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Acknowledgements/ Education Timeline Auto-Biography/ Recognition/ Awards & Honorary Recommendations a Proof Positive I.D.


This Epigram Impetus Recipe Bible is more than a salute to society and what life can become and what we can make it into. This is a bible, I wish I had at age 11 or 12 and understood it better than well. It is my way of contributing and giving to the future generations and my Kids: (Pg. 917 & Pg.1348 )Aaron Toomer (Born: August 23, 1992), Pg. 917 Amber Toomer (Born: November 7, 1993), Pg. 917 John Christian Toomer (Born: October 17, 1995)…and the world that they can create…I sing there is no Mountain high enough nor no Valley low enough when love is fundamental and pure. Children are our most natural resource & positive vessels. All Entertainers and Extraordinary people with the common people, this one is for you. The main reason for the creation of the Art of Communication, Impetus Bible is to project a positive future and display what you can create with a positive creative imagination to live in with heavenly harmony on earth and loving world presence of more than inner/outer peace.


My Dear Children, I am writing this to you so that you will not sin, but if anyone does sin. We have an Advocate who pleads our case before the father. He is Jesus Christ. The one who is truly Righteous. He himself is the sacrifice that atones for our sins --& not only our sins but the sins of all the world. ~1 John 2:1-2

(Birth 1972- And On- Carlos Bernard Toomer: “July 9, 1972” like Julius Caesar of Italy born in the Heart of July, I was born in the Peach State of Georgia. Conceived on Moody Air Force Base after sun rise, I was a peaceful baby, as if, I was in control of the situation. Valdosta, Georgia Lowndes County is where, we lived up until 1975. Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, Fort Walton Beach (1975-1978), was my G.I. Joe, Batman/Robin/Cat woman, and Steve Irwin "Animal Planet"/Jockcoe Stowe "Wild Kingdom" Discovery Channel Application Applying Days’. I was a Tree & Rope Climber Fort Builder.. This was the beginning stage of my experimental Evel Knievel stunts, literature, games, puzzles, nature, and sports. Being born into a religious family, religion has been a cornerstone guiding light into maturity. My Grand-Mama Rosetta Register, born November 5, 1911, is still living and my Grand-Daddy James Dude Register, born May 9, 1893 – died February 26, 1980. My mother’s parents owned and own a lot of farm land. My Grand Parents on my mother’s side worked Monday through Sunday and attended Church habitually. My mom has 9 brother and sisters. My dad’s parents mainly lived in Corinth, Mississippi their whole life. Grand-father Vermont Toomer a Hunter & Gatherer, Born January 17, 1890 in Arizona, part Indian migrated to Mississippi when he was in his Twenties, died November 17, 1983. Grand-Mother Irene Johnson Toomer birth place is Humboldt, Tennessee born May 26, 1903. Grand-Mother was a house wife and cleaning nanny with a big personality and full of laughter. She passed away before Christmas 1985. During these times, the 1970’s on, out of all the sports, I played my entire life, baseball was my first. The first 8 years of my life, I was always around softball watching my parent play. However, looking back from the present into the past, I have almost come close to playing ever sport there is to play. The rest of my family lives mainly in 10 other States: Atlanta, Georgia..Montgomery, Alabama...Detroit, Michigan...Chicago, Illinois...Toledo, Ohio...Memphis, Tennessee...Galveston, Texas...Lexington, Kentucky... Florida...Virginia...with second and third cousins we are one of the largest Black Religious families in the United States.  

   (1978-1980) - Sculthorpe, England American Grammar School first through third was the basic fundamental building blocks of education and organized sports. Sculthorpe, Air Force Base was in the Eastern Northern country side of England near the North Sea away from any major towns or cities during this period of time. It was an American//British Air Force base liaisons for strategic strike capabilities and relations for the Allied Forces. It was a confined utopia in my youthful eyes. Mrs. Pirkle, and all my teachers in-stilled and taught all of us, the importance of exercise and education at a young age to prepare us to go above and beyond duty throughout the entire phases of life. We ran every morning a mile to three miles before class. Soccer, basketball, and bowling were the only organized sports activities for kids on this small base. And, yes, I just had to participate. This is the time period when and where, I got involved with the Boys Scouts with my natural curiosity to learn, grow, and mature. If we would of stayed at Sculthorpe Air Force Base another 1 to 2 more Years… I would have become a Certified Boys Scout by age 9, three Years of Complete Completion and Processes from Cub Scout to Boys Scout and all the other levels in between was almost completed by age 8… I worked in the Boys Scout book’s like Sunshine or Rain it didn’t matter just had to complete the tasks and also I stay outside…exploring, discovering, and learning…

