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Ch.13 Society the Virtue of Love (Pgs.998 - 1048)


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The American’s Creed by William Tyler Page

I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the governed, a democracy in a republic, a sovereign Nation of many sovereign States; a perfect union, one and inseparable; established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.


I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.

–Written 1917, accepted by the United States House of Representatives on April 3, 1918.


Author’s Comments

“Of course, anger can always be justified. But then, so can forgiveness. It all depends on how much more you want from the adventure.”--- -Mike Dooley


People do not lack the strength but the will to begin or finish, so be persistence and love what you do and never give-up, if it is humane, loving and for peace. ~ American Creed Peace Proverb


Those who turn good (organizations) into great (organizations) are motivated by a deep creative urge and an inner compulsion for sheer unadulterated excellence for its own sake.

~ Jim Collins, author of “Good to Great”


The only thing that stands between a person and what they want from life is often the will to try it and the faith to believe it’s possible…

~ 241 Megan Connor Female country Singer Professional Fitness Expert Water CC Water C Courtly Country Italian Greek Health Caretaker & Entertainer #241



Water Words of Love Wisdom Fun Motivation Value Encouragement Love Inspiration Point: The reason why all men honor love is because it looks up, and not down; aspires and not despairs. --- Ralph Waldo Emerson Pg.1482 #17


United States Preamble to the United States of America Clarification Point: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


The Nickel (Thomas Jefferson) “Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances” –easier said than done. Only a rare percentage of people can say they remain calm in all situations. Controlling your temper is an exercise you have to work on daily. The Nickel (Thomas Jefferson) “Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing” – always be thinking, strategizing, and growing. Use your time wisely and you will never regret the hard work you put into your life’s goals.



I’m in the mood to peacefully and happily multiply with fun and security. "Look well into thyself; there is a source which will always spring up if thou wilt always search there." From jet-setter to everlasting love, achieve it all, just by simplifying your life. I want you number. ~ Easter Sunday Bunny Pick-up line Pick Up or Call Love must be Wise and Wisdom must be Affectionate Line


A life of wholesome righteous positive tactful humor can be the most wonderful fairytale… ~ Laughter Love Tactful Humor Quality Line 4 whom? 



Listen to music selection by Blessed Union of Souls “I Believe”



Page 1001

Truth...John Brewer U of K (1954-1957)

Truth and Love’s a lock…. That time Makes Loose…. Truth and Love Sometimes may seem as if…it is like a Clock Tick tock tight as a Noose… Truth and Love… Truth Love’s a Fire more Sometimes more than Maybe Burn bright don’t be lose Quality Love is no liar If truth and Positive Community is what you choose Love Conquers all

We are the music makers And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering Lone Sea Breakers Sometimes Sitting by desolate streams; World Winners and World Forsakers…. On whom the pale Moon Gleams We are the Movers & Shakers The Makers of the Best Dreams The Eye of Hurricanes backed by Kingdom Leadership Stewards & Dreams

Today and Tomorrow Live Two Days at a Time be aware not to do anything that could jeopardize your tomorrow use someone else’s yardstick. You blossom.

We are the Lovers of Positive Creativity & Peaceful Loving Quality Real Deep the Deeper the Love Goes the Deeper the Depth of Loving Spirituality Love Quality Streams


The Truth of Spirituality & Leading Education Quality Experience more than Board of Adaption Readers & Lovers & ForeSeers of Education and or Experience that Beams


Author’s Comments

A nation is molded by the tests that its people meet and master.

--37 President of the United States Lyndon Johnson


In present society modernization and commercialization are their more Alpha Omega females there are than males what does this mean…? Has somebody say it, wrote it, or proved it. Hold your Attitude and Sit on Your Rectum Negative Action Return Potential and Pay Attention, if you choose to stand “Ad Ease your Leisure… Don’t Lock your Legs or Knees at Attention…” ~ Larkspur Lace Courtly Character #77 Famous Female Country Singer Loretta Lynn 77


You know, this is such a rich time that we’ve just been involved in, and there’s really a job now for historians. Film is still very young. This is the first hundred years of filmmaking. So, I think it’s important that we have some sense of history and continuity. Especially in film.

---- Dennis Hopper 2001


Chase after the truth like the need for water, even though it mainly may come down to the most dominate, the smartest and or the strongest. Truth is no liar….

~ Law of Nature Survival of the Fittest


#103 Female Attraction more than a Guaranteed Name is UNCW Summer 1996 Lull water Drive Condo Element Thermal Motion Energy Water Transitions Ingredients Principles of Operation to Thermodynamic Qualitative Break down Heat Relations Water Quantum Techtronic High Voltage Change of Electrolytes Synapse Spark Gaps & Sweeps… Wave Signal Generator Jump Off Spectrum Analyzer to Table Drive like Check to Lube AFC Check… Magnetron like Charges Texted Twitter Tektronix Water Electrolysis Pure Friction Mechanical Smooth Swift Precise Swift Precision Rhythmic Techniques Pull Back always See what you are Working With Enjoy the Moment be in the Moments Rhythmic Timing Motion Pace Change of Pace Stimulation Debrite 3 Triple Point Temperature Black Light Conditions Exceed Pleasure Equilibrium Balance & Pressure…. Don’t Stand Up to Quick Transmitter Receiver Point Monitored her Applications Radar Specialist Shelter to Bed Check… Power Up Frequency Check Mental Flight Aerial to Ground Physical Mental Flight Ground to Air Bearing Checks Physical Mental Flight a Principle Operation of the Mind to Track AFC Check Points Tracked all her Curves, Angles, & Movements Honed n to Mine Beep Beep Beep Duuuaaaal Soul Applications Air Traffic Control Flight Transponder Check Take me there where are you at Ginger Bread Cookie Cookie Golden Tender Sensitive Move Cake Spot more than a Ginger Snap Cookie Mood Check String of Light the or A Guaranteed Profitable Profit Sensory Senses I need all 100 Personal or individualistic Birth Anointed Human Physiology Sets & Frequency Spots Focus Alignment Check Points Test & Check Synchronization Rhythmic Standard more than a Promising DNA Anatomy Release Spot of Spots Depending of Birth Nature & Adaptions & or Experience the Genius teetotum Latin teetotal Te DeumLaudamus Rise up Spot Talk Check & Test with the 2E031B Application to NASA AFSC ILS Met her NAV Mode Up System Ignition & Maneuvers Moded On & Off into & out of at that point from Grind & Motion Changes… Body Sections Test Points & Checks… Suctions & Kisses Combined…More than The Greek Sports Deity to the H20 Timing Systems the Pull & Push Purest 6’4” Rhythmic Pace & Timing on Points Ripped her Voltage Regulator Alignment Hit Her with some Current Took her Voltage Knock her off her Feat into Missionary Trigger and Timing her Timing ie… Etc.. Applications to Goal Check to Coaching Measurements Shredded Sub Human to Superfood Strength Endurance Versatile more than Coordinated Missionary AFC Stamina Check Azimuth to Grind Frequency Counter Orgasmic System Counter Check the Perfection Point Guard 2Guard Small Forward 205 Pounds the Male Athletic Multi-Billionaire Female Coupler Capacitor to Codes and Needs that Store Applications was & were Applied 2EO31B Radar Tektronix's Oscilloscope 8 Pack Plate Abs The San Adreas Female Fault Line System Operations Backed Up her Default Back Me Up Tell me what Happen…and be more than Precise with Physics of Natural Systems & Motion Timing with Versatility & Coordination Practice Applications Reception Senor Sensory Senses Receptive Admitting Pace & Timing also Caused more than a Natural Obedient Natured Submissive Techtronic High Female Admitting Moans & Quarterback Decibels at & to the other Point of Points Screaming Cool Down set in After Words of Hydration… Did she need a Jug of Water…? No all she needed was at least a Glass of Water or a Bottle: Have you ever seen or heard a female Say Sh.t Sh.t Sh.t for a longtime during a 60 Second Orgasm while and mainly in the Excited State exceeding all kinds of Pleasure… She was humming more than cursing before the1996 Poltergeist Climax set in… She said “ no… Quit… No more…” and Jumped up out of the bed before the Orgasm was over and flopped like a Fish out of the missionary position to Standing Up while still in the State of Climax…? She did the Kid and play kick at the End of it with her Preposition Shaking Exclamation Bare Bottom Rare As… from my perspective through my eyes it question my honesty… She was a Arm Length and A Lean Away from me… What you know and Trust...The 101 to more than Pg.18 #103… It was not a 3A.M. Call…It was more than a Basic Advanced Radar Application Foundation that was Applied after dinner…with the Understanding of Human Physiology, Anatomy, Super foods, Perfect Physical and Mental Preparations with System Principle Operations and Timing…with a Pace Friction Grind Changed up all her points with timing and Female Coaching on Time…


In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.

-- Nouwens



“Can I have your picture?” Pause “So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas!” Sugar and Spice and Everything nice…. ~ Happy Birthday Little Mix Believe Your Feelings Line


Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay a while And she will be loved.

~ Music & Comedy & Entertainment & Improvement Virtue Life for your Love Line 4 Who…?



Listen to music selection by Terri Clark “The Real Thing”or Ying Yang Twins Clean Version “Hey Lil mama lemme whisper in your ear”





Page 1002

Societies Necessities Remember the Ladies

Abigail Adams, Our young Nation’s second first lady

Was born on this day November 11 in 1744 in Massachusetts and at the age of 19


She married John Adams a young lawyer

Through the tumultuous years of the birth of the Nation

The couple wrote countless letters to each other


In one letter written in 1776

She exhorted her husband to “Remember the Ladies”

And be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors

Because we need to live more in the present than the past


Do not put or allow such unlimited power

into the hands of the Husbands

Remember all Men would be tyrants if they could

If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies


We are determined to foment a Rebellion

And will not hold ourselves bound by any laws

In which we have no

Voice or Representation to promote growth or development


March 8 of every year is International Women’s Day

On this Day Let’s Raise a Toast to the Women in our lives

The Females has shaped the world and society to love & peace Out of this

Comes Motivation Encouragement Inspiration…May their sacrifices not go unacknowledged


Women of History: No One has ever become poor by giving.


Author’s Comments

Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind.

--- John F. Kennedy #47 Pg.1487


You must gain control over the patterns that govern your mind: your worldview, your beliefs about what you deserve and about what’s possible. That’s the zone of fundamental change, strength, and energy — and the true meaning of courage.” —Peter Koestenbaum


Variety is the condition of harmony.” —Thomas Carlyle


For this is Wisdom; to love, to live, to kiss the lips and caress the Soul. Speed passions’ ebb as you greet when it flows. ~ Wisdom Hope Passion Romance Line


They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind. ~ Scottish Saying



Civilized Society Love Equality Words of Wisdom: "Men talk as if victory were something fortunate. Positive peaceful loving work action is victory."#17 Pg.1482 Ralph Waldo Emerson Revised


Fun Motivational Inspirational Encouraging Romantic Love Sparks of Quality Love Pure Enlightened Shakespeare True Life Fairytale Truism Stimulus Pink Positive Cake Empire Royalty Water Nation: “Weeks of extensive research or reading have confirmed what I suspected all along: that I cannot or should not live without you. You’re the peanut butter to my jelly. The prize to my cereal box. I think about you in the morning. I think about you at night. I think about you when the therapist says, “Okay, right now don’t think about anything.” And I will never, ever, ever take you off my Friends and Family plan lover love love Lovers Love love, and peace,and happiness, fun and prosperity and positive progress.”



