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Table of Contents & Poems with Pages Ch.1 thru Ch.20 & Three Types of Calenders 365 at the End

(Ones in the Body of the Bible)

(365 Days of Awareness and or Holidays) (12 Months a Year Reality Calendar)

292.) Ch.1 Facts: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brain Enhancer Education

293.) Chapter 1…The Book of Facts Cover Page II Overview the Virtue ofHumor


294.) Poetry with the Use of Creativity


295.) God Name “Apodictic Apodosis”---Main Statement Necessary Truth


296.) Immaculate Poetry Flawless


297.) How to be a Poet…


298.) “…Age of Peaceful Conformity….” Brandon Knight 6’3” Guard #12 Freshman U of K Men’s Basketball (2010 - 2011) The Nickname for the 2010 -2011 University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Team is….? He was Drafted 8 overall in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons


299.) Who does Care….? #54 Patrick Patterson 6’9” Forward University of Kentucky Men's Basketball (2007--2010 Junior) From Huntington,West Virginia The Fan Voted Associated Press Nicknames for his Teams are The... and The...and The...? The Nickname for the 2008 U of K Team is what...? He was Drafted 14th overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets….


300-301.) Imperturbable Government “Good Government or Better needed”


302.) Initiative


303.) Journey


304-305.) “…Education, Natural Disaster, Emergency & Quality Housing Trust Fund for the Poor with Economist Muhammand Yunus goal and plan in mind everybody out of world poverty by 2030:…” And -or- And Darius Miller #1 6’8” Forward U of K Men’s Basketball (2008-2012) The Nickname for the 2009 -2010 University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Team Is…?


306.) Let’s Roam


307.) Kingdom


308.) The Art of Communication


309.) Communication


310.) Compassion


311-312.) Care


313.) Remember Mama Dad was a Soldier


314-315.) “…Community…” Camden, New Jersey #14 Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 6’7” Freshman Forward the Nickname for his (2011 – 2012) University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Team is….? He was Drafted 2nd overall in the 2012 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Bobcats


316.) Heart Knowledge


317-318.) The House of Intellect


319.) “…Image…” University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball we have been in the #1 Slot Since Naismith invented Basketball 1891 with the Most NCAA Division I College Basketball Wins in History Up to this Date Up to this Point Terrence Jones 6’7” Sophomore Forward (2010 - 2012 ) #3 is From Portland, Oregon.... He was Drafted 18 overall in the 2012 NBA Draft by the Houston Rockets


320-321.) Awaken-Did you Miss anything…? John Wall of Raleigh 6’ 4” Point Guard #11 U of K (2009- 2010 Freshman) Word of God High School Huh…..2009-10 1 team Consensus All-American****** 2009-10 National Freshman of the Year…. 2010 SEC Player of the Year***** 2009-2010 1 Team All-SEC…. 2010 SEC Tournament MVP***** 2010 SEC All-Freshman team…. 1 Kentucky player to be drafted 1 overall in the NBA Draft***** 1 in school history in freshman scoring with 616 points….1 in school history in freshman assists with 241 assists***** Set school record with 16 assists against Hartford….Drafted 1 overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Washington Wizards


322.) Buddha


323.) Praise & Thanksgiving


324.) New Year Day 2009


325.) There is No Substitute for Smartness and Toughness…DeMarcus Cousins 6’11” (F/C) #15 University of Kentucky (2009--2010 Freshman) 2009-2010 2nd team Consensus All-American****** 2009-2010 1st Team All-SEC****** 2009-2010 SEC Freshman of the Year****** 2010 SEC All-Freshman team****** Drafted 5th overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Sacramento Kings


326.) Francis Scott Key “The Star Spangled”


327.) Margaret Mitchell-Gone with the wind


328.) Richie Farmer-A Message to Terrorists


329.) A Time to Change (University of Kentucky)-Coach Adolph Rupp more Detail at Pg. 120 #467 & #468


330-331.) Habits-Avery Johnson


332-333.) Practice…Eric Bledsoe 6’1” Guard #24 University of Kentucky Freshman (2009-- 2010) was drafted 18 overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Oklahoma City Thunder The University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team Nickname for 2010 is...The...or is What...?


334-335.) Commander & Chief


336-337.) Pride


338.) Genius


339-340.) Vision-Hear my Sighs…#33 Daniel Orton of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma the 6’10” (F/C) U of K (Freshman 2009-- 2010) was Drafted 28th overall in the 2010 NBA Draft by the Orlando Magic. The Nickname for his 2009-2010 University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...?


341-342.) Capitalism Calligram Poem


343.) Fear


344-345.) Tracking the Monster


346-347.) Key


348.) Judge Joe Brown-Meanings


349.) Thurgood Marshall “Brown V.S Board of Education” 1967 Landmark Case


350-351.) If 352-353.) Harriet Monoroe- “Modernism”


354-355.) To Know


356.) Cowgirl’s Query Friendship Opposite Sex & Color-Mia Daniels


357.) Making Moves-Paula Zahn


358.) Poet Motivator Philosopher Saint Bernard’s Summation of Reality


359.) Building Trust in our Lives

360.) Ch.2 The Book of Tactful Humor Weak V.S. Stronger: Communication Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brain Enhancer Education

361.) Chapter 2…Weak VS. Stronger Communication Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Courage  


362.) Catch 22


363.) Public Relations 1992


364.) Oratory


365.) Expression of the Contented Epigrammatist #32 Pg.1538


366.) Bill Nelson-Family almost Quatrain #70 Pg.1540


367.) A World Wide Language Language not Like Heartstruck Gearstruck Blank Verse


368.) Change…Paul A Miller (UNCW) Former Athletic Director


369.) The Essence of Good Communication or Better…


370.) Forgiven


371.) Little Foot-Steps of Positive Stimulation-Judy Davis


372.) Word Play…Quincy Jones


373.) Prevail


374.) The Art of Winning


375.) Lothario Reverie could be a Reverdie Poem Explanation on Pg. 1541 #71


376.) Seventh Heaven


377.) Game Over –Derek Anderson #24 Unversity of Kentukcy The Untouchables 1996 Team


378.) Family Times Nourishment and Success people hope of Success


379.) Guess Who


380.) Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King


381.) Cole Porter


382.) Coach Herb Sendek more info at Pg.119 #470


383.) Expression


384.) Never Had


385.) The Passionate Wiseman


386.) Fly


387.) Collin Powell


388.) Virtuous Warrior


389.) Believe …Nehemiah Jr. Braddy #23 –University of Kentucky (1989-1993) The 1993 Team Nickname is...?


390.) North America, U.K., and U.N. Acrostic Poem


391.) National Basketball Association Kind like the Olympics…


392.) The Voice Inside


393-394.) Star-Spangled Banner


395.) “Living” Shawn Woods -University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Player #11 The Unforgettables 1992 One of the Four Captains Who Jersey is Hanging in Rupp Arena… 

396.) Ch.3 Inspiration -or- and EncouragementThe Book of Opportunity Optimism: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brian Enhancer Education

397.) Chapter 3: Inspiration -or- And Encouragement Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Determination 

398.) Our Love is an Unsinkable Ship


399.) Mother’s Love


400.) Anchored


401.) Coach John Wooden


402.) Coach Rick Pitino Head Coach of the University of Kentucky (1989 to 1997)


403.) Sports


404.) Coach Rick Pitino-When I think of you


405.) Twenty-First Century Christian Straight Athletes


406.) Laura D. Hopewell-Standard Deviants “PBS”


407.) Bill Keightley…What you mean to me…(Born: 1926-2008)


408.) Never Give Up


409.) Apprentice


410.) Freedom


411.) Encouragement


412.) Sam Esposito Baseball Hall Fame & Family “Dad of Toni Esposito”


413.) Confirmation


414.) Approbation Praise to Accommodate Love


415.) Courage


416.) Loving you- Judge Maria Lopez & Female Presides & Female Percepts


417.) Trust


418.) Mind Zen


419.) The Greatest Love of All


420.) Friendship


421.) Emerge a Winner No Matter What…


422.) Coach Billy Donovan is also at Pg. 119 #469


423.) Ado


424.) Patience


425.) Take Charge


426.) Coach Bernadette Locke Mattox-God has a Plan and there also is the Courtly Spiritual at Pg.119 #471


427.) Michael Jordan


428.) A Psalm of Life


429.) Angel


430.) Encouragement Poem


431.) Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith


432.) Friendship is like a Rainbow


433.) Simple Pleasures


434.) Maya Angelou…From Dust to Humane Humanity 

435.) Ch.4 Enlightenment: Rhythm Riddle Rhyming Mind Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

436.) Chapter 4: The Book of Enlightenment Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Innocence

437.) Epigram Impetus Virtues


438.) The Code-Ten Intentions for a Better World


439.) Blessing- Forest Sale-University of Kentucky Basketball (1931-1934) The Nickname for this Team is...The...What depending on the Year...?


440.) Nurture the Spirit- Jodie Meeks #23 University of Kentucky Men's Basketball (2006-2009) The 2007 Team Nickname is what...?


441-442.) Judicial System Change Behavior


443 .) Purity


444.) Expansion & Contraction


445.) Enlightenment


446.) Scared Times


447.) Journey of Self Discovery


448.) Renewal


449.) Forgiveness


450.) Belonging


451.) Free the soul from Aggrievement


452-453.) Peace Camp


454.) Before God, Union of Soul Unite


455.) Closure…Pam Tillis


456.) Let me help you…Michelle Wei


457.) Honor


458.) Zen Shorts and or Zen Works.....


459.) Execution


460.) Be-Winner you been tagged an Angel


461.) Transcend and Overcome Obstacles


462.) Dreams


463.) Doubt


464.) Rajon Rondo #4 (U of K) 2004-2006 The 2005 University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team Nickname is Called what...? He was Drafted 21st overall in the 2006 NBA Draft by the Phoenix Suns


465.) Dedicated Devotion


466.) Shadow Selves


467--468.) Changing Lanes


469.) Empty Vessels-Reverend Otis Moss


470.) Wisdom Keepers


471.) Love Buddha

472.) Ch.5 Love: Rhyming Rhythm Riddle Mind Brain Stimulation Enhancer

473.) Chapter 5. The Book of Love Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Honesty


474.) Beloved Queen Elizabeth II & Females Epistle Poem


475.) A Definition of Love


476.) Love Can Build a Bridge


477.) Simple the Best


478.) Ashley J. Go Big Blue Ashley Judd Once Upon 2008 & Back…?


