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Ch.8C Management Cover Page One Page 703


Chapter 8C. The Book Management the Virtue of Unity


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Management Styles may come and go…

Lower, Middle, Upper Management Diamond Effect…on on on Alls go on Oh no Alls go to whom much is given, much is expected….

Who has all the answers, but together we can more than flow…

What is one of the main #1 Aspects of Management that does make business flow and or grow…?


Answer in the Back of the EIV Bible…Pg.1546


    “True happiness is the full use of your powers along lines of excellence in a life affording scope.”

~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy Quote ( American 35th US President (1961-63), born 1917-1963) Bio on Pg.1487 #47



The Virtue of Unity helps us work and live together peacefully. We feel connected with each other and all living things. We value the specialness of each person as a gift, not as a reason to fight or be scared. With unity we accomplish more together than any of one of us could alone.







Ch.8C Management Cover Page II Page 704


The Virtue of Unity Ch.8C Management ( Pgs. 703-718 )

Need Quality Leaders and Managers if not the best of all Time (i.e.) as Examples in this Section with the Dates and Information of them...


1.) Harry S Truman 33 U.S President (1945-1953)-Launched desegregation of U.S. Armed Forces & Loyal Oaths one of his popular phrases is “the buck stops here”

2.) John F. Kennedy 35 United States President (1961-1965)-Voted for the final passage of the 1957 Civil Right act that became in full effect in 1964.(John F.Kennedy Bio on Pg.1487 #47)

3.) Theodore Roosevelt 26 U.S. President (1901-1909) vigorously led Congress and the American public toward progressive reforms and a strong foreign policy. Motto “Steward of the People”

4.) Susan B. Anthony (Born: February 15, 1820---March 13, 1906) was a prominent American Civil Rights Leader who Played a Pivotal Role in the 19 Century Women’s Rights Movement to Secure Women’s Suffrage in the United States with the 19 Amendment…( Susan B. Anthony Bio Pg. 1483 #21 )

5.)Golda Meir, (Born: 5/3/1898—12/8/1978) address to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry: We only want that which is given naturally to all peoples of the world, to be masters of our own fate, only of our fate, not of others, and in cooperation and friendship with others

6.) Aung San Suu Kyi, (Born: 6/19/1945-- ) Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, leader of Burma’s democracy movement and The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all.


7.) Mother TeresaNobel Peace Prize, 1979 ( Mother Teresa Pg.1487 #41)

8.)Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Prize, 1993 (Nelson Mandela #62 Pg.1494 )

9.) Rudyard Kipling Nobel Prize in Literature, 1907 (Rudyard Kipling Pg. 1484 #28 )



( VIII ) C. (Pgs. 703-718) Ch.8C. Management


The Virtue of Unity…

“Management of the future could be a charm unlike micro-managing but empowering through compliance and trust with talent, understanding, while holding your on in the department of skills improving productivity and quality across the board through continual learning… “ The Tactful Art of Communication is Quality Management….”


Deciding on an investment philosophy is kind of like picking a spouse. Do you want someone who is volatile and romantic and emotional, or do you want someone who is steady and trustworthy and down to earth. If you want a successful investment career, you’d better bind yourself to a style you can live with. – Ralph Wanger

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