Charm is the Essence of thee Nectar Sweet, Your imagination Love Treaty Delight. The Please the Ease of all Your Love and or Charm a Asset and or a delightful essence to come and or to give you the best thing since Wonder bread and Peter Pan and Pooh...

#74 Wise Shakespeare Line (Born: July 9, 1972) Pg.17


Sum days, I can get with the whole "I earned every wrinkle." "I'm glad, I laughed and laugh enuff to have laugh lines...and a Energetic Cool Hand Luke Egg of a Contest Smiling Spirit… # 56Martina McBride Society Laughter Line


Watch the Movie “Beaches” (1988) by Director Gary Marshall & Actress Bette Midler



Page 1003

If the Heart is Warm

If the heart is warm

And you’re able to talk

Hear, Smell, feel, See

Or at less one of the 5 or 6 senses see

If the heart is warm

You can change for the better or best

If the heart is warm

Humane Humanity Evolution Peace Equality Love Crest Abreast

If the heart is warm If the heart is warm If the heart is warm


If the heart is pumping Touch is important "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young."


Author’s Comments

You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.

--445 Jim Rohn has been Moved to Pg. 1492 #58


“True spirituality is a mental attitude you can practice at any time.” ~ Dalai Lama #843


Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition, there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes.” — George Soros


If you risk nothing, then you risk everything. ~ Geena Davis C Bio 738


A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success 9 /10 of education is encouragement. ~ Education Society Success Proverb



National Days Unique and or Special Celebrated Days Holiday Insights 969 Supreme Excellent Healthy Living Blissful Pmi Holistic: August 3 Celebrate National Watermelon Day àIt’s fitting to celebrate the watermelon, since no summer gathering is complete without it. In addition to being a tasty treat, watermelon is a good source of vitamins A and C and contains lycopene, fiber and potassium. It’s also more than 90 percent water, so it can help you stay hydrated on hot days. Try a new twist on an old favorite with these ideas: •Caramelize watermelon slices on the grill, then drizzle with honey, lime and a pinch of salt. •Pair with shrimp on a kabob. •Carve out a watermelon to use as a bowl. Fill with fruit salad. •Use watermelon in place of tomatoes in a citrus salsa. •Use its juice as a glaze on shrimp or pork. Of course, watermelon is also a crowd pleaser “as is.” Slice it up and you have an instant appetizer, side dish or dessert.Produced by ADA’s Public Relations Team


Proverbs Chapter 4 Verses 23-27 Keep Your Heart Epigram Impetus Bible Revised from NASB & KJV Prov4:23 Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life. Prov4:24 Put away from you a deceitful mouth And put devious speech far from you. Prov4:25 Let your eyes look directly ahead And let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you. However, Awareness & Fortitude are Virtue with love. Prov4:26 Watch the path of your feet And all your ways will be established. Chose wisely and make your path and direction positive. Prov4:27 Do not turn to the right nor to the left; Turn your foot, body, and mind from evil move with the best quality choice of direction and friendship and or job substance.


Society Civilization Education Clarification Point: "If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people." ~ Chinese proverb



So what is the chance that we could engage in anything or something more than conversation?

~ Society Conversation Question Line


The art of love to achieve fulfillment or wholeness for all is largely the Art of Persistence…Determination is never the lack of tact when humor is also a or the Course or comparsion to guaranteed tactful humor like changing pace and or the timing in streaming or streams...Rivers diverge and lakes make oceans…~ Albert Ellis Revised Line 4 Who?



Listen to music selection by Dione Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, & Whitney Houston “That’s what friends are for”



Page 1004-1005

Reason of or for Ethical Righteous Law

If you base the definition of LAW on some dictionaries

It States:

Any written or positive rule or custom

Enforced by Judicial decision


Being that this is true

Laws are established to govern and regulate

A mass of people

In a community, society, nation and world


In order for the Human Race of People to be in Order

Thus must be rules to follow

So that their be organization, communication, peace and justice

So that all human parties involved can lead to regulation of equality and or Ideal Law Ethical Law Righteous Law


So be it,

If we as a world people

Are to evolve into

A one world people and equality Righteous Law Ethical Law


A system or collection of such rules

And the condition of society must be observed

To maintain law and order to fit and enhance the present reality

Of the need of the people to establish a humane system in society ethical laws


If there is a group that preaches or spreads hate

And if it goes against the majority or the conduct or character of society and or nation

The judicial system has always been in charge of us

We as people with human rights know the evolution of man and woman through history


If we are a civilized society:

Any rule or injunction that must be obeyed

Like a rule or principle of proper conduct

Sanctioned by the consciousness concepts of natural righteous law

Or the will of a deity like moral law must be obeyed


We as a people have the right to live in a world of peace & equality

Where the Government is

Compassionate and caring with tough quality impetus directional positive love

Their duty at least needs to be teach what it means to be a humane human in humanity


If it is best for the entire human race, community, society, Nation or World

To get along and understand each other

From a Moral Law Stand point

The Avenue or the Vehicle Chosen lays the way for the cause the Vision the Plan the Dream


Depending of the timing and the situation

Of all parties involved to improve the quality of life

For the entire human race

A Vehicle or Avenue with Positive Impetus Motivating force is unstoppable with time


A commandment or revelation from God

A divinely appointed order or system

Moral authority for the best of the people is the important factor

So how do we balance Moral Authority for the betterment of the human race?


Positive, Righteous, Ethical, Logical, Reasonable, Involved Fair Loving Law with Creativity and Education

Is the answer and solution

Depending on our Vision for the Future Generations

That will succeed us and those generations that will succeed each other


Author’s Comments

Every day brings surprises — unplanned-for things that just show up, and you’ll need to expend at least some time and energy on many of them.” —David Allen


Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. -- Judy Garland (born June 10, 1922 – June 22, 1969) was an American actress and singer. Through a career that spanned 45 of her 47 years, Garland attained international stardom as an actress in musical and dramatic roles, as a recording artist and on the concert stage. Respected for her versatility … In 1938, at the age of 16, Garland was cast in the lead role of Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (1939), a film based on the children's book by L. Frank Baum. In 1954, Garland filmed a musical remake of the 1937 film A Star is Born for Warner Bros. 2010, Judy Garland's legacy as a performer and a personality has endured long after her death. The American Film Institute named Garland eighth among the Greatest Female Stars of All Time


“When I hear somebody say, Life is hard, I am always tempted to ask, Compared to what?”

-- Sydney J. Harris


You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” –- Zig Ziglar Pioneer Courtly Professional Motivator #321 (Born: November 6, 1926 --- Passed November 28, 2012 )


An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. ~ Arab Proverbs



Heaven Love Poem Inside of a Poem: A Hindu poet said: 'The desire to love brought me to earth, and the same desire to see the beloved I am taking with me to heaven.' ~ Muhammad Ali One of the Worlds’ Greatest Boxer’s to ever live on Earth


Fun Motivational Fact Do Your Know: Did you know...... that today is the beginning of Science, Medicine, and Technology Books Month? Read a good book about math, medicine, health, computers, electronics, technology, engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and other sciences. Just do it! ~~~Today's Inspirational Quote: "I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person." -- Audrey Hepburn #52 Pg.1489


Tactful Humor True Comedy: Inequality is like making one body part superior to another, like the the big toe to the elbow.



Baby, you’re sexier than socks on a rooster. ~ Country Wit Humor Line


Perfect day American country honey our kind of love is like stars and stripes on the 4 of July at night … ~ Lady Antebellum Hillary Scott 932 Pink Positive Ice Cream Cake Nation Love Invitation Line of Lines



Page 1006

Virginia Tech Poem of Strength and 9/11... House of God

A Prayer for whom all, Have replied to God’s Call

Vaya Con Dios, from Virginia Tech

Having ended their mortal lives ’Trek to migrate or Travel by ox or train make way arduously; broadly journey like accident

May your hearts all flow with Divinity…make way for advancement improve Society of Friends Society of Jesus Smart Set Good Fellowship Club of Champions

As your souls save scores, time frame: infinity. Run Crawl Roll Take Out Hit More than the Ground

Becoming for us, Angels and Guardians, Beauty, truth, and rarity, Grace in all Simplicity, Here enclosed in cinders like

Becoming for us, Angels and Guardians Preventing Others if hopeless and hardened by any loss

Becoming for us As if in any loss, too many tears are or when shed, Phrases of futures are sentences unsaid or Unshed,

Nationwide known, youths’ and love ones passing, having all become.

May there be something positive from negative sum. Hopeful enough hugs; in Italian abbracci. Exchange the pieces for peace, or la pace.

Hopefully crowds combine, assistance to appeal Righteous Righteousness Righteously,

Lifting any other heavy hand, unarmed and or to Call Forth Require Assistance and or Needs that adhere

Lift and Let the Future be brighter, Even if Pain is Higher than Lost NecessitateTake with Love and Progress that Sores….

For a Vivacious, Victorious Virginia Tech; Forever more and all them……

Exchange the piece for peace, or la pace. Don’t Freeze…

Hopefully crowds combine, assistance Appealed, Applaud Apply Love Becoming for us

Lifting any other heavy hand, unarmed and or to heal. Take out His or His Neck…Competely Off His Shoulders…and or Charge his Template Chamber his Temple on Blind Side it is Instant Paralysis Resolution and or Remedy

Let the future be brighter, from pain it can make you wise or wiser


For Vivacious, Victorious, Virginia Tech; and New York City forever more in Harmony Always be Positive Only Humans Can Pray On the Lion Hearted….Don’t Freeze….Motion Stalls Hits Knockout…


Author’s Comments

Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside.

~ 452 b #...?


The nobler sort of man emphasizes the good qualities in others, and does not accentuate the bad. The inferior does the reverse. ---- Confucius (551-479 BC) Chinese Philosopher


Words are words that bind us into civilization so be tactful. ~ Tina Fey Courtly Character #29


Respect for ourselves guide our morals, respect for others guides our manners .

---Laurence Sterne --> A Cock and Bull Story

Laurence Sterne was an Anglo-Irish novelist and an Anglican clergyman. He is best known for his novels The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, and A Sentimental Journey Through France and… (Born: November 24, 1713, Clonmel --- Died: March 18, 1768, London )

Buried: St George Hanover Square Movies: A Cock and Bull Story Education: Jesus College, Cambridge, Halifax Grammar School


If a problem has no solution it may not be a problem, but a fact-not to be solved, but to be copied with-in or over time. ~ Bounce Knowles (Born: September 4, 1981) One of R&B’s Greatest Singers & Performers a 896


I Stopped making movies because. I don’t like taking my clothes off. Maybe it’s realism, but in my opinion, it’s Utter filth.

