Pgs. 829 - 890) 

Names and Pictures of Appropriate Humans with Humor Past and Present. If Somebody in this Category has Published a Book it should be by their Name or Picture as well as a Statement that defines them…

For Example:a

1). The Wayne Family One of the Funniest Comedy Shows of the 90’s “In Living Colors” Homie the Clown…”

2). Bill Cosby “ Who likes the Pudding Pop…”

3). Late Night Television Host Jay Leno-a book “If Roast Beef Could Fly”

4). Johnny Carson -- “Ghotbzadeh” … “What do Iranian men do when their wives refuse them by night?” (Born: October 23, 1925 – January 23, 2005)

5). David Letterman… ““The White House is giving George W. Bush intelligence briefings. You know, some of these jokes just write themselves.” (Born: April 12, 1947 --- ? )

6).Jerry Lewis… “ I had Great Success being a Total Pinhead ” (Born: March 16, 1926 --- ? )

7.)Comedian Redd Foxx - “Elizabeth, I am Coming to join you…this is the Big One… a Junkyard Paradise…” (Born: December 9, 1922 — October 11, 1991)

8.)America’s Greatest Clown Red Skelton- “ If some day you’re not feeling well, you should remember some little things I have said or done and if it brings a smile to your face or a chuckle to your heart then…. my purpose as a clown has been fulfilled. ” (Born July 18, 1913—September 17, 1997)

9.) Rodney Dangerfield -Best Known Line “I Get No Respect” (born November 22, 1921--October 5, 2004)

10.) Comedian Bob Hope - “You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the Cake…. ” Superstar of Television, Film, & Radio ( Born 1903 --- 2003 )

11.) Chelsea Handler ~ Me & My one Night Stands Share Vodka (Born: February 25, 1975-- )

12.) Jeff Foxworthy ~“ The King of Redneck Jokes Comedy ” He was

13.)Carol Burnett ~ (born April 26, 1933) is an American actress, comedienne, singer, dancer and writer. Burnett started her career in New York. After becoming a hit on Broadway. "I wish my mother had left me something about how she felt growing up. I wish my grandmother had done the same. I wanted my girls to know me." Carol Burnett...

14.)RoseanneBarr (born Salt Lake City, Utah November 3, 1952) is an American actress, comedian, writer, television producer and director. One of America's funniest comedians... Roseanne Barr's story is one of the most controversial of any actress's. She dropped out of high school when she was 17 years old. After a car accident, she was admitted to a mental institution, claiming she was having nightmares and memory loss. She left the institute less than a year later...

Humor in the Epigram Impetus Bible is Quality Love Virtue. An Ease of Tact into checks, balances, and Level with the Art of Communication which is a Humble Impetus Positive Stimulus. Epigram Impetus Tactful Humor is a Maxim Impetus Bliss Aphorism, true statement of what tactful witty educated humor does to the mind and body nervous system of Facts. It stimulates the mind and body nervous system into the 100% positive direction producing positive affects & results from ideal education and experience and or the best you can do by yourself with daily quality improvement.


Success without humor is an unseasoned dish; it will satisfy your hunger, but it want taste good. --Famous Division 1 NCAA College Football Coach Joe Paterno(born December 21, 1926 - January 22, 2012) is a College Football Coach, and Head Coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions 2011...


“Laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh, it keep you happy in heart it takes the gloom out of the situation.”

~ The Virtue of Tactful Humor

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