 ( 1980-1981)- Pine Grove Elementary School was my Third Grade playground youthful education days. Honestly, nothing against the teachers in the State of Georgia, you lead a horse to water when he or she is thirsty you have a horse to ride. I use to play real hard during these days. Recess was my favorite class, as if, recess was a curriculum but to me, it was. I remember after this period of fun and energy release, we would come back in from outside and have to take a nap. Sometimes, it was hard to whine down. Being a leader and a teacher takes creativity, positive action, unconditional love support, and patience. The threat of a paddle made me lay there on the mat wide awake and sweating.

(1981-1983) -During my primary elementary education fourth and fifth grade classes was in the Northern Cajun Country of Bossier City, Louisiana on Barksdale Air Force Base near the major City of Shreveport. R.V. Kerr Elementary my fourth Grade F, the only time. I had a failing grade recorded. I learned from it, and never looked back, but days’ like field day in my opinion up until high school was my favorite days. High school is where, I truly begin to understand the importance of making the best grades and taken the more advance courses’. I participated in sports year around which were Basketball, Baseball, and Track. Betty Russel was principle. Mrs. Holliman was my Homeroom fifth grade teacher . Mr. Horacek was our Basketball Coach. Mrs. Carson, Mrs. Anazalone, Mr. Allen, Mrs. Nelson, Mr. Thompson, Miss. Kirkland, Mr. Champagne, Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Mortiz, Mrs. Bordelon, and Miss Godfil the French teacher made me, smile. And Oh Yeah France as a 4 Grader I started on the 6 Grade Basketball Team and was the 2nd Leading Scorer and 1st in Rebounding…and Won Every 1st Place in every Event in 4th Grade and 5th Grade Field Day…never lost one never ever came in 2nd always 1st…not even the Sack Relay or the Egg Toss or the 4 by 100…always and always was 1st…

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(1983-1984) -This was a time of Physical Maturity and Mental Growth. Hahira Junior High School in the small Country town of Hahira, Georgia was all about Six Grade Bengal Pride our school identity. It is almost impossible to live in Georgia as an athletic youth and not play football. This was the first year of being introduced to organized bone crushing football. Sports and School was my prime time. Sometimes my predicates, proper nouns, prepositions, adverbs, transitive, intransitive, action verbs, objects, pronouns, and parts of speech seemed more relevant than being blindsided or knocked out. I played for the United States Air Force Moody Blue Demons 123 pounds and under. Height did not matter . Hahira is where, I was introduced to the importance of English when early into the fall semester. I was threaten by the teacher for talking to much in class after making a F on my first test, but I pulled a High B in the Class. Through the United States Youth Center baseball and basketball season was competitive but not as much as the football season because we competed against the city and county kids. If you did not know, Valdosta High school back in them days was always Top 5 or Top 1 in The Nation out of all High School Football Teams. I could run down all of them almost; however, I did run over all of them. They may remember me; this was the first year the United States Military Team " The Moody Blue Demons" made it to the championship game. The little jet Chris Wright ran a kickoff return back for a touchdown with under a minute left on the Clock, while avoiding my side of the football field. The little quick bullet did a full flip after scoring the winning touchdown with Pads and Hamlet on and landed on his feet and kept running. However, I can always say the first time. We played them at the beginning of season...from the Linebacker Free-Safety position. I did a side straddle to the right side of the field facing the Valdosta Police Department with my back to the down town Boys & Girls Club to cut him off and size him up. It happen so quick. I got to the spot before him and waited. I lodged myself low, wide, and planted. As, he gained speed before impact. He locked and loaded raring back like The Most Dominate Male Ram and I, Carlos Toomer have always been the Nicest King Lion Lotus Heart. I remember thinking to myself before the collision..." This one may hurt"...I closed my eyes at the very second of lounging bolted from the ground...and before, I open my eyes. I knew, I had tackled him. Standing over him, one foot on each side of his waist, I was a little dizzy and he just laid there on the ground not moving with his eyes closed. “Clef Note” the Last Time Valdosta Highschool was Number one in Nation in Highschool Football was the early 1990’s O.K. 