~ Debbie Reynolds Courtly 392 Christian (Born: April 1, 1932 ) Female Turner Classic Movie Entertainer Actress   



Electronic Board Civilization Harmony Impetus Water Love History Element Ingredients Points: The eighteenth century was considered to be the Age of Enlightenment. It was the dawn of the intellectual movement, scientific thinking, and rational thought. Let us gain pearls of wisdom from famous authors who brought about that enlightenment in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The Scottish love their country and culture. When you read the works of famous essayist Thomas Carlyle, you experience the Scottish pride beaming through his words. Through famous Thomas Carlyle quotations, read the mind of this Scottish gentleman. ~ Work...Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness. ~ Optimism... Every noble work is at first impossible. ~ Music... Music is well said to be the speech of angels. ~ Enthusiasm... Oh, give us the man who sings at his work. ~ Seeing... Stop a moment, cease your work, and look around you. ~ Courage... The block of granite, which was an obstacle in the path of the weak, becomes a stepping stone in the path of the strong. ~ Courage...The first duty of man is to conquer fear; he must get rid of it, he cannot act till then. ~ Life...The idea is in thyself. The impediment, too, is in thyself. ~ Knowledge...What we become depends on what we read after all the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books.


Present Society Needs more than Affirmation 2010 Declaration: You have been told that real life is not like college and you have been correctly informed. Real life is more like high school and whatever you Positively Positive Positively create always be honored to do it.. Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. To succeed... you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you. ~ Meryl Streep 477 Actress Revised Courtly Red Red Wine Resveratrol Antioxidant Character # 477


A loving heart is the beginning of all positive promising guaranteed knowledge into progress. When something is going bad in your life, just keep saying God is good. Then know all things work together for good for those who love God. “God has a better dream for us than we can imagine. If we can shed our prison, our cocoon, we may even fly.

~ Mandy Jiroux Actress Dancer Singer Beach Girl #322 Line


I wrote your name in the sand, The waves washed it away, I wrote you name in the sky, The wind blew it away, I wrote your name in my heart, and that’s where it will stay ... ~ I Heart you with more than Quality Love & Passion Line 4 Whom..?



Music Recommendation is Pink “Dear Mr. President featuring Indigo Girls”



Page 1007

Love Lives On… Professional Sports Science Entertaining Christian Science Motivators… 147 Nicole Johnson & 121 Tony Anthony Robbins…&… ETC…

Love Lives on…

Those we love are never really lost to us

We feel them in so many special ways

Through friends that we always cared about and dreams we left behind


Love Lives on…

In beauty that we added to our days in words of wisdom we still carry with us

And memories that never will be gone those we love

Are never really lost to us


Love Loves on…

For everywhere there is special love

It lives on so always love when in doubt love

Religious Oxymoron’s not Enough Love Impetus Leadership Lacking Quality H20 Pure Purest Purer Sports Science needs Christian Sports Science...


Is this True…? "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." Is it True…?

Love Lives On…How True…


Love is the deepest gift we could ever be given by someone and it's the greatest gift that we could ever give ourselves.


Author’s Comments

Kindness has converted more people then zeal, eloquence or learning. - Frederich W. Faber


Audiences are the same all over the world, and if you entertain them, they’ll respond.

--Liza Minnelli (born March 12, 1946)


“Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.”

-- Mark Twain #25 Pg.1483


I choose gentleness… Nothing is won by force but more force. I choose to be gentle. If I raise my voice may it be only in praise. If I clench my fist, may it be only in prayer. If I, make a demand, may it be only of myself. ~ Max Lucado


Words from a wise person mouth are gracious but a confused human is consumed by his or her own lips. Wildness swallows up its own self. Snap to Attention love and or need of Love and or the Best Care and Quality Love needs a Good Strategy that settles a busy life with good or great guidance...

~ Epigrammatic Impetus Bible: Ecclesiastes 10:12 EIV



Quality Love Pure Water Application Lives on Poem Inside of a Poem Element #2:

I look at me and see the things I’ve done "Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."

When my heart full of love which is always more than um and or a ounce of um mispronounce

The moment we touched or touch I will know or I knew it was you "Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” That I would and or could forever and always love…

I always dreamt our lives would be at least just us two Because our souls carried the truest love

When I looked deep into your eyes of imagination….I always feel and felt depth of heart sensual sense common sense love

From a first kiss, emotions can run deep inside you As I look inside me and I see my heart in palms and or Psalms

I see that I was meant to be in your arms "And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.... Don't settle."

I feel you and me are home, "I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples."

Forever I will be here you inside me I inside you….you and me inside of each other in each other's arms

"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance."


In Whatever you Do Your Best Quality Lifestyle Words of Wisdom Recipe #10: Don’t be afraid to give your best to what seemingly are small jobs. Every time you conquer one it makes you that much stronger. If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves. -- Dale Carnegie #36 Pg. 1485


Romantic Clarification Love Spark Inspiration Motivation Love Encouragement Points Element #12: He who is in love is wise and is becoming wiser, sees newly every time he looks at the object beloved, drawing from it with his eyes and his mind those virtues which it possesses. Loves is best applied and enjoyed with and when all the senses used... God is love and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in god and God in Him. ~ John the Baptist and Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882, American Poet, Essayist #17 Pg. 1482



What do you say, if we play some tag football….? You can have first down your choice the couch, the kitchen, or the Dance Party Game Changer Clutch One on One Ready to Rock Rock Star Caller Everyday Highlight bound unbound limited unlimited Change. You the quarterback and I the tackle…Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.....the need of Self-Discipline is most important...

~ Subtle Marriage Conversation Line between Male & Female Life Line Lives in (Corinthians 9:24-27)


Create Miracles with your gentle words, kind looks, and loving smiles.

~ Gentle Kind Loving Nature and Natural Humor Line


Listen to music selection by The Showman “It will stand”



Watch movie “Pay it forward”2000 with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, & Haley Joel Osment


Page 1008



Sacred Society

Sacred emblems to partake Consecrated bread to break And thine immortal wine

Communion of our community combined blood feast entwined

Love is always on time makes a society a complete whole divine


Author’s Comments

You cannot add to peace and good will of the world, if you fail to create an atmosphere of harmony and love right where you live and work. -- Thomas Drier


If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.

-- Mary Pickford


Remember man does not live on bread alone: sometimes he needs a little buttering up.

- John C. Maxwell Quote (American Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker


Many wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions. –Frank Lloyd Wright


Optimism is the first step to the solution to any problem. This is easy. ~ Optimism Belief Psalm



Female Devotional more than Just a Collage of Quotes: Princess Stéphanie of Monaco #1180 ~ Marina Romanov of Saint Petersburg Russia 1169 ~ Geraldine Anne Ferraro #927 ~ Portia de Rossi #926 ~ Kelendria “Kelly” Rowland #934 ~ Anastacia #928 ~ Heather Elizabeth Morris of Glee #931 ~ Kathy Slattengren of Priceless Parenting #930 ~ Ruth Anne Wood of Directing Scripting for Success #933 --> Even in this day and age, women always have the opportunity to move forward with quality civilization and positive purpose. Although, women all over the world naturally are more positively creative-- to alter their lives and the lives of others with love, kindness, care, & tactful humor. Here are some highly motivating quotes by women of substance. These women have spoken from their heart, and their words may leave an indelible impression on the reader's mind. Motivational quotes by Women and Famous motivation Quotes by Women to Boost your morale for the equality that can be achieved with quality love, encouraging peace, and blissful inspiration. --> Anne Frank, writer: In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can't build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery and death... Janis Joplin, American singer: Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got... Helen Hayes, American actress Revised: Form better than excellent habits at birth, exercise beyond the point of excellence, transform pass excellency with a perfect nutrition and as you become older and grow from childhood as a Adult Rest and you rust... Virginia Woolf, writer: Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart and his friends can only read the title... Maya Angelou, poet, educator: It is this belief in a power larger than myself and other than myself, which allows me to venture into the unknown and even the unknowable... Peace Pilgrim, Spiritual Leader: When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others... Louisa May Alcott, American Novelist: Love is a great beautifier.


Society Feel The Magic in all Human Hearts 2010 Clarification Point: These days, it's about the brand of clothes you wear, the type of people you hang out with, the boy you date, the house you live in, the car you drive. It's about the classes you take, the music you listen to, the cell phone you talk on. It's not about the type of life you live, the confidence you carry, or the kind of heart you have. Huh...


United Impetus Royal Psalm Music Female Testimonial for Whom? 1198 United Impetus Females. Inc…We got Omnipotent Understand Together Combined 1198… The ancient Greek philosopher Plato has said “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”. Indeed music has touched our hearts since time immemorial. To some, it has therapeutic effect while to others; it gives the much-needed buzz for a quality life. In some cases it is also an extension of the individual personality.



Let’s make like fabric Softener and Snuggle! If You Fall off into the permanent press cycle 15 minute daily touch-up and or the lunchtime special never can or need you not only be the Mid-Night Early Bird Birthday of Life Chatter Box her love is like deep melody Gemini Falls Featured Engagements Snack and or Nevada Love you longtime Served Genuine Night Time Singing...

~ Cute Marriage Relationship push pull pick-up Line a Different Type of Language but what Type and or Kind…..


You could be my sweetly played tune, I want to show you that you are much more than you know better than you may think…

~ The Entire World needs Tactful Love Loving Humor not Trash line 4 whom…?



Listen to music selection by Doris Day “Everybody Loves”



Page 1009

American Society and the World

Maturing of the United States of America Society Is seen in politics America is evolving 2009

Back during 1750 America had ties With Great Britain

Today the relationship is greater than and better than Good


Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them, instead they require maturity to outgrow them.


If Americans and Englishmen Can put the negative Pass in the past The entire world can to Democracy and or Socialism

Culturally America and Great Britain Has a lot in common

Globalization and Technology is making and had made the Human Element of Communication Better with the Best Care or Compassion Tactful Humor Communication Examples that lead Sports and or Athletics Competition and or Champions that Bridge Humble and or Grace Networks God Almighty Feats people wish they where them


Institutions of Higher Learning Has and Have Multiplied Economic Maturation has Improved

There was a time in history poverty was Rampant Actually Before Big Business 20 Century 1900’s

There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:5, NLT


When the doors of perception are cleansed, man will see things as they truly are, infinite.


Their still a lot of doors to knock on And houses that need to be built

Thanks to the Technology Age during the Twenty Century It has enhanced the life of many Humans

Education is the movement from darkness to light.

We are in a New Era…The 21 first Century…The 20 Hundreds

A New Century we are the Ones Leading into or toward or beyond the 22 Century Civilized Societies like to Improve

Anybody that will listen and apply Providence and or Good Love Faith Education and Wise Experience to what is or can positively be taught is Positive Summation Avantageous Assets Additions and Pluses


There is nothing on the earth more to be prized than true friendship. ~Saint Thomas Aquinas What we learn with pleasure we never forget. ~ Alfred Mercier Love is hope. It fuels our dreams.


Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.


Author’s Comments

Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is not just.