479.) Love-Courteous & Un-Threaten with Integrity


480.) Power of Love


481.) Grounds of Love


482.) Life of Love


483.) Dreams with Purpose-Ray Rock Oliver Strenth Coach The Untouchables 1992


484.) Face’em Fears!!!-Charles Barkley


485.) Where is God When-Jeff Marrow Equipement Manager The Untouchables 1992


486.) “Smile” College Coach Travis Ford #5 University of Kentucky (1990-1994) The Nickname for the 1994 Team is...What…?


487.) True Love


488.) Best Friends


489.) Many Forms of Fashion & Positive Passion


490.) Rosalyn Carter-My God 491.) Cultivating Love and Kindness


492.) Dear


493.) Love Just is


494.) To Love or Not to Love…Bill Gates


495.) Parents….Carlos Toomer


496.) Trustworthy Love


497.) Love Force


498.) I cherish you…Jenna & Barbara Bush


499.) Corinth Mississippi, East of the Mississippi River


500.) Christy Butler 1987-1988 Corinth High school Cheerleader


501. )Angel Little Corinth High school Cheerleader 1987-1989


502 .)Catherine Shipp Corinth High school Junior Varsity Cheerleader 1989-1990


503.)Kristen Lorenz Corinth High school Cheerleader 1987-1990


504 .)Sara Brawner Corinth High school Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 1988-1990


505.)Lindsey Davis Corinth High school Cheerleaders 1987-1990


506.)Amy Boatman Class of 1990 Corinth High school


507.)Jennifer Wilson of Class of 1988 Corinth High school


508.) Erin McLees Class of 1992 Corinth High school 509.)Davis Laughlin Class of 1992 Corinth High school


510.)Sallie Kate Dillingham Corinth High school Class of 1992


511.)Melinda Williams Class of 1989 Corinth High school


512.)Emily Stokes Corinth High school Class of 1992


513.)Molly Kitchens Class of 1992 Corinth High school


514.)Elisha Parvin Class of 1992 Corinth High school


515.)Dana Alexander Class of 1992 Corinth High School and Family of Boosters


516.)Mississippi Corinth Senior High Big Time Boosters & The Winterscheidts


517.) Those Bluegrass Wildcats…Carlos Toomer University of Kentucky Player #42 (1990-1992) The Unforegettables 1992


518.) Saint Louis University…Carlos Toomer


519.) Western Oklahoma State College…Carlos Toomer


520-521.)University North Carolina @ Wilmington…Carlos Toomer


522.)Someone like you


523.)Friendship…Steve Davis


524.)Love Unconditional


525.)Cupid’s Bow




527.)Hugs and Kisses


528.)One Fine Tuned Art


529.)Love Philosophy


530.)Understanding Love


531.)Love Rant


532.)Love out of Box


533.)Chemistry XLII


534.)The Magic of the Spoken Word


535.)Real Love---Motivational Speakers…Mandy Fletcher & Dad


536.)Prince Charming Become What we as Females Make Them Impetus


537.)The Waters of Impetus…Jules Asner


538.)A Young Female Prayer


539.)Eternal Fun Pure Love Last Forever Convey the Aspects of Intelligence


540.)The One and Only You






543.)Soul mates


544.)Soul mate are you Mine




546.)Ashley Judd & The Judd’s Friends Forever-We missed each Other by a Month


547.)Is their a Physical Attraction


548-549.) Caroline Benton Miss Valdosta, Georgia 2000


550.)Two Hundred and Seventy-Five Thousand


551.)Long Distance Love…To that special Somebody


552.)The Everlasting Infinite Life of Love


553.)Spirit of Love


554.)A Special World Future from 2009…& On

555.) Ch.6 Philosophy: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Brian Education Stimulation

556.) Chapter 6. The Book of Philosophy Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Creativity

557.)Personal Philosophical Statement


558.)Lessons from Professors…Carlos Toomer 

559.)The Sun Still Shines… Dirk Minniefield-University of Kentucky(1980-1984) The Nicknames for the These Teams these years are what...? The Nickname for the (1980-1981) Team is...?

560.)Reason…Stephen Smith-Sports Television Host


561.)Extended Family…College John Pelphrey #34 University of Kentucky (1988-1992) The Unforgettables 1992 One of the Four Captains who Basketball Jersey is Hanging in Rupp Arena 

562.) Mercenary’s Psyche…NBA Coach Pat Riley Univerity of Kencukty #42 (1965-1967) The 1965-1966 Team was Called and Known as Rupp's Runts because there Tallest man was 6'5' and they were NCAA's National Champion Runner Up's

563.)Visualize…Henry Thomas #21 (1989-1990) Player University of Kentucky Manager Full Ride (1990-1993) The Unforgettables 1992


564.)Trust…Frantisek Hales




566.)Making Sacrifices






569.)A Gentlemen’s Agreement


570.)Time is Fleeting




572.)In the Eye of the Beholder


573.)Course of Nature


574.)A Little Tradition


575.) Value a College Education it increase Critical Thinking Skills based on Facts & Truth


576.)If ESTER Dreams could Fly


577.)Fox Tale


578.)Success Philosophy of Life


579.)It may be hard


580.)The Cycle of Life with the Elderly…Shannon Miller-Olympic Gold Medalist 1996


581.)Musician “Philosophy 101”


582.) Our Angels


583.)Just Questions…Diana Sawyer 

584.)God’s Plan for Nature…Cotton Nash University of Kentucky Player (1962-1965) Legal Name: Charles Francis Nash Nickname: "Cotton" The Nicknames of his Teams are the...? Just depends of the year of the Team's...

585.)Transformation of Thought…John M. Shanahan


586.)An Entrapment or Future Gain Progress 

587.) Ch.7 Nature: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brian Education Enhancer

588.) Chapter 7. The Book of Nature Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Enthusiasm

589.)Happiness is the by-product of Activity


590.)Earth Day Poem…Jane Yolen


591.) Multicolored Masterpiece


592.)Fire in the Sky


593.)The Seasons


594.)Come as you are


595.)When a Dream Dies Nature Takes Over…Nicole Johnson Motivational Performer


596.)Natures Bliss Natural Bliss Way to Positive Progress


597.)John Keats “To Autumn” (1820)


598.)Morning…Diana Ladd


599.)Winter in the Eyes of Children…Jeff Brassow #14 U of K (1989-1993) The Nickname for the (1989-1990) University of Kentukcy Men's Basketball Team is Pitino's Bombinos






602.)Never Go Away




604.)Pope Gregory “1582 Introduction Vernal Equinox”


605.) Eighth World Wonder “Life after Death” a AlliterationPoemPg. 1536 #4


606.)Labor of Fruits…Taylor Swift, Pastry Cline, Laura Bell, Farah Fath, & Country Females


607.)Water Verses Fire Haiku …Mommy Barbara Pierce Bush


608.)Spring Fever-Alicia Silverstone “Apple Cedar” & Liv Tyler “Loving Temptation”


609.) The Wine of Love is Music….


610.) Daisies Pied & Violets Blue


611.)Environment Sweet as Honey


612.)A Georgia Lulla-Bye


613.)Desert Rose


614.)Bindi the Jungle Girl…Bindi Sue Irwin


615) Tropical Paradise…Eugenie Windsor Future Bride


616.)Nature’s Loving Course… Jamal Mashburn-U of K (1990-1993) Nickname for the 1990-1991 University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...what?


617.)Hoeing Breaking God’s Earth & Cultivating


618.)Our Mother…Magic Johnson-NBA Hall of Fame


619-620.)Alfred Tennyson






623.)Wonderful Swimsuit Spring Day


624.)A Piece of Rainbow…Mariah Carey 625.)Silhouette of Beauty (Italian Sonnet)


626-627.)God’ Natural Law of Human Sexuality


628.)39 President Jimmy Carter…Earth


629.)Instinct…Anthony Hopkins and Cuba Gooding Jr. Movie


630.)Her Presence


631.)Robert Frost “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening “ is a Pastoral Poem 

632.) Ch.8 Psychological Illumination Wisdom: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brain Education

633.) Chapter 8. Psychological Illumination to more than but not Only Wisdom Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Honor  



635.) The Company we keep…Robert Saxton


636.)Excellent Quality Keeps Good Company


637.)Dreams…Langston Hughes


638.) Misery Loves Company




640.)Don’t Give Up!...Amanda O’Connor


641-642.)The Little Things


643.)The Importance of Quality Value in Life


644.)Charles Dickens 1843 “A Christmas Carol” Ebenezer Scrooge”


645.)A World of Poetic Wisdom…Katie Couric


646.)Wish of Wisdom


647.)Yourself a way to Wisdom


648.) Positive or Negative…Winston Bennett #25 U of K (1983-1988) The Nickname of the (1987-1988) University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is ...?


649.)Come walk with me…John Judd


650.)Agree with Wisdom…Jeff Sheppard-U of K Player #15 (1993-1998) The Nickname for the (1997-1998) University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is what...?


651.)Me, Myself, and I


652.)Life is more than a Good Hold of Grand How Great is our God…Elizabeth Hasselback


653.)What’s Wrong with Mommy


654.)Anna Kournkova-Gossip


655.)Moments of Silence…Phyllis George-Lady of Kentucky


656.)While we may…Reverend Susan Sparks


657.)In God Spirit…Barry Bonds


658.)Royal Society of London with Impetus-From the Epitaph of John Ray(1627—1705)


659.)Zen Paws


660.)True Colors of Young Children Learn From…Jane Fonda


661.)Bobbi Jo-The Study


662.)Eyes…Steve Young


663.)Change is Constant–University of Kentucky Football Coach Bill Curry (1990-1996)


664-665.)Conditioned Bad Habits Recondition Good Habits…Dr. Robert Ludwig


666.)Listen…NBA Coach Dan Issel-Uof K #44 (1968-1970)The Nickname of the 1970 University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...?


667.)Let us Pray


668.)Rhetorical Art


669.)Principles of Life-For those who are lost or confused


670-671.)Goal Setting


672.)Manifest Your Dreams


673.)Fervent Love

674.)Ch.8A Financial System: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Brain Stimulation

675.) Chapter 8A. Financial System The Book of Finanace Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Cooperation

676.)Finance Definition


677.)Business Entities


678.)Financial Planning Process Worldwide


679.)Bloomberg Professional Fastest Services


680.)The Power to Know 2007


681.) Dr. Steven Harper Enterprise UNCW


682.)Measurement in Dollars


683.)Irrefutable Rush of the Sell-Larry Johnson U of k (1973-1977) The Nickname for the (1976-1977) University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...?