 (1984-1986) -Belle Valley Middle School situated in the City of Belleville, Illinois the home of Tennis Star Jimmy Connors is where my seventh and eight inclined years of junior high education and physical growth prospered into manhood. I started a natural fancy for basketball and understanding of females including my teachers. The curiosity to learn and compete in the classroom and in sports with organized literature came from the competitive spirit of playing baseball, basketball, and track. The Will and drive to win are and were my favorite past times, however at that age all sports were extremely fun and interesting. Seventh Grade is when, I beginning to be able to dunk a basketball, whenever I wanted on any 10 foot Rim. Whatever the fashion was and the most dependable style like skate boarding, dancing, music, movies, talking, and the fashion statement to compete was something proper. I did my best being that I grew out of clothes’ faster than you can get out of low cut tennis shoes. Our Head 8th Grade Basketball Coach was Jeff Boyles. 8th & 7th Grade We were City Champions One the Better or Best Junior High Basketball Teams in the State of Illinois.....Head Baseball and Track Coach was Rich Binder. I may still hold the High Jump and Long Jump school record at Belle Valley Middle School for Track. The Junior High Principle was Robert E. Busher.

 ( 1986-1987)-Mascoutah High School is surrounded by Cornfields and Wheat fields in Mascoutah, Illinois. It is ten miles from Scott Air Force base which was my place of residency. Mascoutah was a small country town maybe it was my personality but from my perspective, we all were friendly. Freshman year high school course curriculum became more advanced. Playing year round organized sports, summer league baseball, fall football, fall/spring basketball, spring track was one of my busiest organized sports years. I may still hold the freshman long jump (21'10") & 400 yard dash (50.37 Seconds) record which was almost the Senior High School Record. As a or the Freshman Quarterback, Running, Back, Full Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, Defensive End, and Safety...The Freshman Head Coach Mike Mueth after first week on freshman practice was like "Hey, Carlos Toomer you can start on the Varsity football team as Tight End." "I said to myself East Saint Louis Varsity Football as a Freshman no thank you... I am going to save myself for Varsity Basketball & Head Coach John Thouvenin Requests as a Freshman." Summer 1987 is a period in time, I wish, I could change. I don’t know what I would of done, if I lost my Mother in the Car wreck that my little and only sister died in. It happen 800 yards down the road from Mascoutah High school after my mom and sister drop me and my cousin Eric Robinson off for summer basketball practice. Honestly give the world the best you have and it will come back to you, if my mom would of went away no longer here for me because of the wreck, the car accident it would of wrecked me…..

Summer of 1986 Head Men's Basketball Coach of Mascoutah Coach Thouvenin was like if you want to be great your basketball team got to play 5-on-5 year round everyday.....

  (1987-1990) - Home of the Corinth High School Warriors in North Eastern Mississippi was a stepping stone into a promising future. Johnny Mitchell Head Boy’s Basketball, Coach Whitaker Assistant basketball Coach; John Smillie Head Baseball Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach Dennis Shirley; Harold P. Smith CHS Principle Head Master; Frank Dorsey Drivers Education; Jan Rushing Foreign Language Arts; Joy Nanny Geometry; Dean Pearce & Bill Dennie: Science; Joanne Warren and Virginia Pearce Business Education; Guidance Counselor: Dr. Peggy Brawner; Darvis Gallaher, and Betty Gray; Mathematics Ann Laughlin & Vickie Shirley; Social Studies: Gloria Cartwright; English: Mrs. Robins; Sylvia Ruth, Lois Rogers, Mildred Pratt, Janis Spears: Secretaries; Superintendent Corinth School District School District: Dr. Wayne Gann: This was a pivotal time of being socialized into the world stage experience and media. Corinth has grown closer because of the success of sports and education. The Three years in Basketball at Corinth High school, we were 102-12. State Champions all three years and ranked #1 in the State of Mississippi all three years. My senior year we missed the National Championship game by 3 points losing 3 games by 1 point each. Our best ranking in the Nation was Top 12. We finished the Season ranked 18 in the Nation my senior year. I was Captain and MVP of this team with Steve Davis. I sometimes ponder, what my High school baseball coaches wonder or thinks about me not playing baseball my senior year in High School. I always thought the more you concentrated and practice one sport the better you get at it...Which is true. However, the more you practice and play many sports your mental and physical skill level and talent level increases with coordination and strength. Education and positive activities also improves mental ability that stimulates in the direction of supreme excellence.....I was like Captain of my Basketball Team my Sophomore Year in High School. I made sure WE played 5-on-5 Year Round for 3 years in a Row everyday...