-3 President of the United States Thomas Jefferson (born April 13, 1743—July 4, 1826) Pg. 1480 #11 Bio Info


First master the fundamentals to anything to be real successful. ~ Empowerment Quote


It’s not the hand that signs the laws that holds the destiny of America. It’s the hand that casts the ballot.” -- Harry S. TrumanTruman was the thirty-third President of the United States


“Those who stay away from the election think that one vote will do no good: ‘Tis but one step more to think one vote will do no harm.” -- Ralph Waldo Emersonwas an American essayist, philosopher, poet, and leader of the Transcendentalist movement in the early 19 century . Bio Info. On Pg. 1482 at #17


Seize the day & place no trust in tomorrow, do what you can to do for tomorrow will come. ~ Carpe Diem …. Chantelle Paige (Born: February 3, 1988) C The Aqua Green Fluoride Fluorescent H20 Emerald Eyes C 3.48 of more than 3.14 Pie Perfection #403 Perfect Love Perfection Courtly Charm



Sweet Joy Humane Care Positive Light Civilization Words of Wisdom: How sweet the joy, and the comfort of love. How beautiful light, when we hold fast and care for each other... ~ Joshpen Pagen


Tactful Humor Quality Improvement Check Point: Comedy can be just a simply funny way of being serious. --- Peter Ustinov Revised


Truth is Always Needed with Friendship Maxim Words of Wisdom Mantra Motto Creed Proverb and or Psalm: Happiness is an inside job. We choose to be happy in every situation, no matter what. You can be happy whether you are free or incarcerated, rich or poor, well or suffering—happiness is a fundamental choice we make inside ourselves for ourselves first and then the world. ~ Mark Victor Hansen #268


- AND-

TNT-I want 2 collect some, Single solo shared exclusive kisses that are absolutely vibratingly dumb, passionately warm, and stimulatingly throbbing to the entire mind and body…Fine Tune it…Water it in and water it up. Uplift the Presence of God’s Creations in Christ the Lord As Loving Custodians of Holy Wedlock National Treasures Stand in God’s Word in Christ Jesus Name The Lord is a Peaceful Saviour Love and Happiness We need to sustain establish and strengthen provide nourishment in marriage…There is no salvation outside the Church.

~ Saint Cyprian ~ Elongated Loofah Honey Loaf Pankish Twirl of a World Laugh Often Dream Big Reach fo the Stars Marriage Line Amazing Hope Faith Encouragement Gods Word


To me, Fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death...~ Taylor Swift Courtly Charter #13 Society Civilization Triumph Quote of a Line The Human Element



Listen to music selection by Lee Greenwood “God Blees American”

***I am honored to be an American. I know Humility & Hard Work. *** ~ Carlos Toomer



Page 1010

The Bond V.S. The Bond between Mother & Baby

#96 Lorraine Bracco-Sopranno …-C- says “I’ll Don’t Mind being you all’s Baby”


If with one movement, I could fight all your fears away,

I would do it,

If a smile made your tears dry, And make you happy, I would do it… Every day.

If for just a moment you were hurting And no one was there

I Would Feel your pain and call you and tell you be thankful for today....


Where God guides, He provides...


I can and I will be a Good Ambassador of my Beliefs…..

I will and I shall This bond that I’m making and made Will and Can Last Through Time.

And the world will be yours,

As it will or can be mine or ours…If you always would or could be my Baby

Where God guides, He provides...


With dreams enough of what I was to be And hopes that would be occupied by the years,

bit by bit your instructions set me free,


Relinquishing your powers gradually To let me shape myself among my peers.

Before I became or become Older I was or must be Once younger


For love inspires learning naturally: The mind assents to what the heart reveres.

And so it was through love you taught by slowly teaching and stepping back to set me free.


Angels Fly Winged Birds Eagles Battle Cry Defy Hope Love Instructions Teach Life Lessons Whereby Thereby you can always come back and or Go Back to Momma with the Good Love Mind’s Eye Love Supply


You are One of Two, that know what my heart sounds like from the Inside… ~ Momma


Today I declare my freedom in Christ from anything that has bound or limited me.

~ God’s Children Saving Grace Life Jesus is always my Saviour


Author’s Comments

You only lose energy when life becomes dull in your mind.”

Norman Vincent Peale #37 Pg.1485


“Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.”

~ Desiderius Erasmus

~ (Dutch Priest, Humanist and Editor of the New Testament, 1469-1536


Robert Louis Stevenson: Cute Love Quotes Revised: So long as we love we serve; So long as we are loved by others, I would almost say that we are indispensable; and no one is useless while they have a friend. This how society and civilization works better and or best.


Enthusiasm is the electricity of life. How do you get it…? You act enthusiastic until you make it a habit.” -- Gordon Parks (born November 30, 1912 – March 7, 2006)



Motherhood Female Devotional Irene of Netherlands #1175 ~ Elizabeth Jean Philipps of Dawson's Creek #937 ~ Lori Holt of a Director #935 ~ Simona Halep of Romania a Professional Tennis Player #938 ~ Debbi Chambers of Inspire me Today #936 ~ Nina Repeta of Dawson’s #947 --> Honore de Balzac...The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.... Irish Proverb...A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest... Rebecca West...Motherhood is the strangest thing; it can be like being one's own Trojan horse.


Quality Love Clarification Inspiration Checkmate Value Point Element #17: Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman or lady scorned. --William Congreve Revised


Imagine a Shoot Gun and Squirrel Hunting by passing a or the Barn going into the Woods like telling Education buy Size 8 for Rabbit and Squirrel Hunting Recipe or Element #9: "When I was 5 years old. My mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew Up. I wrote down "happy" They told me I didn't understand the assignment, and I told them they didn't understand life." --John Lennon #50 Pg. 1489



Do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk by again…? I Ain’t afraid of nothing. I am Southern breed with a Good Head and Laughter, you can kiss my Alabama Crimson Red & White Ass. ~ All Natural Maid This is the Real Deal Country Maid Tonya Watts Comedy Butt Reality All Natural Maid But of a Line Butt The Traditional Mental Health Field is A Consistent Fail 2010 & Backwards


Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. ~ J.K Rowling. Wit of Treasure 1104 Line



Listen to music selection Tonya Watts “Mother Like Me”…



Page 1011

Epithalamium Wedding Poem “Will-O’-the Wisp

A tiny will-O-the wisp floats unnoticed in the chapel.

The celebration initiates the rite aware or unaware of a heavenly invited Vows.

The fairy sprite observes ignores causality and effect.

The congregation aware or unaware of intent ritual celebration full effect.


On your joyful wedding day, You begin a brand new life.

Friends and family give their gifts To joyful husband, blissful wife.

A fairy God-mother lost in the brightness casts of shadows.

the greatest gift you'll ever get, A gift from heaven above,

A love forever, never ending Everlasting love.

Transient flickers on the edge of awareness brightness out of shadows.


Peripheral well being blessed the new born couple. Bow tie and Dress

Inconspicuous there just for those in spirit to really see.

A nurturing spirit giving benediction to the happy couple. Love and Care Grace and Blessings a Wedding Day just a Start

Of Lifetime Love and Fun to Death to death Ashes to Ashes May these children of God Forever breath here on earth and Heaven

Hope you Share Life of Joy and Pleasure with Plenty of God and Truth

Love is a Real Treasure for your new spouse and you


Stay in each other's arms with love and respect even when Challenged

We wish for you sweet happiness; Through the years, may your love forever grow,

To warm you both from day to day, In your marriage’s satisfying glow.

To Growth To Love To Wisdom To Each Other To console and listen to each others wishes and decisions in Growth

With a kiss seal each other's fate

Faith in each other God’s Will and Blessings Love and Wisdom Care and Compassion




Author’s Comments

Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.


The way to succeed is never quit. That’s it. But really be humble about it. -Alex Haley


Henry Drummond

You will find, as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.


The Bible, Malachi 2:15

You were united to your wife by the Lord. In God’s wise plan, when you married, the two of you became one person in his sight.


One secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm.” ~ Enthusiasm Secret to Genius 



Best Man Wedding Toast for a or the Wedding Element Ingredients: If you have been asked to be the best man at a wedding then you can run, you can hide, but you cannot escape the ritual of raising a "best man wedding toast" to the couple. It is said that fortune favors the brave. So instead of thinking up creative excuses to give the legendary best man wedding toast a slip, why not use a few of the following quotes to let the Best Man win? Anonymous...It's not as great a day for the bride as she thinks. She's not marrying the best man. - Diane Sollee Revised...Anybody can have a trophy wife. It takes a real man and woman to have a trophy marriage. - Timothy Titcomb, J. G. Holland...The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart. - David Levesque...You know you are in love when you see the world in her eyes, and her eyes everywhere in the world. - Rabindranath Tagore...He who wants to do good, knocks at the gate: he who loves finds the door open. - Brendan Francis Revised...A man and a woman is already halfway in love with each other who listens to him and him to her. - Ronald Reagan...There is no greater happiness for a man than approaching a door at the end of a day, knowing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.


Quality in Equality Male Female Role Reversal Relationship Movie Marriage Perk Point: She said that it was sexist to leave the cooking to women, but better to have good sexy food than crappy boy-prepared food. --- Looking for Alaska, by John Green



Are you a Parking Ticket…? Cause you got FINE written all over…. I Charge…. Can I charge you…?

~ Silly Joking Line


You got a smile that can light up a whole town…I believe in love and first bite...Cupcake...

~ Love Cupcake Humor Laughter Line 4 Who….?



Listen to this Music Selection by Ahmir “The Wedding Song”



Page 1012

Society 2008 & The Future

Moral and ethics

What can you do about a decline?

Language and anger intertwine

Laughter brings peace in a shorter time

As long as you stay reasonable and use logic and or Reason

If we continue to judge will be blind

Greed through power is on the news

2006 What can we do?

Dictator’s, public leaders, stocks gone sour

The act of few brought down the towers

And not a eye was dry as we looked in the sky

Holding hands and embracing hugs relief with a sigh

Who is the blame where do we go?

Solstice was found in questions

Some may ask do we really know

Greed war soldiers as pawns

Generals in bunkers letting out long yawns

Tomorrow is anew in hope of a great adventure

If you don’t know what to do

Write your senator or politician a letter

You have the right to be heard

It just helps to know what to write

Tell them you want Peace and the Highest Simple Quality of needed needs need Quality Guidance and Impetus Love and or Understanding

Tell them you want Peace and Love and Quality Improvement and Progress Today not just yesterday but Today and Tomorrow


Author’s Comments

A conservative is a man with two perfect good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward.

-32 President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt (born January 30, 1882—April 12, 1945) #33 Pg.1485


Authentic empowerment is the knowing that you are on purpose, doing God’s work, peacefully and harmoniously.

~ 545 Dr. Wayne Dyer American Motivational Speaker and Author (Born: 1940-- )


Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear. ~ Aesop


Daniel Patrick Moynihan: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.


- Willa Cather Where there is great love, there are always miracles…



United Quantum Impetus Royalty Conversation with Tactful Humor History Brief: Thomas Paine is famous for his lifelong struggle for American independence. He strongly advocated against hereditary monarchy and distributed pamphlets to support his cause. Common Sense, a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine was quite popular among leaders of the American independence movement. Feel the passion and vigor in these Thomas Paine quotes. ~ Character...Character is much easier kept than recovered. ~ Courage...I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ~ Belief...It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. ~ Reputation...Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us. ~ Business...The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. ~ Optimism...The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. ~ Beginning...We have it in our power to begin the world over again. ~ Character...Thomas Paine once said, "What we obtain too cheap we esteem too little; it is dearness only that gives everything value." This quote indicates the hardships Paine underwent to earn his place in society.