684.)Falling Short of the American Dream


685.)Basic Purpose of Money


686.)Financial Heaven-As if it could be true…Marina Bartiromo aka Minx Beauty


687.)The River of Finance…Erin Burnett…Aka…Ember “Flirtous Girl” Benefits


688.)Moneylender’s Dream


689.) Fundamentals of Financial Management Conclusion & Content Positive Directional Brief 

719.) Ch.8D Marketing: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brain Education

720.) Chapter 8D. The Book of Marketing Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Flexibility

721.) Marketing Definition


722.)Marketing Strategic Plan(MSP)


723.) Marketing Strategy(MSP)


724.) After Market Strategy Cost to Enter Market(MSP)


725.) Generic Strategies of Marketing Plan(MSP)


726.) Pricing Strategy after selecting Generic Strategy (MSP)


727.) The Promotion’s of Strategic Marketing Plan (MSP)


728.) Many Strategy Offering for Advertising Promotions (MSP)


729.) Distribution Method Offering for the Customer (MSP)


730) Environmental Factors (MSP)


731.) The Prospects Factors (MSP)


732.) Establishment of Product or Service (MSP)


733.) Competition (MSP)


734.)Your Enterprise Franchise, Franchise, or Service (MSP)


735.) Factors to Explore on Development Strategy (MSP)


736.) Organization Production Output Cost Efficiency Factors to Consider (MSP)


737.) Factors to Consider activity of Marketing and Sales Organization (MSP)


738.) Organization Success Long Term Successful Customer Service Factors to Explore (MSP)


739.) Maintaining Profit Potential and Generation Factors to Consider (MSP)


740.) Internet Marketing it can Really Stink 741.) Can a Certain Business or Businesses & Marketing End Poverty...?

742.) Ch.8E Statistics: Rhythm Riddle Rhyming Mind Stimulation Brain Enhancer Education

743.) Chapter 8E. The Book of Statistics Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Idealism


744.) Statistic Definition


745.) Statistic is the Science of


746.) Statistical Methods


747.) Variance of Measurement


748.) Bell Curve Norm 70% to 30% vs. 97% to 3%


749.) Origin Probability


750-751.) A Statistical Terminology with a Humorous Spin & Truth Mental Health


752.) V.J. Cunningham…Mediation on Statistical Method 

753.) Ch.8F Economics: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

754.) Chapter 8F. The Book of Economics Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Righteousness

755.) Economics Definition


756.) School of Thoughts Economics-Economics Classified Two Ways


757.) Economic Concept: Supply and Demand


758.) History of Economics


759.) Supply Side Economics


760.) Economical Promise Financial Freedom…Melisa Roberts-Financial Investor Author


761.) Six Business Principle Philosophies the Cookie Shop

762.)Ch.9 Religion: Rhyming Riddle Mind Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

763.) Chapter 9. Book of Religion Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Fortitude

764.) Praise the Lord


765.) The Mention of his Name


766.) Heaven a Book…Randy Alcorn …Righteous-Creative Alpha-O


767-769.)Understand all this & you will Positively Change to the Positive


770 .) Holy Spirit Inspiration Devotion


771.) A Prayer for the World


772-773.) Deck of Cards for Religious Usage


774.) Exempt Yourself and True Friends and Middle Age


775.) In Harmony and Omnipotent Matter…Chelsea Clinton


776-777.) Bible Plan Favorites…What the Bible says about these Topics


778.)We are one…Barbara Walters


779.)Saint Blossom…Pope Benedict XVI


780.) A Parents Prayer


781.)The Way…C.M. Newton University of Kentucky Player (1949-1951) & Former Athletic Director


782.)Shield and Protection


783-784.)Victory of Justice


785-786.)Hip Hop Emass-9/23/2006


787.)Life of Water


788.)My Bible Version of Heaven


789.)Police Officers Prayer


790.)Silent Waiting with Positive Action


791.)Life can be like a Puzzle


792.)Hindu Festival of light Stopping Evil


793.).)The kid Inside


794.)Excellent Great Transformations'…Paris & Nikki Hilton with Family Support


795.) A Fervent Prayer


796.) Life…David Lee


797.) Integrity


798.) The Gods do Consent


799.) Our Angels…Tim Duncan


800.) Endless Love…Nancy Grace


801.) The Trailblazer


802.) Precious Present


803.) Mediation getting in touch with God


804.) Treasure


805.) God be with You


806.) Guardian Angel…Jason Kidd


807.) Fountain of Youth and Essential Reason


808.) Understanding Islam


809.) The Feather …Bill Walton-Sports Broadcaster & Hall of Fame Basketball


810.) Don’t pass me by


811.) God is Love


812.) Have a Little Faith


813.) Did to Love Thee…To All Children of God & those who want the Kingdom of God


814.) A Fresh Start


815.) Knowledge of Life


816.)A Simple Prayer


817.) Holy Spiritual Control


818.) World without Tears


819.) Send a Sign


820.) Mid-Day Meditation Read, See, & Hear the Mix in it


821-822.) If it hadn’t been for you


823.) Salvation…Ivanka Trump


824.) Heavenly


825.) A Friend of the Race Care Compassion Love Tactful Communication


826.) The Ten Commandments


827.) Jesus Christ


828.) Prayer of Faith and Cleaning 

829.) Ch.10 Humorous: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Humor Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

830.) Chapter 10. The Book of Humor Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Humility be Humble 

831.) The Proposal


832.) The Female Prattler Lucky 13


833.) Chinese True’s to Wisdom with Humor


834.) University of Kentucky Basketball-A Grueling Schedule-Coach John Calipari is also at Pg. 106 #474


835.) Reproduction


836.) Marriage


837.) I am your Daddy- Professor Billy Mayhew Duke University & UNCW Basketball Teammate


838.) This is What I want most


839.) Rough Looking Beast


840.) Sugar & Cream…Jimmy Fallon Night Live


841.) Parent Soup…Lindsey Lohen-Parent Trap


842.) Who am I…Johnathon Davis 

843.) Who can Stand the Rain...? Kenny Walker #34 (1982—1986) Nickname for the (1983-1984) University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...?

844.) Green Eyed Female Blue Eyed Sell Brown Eyed Girl


845.) Dream


846.) Magnum Opus with a Southern Twang and Tweak


847.) Kids…Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Movie Stars


848.) Drew Barrymore…Madame Ambassador for the World food Program –Women


849-850.) Correspondence to be Humorous


851.) Paradox of Humanity


852.) Resilience


853.) Some of us may have more than One Soul Mate…David Alan Grier-Actor/Comedian


854.) My Personal Coronation…Miley Cyrus-Hannah Montana


855.) Sometimes


856.) Phases of Life


857.) One day in Passing


858.) Laughter


859.) Bullet Proof Vest…Denzel Washington


860.) When I was One and Twenty


861.) Alone was my path


862.) Dream of a Believer…Brooke Anderson


863.) Entertainment, Sports, Religion & Motivation Success


864-865.) Lord of the Rings


866.) Celebrity Color Consciousness Sub me in at Holy Wed Lock


867.) The Drunk


868.) Eager…Daisy Goodwin-Ole Miss


869.) Title Dharma Parker House Roll…Jay Z & Beyonce Knowles


870-871.) Travel Down my Arm


872.) Entertainment and use of Body Language World Over…Molly Sims-Kentucky Girl


873.) Mysterious Currents of Joyful Air (2008 Kids) Jennifer, Rory, Phoebe Gates CCC #329 C a CC


874.) Black People and White People got something in Common


875.) Oatmeal…Jon Bon Jovi


876.) Knack (Kid Movie Stars 2008)


877.) Treat Him Right…Coach Bobby Bowden


878.) Cultivated Disposition…Rex Chapman #3 U of K (1986-1988) The Nickname for the University of Kentucky (1987-1988) Team is...?


879.) No Garden of Eden…Patty Schnyder-Young Tennis Professional


880.) Found Happiness…Maxine Waters-Congress Woman


881-882.) She’s Mine…Lady Congress


883.) Friends Family Fans of Mine…Susan Ashton-Gospel, Christian, and Country


884.) Body-Lotion


885.) Dolphin…Janet Jackson


886.) I love to write…Jimmy Buffet


887.) a Hip-Hop Street Rhyme Philosophy Mouthpiece Hooked Up Street Rhyme You're a Child of God…Don Cheadle-Ocean Eleven


888.) MTV Reality Star & Thankfulness of and or for All Holidays’ with Reflection…Lauren Conrad


889.) I may, I might, I must,…Maria Sharapova


890.) Life…Jim Carey

891 .)Ch.11 Reflection: Rhyming Riddle Mind Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

892.) Chapter 11. The Book of Reflection Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Fidelity



893.) The Call…John Adam-Unversity of Kentucky Men's Basketball Player ???(1963-1966)??? The Nickname for the (1963-1964) Basketball Team is...?


894.) Happiness is the Key…Keith Bogans #10 U of K Men's Basketball (1999-2003) The Nickname for the (2002-2003) University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...? 

895.) Telling Stories


896.) A Gift


897.) Tony Snow-Republican Congressman (a single thought) Cherihew Type of Poem


898.) Christmas Wish 

899.) Is life a game? The Word Competition What does it mean… Dale Brown-University of Kentucky Men's Basketball (1991-1993) 900.) Source 

901.) Babies


902.) How Can I be Sure


903.) All Eyez on You


904.) Children of War third World Countries


905.) Who am I…?


906.) Vision Quest


907.) Grind it out…Head Coach Jerry Wainwright UNCW (1994-2002)


908.) Positive Thoughtful Reservations


909.) Anne Gurwitch


910.).Art of Friendship


911.) Through the Eyes of a child


912.) Unforgettable-Harmony of Wives


913.) July 4th… Martha McMackin


914.) Birth Sign…Happy Birthday to you & all


915.) Befitting


916.) Five Thoughts in One Picture Perfect


917.) My Biological Kids…Carlos Toomer


918.) He or she was not just a Soldier


919.) Karen King-Minimum Wage Worker to Upper Executive


920.) Do you know? Richard Madison University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Player Player ????(1985-1988)???


921.) Positive God Positive Proverb’s and Psalm’s


922.) Life is like a Journey…Martina Mc Bride-Sage in the arms of love


923.) Simple Memories ...Love to Work on Our Opportunities 45 Sara Evans aka Special-Surprise 45 Excellent Efflorescence –Real Dam Fine Place


924.) Minority Police Chief United States 2006


925.) Fun…Mike Casey-Player ??? (1968-1971)???