  (1990-1992) -Major: Engineering Changed to Social Work.

(University of Kentucky) Rick Pitino Head Basketball Coach, Tubby Smith Assistant Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Bernadette Locke Mattox first female Division I Men’s Basketball Coach , Herb Sendek Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Billy Donovan Graduate Assistant Coach Men’s Basketball Coach; Ray Rock Oliver Head Strength Coach; Joanne Hauser Physical Therapist, Walt McCombs Trainer; Bill Kieghtly Head Manager, Manager Benson Tatum, Manager Ken Gayheart, Manager Jeff Morrow, Manager Spencer Tatum; Sandy Bell Director of Compliance, Sheila Breeding Academic Skills Coordinator, Rita Griffith Accounting Clerk, Suzetta Yates Staff Assistant, Lee Ready Staff Assistant, Marta McMackin “Secretary & Segregate Mother ”; George Barbara Administrative Assistant/Video Coordinator; Cawood Ledford “Voice of the Kentucky Wildcats-(1953—1992)”, Jerry Tipton Wildcat Official Career Sports Journalist; Barbara Denston Director of Student Development, Rena Vicine Assistant Director of Athletics/Media, Larry Ivy Senior Associate Director of Athletics, C.M. Newton Athletics Director. My two years at the University of Kentucky. My freshman year we were (21-6) SEC Champions. My Sophomore year we were (29-4) regular season and tournament SEC Champions. Ranked top 5 in the Nation, we lost in the Elite 8 NCAA Tournament game to Duke University 104 to 103 in overtime. This game is consider one of the best College Tournament games ever played. Duke University went on and won the 1992 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. This is consider Duke University best team ever 2016 going back.


Present, future and past University of Kentucky Basketball teams have had a certain integrity and role to maintain and follow through with, if we are to stay the hardest working team in the entire world. Admiration and gratitude with appreciation is my sentiments to all Coaches, Staff, Faculty, Teammates, fans, friends and family, that has been involved in my learning processes. Life lessons from the past, present into the future from this time point on have helped, assisted, navigated, and taught the importance of hard smart intelligent work. In life there are sometimes hard times or adversity, but for those who pay attention to the proper wise guidance, with the good or best attitude, and take heave to the lessons of persistence and determination life will always be fulfilling with family and friends. 

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(1992-1993 )- Major: Ranked #1Program in the Entire United States My Major Physician Assistant (Saint Louis University) and the Head Basketball Coach was Charlie Spoonhour, Assistant Coach Greg Lackey, Assistant Coach Kevin Lee, Assistant Coach Randy Strange; Jo Ann Probst Basketball Secretary, Sheila Thurman Academic Coordinator; Director of Athletics Deb Yow, Head Trainer Jerry Schwertfeger, Sports Information Director Doug Mcllhagga, Reverend Lawrence Biondi S.J. President , Public Address Announcer Mike Owens, Asst. Director of Athletics Business & Finance Jamie Pollard, Asst. Director of Athletics Marketing & Promotions Randy Bobbit, Asst. Director of Athletics Compliance/Student Services/Senior Women’s Administrator Lori Flanagan, Vice President Dan Carey Student Development, Reverend Eugene Grollmes Team Chaplain, John Sloop Student Manager, Dave Schmitt Student Manager: Catholic Mass at Saint Louis University was extremely convenient, seven days a week, a way to repent all your sins and recharge your Spiritual Battery. The benefits of a Catholic Schools outweighs many schools from a virtue stand-point. The fraternity of sports has done as much or more for the human race through love equality existence and competition preparing young boys and girls to face the competitive world with virtue. This was my red-shirt transfer year in Basketball before enlisting into the United States Air Forces. My Saint Louis teammates were a lot of fun on the court and off the court with Anthony Bonner and the Saint Louis Cardinals Professional Baseball games. ( 1993 through 1994) I was in San Antonio, Texas for Basic Training June 1993-July 1993, Lakeland Air Force…Happy Birthday, July 9 I turned 21 in Basic Training...What do you think, I was doing for my 21 birthday beside’s ironing underwear and folding them in perfect 5 inch squares and buffeting the dorm room floor of 58 beds with a Tooth Brush, all together now we was…( August 1993 to April 1994) Biloxi, Mississippi stationed at Kessler Air Base as a 2EO31B Air Force Specialty Code which is the longest preventative maintenance type of educational tech school training and schooling before a first duty station in the entire United State Air Force of the Highest Quality…The Air Traffic Control Radar Maintenance Degree with on job experience of two years is equivalent to a PhD in electronics at or from MIT.