Humor Comedy Nursery Adult Rhyme Hollywood Words of Wisdom: Never lie, steal, cheat, or drink. But if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love. If you must steal, steal away time from bad company. If you must cheat, cheat death. And if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away.


United Impetus Royals Proverb Female Devotional for Whom? Knowledge of truth is of little value unless we apply it by making right choices. -- Rebecca Weisler



The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up. #25 Bio on Pg. 1484 Mark Twin Line


Live for today because you can’t enjoy the past or the future as fully as you can enjoy the present.

~ Yours Truly Passion Warm Blood Love Peace Love Humor Line 4 who?



Listen to music selection Taylor Swift “Love Story”



Page 1013

U.S. Congress or Foreign Government

The opposite of Pro is Con. As everybody knows

So does this mean the opposite Progress is Congress?

Some may suppose

Debate of topic and issues of concern

Consult lobbyist on special matters…Campaign tills are sky high

Need the best to get the best result…Who controls congress?

I imagine Checks and Balances does the job

It is self ran entity

Influenced by public interest and concerns

How about the common people That needs the tools to succeed

Like you Congress

There is a solution to all problems Time is always a factor

Some people grow impatient

Does special interest pay them well?

Where their votes are controlled

Campaign contribution in the millions

More than given on the sky

What would our forefathers think?

There principles were based on the common man and family

The future generation and or generations

Has a voice better than any other time

Must be one unity to solve problems

We can go to the polls and vote the Rascals out


Author’s Comments

Nearly all man can stand adversity but if you want to test a man’s Character, give him power.

-- 16 President of the United States Abraham Lincoln (born February 12, 1809—April 15, 1865) Pg.1482 #18


Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

“~ Psalm 34:5


Everything depends upon execution; having just a vision is no solution.” - Stephen Sondheim


Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord will hear when I call to him… ~ Psalm 4:3


“How simple it is to see that all the worry in the world cannot control the future. How simple it is to see that we can only be happy now. And that there will never be a time when it is not now.” “A voice is a human gift; it should be cherished and used, to utter fully human speech as possible. Powerlessness and not to be involved or but not aware does not go together.” “The question of success is not will it? Or even will there be…or even will it ever be?...The question is will you be involved and aware? ~ Involvement Awareness Quote



United Quantum Impetus Water Virtue Positive Purposeful Progress Creative Conversation History Society Brief: John Keats is a name that must figure in any list of the greatest English poets. But did you know that John Keats died at a very young age of 25? Just imagine the wealth of literature that he might have created had he lived longer. All the same, his existing body of work itself is so rich that he stands as a literary giant. This is a list of memorable John Keats quotes. **A thing of beauty is a joy forever **The poetry of earth is never dead. * *Hear ye not the hum, Of mighty workings? *Here lies one whose name was writ in water... Um. **The days of peace and slumberous calm are fled. **As though a rose should shut and be a bud doth sunshine wed. **There is not a fiercer hell than the failure in a great object. **Love in a hut, with water and a crust, Is - Love, forgive us! - cinders, ashes, dust. *Beauty is truth, truth beauty - that is all, Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. **Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, Are sweeter; therefore, ye soft pipes, play on yield your time. **In a drear-nighted December, Too a happy happy tree, Um… Thy branches ne'er remember, Their green felicity. Um...Yield…Um...huh…?


Humanity Humane Positive Progress Words of Wisdom Clarification Love Points and Points Quality Habitual Improvement: An individual has not started living until he or she rises or rise above the narrow confines of individualistic concerns to broader concerns of humanity. -Martin Luther King Revised #48 Pg.1487



Hi, who’s your friend the brightest glow of Bravo Wonder Light behind door number One the express lane of flavor ice cream like 32 Flavors of Baskin Robins, a Side of cone dipped in Caramel and I or and you could have a full appetite….of Two Scoops of What if mmm and good went together like Root Beer Float and Summer heat spring fresh Winter Source Shared Autumn Fall…. Fire Side Chat me Winter Call Do I or can I have a or the Chiptole Choice in you to choose my Favorite Gram Cracker phone sensation like domestic good family lifestyle flawless love Dare to Win Spontaneous healing goodness faith base Christian friendship goodbye love language Import …?

~ Simple Simplicity Good or Goodbye Conversation line Family Fun Gracious


You touch my heart in many ways with love every minute of every day your positive…with humor AND or love necessity…

~ Heart Touch Mind Love Impetus Positive Line for whom….?


Listen to music selection by AC/DC “you shook me all night Long”

Page 1014

Page 1015



Mind Boggling Life Altering Truth

What is a priority? What is your purpose? What is a wise investment?

How important is socialization in College?

Lesson to learn

Ask all the question you want?


Concentrate on your college courses And study in the in between time!!!

If you hear somebody say take your time or take it easy Be wary of them

More than likely their life could be a lie a trap no stability don’t be Blind

Shine your light with all your might Wit Power always love The human race and the Improvement Journey

Is what it is…It is a race...?

Systems and God anointed abilities Competition does reveal the truth usually

So if you are somebody Who thinks college is About partying and not Doing your best in the classrooms

You might find yourself having a long life In the future

Of asking why


Did I not apply myself more in college or in school?


Author’s Comments

It’s not important how much time you have on earth, but what you do with the time that matters.

-Dr. Michael Steward Sr.


“And the true realism, always and everywhere, is that of the poets: to find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss all.” -Robert Louis Stevenson


There are nine orders of angels, to wit, angels, archangels, virtues, powers, principalities, dominations, thrones, cherubim, and seraphin. --Pope Gregory the Great


All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

--Galileo Galilee (1564-1642) Italian Natural Philosopher, Astronomer, and Mathematician


The optimism of a healthy mind is indefatigable. –Margery Allingham



Present 2010 Teenage Romance Tactful Humor Comedy Loves Faith Positive Character Loves Faithful Quality Character Loves Positive Character Happy Point: Love is happiness when you believe it will last forever. Even when it turns out to be a lie, it’s faith & character that gives love its strength and its joy. -Sergei Lukyanenko Revised


Open Your Mind to Positive Creative Ideas United Quantum Royal Impetus Pink Positive Cake Nation Female Empire: Francois-Marie Arouet, more famously known as Voltaire, was a French philosopher, essayist, and writer. He actively struggled for civil liberties such as free trade and the practice of religion. Voltaire was a man ahead of times. His views, being unorthodox, often invited the wrath of French aristocracy. When you read these Voltaire quotations, you will be struck by the simplicity and sincerity of his words. *Appreciation...Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. *Determination...Chance is a word void of sense; nothing can exist without a cause. *Responsibility...Each player must accept the cards that life deals him or her. But once in hand one must decide how to play the cards in order to win the game. *Belief...Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. *Friendship...I don't agree with a word you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. *Adventure...If we do not find anything very pleasant, at least we shall find something new. *Integrity...Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. *Love...Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination. *Kindness...Love truth, and pardon error. *Health...Rest is a good thing, but boredom is its brother. *Courage...Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare the truth thou hast, that all may share; be bold, proclaim it everywhere. They only live who dare. 



“Are you an Alien?” Pause “Because you just abducted my heart does it go with pleasure release and good care to have to hold to give to share to death do us part me and your friendship forever no matter fate nor love….?”

~ Humor Comedy Romantic Comedy Line Shakespeare


Mess up my bed with me… ~ Subtle Cuddle Pull Line


Listen to music selection by the Temptations “My Girl”

Page 1016

Is there really a Human Race?

Is there really a human race? Jamie Lee Curtis

Is it going on now all over the Place?

When did it start?

Laura Cornell Authors’ of “ Is there really a Human Race”


Coach Rick Pitino believes…Yes

Wrote a book called cruise to lose

His reality of what he experience on a daily basis

Since there is a Human race….?


Depending on your reality of your experiences in life

Who said “ready, set, go?

Does it start on birthday?

We really must know.


We also must know and learn the best way to Teach the Human Race

To fulfill childhood dreams and or Adult Ambitions

Be Successful with positive open minded adults and or Progress People

Is there a better way if so what is it….and or where does it always start….?


If we don’t help each other

We’re all going to crash

As a whole

Betterment of the human race


So make friends and Love will, bring Compassion and Care Christian Greater Passion and truth to this place

And make the whole world a better place

For the whole human race Biblical Science Entertainment


Society States or May State Education and Education to and for Children is and or is to…..


The trusty 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary gives some exciting and slightly different definitions of "educate" and "education." "Educate: To bring up as a child. To instruct; to inform and enlighten. To instill into the mind principles of art, science, morals, religion and behavior. To educate children well is one of the most important duties of parents and guardians."

"Educated" is "brought up, instructed, furnished with knowledge or principles; trained; disciplined." "Educating" is "instructing, enlightening, the understanding and forming the manners." "Education: The bringing up, as of a child, instruction, formation of manners. Education comprehends all instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper and form the manners and habits of youth and fit them for usefulness in their future stations. To give children a good education in manners, arts and science is important; to give them a religious education is indispensable and an immense responsibility rests on parents and guardians who neglect these duties."


Author’s Comments

There is only group success the ability to make those around you better.

~ 98 Rick Pitino Coach and Motivational Speaker (Born: September 18, 1952— ) #...?


Allah exalted two kinds of people above others: those who spend in the cause of the Truth, and the judicious who impart their wisdom to others. ~ Prophet Muhammad #6 Pg.1479


An angel of Paradise, no less, is always beside me, wrapped in everlasting ecstasy on his Lord. So I am ever under the gaze of an angel who protects and prays for me.

-- Pope John XXIII #...?



Disney Worldwide Love Impetus Civilization Poem Inside of a Poem: It almost seems unreal, like the world is one big Ferris wheel and I’ve been blessed with tickets for the ride.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Female Devotional for Whom? "Time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that, you have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of love, positive action, and meaningful quality purpose." -Lance Armstrong Revised: 7-Time Winner of the Tour de France


Element Cake Ingredient The Perks with the Quirks a Woman is more than a Emblem of Beauty: Sigmund Freud...Despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, I have not yet been able to answer the great question that has never been answered: What does a woman want? This is Simple you are so traditional Sigmund Freud and very slow of understanding the needs of all Females...Listen Up females are real simple...All females want is fun, love, quality, laughter, progress, mental play, mental stimulation, feel good feel better than good, money, creativity, humor, and, difference. 



Lost my teddy bear, can I be yours….? ~ Make-up Relationship Line


Something’s about you are so addictive. You are the most beautiful thing in and of all God’s Creations on this Side and in this corner of the couch that I keep inside my heart…Let’s keep watching the Movie until you Aesop or ask me for undivided divine intervention and or Attention… ~ Beauty Love Kindness and Love Kindness of the Heart Line 4 Who and or Whom…?