926.) Triumph…Julius Erving


927.) From Youth to Maturity…Kenny Brown


928.) Why do nitwits fall in love? Ella Fitzgerald


929.) A Meaning of Poetry


930.) 2nd Platoon Company, 4th Tank Battalion, Fort Knox, KY


931.) Nature’s Natural Love…Jessica Andrews


932.) Tribute Country Women…Loretta Lynn


933.) We’ve Got Each Other…Pasty Cline


934.) True Wealth…Patty Loveless


935.) The Precious Gifts of Love…Shelly Fairchild


936.) Palace by the Sea…Catherine Britt


937.) Silently Sharing our Love…Cheryl Wright


938.) Mirrored Pools of Us Rhythm of Life Sunshines or Clouds…Lee Ann Rimes


939.) Past Experience and Desires Purpose of Positive Self-Esteem


940.) Masterpiece at our Fingertips…Dolly Parton


941.) Memories & Measurements …Barbara Mandrell


942-943.) True Desires…Carrie Underwood


944.) Love Doth Comes and or is Coming When or if...Divine Connections has Favor Over you… Shannon Brown


945.) Trish Yearwood “The Flame”


946-947.) Heir Realm & the Divine God Chosen Vessel


948.) Creative Love is…Katrina Elam


949.) Forever Survivors Synecdoche Metaphor Poem…Erika Jo


950.) Starlit Breeze Stony Heart of Ease…Taylor Swift


951-952.) Romantic Interludes…Carlene Carter


953-954.) Our Family is Special…June Carter Cash


955.) Ch.12A Guidance: Rhyming Rhythm Riddle Mind Stimulation Brain Enhancer Education

956.) Chapter 12A. The Book of Guidance Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Curiosity

957.) Guidance


958.) Knowledge


959.) Listening


960.) Moment of Ethics


961.) Longing


962.) Exemplar Lesson of light


963.) Note from a Professor


964.) The Road Less Traveled


965.) Jerry Marquire Movie and Life


966.) Gifted Beyond Recognition


967.) Shadows


968.) Preacher


969.) Your Pathway to Immortality


970.) It’s in Me


971.) Can God make it happen? Life and Heaven


972.) Adherence to Perseverance


973.) Chameleon


974.) Real Life---Alicia Keys


975.) A Relationship at Home


976.) Carpe Diem


977.) The Wizard of Oz


978.) To Wake-up and or a or the Wake Up Call


979.) Make Lemonade Don’t Fade into a Rage be Wise in Age & Positive Action 

980.) Ch.12B Education: Rhyming Riddle Mind Stimulation Enhancer Brain Education

981.) Chapter 12B. The Book of Education Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Tact

982-983.) Meaning of Education


984.) Georgetown University


985.) United States Great Leaders


986.) Capability


987.) Prejudices


988.) Clarence Darrow


989.) Teacher and Pupil


990.) Positive Karma


991.) 21 Century Education


992.) the Art of Teaching


993.) The Artist in Children


994.) Simply Lesson to any Education


995.) African Proverb


996.) Parenthood


997.) The Flag Goes United States of America

998.) Ch.13Society: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brain Education

999.) Chapter 13. Society “The Virtue of Love” Cover Page II

1000.) The American’s Creed


1001.) Truth…John Brewer-U of K ???(1954-1957)??? The Nickname for the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team for (1953-1954) is...?

1002.) Society Necessities Remember the Ladies


1003.) If the Heart is Warm


1004-1005.) Reason of or for Ethical Righteous Law


1006.) Virginia Tech Poem Strength…House of God


1007.) Love Lives on…Nicole Johnson & Tony Anthony Robbins & Etc…


1008.) Sacred Society


1009.) American Society and The World


1010.) The Bond vs. The Bond between Mother & Baby…Lorraine Bracco-Soprano


1011.) Epithalamium Wedding Poem “Will-O-Wisp”


1012.) Society 2008 & The Future


1013.) Congress or Foreign Government


1014.) Checks & Balances & Levels A Possible Future United States Government & Other Governments Structure “Smarter Guaranteed Ideas” #1197 United Kingdom is Parliament


1015.) Mind Boggling Life Altering Truth


1016.) Is There Really a Human Race?


1017.) The American Creed


1018.) Communion


1019.) Lifeboat…University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball Coach Billy Gillispie (2007-2009)


1020.) Obtain Omniscient Equality and Quality Love


1021.) Sister Andrea Jaeger Former Tennis Star


1022.) Royal Society of Literature


1023-1024.) Japan…Moonin


1025-1026.) Turkey…Three Languages


1027.) Train and Guide Your Kids


1028.) Birthday Hope & Positive Action…Deron Feldhaus- U of K (1988-1992) One of the Four Captains who Jersey is Hanging in Rupp Arena


1029.) Ignorance…James Blackmon Player-U of K ??? (1984-1988)???


1030.) What is time?...Sam Bowie-U of K (1980-1984)


1031.) New Orleans Police Dept. during Hurricane Katrina…Lt. Sandra Simpson


1032.) Utopia Theory…Jeffery Williams-An Astronaut


1033.) The Spoken Word…John L. King –News Anchor


1034.) The Future Generation…Johnny Mitchell ~ Retired High school Basketball Coach


1035.) True Colors


1036.) Brig. General James Marks…Retired from the Army


1037.) Alas…Kelly Ripa-Talk Show Host


1038.) Great America…Pat Kelly University of Kentucky Men's Basketball for ???(2005-2009)???


1039.) Civil Rights vs. Hip Hop and the Oprah Winfrey Show…Humanity


1040.) Love is Kind (Rubaiyat Style)


1041.) Welcome to Our World Work for a Livin’


1042-1043.) Life’s Lesson from A-Z


1044.) Politicians and Government and College Athletes


1045.) A Great Gifted Human Race Anaphora Poem


1046.) Society Love Society of Love


1047-1048.) What would you do? Society Question with Humor…

049.) Ch.14 Peace: Rhyming Riddle Mind Stimulation Rhythm Brain Education

1050.) Chapter 14. The Book Peace Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Forgiveness

1051-1052.) Martin Luther King Jr. last portion of “I had a Dream Speech”

1053.) Peaceful Prayer…Tayshaun Prince #21 U of K (1998-2002) was Drafted 23 overall in the 2002 NBA Draft by the Detroit Piston. The Nickname for the (2001-2002) University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...?

1054.) Given Peace a Chance


1055–1056.) Are the Stars in the Sky our Neighbor…..?


1057.) Supreme Court of the United States


1058.) Future Government Structure


1059.) We at Peace United States/Entire World & Universe


1060.) England’s Elizabeth II


1061.) Freedom in the Heartland


1062.) Power of One Unity to Peace


1063.) Like Cool and Water Laura W. Bush First Lady


1064.) China


1065.) Canada Nobody’s Fool-Avril Lavigne


1066.) Hate Does not Last Mate…Sean Puffy Combs-A.K.A. Rapper


1067.) We are all different but one in the same…To the Human Race


1068.) To Italy with Love Canzona with Envoi


1069.) Bring Us Together-Tamara Collins Tennis Team & Athletes


1070.) A World of Peace


1071.) Structure Love Peace Haikus


1072.) Buddha’s Song


1073.) Imagination


1074.) Laughter


1075.) Last Queen Noor of Jordan Desire for Peace…Her eyes-Vision to the Wide World


1076.) Close Love Quality Daily Improvement Value Close Friendship…Wayne Turner-U of K (1996-2000)


1077.) Enclosed Rhyme-Egypt


1078-1079.) Australia Spring Shower and The Call of The Bush


1080.) Responsibility…Christopher Dodd-Democratic Congressman


1081 .) Has My Heart Gone To Sleep? By Antonio Machado of Spain

1082.) New Found Faith or Glory & Fairytale Heaven…Earl Adkins-U of K ???(1955-1959)??? The Nickname for the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team for (1954-1955)

1083 .) The Art of Poetry by Jorge Lous Borges of Argentine


1084-1085.) Teach Tolerance flow like water Transformations & Pure Love..Mallika Chopra


1086 .) Part of Speech by Joseph Brodsky of Russia


1087.) Trust in his Abilities Jesus …President Rene Preval of Haiti


1088 .) The Poem by Jiri Mordecai Langer from Prague


1089.) Bond Together-Travis & Tamara Collins-Kemp Highschool Sweethearts


1090 .) The Longing by Nimah Nawwab from Saudi Arabia


1091.) Essence of Complete Rapture Amore…Johnny Major


1092-1093.) Dancing Tango by Sheema Kalbasi from Iran


1094.) People…Lamont Franklin UNCW Teammate & Captain


1095.) The Genesis of the Butterfly by Victor Hugo of France


1096.) The Life…Phil Jackson


1097.) Maybe Only in America but the Entire World Needs more than the Indian Trail of Tears


1098.) Peace


1099-1100.) Not Fear by Rafael Guillen of Mexico


1101.) Nobel Peace Prize Winners…?


1102-1103.) Red Campaign for Poverty


1104 .) Belonging by Eileen Carney Hulme of Ireland

1105.) Harmony…Phil Johnson-U of K ???(1956-1959)??? The Nickname for the University of Kentucky Men's Basketbal Team for (1955-1956) Team is...?

1106-1107.) How to leave the World that Worships should by Ros Barber British Poet


1108.) In the Shadows of my Mind


1109.) Agreement of Pacification-Todd Ziegler…U of K ???(1985-1987)???


1110 .) Lullaby by Fenny Sterenborh of the Netherlands


1111.) Down to Earth G-8 Summit


1112.) A Woman and her Lover by Cristina Walsh from Sweden 5/29/2008


1113.) Free Verse Epistle Poem of Peace


1114.) By Candlelight by Sylvia Plath of America (1932-1962)


1115.) Loveable or Kind Sentiments through our Life make a Difference


1116.) Candles by Constantine P Cavafy of Greece (1863-1933)


1117.) United Nations 7 Heaven


1118.) What has Happened…? By Bertoit Brecht of Germany (1898-1956)


1119.) Saviour of Blood


1120 .) Just For Today


1121.) Poetry Education Accomplishment Charity Equality 

1122.)Ch.15A Medical: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

1123.) Chapter 15A. Medical Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Kindness

1124.) PNI-Psycho-Neuro-Immunology…Naomi Judd


1125.) Consonance-Suggestive Marketing Perspective Medical Chastushka Poem


1126.) Louis Pasteur


1127.) Life as we know it…


1128.) Cellular Respiration


1129.) Oxford & Stanford University Medical Journals Grook Poem


1130.) Hope Unexpected the Audacity of Hope


1131.) Scared Sounds


1132.) The Power of Music


1133.) Live Longer


1134.) Top Ten Reasons to Quit Smoking


1135.) 12 Steps to any Recovery


1136.) Revised Eight Points to Freedom from Anxiety


1137-1139.) Great Tips for living better happier life:


1140-1141.) Female Reproductive System


1142-1143.) Male Reproduction System


1144-1145.) Hippocrates: Medicine becomes a Science


1146.) Motivational Hospitals


1147-1150.) 60 Minutes Live Broadcast My Version

1151.) Ch.15B Medicine: Rhyming Riddle Haiku Mind Stimulation Enhancer Brain Education

1152.) Chapter 15B. The Book of Medicine Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Peace