(1994-1995)- Took History and Government course of study to which it allowed me to obtain a Associate Degree from the College of the Air Force because of these two courses and prior college completion of two years as a full time student. (Western Oklahoma State College)-Head Coach Bill Phillips was the Basketball Coach, while I was a Volunteer Assistant Basketball Coach, Student and Active Military Air Force A1C Airman from (April 1994 to August 1995) in Air Traffic Control Radar Maintenance, 2EO31B is the Air Force Special Code for it. WOSC was a two-year College. It is in the NJCAA Cotton Conference. “Your attitude will lead to your destiny, your personality will attract, your definition of success is a basic life skill, Western Oklahoma State College Men’s Basketball Coaching Staff had a strategic success philosophy. The development and how to overcome adversity with confidence with the need of achievement or performance is a necessary process in learning life skills of leadership and success in sports.

     (1995-1999)-Bachelor of Science Degree: 1997 Business Management: Ranked Third Best Business/International Business School in the United States of America World (1997-1998)-TookUnder-graduate courses in Psychology with plans to qualify and to be admitted into a Sports Psychology Master Program. The need to continue education is a feature of higher learning and education. The Master of Business Administrations (MBA) is prestigious. I did need. I could of used Toni Esposito and her Daddy’s money to make a higher Score on the GMAT and GRE… Back then you could pay $5,000 for Classes to prepare you to make the best scores… I do see the need to acquire the understanding and recognition with many other degrees. UNCW (MBA) program is ranked in the Top Ten best graduate programs 2008. (University of North Carolina Wilmington)Athletics: Head Basketball Coach Jerry Wainwright, Associate Head Kirk Saulny, Assistant Coach Brad Brownell, Men’s Athletic Trainer Tom Lumley; Asst. Director/Marketing & Promotions Rob Bricks, Sports Information Director Joe Browning, Asst. A.D./Academics Pat Howey, Dr. James R. Leutze Chancellor, Paul A. MillerDirector of Athletics. Cameron School of Business Dean was Dr. Dean ? Rockness? what was his first name...? Cameron School of Business: Steve Harper Academic Advisor and Business Management Professor, Shelia Adams Strategic Management, Dr. Craig Galbraith Management, ?Who was Marketing...? , Dr. Rosenthual Accounting, Dr. Sims Finance, Dr. Robert Keating Management, Who was Statistics....?Who was Economics...? *University of North Carolina Wilmington is committed to providing exemplary educational and artistic opportunities to meet the needs of the individual and the community in an increasing Global Society. Our professors stressed networking, group projects, and socializing and one professor even said within five years of graduation all of you should have your ideal job. He was so ever right in my case, it took a while, and it was no immediate love process. Location, location, location College Division 1 Basketball and the Beach what you think? This is for my UNCW Basketball teammates and alumni we had a blast. Christianity never left our hearts. The present is our positive future to create. I join the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity organization 1997, after hurting my knee the summer before my senior year basketball campaign 1996-1997. I was seriously more than horse playing around doing the Goldberg Power Cling shoulder and ankle back breaker on my roommate Jay Bateman who turned into a girl after it. “Tho” He was running his mouth like Normal doing the Infamous White Boy Rapper Jam Bateman…” There are many different Versions to the annoying Jay Bateman in Argument… “Like anyway I don’t hear you can’t control me anyway…then he would start Rapping about non Sense and sometimes silly stuff...” I could of just completely drop him from the Extended Power Cling and Jerk, him at 185 and me at 195…but I Just wanted to Scare him…From the Extended Cling and Jerk…I dropped him from over my head like a roller coaster dive…and caught him in the Football Kneeling Position my right knee slammed into the Living Room Floor with his weight and from the Velocity of Gravity at which he was going and I was going… I caught him at Ground zero his lower back across my Knee… from Stance to Kneeling position, a Complete Release and drop from Extended Cling for a Good Scary One Second…He Screamed Got Dam…,<--August 1996 in Living Room Lullwater Drive Wilmington North Carolina à Vince Carter started doing Power Clings in 7 Grade Age 12… Scott Forest and Antawn Jamison was best friend and basketball teammate in High School… Scott Forest was a Walk-on at UNC Wilmington August 1995… Vince Carter Chapel High North Carolina Asked him how good is Kentucky, February 1996 Carlos Toomer… He is as Good as all the Rest in the NBA at Guard he just needs your Verticle…Tell him to do Power Clings… I been doing them since age 12…Tell him to start out with 135 Pound Weight… I not only did Power Clings… I did Short Sprints…Ab Work out…with Strength Shoes…by July 1996… I had a 40 Plus inch Verticle…along with what Tom Lemley our Strength Coach and Physcial Therphy’s has us doing…Tell him not to tell any body because everybody or anybody is not our Friend…