Listen to music selection by 2PAC “All Eyez on Me”



Page 1017

The American Creed

Based on the bestselling book “The American Creed”:

It explores the pivotal moments in American history

Imitating the Jefferson Creed that was laid out in the Declaration of Independence

More than 200 years ago from 2008


All men are created equal

That they are endowed by their creator

With certain unalienable rights,

That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness


The American creed explores how Jefferson’s Creed has

Become the benchmark of what Americans can strive to be,

And the example that they can set

For the rest of the world.


Author’s Comments

You raise your voice when you should reinforce your argument. ~ Dr. Samuel Johnson


The great secret of a successful marriage is to treat all disasters as incidents and none of the incidents as disasters. –Sir Harold Nicolson


“Instead of telling the world, What it is supposed to do, Why don’t you immediately do it, yourself? In this way, I assure you, Your happiness will be surprisingly multiplied.” -Sri Chinmoy


He or She that tells somebody or the world what they should do and not do it their self is no different than Stones Compared to Diamonds or Pearls. ~ Carlos Toomer (Born: July 9, 1972)


Forgiveness does change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

~ 217 Martha Stewart (Born: August 3, 1941) Business Billionaire Magnate



Nutrition Breathe Exercise Rest Educate Poem Inside a Poem: We think we need so many useless things when all we need is time to breathe...


Female Love Devotional 4 who? Life can't ever really defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer's Cherry on Top Fruitful Paradise...Chopin



If, I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

~ Original Line Guaranteed Laughter Humor Friendship….


All it takes is a little faith and a lot of heart…. “Sweetheart…”

~ Love of Anything or Everything Line 4 who…?



Listen to music selection by Green Day “When I Come Around”



Page 1018


I ask you to take a poem

And hold it toward a burning light

Like a color side in flight

And press an ear against its hive


Doctrine of wisdom to be wise

I say drop a mouse into a poem

And watch it probe its way out

Or walk inside the boundaries of a poet


Feeling the walls for a light

I want you to water ski across the surface of a poem

Waving the author’s name on the shore

The entire time wanting to explore


Tie the poem to a chair with a rope

And torture a confession out of it

Critics begin beating it with a hose

To find out what it really means…Contemporary poetry of the past exposed


Author’s Comments

To get others to come into our ways of thinking, we must go over to theirs, and it is necessary to follow, in order to lead. –William Hazlitt (1778—1830)


Compromise: The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody

believes he got the biggest piece. – Sherry Rothfield


When you take a risk and step out of the norm, you run the risk and

sometimes you fail. But you only fail if you give up.-- J Peterman


Love is a friendship set to harmonious music. ~ Love Harmony Quote



Cuddle Sweet Romance Love Relationship Poem Inside of a Poem: “I’m a shy person. There’s nothing better than staying home and watching good movies. Some people want to go out and dance every night. I want to sit at home, cuddle, and bake cookies.” ~ 495 Blake Lively See Bio 495


EIV Bible Bible Love Clarity Clarification Test the Exercise Water Purification Love Spirit Love as Impetus Loves: Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. (1 John 4:7 NASB) The one who does not love does not know God. (1 John 4:8 KJV) By this love of God was manifested in us, that has sent his only begotten Son into the world so that we may live through him. (1 John 4:9 KJV)



“Can I borrow your library card?” Pause “Cause I want check you out and put you on back up marriage reserve for the better or best future….”

~ Sincere Library Marriage Proposal Subtle Line that can lead to a Proof Positive Friendship Future different type of language line


When you love and like someone as much as I love and like you, you tell them, Gods nature is love. Wherever love reigns, God reigns. Love is From God As if to show love has genuine strokes heated or buttered…When in doubt just love…& love more with epigram impetus virtue...

~ Butter Muffin Virtue Love Line Creation 4 who…?



Listen to Music selection Burt Bacharach “What the World Needs Now is Love”



Page 1019



University of Kentucky-Men’s Basketball- Head Coach (2007- 2009)

Billy Gillespie

The Lord is my refuge; the Lord is my strength,

He is the lifeboat if you begin to sink.

He claims the water and will silence the night.

He gives me peace when I’m filled with fright.


Now I’m in a new place and he seems harder to find,

But still feeds our family when we don’t have a dime.

He nourishes our bodies and puts food on the table,

And he takes care of me when I am unable.


One day I will spend eternity by his side.

And his glorious working will not be denied.

I know I will be crowned with riches beyond words,

Because somehow through him, my cries have been heard.


Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. ~Proverbs 30

People Learn mainly two ways: One by Reading and the Other by being around and or with Smarter People


Author’s Comments

Peace is all around us- in the world and in nature — within us-

in our bodies and in our spirits. Once we learn to touch this peace,

We will be healed and transformed. –Thich Nhat Hanh


Aim at the sun and you may not reach it; but your arrow will fly far

higher than if you had aimed at an object on a level with yourself. -- F. Hawes


“ Virtually every company will be going out and empowering their workers with a certain set of tools, and the big difference in how much value is received from that will be how much the company steps back and really thinks through their business processes…thinking through how their business can change, how their project management, their customer feedback, their planning cycles can be quite different than they ever were before. ~ 1131 Bill Gates American Entrepreneur and Founder of Microsoft co. (Born: 1955) #...?


The heart is tender never break somebody’s heart for it thinks just like the brain, heart and mind are connected. ~ Carlos B. Toomer (Born: July 9, 1972)


Words from a wise person mouth are gracious but a confused human is consumed by his or her own lips. Wildness swallows up its own self. ~ Ecclesiastes 10:12 EIV Epigrammatic Impetus Bible



Fun Motivation Self Esteem Affirmation Fact: "What one has, one ought to use; and whatever he does he should do with all his might." -- Marcus Tullius Cicero... Recognized as Rome's greatest orator back in the days of Julius Caesar.


Epigram Impetus Bible Cake Ingredient Christian Sport Science Country Humor Sportology Formula: An Enigma that may harbor myriad thoughts and emotions within the crucible of privacy or PDA is...? When I have one foot in the grave, I will tell the whole truth about women. I shall tell it, jump into my coffin, pull the lid over me and say, 'Do what you like now'. -- Leo Tolstoy


Something Else Words of Wisdom Clarification Love Points and or Romance: "If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't, they never were." -- Kahlil Gibran is known for saying...



Drop an ice cube and say ‘Now that we’ve broken the ice, my name is…’

~ Club Pick-up Line Introduction


In a room full of people, you are the first one I look at and I hope you imagination can start and finish like mine…hope hope hope sometimes you need more than hope Philly Cheese steak…

~ Country Education Nature is a Natural Solver Wit Cool Subtle Drink of Water H2O Humor Line for Whom…?



Listen to music selection by The Bee Gees “How deep is your love”

Page 1020

Obtain Omniscient Equality and Quality Love

Obtain complete or unlimited knowledge

Awareness or understanding

Love is tender and kind

It can make you crazy or blind


Like a child inside

Protected by God foundation and fortified

Love is there to brighten your day and or nights Like a star shinning bright in the mist of night and or for all to see

Talk not of wasted affection; affection never was or is wasted.


Lead my example Love like a cool summer breeze Filling us with Joy and Laughter

Mere words may not be able to describe passion

Wonders that sometime awaits us and can sustain us to pass and or Pass

If the universe has any purpose more important then topping a woman you love and making a baby with her, hearty help, I have never heard of it.


Love like laughter Consumes us and makes us feel free

Able to see beyond and into the future of equality quality care and love Prepares us for the journey

Of all the attitudes we can acquire, surely the attitude of gratitude is the most important and by far the most life-changing.

Often attitudes are kindled in the flame of others’ convictions.


Love knows no limits

Isn’t love the sweetest thing

One thing we should not live with-out

We should be so blessed, to be given such a thing as Unconditional Sovereign LOVE Eqaulity and Love and Opportunity to Improve

Robert Collier

One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true of false. It comes to be dominating thought in one's mind.


Author’s Comments

You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803—1882) #17 Pg.1482


“If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.” ~ 452 Brian Tracy #...?


Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. It is never too late no matter what you have done to improve your life always remember the great leaders have heard it all nothing shocks them accept the attitude of not improving.

~ Guaranteed Success Leadership Proverb


Success is creating a state of mind that allows you to obtain anything you really desire.”

~ 268 Mark Victor Hansen #...?


Love only grows by sharing you can only have more for yourself by giving it way to others.

#1078 Alyson Stoner (Born: August 11, 1993 ) Actress, Singer, Dancer, Model 1078



Tactful Humor Quality Comedy Climbing the Ladder Stimulus: The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces. ~ Traditional Proverb


Mantra Motto Creed Water Words of Love Wisdom Clarification Love Point: Quality Love is a never ending a feeling that runs like water and or purifies…Love Always Hopes.


Female Devotional Pink Positive Empire Nation: “The Art of Love is Largely the Art of Water Streaming Flowing Changing Pace Water Persistence never stop believin it takes a Church and or Warren Buffett Types and or Warren Buffett, you always need to make the best investments and or Decisions in life and or learn from mistakes and or Failures.”



Everybody in society is doing it why are you and me missing out…? Great love affairs start with champagne and end with tisane. Platonic love is love from the neck up. Love is an ocean of emotions entirely surrounded by expenses. ~Life is One Giant Lesson in Love Marriage & Romance Line Tyra Smater WinsolowLord Dewar


Is it just me or is it Pink Positive Ice Cream Cake Nation, a Motivation more than Inspiration kick start Beginning and End…. Encouragement Aqua, H20 Aqua, Purifier Aqua more than a Selective Sunday Seduction Rectifier Selection shoulda, woulda, coulda was and or is Peace, Love, and Happiness… Positive Harmony is Possible with Quality Cleansing Boiling Hot Sultry Civility Heat Index Giving best Suggestions and or Underlying Passions with Greater Value Love the Greater Good and or Good Potential that is Ready to Ride with Good or Better Potential…Kinetic my Streamline Store my energy for a Rainy Day and or mid night call or calls that Put Eternity in Your Heart and or Daylight Saving Grace that Exceeds Courage in mind of a soul…Etc….

~ Jewish Proverbs and Pink Positive Ice Cream Cake Nation was and or is a Type of Love Harmony and or Line of Lines 4 Who and or Whom…?


Listen to music selection by Black Crowes “Hard to Handle” 1990



Page 1021

Sister Andrea Jaeger Courtly Character #99 aka Alpha-Omega Jubilant Former Tennis Star

Life is worth Living …Life Value in Giving….

For what you give, you will receive benefit in forgiving…

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expect of you….

The pleasure peace relaxing heart completion Standard of Living…


Their comes a day when you have to face the facts…

Dreams and ambitions teenage years leaving Tracks

When you walk the fine line of reality and Dreams…

Actuality is the fine line, So it Seems


Seems not to know quite sure to give-up or to go on…

Are accidents of life a choice or are they our own…?