1153.) The Miracle of the Soul of Medicine


1154.) Alternative Organic Medicine & Music


1155.) Discovery of Sickle Cell Anemia


1156-1157.) Nutrition with a Healthy Diet


1158-1159.) A Recipe For Longevity: 33 Of The Healthiest Foods On Earth


1160.) Love Medicine


1161.) Holistic Healing with Excellent Exercise & Nutrition a Holistic Living


1162-1163.) A to Z Herbs to Natural Healing Abecedarian Poem


1164.) Medicine Wheel


1165.) Life Youthful Potion


1166.) Exercise and Medicine and Nutrition


1167.) Truth


1168.) Drugs


1169.) Sports Medicine


1170.) Spontaneous Healing


1171.) Medicine History


1172.) Medicine in the New World


1173.) Twenty Century Medicine


1174.) Life Treating Diseases


1175-1176.) Something to think about through the Phases of Life

1177.) Ch.15C Physiology: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Enhancer Brain Body Education

1178.) Chapter 15C. Physiology Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Grace

1179.) Physiology History


1180.) Human Physiology & Youthful Health


1181-1182.) DNA


1183.) Carbohydrates


1184.) Proteins


1185.) Mitochondria & Oxidative Energy Metabolism


1186.) Hormones as Chemical Messengers


1187.) Initiation Transmission and Integration of Neural Signals


1188.) The Cardiovascular System in Exercise & Disease


1189.) Physiological Aspects of Exercise 

1190.) Ch.15D Anatomy: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Brain Body Mind Stimulation Education Enhancer

1191.) Chapter 15D. Anatomy Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Purity

1192.) Anatomy Definition


1193.) Muscles


1194.) Function of the Human Heart and Anatomy


1195.) Brain Function


1196.) Body’s Nervous System


1197.) Respiratory System and Lungs


1198.) Sense Organs


1199.) Urinogenital System and the Kidneys

1200.) Anatomy of the Spirit


1201.) Early Marriage


1202.) Organ Called Skin

1203 .) Ch.16A Science: Rhyming Riddle Education Brain Stimulation Mind Enhancer

1204.) Chapter 16A. Science Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Reliability

1205.) Science


1206-1207.) Scientific Method


1208.) Definition of Matter


1209.) Kids are our Future Matter of the Heart


1210.) Sign of Observation


1211.) Facets of Life


1212.) Mystery of Unknown to be Known


1213.) Attractive Heiress


1214.) I want to be a scientist


1215.) Work


1216.) Power


1217.) Energy


1218.) Standard Units and Systems


1219.) Pseudoscience Misunderstand

1220 .) Ch.16B Biology: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Enhancer Education Brain Teaser

1221.) Chapter 16B. Biology Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Devotion, Discernment, & Humbleness

1222.) Biology Definition


1223.) Oh, Cell of Biology


1224.) Biosphere


1225.) Ecosystem


1226.) Communities


1227.) Populations


1228.) Cells


1229.) Organs and Organ System


1230.) Organelles 

1231.) Ch.16C Zoology: Rhyming Riddles Rhythm Mind Stimulation Enhancer Brain Teaser

1232.) Chapter 16C. Zoology Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Wisdom & Hope

1233.) Zoology Definition


1234.) Pleisto Cene Age Time Frame


1235.) Life Zoology Biological Principles


1236.) Fundamental Properties of Life


1237.) Science of Zoology


1238-1239.) Theories of Evolution and Heredity


1240.) Organic Molecular Structure of Living System


1241.) Chemical Evolution


1242.) Role of Enzymes


1243.) Zoology Development Biology


1244.) Major Division of Life


1245.) Human Evolution


1246.) Hierarchy of Ecology

1247.) Ch.16D Astronomy: Rhyming Riddle Brain Education Mind Stimulation Enhancer

1248.) Chapter 16D. Astronomy: and (Astrology, Anthropology, Archaeology) Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Wonder

1249.) Astronomy


1250.) Luminous Sky..Anthony Davis #23 Freshman University of Kentukcy Men’s Basketball Center (2011-2012) Number One Pick to the New Orleans Hornets


1251.) Ode to a Black Hole


1252.) Moon


1253.) Grazing Up-Northern Circumpolar


1254.) Celestial Peace


1255.) Planets in Earth Solar System


1256.) Light-Year


1257.) Astronomical Numbers


1258.) Stellar Evolution


1259.) Solar System


1260.) Heavenly Celestial Constitution Astrology


1261.) Anthropology


1262.) Palindrome Archaeology

1263.) Ch.17A Technology: Rhyming Rhythm Riddle Brain Education Mind Stimulation

1264.) Chapter 17A. Technology Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Strength

1265.) Breaking News


1266.) Internet Community


1267.) Egyptians


1268.) 1765 First Photograph Developed


1269.) Thomas Edison (1880) Light Bulb


1270.) Henry Ford “Model T Ford” 1908


1271.) Helicopter Record Broken 1923


1272.) 1923 Phonofilm Invented


1273) ”1957” Start of the Space Race


1274 .) First Space Shuttle Ever Built 1976


1275.) Gadgets


1276.) Hydrogen


1277.) Life of a Air Traffic Controller or Radar Specialist


1278.) Flow…Coach Tubby Smith more Detail is at Pg. 120 #472


1279.) Ski Resorts Artificial Snow


1280.) Age of Robot’s in Every Home


1281.) Engineers


1282.) Instruments of Technology


1283.) Combined Effort…To Those Who say no to Technology


1284.) Sunlight Foundation…Ethics Technology

1285.) Ch.17B Mathematics: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Brain Enhancer Mind Stimulation Education

1286.) Chapter 17B. Mathematics Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Simplicity

1287.) Mathematics


1288.) Cubic Root of School and Third Power Perfection


1289.) Brief History of Math & into the Future


1290.) Commutative numbers number used in Math


1291.) A Beautiful Mind


1292.) Number Four


1293.) Algebra


1294.) Geometry


1295.) Trigonometry


1296-1297.) Einstein Creative Calculation a Route of Mathematics taken to get into College & Beyond Success in Education


1298.) Calculus


1299.) Challenges


1300.) Creative Imagination Nature Way of Math to Love a Country Einstein Wit Calculation

1301.) Ch.17C Physics: Rhyming Rhythm Riddle Teaser Mind Stimulation Enhancer Education

1302.) Chapter 17C. Physics Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Courtesy

1303.) Physics


1304.) Philosopher Aristotle


1305-1306.) A Physics Alphabet Physical Constants


1307.) Theory of Relativity


1308.) Hooke’s Law


1309.) Charles’ Law


1310.) Boyle’s Law


1311.) Law of Heat Exchange


1312.) Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis


1313.) Ohm’s Law & Generator Circuits


1314-1315.) Fundamental Physics Science with Physics 

1316.)Ch.17D Chemistry: Rhyming Rhythm Riddle Enhancer Education Mind Stimulation Teaser

1317.)Chapter 17D. Chemistry Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of of Self-Discipline

1318.) Chemistry


1319.) Loving Beyond Infatuation


1320.) Equilibrium


1321.) States of Matter


1322.) Elements


1323.) Molecules


1324.) Compounds


1325.) Kinetic Molecules Theory


1326.) Chemistry of the Environment


1327.) Big Bang Theory


1328.) Periodic Table of Elements

1329.) Ch.18 History: Rhyming Rhythm Riddle Mind Stimulation Brain Education Enhancer

1330.) Chapter 18. The Book of History Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Justice

1331.) Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech…Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


1332.) Confucius (551 B.C.)


1333-1335.) Great Empires & What is the Greatest Empire to ever live? Chamber of Secrets…(400BC-Present)


1336.) (321A.D.) 300 Years of Bloody Persecution Ended


1337.) William the Conqueror (1066)


1338.) History of Valentine’s Day and Birth


1339.) Michelangelo Buonarroti Famous Painter 1475


1340.) the First Printed English Bible 1535


1341.) Don Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616)


1342.) Native American Indians 1601


1343.) Slavery Consider Immortal 1688


1344.) American Revolution (1775-1783)


1345.) First Presbytery in America 1706


1346.) Independence from England 1776


1347.) Ending of The American Revolution War “1781”


1348.) History Point in Religion (1788)


1349-1351.) Chief Red Jacket-1806 Great Speech


1352.) First American Poet to Earn his Living Solely from Writing Verse


1353.) United States Government (1789—2008)


1354.) Civil War (1861-1865)


1355.) Summary of the Gettysburg Address-Abraham Lincoln…1863


1356.) Queen Lili Uokalani Trust


1357.) American Reef


1358.) America’s Pleasant Breast and Earth

1359-1360.) Turn Hope to Courage


1361.) the American Eagle… Dr.Wayne Dyer


1362.)Legacy of our Ancestors


1363-1364.) Secular History in Renaissance and Enlightenment…12 Century thru 18 Century


1365.) Medical History Point “Yellow Fever” 1851


1366.) Salvation Army 1864


1367.) the Rise of Big Business 1800-2000


1368.) Alfred Nobel-The Man Behind the Nobel Prize


1369.) Jacqueline “Jackie” Cochran (1906—1980)


1370-1371.) Grand Mother Happy Birthday November 5, 1911 Invocation


1372.) Lights of Passage


1373.) Nobel Prize for Literature 1962


1374-1375.) Civil Rights & Liberties of North America (1964) & on…


1376.) Scares Do Heal & Positive Change Takes Time


1377.) The Conservative Resurgence


1378.) For Where you are my heart is there


1379.) Maybe only in America


1380-1381.) History of Man and Woman Brother Against Brother


1382.) Life’s Explanation Possibility of our Future History-Kristy Judge


1383.) History Point


1384-1385.) Today’s Angel Message intended for Life


1386.) Olympic 2008 and 2012


1387.) Global Love Day

1388.) Ch. 19 Motivation: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Enhancer Education into the Brain

1389.) Chapter 19. The Book of Motivation Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Understanding

1390.) Life is no Bed of Roses…Checks & Balances & Levels


1391.) Power of Motivation


1392.) Life Motive


1393.) Jerry Tipton-University of Kentucky Faithful Sports Journalist


1394.) Opportunity…(Acrostic)


1395.) Attitudes-Acrostic


1396.) Cunning Reason


1397.) Natural God Given Impulses


1398.) Life is Worthwhile if You…


1399.) Time Incentive-Alex Rodriguez…Baseball Hall Fame


1400.) Journey Causation Positive Catch Positive Action


1401.) Impetus


1402.) Absolute Best Inducement


1403.) Motivational Quote Poem of Life


1404.) Comfort Zone


1405.) You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be Driving Force


1406.) Success


1407.) Painting Passel Passage


1408.) Optimist Creed


1409.) Promise Yourself


1410.) Stand the test of time Provocation


1411.) Health of Mind


1412.) Five Steps to Building Self-Confidence


1413.) Today Proceed a Everyday Quality


1414.) Truths to Living-Todd Bearup The Moran Birthed Born Birth Date: April 25th, 1967…#13 University of Kentucky (1990-1991) The Nickname of this team is...?