*Special Note of Work Activities—Beside working in the Restaurants, Bars and Night Clubs 1997-1999, Wilmington, North Carolina, I was also a Main Non-Speaking extra on Dawson’s Creek Seasons 1 through 3, (1997 to 1999) not the main extra but a Daily Extra for Dawson's Creek and other movies. Sometimes, we would film at night.

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(2000-2008)-Additional Under-Graduate Courses in Psychology with plans to get a Master Degree in Psychology was needed in the beginning of the year 2001 after being accepted into the Theater of Arts program in fall of 2000. Later on around and between 2003 & 2007, I was also accepted into the following programs but did not attend: Education, Communication,English, History, and Physical Therapy Bachelors Programs, after making the conclusion that the sports world best know more about the mind and body and how it works best. I changed my decision to acquire other degrees instead of psychology. However, got this conclusion…..à


Master’s of Psychology Doctorate Dissertation Leading Sports Philosophy Supreme Excellent Lifestyle Habits Maxim Thesis for 2011 and On…The mind and body changes for the better or best with motivating exercise, healthy eating, positive literature, positive entertainment and productive influential positive communication, as long as the stimulation is consistent and in a positive, caring, safe, and loving environment. There is no need for medicating patients. If, they are lazy, there is no way this theory of fact is going to work. However, what is the purpose of research, I don’t agree with any medication that alters the mind. The mind is extremely delicate and easy to damage. Final Conclusion, there is no need for psycho-analytical mind altering medicine. It is harsh and dangerous. My way is more effective go and run a 30 Second Mile or 3 Minute Mile and be Prosperous. The Olympic Standard to Everything can be Applied Always need to Exceed Einstein's imagination and all the Noble Peace Prize Recipients and Winners and or Recipients or Winners Imaginations with Progress… The minds direction is more important than its progress. Anything that does not lead you in a positive direction is a bad habit. Have the positive nourishing habits in your life that you want to control you life without medication. Particular and certain words can change Brain Chemistry to the Negative or the Positive. The Mental Health field will always have a bad or sad stigma until they change to Motivational Hospitals’ and to Motivational Social Sports Science Health Field. My Vision is so simple. It is based on scientific Motivational Philosophies Associated with the best in the sports world & the Elite in the Royal Military and Allied Forces....NATO was Never Against Transition of Opportunity.....

(2000--2008) ….(Valdosta State University)-Campus College Theater – Dr. Randy Wheeler Head of Theater Department was my Advisor and Professor. I was a Volunteer Men’s Basketball Associate (2000-2001), Head of Men’s Basketball was Coach Jim Yarbrough. Dr. Mark Whatley was in charge of Social Psychology.