As If it is our responsibility to avoid danger zones…

We should do our best to avoid erroneous zones love should always be more than at home


So be wise and see dreams for what they are and be real about your Actions…

Daily Quality Improvement Challenges masked as opportunities to more than Feel and love action on

Deep Great Deepest Soul the Deeper the Love the Feelings can go as far as Forever...and on Work Action

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever. ~ Psalm 23:6, NLT


As far as Today as far as Tomorrow the past present future purposeful purpose has to always be more than a Participle and or Predicate

Action Verb with Earnest Endeavor…The Feelings Can Stay Deep-in Our Hearts and or Forever

To Think Twice or Once Clever Upstarts as if leveling yourself or Setting yourself up for the Deepest Hope of Fulfillment…and Life Long Hope and or Endeavor

There is a courtesy of the heart; it is allied to love. From it springs purest courtesy in the outward behavior.


Feelings Stop when the Heart Stops, Resting Soul, Resting Mind…However Lovers Always Need to Love Fulfillment Forever more and Love Action Go on

My Soul is Saved Enter Heaven's Gate Whatever Clever Female Heaven Haven Endeavor Ever Lovers lovelove Forever…

Females doth wed Haven… and Everybody Heaven

The only measure of your worth and your deeds will be the love you leave behind when you're gone.


“We must or might accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Revised


Author’s Comments

Sports is the healthy entertaining pure very fabric of American society that holds it together. Exercise is excellent for healthy thoughts and ideal of mind. --- David Halberstam Revised


Memory is often less about the truth than about what we want it to be. --- David Halberstam


“ Judicious praise is to children what the sun is to flowers” ~ Parent Child Proverb


“The first qualification for success in my view is a strong work ethic.” – Henry Ford II



Female Devotional 1104 J.K. Rowling Testimonial Testify to needs of Quality Improvement: “Maybe all this seems funny, or trivial, but it’s really not. It’s about what girls want to be, what they’re told they should be, and how they feel about who they are. I’ve got two daughters who will have to make their way in this skinny-obsessed world, and it worries me, because I don’t want them to be empty-headed, self-obsessed, emaciated clones; I’d rather they were independent, interesting, idealistic, kind, opinionated, original, funny – a thousand things, before ‘thin’. And frankly, I’d rather they didn’t give a gust of stinking chihuahua flatulence whether the woman standing next to them has fleshier knees than they do. Let my girls be Hermiones, rather than Pansy Parkinsons. Let them never be Stupid Girls. Rant over.”


EIV Bible Worship the Lord with Gladness... Psalms 100:1 Shout joyfully to the LORDall the earth. Psalms 100:2 Serve the LORD with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing. Psalms 100:3 Know that the LORD Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves; We are His people and the percepts and precepts of His purpose. Psalms 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name. Psalms 100:5 For the LORD is good; His loving kindness is everlasting And His faithfulness to all generations.



The center of every man's or woman's existence is the fulfillment of positive dreams and improvement progress in reality with love...Aesthetic Activity and or Indispensable Intoxication the Art of Love and or Friendship…. ~ Positive Humor Philosophy Line 4 Who….?


Suckling Strawberry Caramel Vanilla Shake deep in Caramel topped off with more than the Sweetest of the Delights…Love transcends language, religion, and belief systems…. ~ Small Watermelon Cantaloupe Size Line to Holdem and or to Milk Feed more than a Line



Scarface - I Never Seen A Man Cry

Page 1022


Royal Society of Literature

The day is done, and the darkness

Falls from wings of night

The homeless woeful plight

Literature and its completeness


I experience a bright reflection in the form of a montage

As far as the hazy day distance

What your true existence subsistence

Society and its section mirage


As clear as moon filled night

No Stars in Sight

If the consciousness is elevated freedom upon us soon

The heart can grow hot restless Cool Cold Warm as does a sunny day on Saturday Afternoon


Whatever words are heard and not pressed

Change comes through the years with positive progress

Where should thy lay thy head to rest without fears

Yesterday came tomorrow isn’t promised press


Read not to contradict and confute, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider Press On


Live Life in the Present

Past and Future Combined Knowledge Positive Imagination Love Past and or Present

Investigate Literature of Substance and Content Future on

Integrity and Honor with Humor Impetus Bible Positive Substance Content Future on Context and or Sayings

Happy Ending Happy Endings with the Best Choices & Decisions Should Always Happen with Best Quality and Guidance Future on Content


Author’s Comments

For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity or perception to exist a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication.

--Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Philosopher (1844-1900)


May you have:

A world of wishes at your command.

God and His angels close to hand.

Friends and family their love impart,

and Irish blessings in your heart!— Irish Saying 



Hot Pink 365 Marriage Relationships Movements Poem Inside of a Poem: I like and love the parts of you that are not the parts of me, the look of your knees from God and the angular ripped muscular upper chest and arms of my imagination So often I turn to touch softness to find rope to tie to touch To Tease To Pull To Push To Rub the Upper or bottom softness of your God Given toughness or Finish Line. My body stretches elastic and yours bends with hardiness to meet or to hold form in forum with the holding of the hollow of each others back or chest to chest abridged or agape Melting but Molding to crawl under or over the thrown of Face to find to moist energy refuge. In such moments, I and you may forget our bones and fingernails. To surrender to the moist energy mood that moves within us at times, sinking and rising in the steam of a common element of not being grandiose but Country Private Personal Married Christians. Gods Animal Instincts to be Creative or Different but one in the same of sharing Holy Wed-Lock God’s Vow of Self-Control Discipline Positive Creation is must and a plus…marriage is for mating in holy wed lock man and woman…


Tactful Comedy Humor True Clarification Point: Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night…



Touch my heart tickle my funny bone with laughter…slap me on my A$$ for stimulation or romantic comedy…

~ Humor is not always Comedy Sometimes it can be Physical Just Depends more than a Line


You get the glory warmed up; it is time for some prearrangements and post imaginative female creative marriage exercise like a wet water pure type of sweating team foreplay, before and after…drink lots of water…God be like a rock and a safe place for me, Be like a fortress to save me …. ~ Psalm 31:2 ~ Husband Wife Marriage Relationship Water Exceeding Drinking Water Hydration Index Business Station Line



Listen to the Music selection by Rod Stewart “Have I told you lately” 1993



Page 1023-1024

Japan 2006... Moomin

Order, precision, timelessness

A time and place for everything

Routines and schedules harshly met

Trains leave the station on the clock


Thousands of chairs placed on floor-dots

Buses load and unloaded

Never veering from exactness

People obeying all the rules


No grid-lock in downtown Tokyo

Conference room chairs carefully marked

Tables positioned by floor-tape

People standing in line to wait


Elderly first, children follow

But, it’s the men before the women

So unlike in the Western world

Politely, ever bowing escrow fulfillment of condition a sign of reverence


Willing help, but language limits and separates us as a human race

Cleanliness, almost Godliness

Production-colored uniforms

Defined stations for each color


Breaks measured in microseconds

Speed limits-loyally obeyed


There is an underlying code



Undefined, imperceptible

A lack of simple humanness

Rigid and non-emotional

Mechanically-driven race is this True….?


Utter precision-perfection

Leaves a profound mark on Japan

A culture of intense work-pride

Driving people to produce more


They are quite well at succeeding

But nobody takes the time to stop is this the Truth if True How How true is this….?


To experience Japan’s Wealth

Its beauty, traditions, culture kind like China could appear not to have as much capitalism

2010 & back as…the United States If this is True How True is it….?


Author’s Comments

Bishop Oswald Gomis, secretary general of the Sri Lankan bishops’ conference, perhaps articulated the essence of the third position when he declared that it is the duty of the hierarchy to ‘create a culture of empowerment”, in which all persons, at every level of the church and work life , feel themselves “empowered.” ~ Empowerment Success Combined Civilization Anointed Potential’s Strive Psalm


So-called aging is not the deterioration of life, but the deterioration of our faith, our enthusiasm, and our will to progress. -Connie Fillmore


..O God of life,

Be at my breast, be at my back,

You to me as a star, you to me as a guide,

From my life’s beginning to my life’s closing.

Give me enthusiasm be my light of faith and optimism. ~ Celtic Prayer


The remarkable thing is, we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. So always be positive in all situations with positive action or be quite until you get the proper authority involved to help. ~ Over Coming Bad Situation Proverb



Three rules for success.

Number 1. Do what’s right. Be on time, be polite, and be honest; remain free from drugs; and if you have any questions, get out your Bible.

Number 2. Do your best. Mediocrity is unacceptable when you are capable of doing better.

Number 3. Treat others as you want to be treated. Practice love and understanding.

-- Lou Holtz



Water Biblical Words of Love Wisdom: “It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. No, your beauty should come from within you-the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit that will never be destroyed and is very precious to God.” ~ 1 Peter 3:2-4


Chicken Soup for the Soul Life Like Fairytale Female Devotional 901 Ellen Paige: “As a young girl, I was meant to be sleeping beauty, but who wants to be sleeping beauty when you can be Aladdin?”


Japan Sayings and Words of Wisdom: A bad wife spells a hundred years of bad harvest. Meaning: A bad wife is a ruin of her husband. ~ Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon Meaning: Experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself. ~ One's Act, One's profit/Advantage. Meaning: That's what you get, Just desserts, You reap what you sow . ~ Even monkeys fall from trees. Meaning: Everyone makes mistakes. / Nobody's perfect. ~ Literally: Continuance (also) is power/strength. Meaning: Don't give up. Just continuing to hold on will yield/reveal strength and power. Continuing on after a setback is its own kind of strength. Perseverance is power. ~ An apprentice near a temple will recite the scriptures untaught. Meaning: The environment makes our characters. ~ gold coins to a cat. Meaning: Giving a gift to someone who can't appreciate it; A useless gesture; "Pearls before swine." ~ Literally: stumbling seven times but recovering eight. Meaning: perseverance is better than defeat . ~ The stake that sticks out gets hammered down. Meaning: Don't make waves / Apply your effort where it will do the most good / Excellence breeds envy and/or enmity / It's better to conform than to stick out. ~ A greeting is the local deity who turns up providentially. Meaning: Arbitration in a quarrel is a godsend. ~ Don't let your daughter-in-law eat your autumn eggplants. Meaning: Don't let yourself be taken advantage of . ~ dumplings over flowers Meaning: The person to whom it is directed prefers practical gain to aesthetics. ~ let flow in the water Meaning: Forgive and forget; water under the bridge ~ dragon, head, snake, tail Meaning: Anticlimax, the beginning is like a dragons head, great and majestic and the ending is like a snakes tail, tiny and pathetic. ~ Literally: clear sky, cultivate, rainy, reading Meaning: Farm when it's sunny, read when it rains. ~ Chu songs on all sides Meaning: Defeat is clear; Situation is desperate beyond hope. ~ ten men, ten colors Meaning: Literally: To each his/her own. / Different strokes for different folks. ~ 3 day monk. Meaning: Someone who gives up easily or is adverse to work. ~ Literally: big similarity, small difference Meaning: Similarities outweigh the differences….



I want to get in touch with you and catch your attention.We all need a little affection.

~ Ella Elle Elle A eh EH Umbrella Line


Babe magic can make a mattress spin, find me in your imagination and We can Create Wisdom Promptly Detail Worship Miracle Drives and or Springtime Spirit…there is magic inside of you that always Sings…Love received and love given comprise the best form of therapy.

~ Magic Creation Imagination Umbrella line 4 Who…?