1415.) The Will to Win-Berton Bradley…One of the most motivational Classical poems


1416.) Learn Impulsion the 3 L’s


1417.) Longing


1418.) Spread Your Wings


1419.) Acrostic Motivational Wisdom


1420.) Work Hard and Earn


1421.) a Simple Truth of How the Mind Works Best


1422.) Motivation Gate and Open Mind Gate


1423.) A Meaning of Motivational Love


1424.) Irresistible Motivational Inviting


1425.) Courage Aphorism & Picture

1426.) Ch.20 Romance: Rhyming Riddle Rhythm Mind Stimulation Enhancer

1427.) Chapter 20. The Book of Romance Cover Page II Overview the Virtue of Love & Joy

1428.) Males & Females Read Carefully is Karma Real you See…


1429.) Behold Flirtation


1430.) Concerning Idyllic Bodice Ripper Melodrama Love Story Call


1431.) Unforgettable


1432.) Date of Grace


1433.) Impassioned


1434.) Night Passion-Suzanne Somers


1435.) Fate Handed You my Heart


1436.) Flight of Fancy


1437.) Quest for Romance


1438.) Beauty of Life Passion Attachment


1439.) Against Her Skin


1440.) A Woman’s Romance Strength…Donna Lewis


1441.) A Devoted Walk in the Park


1442.) Romeo and Juliet…Jessica Alba


1443.) Romantic Sexuality


1444.) Lovers Romance


1445.) Everything Sensual


1446.) I will be there with the truth


1447.) When I look a Poem of Alluring Enchantment


1448.) Wit of Romance


1449.) Guided Clever Romantic Godly Intent-Julie & Emma Roberts and Family


1450.) Key to the or my Heart


1451.) Romantic Visualization Companionship and or Easily Amused


1452.) What the future holds for us


1453.) Senses-Roger Harden…U of K Basketball Player #23 (1982-1986) The Nickname for the (1982-1983) University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Team is...?


1454.) Comparison of Human and Air Honorable Mention Currency


1455.) A Chance for Practical Romance


1456.) Euphoria


1457.) Constructive Behavior


1458.) Definite Essence of Romance


1459.) Remember Always


1460.) Matchsticks and Razorblades Water & Fire


1461.) Royal Romance Red Robin and or Red Cardinal


1462.) As if Lucky Appealing Quality or Qualities…the Grace of God Gives and Protects


1463.) My Unequivocal Romance-Leroy Byrd #00 University of Kentucky Men's Basketball Player (1983-1986) Hometown: Lexington, KYBryan Station Nickname: Leroy "Baby Magic" Byrd (Born: February 11, 1963)


1464.) A Good Read Do it and did it…


1465.) Romantic Truth-Martha Steward


1466.) Lover of Mine


1467.) Soul mates are you mine…?


1468.) Got to See My Baby before I leave this World


1469.) Our Journey-Shaquille O’Neal.. NBA Hall of Fame


1470.) A Prosperity Blessing


1471.) Infinite Procreation Latin


1472.) The Christ Liberty Freedom Bell Holy Calligram Poem


1473-1474 .) The Alpha Omega Person

Index 1, 2, 3, & Glossary & Rhyming Riddle Answers, & 12 Maxims & Final Biblical Promises with Prayers and Close (Pages 1475 – 1553)

1475 -1476.) Ten Examples of Distinct Rhyme Schemes


1477-1495.) Index 1: Name & Main Occupation of The Most Important People in their Profession that have Died

1496.) Special Glossary Section for Proverbs, Psalm, Aphorism…Etc…..


1497-1498.) Clarity Index 1 Outline& Advertising Info…Section A & B The Mini Curated Flip Board Promotions


1499 .) Clarity Index Section 1C: Everyone wants to part of atleast Something Special


1500-1501.) Quality Clarity Section 2C: Top Ten Qualities of Excellence


1502.) Clarity Section 3C: The Art of Self Transcendence Quality Clarity Section


1503.) Clarity SECTION 4C: The Art of Combined Transcendence Quality Clarity Section to Enhance Life


1504.) Clarity Index Section 5C: Buddhist Wisdom Path to Quality


1505-1507.) Clarity Index Section 6C: The Champion within Article to Excellence or better


1508.) Clarity Index Section 7C: Seeds of Greatness a Way of Life & Excellence


1509.) Sec 8C: Winner’s Edge Coaching Tips Excellent Habits of Life with Relationships


1510-1513.) Quality Clarity Index Sec 9C: Your Relationship may need some Z.I.P.


1514.) Sec.10C Irish Prayer Saint Patrick the “Breastplate” of St. Patrick—Words that Shield


1515.) Clarity Index Section 11C: Wishbone Backed-Up with Backbone & Positive Action


1516.) Sec 12C: Water: The Most Abundant Nutrient a Way to Excellent Health… Pure Water H20 Sweat


1517.) Clarity Index Section 13C: Think Out Loud with Positive Progress Purpose

1518 -1520.) Index 2 Books


1521-1535.) Index 3 Music


1536-1537.) Index 4 Movies


1538 -1545.) Glossary Poetry Terms & Styles


1546.) Rhyming Riddles Mind Brian Education Stimulation Enhancer Index and Answers


1547-1548.) Final Words & The Twelve Maxim


1549.) Final Biblical Promise


1550-1552.) Mediation and Three Prayers in Closing


1553.) Closing Argument for Humanity, Civilization & Tact of Progress


1554.) Solution Resolve Impetus Close

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Holiday Stuffers Events Special and or National or International Holiday List that We Celebrity and or Participate the Ones in the Body of the Bible

Pg. 970.) January 6th is Cuddle Up Day with meaning or with Someone of Purpose with a lot of meaning!!!!


Pg.932.) January 31, Inspire your Heart with Art Day Celebrates Art and the Effects on the Heart…Um

Pg.1343.) February 1 National Freedom Day


Pg. 498.) February 2 Candlemas is the last holiday of the Christmas season. Candlemas is a christian celebration, or festival, of the Feast of Purification and Reflection


Pg.992.) February 13 Get a New Name that goes with your Style and or Belief … Ch.12B Education


Pg.1105.) February 14 Valentine’s Day is a Celebration for 365 Love and Lovers!!! Yep…


Pg.1044.) February 18th National Battery Day…. Ch.13 Society


Pg.1464.) February 26 is Earth Day….


Pg.587.) March 31st is Think Therefore I am Rene Descartes, father of Modern Philosophy, We honor all great thinkers.....


Pg.1378.) April 14 International Laughter Day should be like everyday 365 Seven Days a Week…Yup!!!!


Pg.588.) April 22nd is Earth Day….events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. And or Pg.588 #1

Pg.1212.) April 23rd Lovers Day….Pg.1212 Mystery of the Unknown to the Known…..Oh

Pg.1387.) May 1 Global Love Day …


Pg. 1002 & 1073.) May 8 International Women's Day in the Body of Poem Societies Necessities Remember the Ladies


Pg. 120.) May 15 International Day of Families

Pg.1174.) June 3rd Love Conquers all Day…


Pg. 1032.) July 29th Today is Olympic Gold Medal Day Choose Your Favorite Sport or Sports and Become it


Pg.918.) July 30 Friendship Day…. And the 1st Sunday in August….is a day to nurture relationships, new and old. It's a really easy and fun day to celebrate.

Pg. 882.) August 2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day for the Kids and the Romantics


Pg. 1003.) August 3rd Celebrate National Watermelon Day…


Pg. 883.) August 8th of Every Year: Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day.


Pg. 840.) August 9th is National Book Lover's Day…


Pg. 573.) August 10 National S'mores Day great for sharing & making all the recipes for or to S’mores with a Friend or Friends in a Kitchen or at a Camp Fire


Pg. 846.) August 11 is Meteor Shower Night


Pg. 986.) National Aviation Day is August 19th


Pg.935.) August 19 is The World Humanitarian Day… Do something charitable for someone who needs it!


Pg.944.) August 23 is Ride the Wind Day is a carefree day to soar above and on the earth like Wind and Breeze another Romantic for Me….


Pg.1231.) September 7 is National Threatened Species Day


Pg. 1220.) September 17 Bacteria Discovery Day

Pg.1316) September 21 of ever year is the United Nations International Day of Peace International Peace Day World Gratitude Day


Pg.1070.) October 2 is the International Day of Non-Violence


Pg.1388.) October 18th this is Satu's Day? The Satu award for the best children's fairy tales (written by children, ages 7 to 13)

Pg.1408 .) October 20th World Osteoporosis Recognition Day…..

Pg.1113.) December 1 World Health Observed

(One March 2018)

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These Days We Celebrate and more than Recognize and or Honor and Observe Annually


January 1st New Years Day....

January 2nd National Personal Trainer Awareness Day...


January 3rd is Women Rock Day a Holiday that gives us the opportunity to give a shout out to all those or the amazing women in our lives.


January 4th is Trivia Day and or National Spaghetti Pasta Day Athletes live on it Carbohydrates it maybe the best energy food broken down into human body and mind fuel….


January 5th National Screenwriters Day.....


January 6th Epiphany Day is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Jesus Christ. It falls on January 6 or, in many countries, on the Sunday that falls between January 2 and January 8.


January 7th is Harlem Globetrotters Day We were established on January 7, 1927 by Abe Saperstein. Originally called the Savoy Big Five, this African American team of players were some of the most famous to ever enter the game.


January 8th is Earth Rotation Day on January 8, 1851, French Physicist Leon Foucault invented a pendulum device to prove the Earth’s rotation. The best known version of the device, is called Focault pendulum after its inventor. This simple experiment proves the Earth’s rotation is every 24 hours.


January 10th is Houseplants Appreciation day. Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes, positive psychological effects, or health reasons such as indoor air purification.


January 11th National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. 27 million are enslaved. Stand for freedom. The A 21 Campaign We are the End it Movement


January 12th National Curried Chicken Day When making a true curried chicken, don’t reach for the curry powder. Instead, chicken is stewed in a sauce made from clarified butter (known as ghee) onions, garlic and a variety of spices such as cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric. Other ingredients include chilies and tomatoes. This make it a brain memory improvement muscle repair food of a recipe.


January 13th is Make Your Dream Come True Day gives you the opportunity to do something to realize your goals and dreams. Whatever your dreams are, they usually don't come true without some effort on your part. So, today is the perfect opportunity to do something about it.


January 14th National Dress Up your Pet day….


January 15th Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday Give Tribute to his Memories and Civil Rights Leadership….and Legacy….United States holiday marking the birthdate of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., observed on the third Monday of January each year, around the time of King's birthday, January 15.