(2001---2003)- Freelancing Writing Correspondence Coarse (Thomas University)


(2003---2004)- Accepted into Architectural Design & Drafting Program did not Attend (Valdosta Technical College)


( 2004---2006)- Accepted into the Education Specialist in Curriculum & Instruction/Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies Equivalent to a PH.D did not Attend (Valdosta Technical College)


(2005---2006)- Accepted into the Health Medical Assistant Medical Program did not Attend

(Valdosta Technical College)


If, I had my choice, I would have completed all these degrees and programs in the past. The only thing, I have not applied for is Law School to receive a Law Degree at Harvard University. When you study the history of man from the beginning of time to the present time of technology. Civil Law and Human Rights has been the integral factor that has enhanced, positive change and transformed Human Rights for equality... A Juris Doctorate law degree from Cambridge University would look nice on a mantel. However, I am fascinated with the entire affect of nourishment, exercise, education, entertainment, and arts on the human brain, body, heart, soul, and mind that stimulates homeostasis, from a sport’s exercise science stand point, and human physiology inference to find out the human total capacity ability to reach its full potential. If, I was to receive an Honorary Doctorate degrees and Post Doctorate Medical Degree or Degrees, the University of North Carolina Medical School, University of Florida, UCLA Medical School,. Stanford University Medical School, and Oxford University Medical School, could be the Highest Quality of Association. Association is important. It would be nice to receive a degree for each Chapter of this book. Through hind-sight, Honorary Degrees are also achieved through works of Art.


Albert Einstein retain from his childhood religious phone phrase a profound reverence for the harmony and beauty of what he called the mind of God as it was expressed in the creation of the Universe and it’s laws. Einstein states the imagination is more important than knowledge. Thus, Albert Einstein used thoughts and the imagination more than practical scientific methods to discover Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics. Which is used today by the leading scientist to go to the moon, explore outer space, and to discover other laws, these laws have stood the test of time, 2011.


I would also like to bestow a respect and appreciation to Louisville University, University of Kentucky, Western Oklahoma State College, Saint Louis University, University of North Carolina Wilmington and all Higher Formal Educational Systems. Valdosta State University Bookstore, South Georgia Libraries, Books-A-Million franchise/staff and all book stores were resourceful. Their timely manner and customer service in helping locate literature was definitely beneficial. Also their professionalism, attitude, and do-diligence made it easy and accessible to order any book that I requested or needed. I appreciate the Valdosta State University Library and all of Southern Georgia libraries. –Early Mornings, Long days, and Late nights (2000 – 2008)


A deep admiration and love for all professors, teachers, coaches, pupils, parents, kids, and leaders that have crossed my path in life. Thank you…


A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks. -Charles Gordy

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#37 “…Summer of 2000 Moody Air Force Base Gym something Happen that has Never Happen ever in Society because most people are not Creative Enough…” What I Should of Done is Kept Him in the Statue of Liberty, Hold & Held up on his Toes and Showed him Off to the White Officer and his Friends and all the Other Potentials.....I should of just pulled him back up to attention on his toes… and said Conduct Unbecoming active duty military men or women are not allowed on our United States Air Force bases, even when out of Uniform or in Uniform Airmen…” Don’t you all know I am better than your best Marine Captain in hand to hand Combat… Don’t you know Now Based on Reaction Time, Strength, Speed, and Coronation or Coordination…? P.J. did yell out loud at the Free throw line when my back was facing Him “Did you See that…?” Like or as if Like Division One NCAA can all of you do it…?

#37 Pg.15 Scripture is True Life Accounts. #37 Real Effect Ice -N- The Veins Affect Name: Commission Hold & Take Out Grip Engagement & Release…”3 to 5 to 8 to 11 or 13 Seconds” Any Male Human it is Guaranteed that needs a Crucifix on their forehead & who may not have studied all my skills or don’t know my Potential Energy with Mental Flights of Preventative Maintenance Anticipation and -or- Awareness ........#37 Pg.15