Japanese song we love needed here



Page 1025-1026

Turkey.....Three Languages

You need to know at least three languages

At least in three languages

You need to swear like a sailor but it is not best

You need to know at least three languages

In at least three languages you need to dream and think

At least three languages

One your mother tongue

It’s yours as your arm and foot

As sweet as mother’s milk

As free as mother’s milk

Besides are yours cradle songs, fairy tales and oaths

The other ones unfamiliar like a rooster in a hen house

Each word in a lion’s mouth

With your nail and teeth

You need to pull out each word like getting blood out of stone

With each word you will rise a bit higher in society

With each word you will grow and learn more in society

At least three languages you need to know

Three languages at least you need to know

To say, my sweetheart

To say, never a rose without the prick

To say, one might as well count sheep or be lamb

To say, it is a pinch of weed that makes a goat forget its lover

To say, it is the better to shine

To say, Man have exploited others

For God’s sake, forget saying things

You need to know how to boom like a thunder

You need to know at least three languages

At least three languages

You need to swear like a sailor but it is not best

At least three languages

Because you are not history nor geography

Nor this nor that

My little Mernuş

You are the child of a nation who had missed the bus Society is calling 


Author’s Comments

Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy. -Abraham Joshua Heschel


All kids have unlimited learning ability it is in the creativity that brings out the best…A Kid can learn as many languages as your teach them…A Kid will learn whatever you want them to learn.

~ Language Learning Motivation Psalm


Rivers ponds lakes and streams all have different names but all contain water. Just as religion does, they all contain truth. He taught all the time…I am the Greatest before become the greatest boxer to ever live. – Muhammad Ali Professional Boxer


One who is pure hearted will be respected by both Gods & Ghosts. ~ Chinese Proverb


Gratitude to God makes sense of past, brings peace for today and creates a positive vision for tomorrow Gratitude makes things Go Right.

~ 267 Jennifer Nettles (Born: September 12, 1974) Country Singer Songwriter


~ Chicken Soup for the Soul Female Devotional for whom? Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust and hostility to evaporate with quality love peaceful happy passion.- Albert Schweitzer Revised


Turkish Proverbs Literal Sayings and Meanings: The Devil would intrude upon hurried work. Meaning: Don't be too hasty. ~ A hungry hen sees herself in a wheat silo. Meaning: In utter greed all adapted methods thought to be lawful which in reality is not. ~ A hungry bear won't dance. Meaning: One needs to be paid to do some work. ~ It is worms which destroy a tree, it is worry which destroys a human. ~ To one who understands, a mosquito is a lute, to one who does not understand, a drum and zurna are little.

Meaning: A good listener needs only half a word. ~ If you spit downwards, it hits the beard, if you spit upwards, the mustache. Meaning: Either way, the situation is bad. ~


You’re my Sunday dressing like Cherry Topping & Whip Cream on Sundae’s….Stock on the Vine... Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision, a goal. ~ 27 Jessica Simpson Courtly Character #27 Sweet Sixteen Christian Music I want to love you for more than ever forever More than a line


Elle a eh Miss. Butterworth Let’s talk Cookies and Cream a Molasses type of Marriage Battle Tested Club Space National Treasure Garden’s Edge Variety Pack Charlotte’s Silence …~ Summertime Springtime Anytime Heat Quality Marriage Quality Sweet Quality Romantic Love Lemonade Care Compassion Tactful Humor Real Love Clearwater Four Pack Wet Cooling System Water H20 the Good Life Plum of a Marriage Relationship Nibblers Wholesome Whole Spiritual Abundance ebbs and flows in Rhythms of Grace Full Heart Let the Line Speak 4 Whom….?



Turkish Song we love needed here



Page 1027

Train and Guide your kids

Today, parents need to stay in the hearts of your children And listen to them know what their school grades are

Don’t let a teacher tell you

That your child is lazy or just doesn’t want to do his or her work

“Remember No Kids shall be left behind”


You may not beable to tailor make the situations in life, but you can tailor make the attitudes to fit those situations before they arise.


Children are born with drive and want to succeed Until they become frustrated and give up on life And school and or parents

School should come first than sports or extracurricular activities

However number One way to wealth is health and Loving is a Rock Steady Faithful Word that the Lord gives us in the Bible And love takes lots of time

Give your children the time they need no matter


No Matter Whose child you are raising, your own or foster child

If born with a mental or learning disability it takes

Creativity to improve social skills and problems

They are all the same They all need love

"In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future."


Author’s Comments

We must in all things seek God. But we do not seek him the way we seek a lost object a thing. He is present to us in our heart in our personal subjectivity and to seek him is to recognize this fact .

- Thomas Merton


If a condescending joke is truly funny, make yourself the subject- you will increase the number of people laughing by at least one.” - Joe Harsel quote


The path to success is to take massive, determined action. ~ Anthony Robbins #122


“When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.”

-Enrique Jardiel Poncela


True faith does not contradict its words by its conduct.

~ True Faith Character Conduct Leading Aphorism



My Anti-Aging Doc Pure Cosmetics Body & Face Health Tips Ingredient #4: 100% Pure Cosmetics made with pigments from fruits and vegetables along with nature's best resources, 100% Pure marries all-natural ingredients with ...the best natural nature resources for the entire body and face...They are antioxidant rich, full of vitamins, and has 100% pure healthy nutrients with no synthetic dyes or minerals or additives.


Element Ingredient Parenthood This thing Called Life Recipe #8: Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. -- William James


Mantra Motto Creed Proverb or Psalm Element #11: "Never speak out of anger, Never act out of fear, Never choose from impatience, But wait... and peace will appear." ~ Guy Finley



If, I followed you home, would you keep me…

~ Simple Question Line Law of Attraction


If, I said you can rest your breath on my chest be like Peter Cotton Tail ad ease say what you need to say…less sugar more fruit say yes and rest your breath on my chest...say what you need to what you need to do…less meat more veggies Old enough to know better…Young enough to still do it.

~ He Pulled Her I didn’t Complain Napalm like Water Pull Line was she stuck on 18


Listen to Music Disney Movie Soundtrack The Princess & The Frog “When We’re Human"



Page 1028

Birthday Hope & Positive Action....

Deron Feldhaus ~ Player University of Kentucky Basketball Player (1988-1992)

A magnificent dream of a word unseen.The imagination’s view of all that is new.

In my mind’s eye the world’s awry, Pulsing of the heart that can restart

To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.

If a dream comes and marks the dark

Be your own version of an optimist. If I can't make it through one door, I'll go through another door - or I'll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present.

The day and night unfolds to morning’s glory Feels the soul wonderful story

Awake to Heaven of or on Earth and or to Park With age comes wisdom. You’re one of the wisest people I know. Happy Birthday


See and enjoy the holidays and special days

The day of birth and to sway with a or the or these Birthday Wishes….

What is a birthday wish….?

With a loving society swish….?


You can come out of the furnace of trouble two ways: if you let it consume you, you come out a cinder; but there is a kind of metal which refuses to be consumed, and comes out a star.


Author’s Comments

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awaken. -- Carl Jung


When we are mindful of every nuance of our natural world, we finally get the picture: that we are only given one dazzling moment of life here on Earth, and we must stand before that reality both humbled and elevated, subject to every law of our universe and grateful for our brief but intrinsic participation with it. (From her biography of Naturalist Eustace Conway.)

– Elizabeth Gilbert Courtly #...?


One word or a pleasing smile is often enough to raise up a saddened and wounded soul.”

- Therese of Lisieux Quote


“Taking an interest in what others are thinking and doing is often a much more powerful form of encouragement than praise” --Robert Martin Quote



Happy Birthday Fortune Favors the Brave and Virtuous: Through a dull tract of woe, of dread, The toiling year has pass'd and fled: And, lo! in sad and pensive strain, I sing my birthday date again.-- George Crabbe... At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment. -- Benjamin Franklin... All that we lack at birth, all that we need when we come to man's or woman's estate, is the gift of education. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau Revised... Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it's up to you to merit the face you have at fifty. -- Coco Chanel... How swift you have flown to me thy girlish times, A woman grown beneath my heedless eyes! In vain I rack my fancy to believe the almanac, that speaks thee twenty-one and twenty-three. -- Charles Lamb Revised


Chicken Soup for the Soul Female Devotional for whom? There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. ~ Buddha #4 Pg. 1478


Element History Water Clarification Love Point: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear .” -- Pg.1493 #62 Nelson Mandela #...?



Taylor Swift & your Category…You must be the cause of global warming ! Are you the Encouraging Type? ~ 70% Country 30% City Line Money Chases those who do what they Love and never give Up


Picture this…your fingertips across my skin and palm trees swaying in the wind…

~ Where there is Love there is Life Line



Listen to music selection by Jay Z “Big Pimpin”

Page 1029


James Blackmon Player U of K (1984-1988)

A lack of understanding

Can have its benefits

To Gaze and Breeze Through Life

Almost Like a Kid


Hatred is never ended by hatred but by Love


Prejudice is Awful

Preconceived Thought or Thoughts

Not to be confused with Racism or Any –ism

On this matter a matter of fact


Darkness cannot exist where there is light


Without a lack of understanding or confusion

There wouldn’t be prejudice and First

Impressions are based on Prejudice

Racism would be Eliminated too


God changes Caterpillars into Butterflies, Sand into Pearls and Coal into Diamonds by using Time and Pressure He is working on you too


Like the need for individuality

So does human beings need ignorance?

Civilization is a Group effort

Results produce a effect and a affect.

Lose Ignorance Gain Bliss


Author’s Comments

I leave this poem for you to pun over fine point. Ignorance is the condition or quality of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, but positive imagination is the best.

Life is a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.

~ Supreme Excellent Bliss Definition and or Poem to Pun


Optimism breathes life into you each day. Optimism helps you take the needed risks. Optimism improves those around you. Optimism inspires people to Great Heights.

~ Optimism this Enthusiasm Success Psalm


Everyone sees the Unseen in proportion to the clarity of his or her heart, and that depends upon how much he or she has polished it .”—Rumi Revised


When you take a pitch and line it somewhere, it’s like you’ve thought of something and put it there with beautiful clarity .” ---Reggie Jackson Major League Baseball Hall of Fame


Clarity is that moment of creation or love or passion, when the universe sort of clicks into focus and all doubt and fear disappear. — New Morning Treasury




Water Changes Pace in Confrontation to a Obstacle but Always Wins: Failure lies not in falling down. Failure lies in not getting up. ~ Chinese proverb


Shakespeare Pure Quality Love Virtue Value Positive Enlightenment Stimulus: There is no lack of love in the world, just lack of quality expression and pure love in the world. ~ Moi Revised Moment of Inertia (Moi) Beautiful in Dutch and Me in French. You've found Moi. Buy Moi Now. Moi also means Hi in Finnish...



If ten was only a number, perfection is in the pleasure of a woman. ~ Standby Attention Line


Simply Complete, Aphorisms is and are what kids simply needs, a positive role model or models for society and civilization and needs that consistently improve generation to generation…

~ Metaphysical Metaphysician Name : Reality Holder Impetus Positive Ion Line (Born: July 9, 1972) #58 Pg.17


Music Meaningful Selection Recommending Listen to Earth, Wind, and Fire “Reasons”

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