January 16th is National Fig Newton Day and it's Everyday Benefits. The fig filling of Fig Newton cookies provides flavonoids and polyphenols, which are antioxidants. These compounds fight damage to your organs and other tissues triggered by free radicals. Additionally, this fruit provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Did you know they was once made as a health food for treating disease...


January 17th is Ben Franklin Day......


January 21st National Hug and or Hugging Day it was Founded January 21, 1986 Caro, Michigan and since then has Spread throughout the World…


January 21st is Zodiac Aquarius Sign The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Aquarius at January 21, 2018 and leaves it on February 19, 2018. Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Aquarius individuals. Features of the Aquarius horoscope: English name: The Water-Carrier, Their Element is: Air, Quality: Fixed, Polarity: Positive AND their Planet is: Uranus & Saturn


January 22nd is Celebration of Life Day which is observed annually on January 22. According to, the day is set aside to honor our children and grandchildren. Each child and each life is to be held as a precious gift with the highest respect and dignity.


January 23rd National Handwriting Day is a Opportunity like Reading books Conference Writing and Reading makes a Skill Person and or Group….


January 24th Belly Laugh Day target is to make you and or Others to Laugh more than Normal and it to your Life style Humor and or Tactful Humor…


January 25th Conversion of Paul the Apostle……


January 26th Australia Day is a national holiday in Australia celebrating national pride and culture, and an opportunity to recognize and enjoy accomplishments. Many Australians use this day to explore and learn more about their national identity and culture.


January 26th is National Green Juice Day it's away to stick to New Year Resolutions of Health and Wellness live it 365 days a Year good health is a good enough direction that goes in the direction of best health when going in a good direction you can always can improve it...


January 27th is International Holocaust Remembrance Day because of the Communication like One Ability People of Care and or Understanding We got Holocaust Memorial Day January 27th.....


January 28th Fun at Work Day….target is to improve environment and communication with Character Tactful Humor Communication….


January 29th is Thomas Paine Day On This Day in 1776 writer Thomas Paine publishes his pamphlet “Common Sense" setting forth his arguments in favor of American independence. January 29th is Freethinkers Day (also known as Thomas Paine Day)! Freethinkers Day celebrates the life & work of Thomas Paine, who was born on this day in 1737. Its purpose is to educate people about Paine's work & the importance of freethinking & freedom.


January 30th Today is School Day of Non-Violence and Peace and the Season of Non-Violence is 365


January 31st is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is a day to ponder how art affects your heart. Art is valued & appreciated for all sorts of reasons. Whether we are touched by music or see into an artist soul through their work, art has the power to change us, to inspire our hearts.

February Holidays and or Awareness Days.....

February 1st National Freedom Day, always observed on February 1st, celebrates freedom from slavery. It also recognizes that America is a symbol of liberty. It honors the signing by Abraham Lincoln of a joint House and Senate resolution that later became the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution President Lincoln signed the Amendment outlawing slavery on February 1, 1865. And February 1st is also National Get Up Day an opportunity to share inspiring stories of perseverance; it’s a reminder to pick ourselves up when we’ve fallen and give it (whatever it may be) another go! Be Consistent and Persevere.....


February 2nd is Candlemas is a Christian holiday celebrated annually on February 2. It celebrates three occasions according to Christian belief: the presentation of the child Jesus; Jesus' first entry into the temple; & it celebrates the Virgin Mary's purification (mainly in Catholic churches). Candlemas, the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, is also the World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life (monks, nuns, friars, religious brothers & sisters, etc).


***1st Friday in February of Every Year is National Wear Red Day! To show support for the awareness of heart disease people wear red designed to warn women of their number one health threat, "The Heart Truth" campaign created and introduced the Red Dress as the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness....


February the 3rd is National Women Physician Day.....

February 4th World Cancer Day…..

February 5th National Weatherperson’s Day….

February 6th is Pay A Compliment Day - Mindful Living.......


February 7th is National Periodic Table Day To understand the development of the periodic table, we first must understand the discovery of elements and their effect on science. Visit for more information.


February 8 Boy Scott Day…….


February 9th Don't forget is our National Girls & Women in Sports Day Celebration which nationally is always the 1st Wednesday in February.....However on course and in time maintenance make sure to join us for some fun Activities.......#UNCWGirlPower UNCWilmington Atheletics is Celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day February 9th.....


***2nd Sunday in February of Every Year is World Marriage Day! It honors husband and wife as the foundation of the family, the basic unit of society. It salutes the beauty of their faithfulness, sacrifice and joy in daily married life.


February 10th is National Umbrella Day reminds us why we need to be update on local weather forecasts traveling to or just shopping.


February 11th Inventors’ Day.....

February 12th Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday....

February 13th World Radio Day…..

February 14th is Valentines Day....


February 15th is Susan B. Anthony Day is a commemorative holiday to celebrate the birth of Susan B. Anthony and women's suffrage in the United States. The holiday is February 15—Anthony's birthday.


February 17 is Michael Jordan’s Day Tribute and or Celebration to His Birthday February 17, 1963 you got to make ever Negative into a Positive…Yep Athletes and or Humans….


February 18th National Drink Wine Day….Maybe just can also be the Day to Fineout what your Favorite Red Wine is a Taste Testing Day of Wine…Red Wine is 365 a Day Drinking 4oz. Good for Great Health...


***President’s Day is the 3rd Monday in February of Every Year it is National Holiday in the United States of America


February 20th The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Pisces at February 20, 2018 and leaves it on March 20, 2018. Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which started from the Pisces constellation. It is also considered a water sign and one of the four mutable signs. Pisces has been traditionally ruled by the planet Jupiter, but since its discovery, Neptune has been considered a modern ruler of this sign. Being the twelfth sign, Pisces is associated with the astrological twelfth house. Individuals born when the Sun was in this sign are considered Pisceans. Pisces represents the fish into which Aphrodite and her son Eros transformed......


February 21st International Mother Language Day is an observance held worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism….


February 22nd National Margarita Day….


***International Tongue Twister Contest Day Have a tongue twister contest with family, friends and co-workers. Whoever is able to say out a tongue twister without making mistakes wins. Celebrating International Tongue Twister Day is a piece of cake! It is always observed Last Saturday in February.......


February 27th is International Pancake Day at IHOP free pancakes all day servings IHOP accepting donations for childhood illnesses and charity with Service.....

March Observance, Awareness Days and or Holidays.......


March 1st Saint David’s Day…Patron Saint of Wales.


***Dress in Blue Day on the 1st Friday in March encourages everyone to learn about the causes of colon cancer & raise awareness by wearing blue. The blue theme on Dress in Blue Day, awareness efforts provide support through fundraising for screening, research & awareness education.


***1st Friday in March World Day of Prayer Informed Prayer and Prayful Action


March 3rd I Want You to be Happy Day! you should do something to make others happy.


***Mardi Gras is on March 04, 2014. The terms "Mardi Gras", "Mardi Gras season", and "Carnival season", in English, refer to events of the Carnival celebrations, beginning on or after Epiphany and ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras is French for "Fat Tuesday", referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season, which started on Ash Wednesday.


***Lent takes place from March 05 till April 19, 2014. Lent is a solemn observance in the liturgical year of many Christian denominations, lasting for a period of approximately six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday. In the general Latin-rite and most Western denominations Lent is taken to run from Ash Wednesday to Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday) morning or to Easter Eve. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer through prayer, penance, repentance, almsgiving, and self-denial. Its institutional purpose is heightened in the annual commemoration of Holy Week, marking the death and resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events of the Bible when Jesus is crucified on Good Friday, which then culminates in the celebration on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.


March 6th is National Dentist’s Day self care is group care was created as a day set to say “Thank You” and show appreciation to your dentist. If you are not already in the habit of using them, this would be a great day to make a commitment to better dental habits. Dentist helps you to keep your teeth healthy - you can thank them for their work today! A dentist, also known as a 'dental surgeon', is a health care practitioner that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity.


March 8th International Women’s Day a Respect and Appreciation and Love toward Women


***2018 Daylight Savings Time starts 2nd Sunday in March.....Starting in 2007, most of the United States and Canada observe DST from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November, almost two-thirds of the year. The 2007 US change was part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005; previously, from 1987 through 2006, the start and end dates were the first Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October, and Congress retains the right to go back to the previous dates now that an energy-consumption study has been done.


March 12th is National Girls Scout Day it's also Women's History Month....


***2nd Wednesday in March is NATIONAL REGISTERED DIETITIAN NUTRITIONIST DAY it is Observed annually on the second Wednesday in March, National Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day celebrates the contributions of these medical professionals. National Dietitian Nutrition Day was created in 2008 by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly known as the American Dietetic Association), to raise awareness of the indispensable role that registered dietitian nutritionists play in helping people enjoy a healthy life.


March 17th Saint Patrick’s Day…Kiss Me I am Irish….


March 18th is Forgive Mom & Dad day if you organize you organize, if you are a leader you lead no matter what age you are at growth is Paramount you either add or subtract however some peaces needed to always be in or put in place for the whole being leadership holistic effect and or affect.....


March 19th Feast Day Celebration of Saint Joseph...Today we take a break from Lent and celebrate the feast of one of the greatest saints of the Church, St.Joseph. He is the patron saint of workers, the unborn, fathers, travelers, immigrants, protector of the Church, and the patron of a happy death. So there is something for everyone in the life of this holy man and there are many reasons to celebrate him today.


March 20 International Day of Happiness is celebrated throughout the world on 20 March. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly on 28 June 2012. The International Day of Happiness recognizes the relevance of happiness and well-being as universal goals and aspirations in the lives of human beings. Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness is a fuzzy concept and can mean many things to many people. Part of the challenge of a science of happiness is to identify different concepts of happiness, and where applicable, split them into their components.


March 21st World Poetry Day….


***March 21st The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Aries at March 21, 2018 and leaves it on April 20, 2018. Individuals born during these dates, while the Sun is within this sign, are called Arians or Ariens. Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the zodiac between the zero degree and the 29th degree of celestial longitude. Aries is seasonally associated with spring.......creative thrusts powerful expressions of energy. The sign is governed by Mars, the planet of activity and assertiveness. The Sun is also strongly associated with this sign, which it governs by exaltation. Key lifestyle words for Aries are: Competitiveness, aggressiveness, courage, spontaneous, assertiveness, self-reliance.


March 22nd World Water Day…


March 23rd National Puppy Cuteness or Cuddle Unconditional Love Raisen and or teaching or educating can bring in our life the rewards of developing life building parenting or caregiving skills does rear wing whined up grow up or round up.....line up with the word of God.