Scripture Sometimes is a Samson Goliath Type of Testimony David or Hugh Heffner…:So Summer of 2000, I was at Moody Air Force Base Gym, Valdosta, Georgia playing basketball. A 6’6" 236 pound Michael Jordan kind of type Of Kid, “Active Duty Airman calling himself bulling me by pushing me in my chest more than 3 times in a Sequence of 21 Seconds…” An finally, he pushed me in the back after the 4th Close Encounter of his kind; Separate but not Equal Same Type of Behavior, different occasions in points in time through the or a Coarse like Theorem of more than 6 Transitions to any Game, and like 3 Trips in a Syllabus, Teaching and Coaching a Course to any Game. Nobody has Ever Pushed me in the back and was serious while playing Basketball. This was the first. So immediately, after the push in the back, I turned around into a Mutie Walkin Engagement and he grabbed by Hands. So Silly of him…… I turned around honestly into a Mutie Walkin Engagement with no Bloodsport II intent neither nor the The Next Kumite it was not the sequel Bloodsport III Either… No So Silly on Him…..while he was Struggling to do his best. I gave him 30 Percent Power at first…with 2EO31B Awareness Air Traffic Control PMI Maintenance and Squadron Communication… I was and I became more than Training… the Front line and Last Line of Defense to Open and Close on any Situation… He Got a Lucky Grab of my Shirt in the middle of my chest on the left side with his right hand, as I was mirroring him to calm him down. I noticed after the first and only Grab on me, off in my shirt in the Middle of my Chest....his expression changed on his face to … “I Got this Claim and I am Staking it off in your Ass Carlos…I Got a Claim and I am sticking to it also…” So he could of thought… So before we could go any further with his thoughts or ideas….. I Pulled Him Up into a Statue of Liberty Pose by his Right Wrist.... I did a ISO Shoulder Raise on his Right Wrist and his entire body.... “Vice Grip” It was a Left Iso Shoulder Raise… It was… I Lifted him up off the ground with one Shoulder and Left Arm…. “Almost…” and As if “Dam Almost,” he was surprised by the multiplying intensity, second by the second as the Power Increased, As He… as if he… wanted to pass on the Male Bonding Surprise that he caused…of and from like, the 10 fold to the 3 Power of Perfection Opportunity into his Versatility and Skill Level… “The Set Ran like this… I Helped his Vertical…, Almost… like he was more than on his tip toes…” The Set was…He Found out real quick what he caused.......” “Set” He jumped, into a Wide Base Gravity Lowering Stance off of, a Delayed Response, and Looked up to my Left Hand his Right Wrist taken his Eyes Off my Eyes and Then I went to the NBA Point Guard Gap, hit a Opportunity Lane… Quickness, more than a Speaking Communication Change of Behavior and with my other arm and my hand and on my right side with one Full Swift complete Control Motion… It was like Rhythm Nation Grizzly Bear Black Bear Nation… He Went Completely Limp… “I said No to myself… I was Like No…….” “Don’t Give up at this point to myself do you Remember Jerry Your first Cousin when you was two and he was 3 he went Limp,” As I was thinking for every action there is a reaction… his Behavior Needed to Change… I thought out loud to myself and to him… “ What happen to all that and the Aggression…?” While I had him up on my chest, As if, He was or he felt like a One year old kid or toddler…I was Thinking Cross My Chest not Loud and nor Loaded, Across my Chest, Cross my Heart Locked and Loaded chest… after being scooped up across my chest…. He was so long and I ran across the gym floor with him on my chest, Full Speed and Usain Bolted him into a wall, back, neck, and head... a Royal Full Flush Gravity impact Dropping Slam into the Gym Wall his Complete Back Side Gave Out…. I am sure. He felt the initial impact... I backed off… I open up like Heaven…and He bounced on the hard wood floor from the Wall…He slide.. Did he move after it…? The White Officer from the Air Force Academy “the Fighter Pilot” just looked at me with a Stunned Look on his face. “I was like Anyway/Any Dam Way…..” Commission Baby… I am leaving... He was Commissioned and Charged for off duty bad behavior in the Gym…I took it upon myself… All I did was Reprimanded him Parris Island Sydney, Australia Style 2000 Motto Thousands of hearts with one goal Share the Spirit Dare to Dream a or the Style… He started it four times in Row, so I thought Anyway…." P.J. the starting point guard for one of the University of Alaska College Basketball Systems in the Mid 90’s was there….Who was one of his best friends… “Laughing with A.J. a Senior Airman…” Have you ever known one of your best friends to laugh at you for being a Bully…? The Entire Gym was Laughing…. me and the White Officer were not… The Teardrop Sam Burns was not laughing… “ He was smiling…” He was just smiling and pointing in his direction… As I walked by Sam sitting on the Bleachers to the left… I kept walking and when I got to the exit of now what is Moody Air Force Base old Gym… I looked back and Sam was still sitting of the Bleacher pointing in his Direction, Smiling…and I waved and motioned to Sam to come on…. Never stay in any type of Environment after any type of Physical Confrontation…. And or Altercation, and or physical Argument…

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