March 25th is the Feast of Annunciation The Annunciation, also referred to as the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary or Annunciation of the Lord, is the Christian celebration of the announcement by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus, the Son of God, marking his Incarnation. Gabriel told Mary to name her son Jesus, meaning "Saviour". It is one of the twelve Great Feasts of the church year.


March 30th is National Doctors Day this the day to honor the men and women who keeps you running smoother than a 28 year old goals of Age Related peek performance can always be a aim between you and your physicians they prevent and or diagnosis and treat issues or problems.....

April Awareness and or Holiday Observances

April 2nd is National Reconciliation Day it is celebrated on April 2 of each year. There are many different “Days of Reconciliation” held around the world that are celebrated on different days. This is a day intended to patch up relationships. Misunderstandings, unintended words or actions and simply an unforgiven mistake can tear apart relationships. National Reconciliation Day is the time to take that step and make amends. It’s not too late. Reach out to that friend or loved one and make a fresh start.


April 4 Vitamin C Day…


*****Easter Day and it Varies on Dates but it is always on Sunday

Easter is observed on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox. Considered Christianity’s most important holy day, it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Depending on which calendar a church follows, some will celebrate Easter earlier than others.


April 6th is National STUDENT-Athlete Day (NSAD), observed annually on April 6, provides an opportunity to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of student-athletes. National STUDENT-Athlete Day was created by National Consortium for Academics and Sports (NCAS) to honor high school and college student-athletes who have excelled in academics and athletics and who have contributed to their communities and schools in a significant way. The program seeks to encourage families, schools and communities to support their STUDENT-athletes in their endeavors. And also

The General Assembly of the United Nations decided to proclaim on 6 April as "International Day of Sport for Development and Peace." This date commemorates the inauguration, in 1896, of the first Olympic games of the modern era, in Athens. Values of sports like tolerance, fairness, teamwork and mutual respect support a peaceful living together in solidarity. Sports are all kinds of physical game, moving and competition. The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace focuses on the aspects of sports that would have a positive influence on the healthy development of the individual. Doing sports is not only good for the body but it also can support teamwork skills, increase power to motivate oneself and make competition into life building skills the way you approach sports levies and enlist you into a attitude that conducts and or guides you through life.


***The 1st Saturday in April is National Love our Children Day a 365 a day initiative year round initiative of Love Our Children in the USA, this special day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of every April to honor children, strengthen families and raise awareness for efforts to keep children safe. This day honors all children and encourages us to develop loving, respectful relationships with our children.


April 10th is National Siblings Day (also referred to as Sibling Day) is observed on April 10. It is a day created to honor our brothers and our sisters our siblings. Siblings Day can be celebrated by sending a card or gift or making a dinner invitation to your siblings. Anyway you can be thoughtful that facilitates emotional bonds or development this day and everyday is a option to improve family time personality experience.


April 13th is National Thomas Jefferson Day is observed annually on April 13. This day honors the birth of the third President of The United States, Thomas Jefferson, who was born April 13, 1743. Also National Scrabble Day is observed annually on April 13th are you smarter than a 5th Grader if so Scrabble maybe the Game for you.....


April 14th is National Gardening Day on April 14 is the perfect time for gardeners and would-be gardeners to pick up a shovel and some seeds and kick-off a beautiful year of homegrown bounty of gardening. Have you ever heard when the pecan trees start to bloom it is the time to start a spring garden.....


***3rd Monday in April is always the Boston Marathon it is always held on Patriots' Day, the third Monday of April. It Begun in 1897, the event was inspired by the success of the first marathon competition in the 1896 Summer Olympics. The Boston Marathon is the world's oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world's best-known road racing events.

April 16 National Librarian Day…Smile Yep!!!!


April 18 has been designated as National Lineman Appreciation Day. If the power is on where you are reading this article, you likely have a lineman to thank. From the power plant, the grid crisscrossing the country both above and underground and right up to the meters on our homes, these men and women build and maintain the system that keeps our nation running.


April 19th is Bicycle Day and what is the use of Humor Come Bike be here if your over 18 if not you have to bring a Parent or Legal Guardian my whole life has been about exercise, nutrition, and Coaching I can do that Adversity and Obstacles what are Some of the Best Attitudes to have for Growth &or Healing_______…?


April 21st start of Zodiac Sign TaurusThe Sun enters the Zodiac sign Taurus at April 21, 2018 and leaves it on May 20, 2018. Individuals born during these dates, whilst the Sun is within this sign are called Taureans. Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the zodiac between the 30th and 59th degree of celestial longitude. Taurus has been seasonally associated with the flourish of spring, when the Earth is green and fresh. Because the season has settled, astrologers call it a fixed sign, indicating stability, resistance to change, and the ability to 'enjoy the people'. According to astrologers the sign is governed by Venus, the planet of art, procreation and indulgence, which adds the traits of creativity, sensuality, and appreciation of life's material luxuries. The moon is also associated with this sign, which it governs by exaltation. The lunar-association is considered to denote emotional depth and highlights further the fertility significations of Venus and this, the 'earth-sign' of spring. Taurus is considered by astrologers to be a highly practical sign which is happiest when involved in some kind of creative process. Taurus keywords are: Gregariousness, stubborness, kindliness, acquisitiveness, graspingness, affectionateness, creativity, materialism, stability, cautiousness, enduringness.


April 22nd is Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries, which are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.


April 24 Happy Administrative Professional Day…..So True!!!!


April 25 Take One of Your Kids to Work with you…Yep!!!!!


April 26th is National Arbor day plant a tree Hug a friend…..


April 26 Hug an Australian It's Hug an Australian Day. Go ahead and give a big bear hug to any and all Australians today. Great opportunity to improve international relations.


April 27 Tell a Story Day Tell a Story Day celebrates story-telling of all kinds in the United States April 27


April 28th is Great Poetry Reading Day or World Tai Chi and Qigong Day World Healing Day!!!!!


April 30 National Honesty Day encourages us to be honest today, and everyday. Honesty is a great virtue.


April 30 International Jazz Day mature with Time but Never Grow Up to much except with Responsibility and Accountability

May Monumental Events and Awareness and or Holiday Observances and or Special Events

May 1 the first of May is celebrated around the world. It has a number of meanings. In many other countries it is a celebration of spring and the coming of summer.


***National Teachers Day (Tuesday of the first full week of May)


May 2nd Happy National Education…..


***1st Thursday in May National Day of Prayer designated by the United States Congress when people are asked to turn to God in prayer and meditation....


***1st Friday in May is National Space Day it is observed annually on the first Friday in May. This day is dedicated to the extraordinary achievements, benefits and opportunities in the exploration and use of space. The goal of National Space Day is to promote math, science, technology and engineering education in young people to inspire them to pursue a career in science, especially a career in space-related jobs.


***The 1st Saturday in May is always the Kentucky Derby.....


May 5th Cinco de Mayo Day…


May 6th is National Nurses Day is observed annually on May 6. On this day, we raise awareness of all nurse contributions and commitments and acknowledge the vital role nurses play in society. This day is also the first day of National Nurses Week and is sometimes known as National RN Recognition Day.


***Tuesday the 1st full week in may is National Teacher Appreciation Day, also known as National Teacher Day, is Observed on the Tuesday This day is part of Teacher Appreciation Week, which is the first full week in May of each year. The National Education Association describes National Teacher Day “as a day for honoring teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” It is time to say “Thank You” to the exceptional teachers that you know. Let them know that they are appreciated for all that they do.


May 8th National Red Cross and Red Crescent Day to Suffering and to Improve Health and Quality of Life Worldwide…..


***Military Spouses Day the Friday before Mother's Day


May 12 International Nurses Day recognition to nurses for their contributions and commitment to quality health care.


***Second Sunday of Ever Year in May is Mother’s Day


***3rd Saturday in May is Armed Forces Day It falls near the end of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May and ends on the third Sunday of May.


May 13th is if you never do time to time for a NATIONAL WOMEN’S Medical CHECKUP DAY. … Yearly well-woman visits are important and should include discussions of your health habits and family history, setting health goals and scheduling or receiving screenings or necessary exams. Screening would include blood pressure, cholesterol, cervical cancer and others.


May 19th Boy's Club Day recognize the importance of safe recreational activities for our youth and community and it help to keep kids out of trouble & off of the street.


May 20nd Be a Millionaire Day - now we all can go for that


May 21st National Waiters and Waitresses Day.....


***May 21st begins the Zodiac Sign Gemini The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Gemini at May 21, 2018 and leaves it on June 21, 2018. Because the Sun's transit through the sign of Gemini concludes at the moment of the summer solstice, the sign is seasonally associated with the transition from spring to summer. Because its period indicates a change of season, it is known as a 'mutable sign', describing an impulse towards change and versatility, and an easy ability to adapt to the demands of the environment. Gemini is also linked with the 'element of air'.....


May 24th is Red Nose Day to end Child Poverty.....


May 25 Tap Dance Day and or International Jazz Day which is the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.


May 26th is Global Outreach Day, we are encouraging you to find a way to share the Gospel message with one other person.


May 27 Memorial Day its to the last Monday in May of Every Year


May 30th is National Creativity Day it is intelligence having fun.....

June Dates We Recognize, Celebrate & or Honor......

June 1st is Heimlich Maneuver Day. Each year on June 1, National Heimlich Maneuver Day is observed. Using abdominal thrusts to force air from the lungs to expel an object on which someone is choking is called the Heimlich Maneuver. Dr. Henry J. Heimlich created this life-saving procedure in 1974. The Heimlich Maneuver is also referred to as “Abdominal Thrusts”. Certified instructors teach the Heimlich Procedure, and these courses are available across the country. Today would be a good day to research the available training in your area. According to the American Red Cross “choking causes over 3,000 deaths per year.” Having the proper training and knowledge may help to save someone’s life.


June 2nd National Gun Violence Awareness Day Wear Orange……


June 6th is always D-day the day (June 6, 1944) in World War II on which Allied forces invaded northern France by means of beach landings in Normandy. Today we honor the resolve & sacrifice of U.S. & allied forces who embarked on a mission to liberate Western Europe. Many took their last breath on that beach, but it was not in vain. The #alliance claimed victory & our partnerships remains strong to this day #DDay Because of (June 6, 1944) D-day can be the day on which an important operation is to begin or a change to take effect.


June 6th is National day of Sweden on this day Swedish folk music and dances are performed, military and civil parades are organized and people wave Swedish flags or wear yellow and blue clothes.


***1st Wednesday in June is National Running Day each year on the first Wednesday in June, people across the United States participate in National Running Day. This day was designated as a day for runners to reaffirm their passion for running. It is also a good day for beginners to begin a life-changing commitment to running, exercise, weight training and good or great nutrition.


***The 1st Friday in June each year is National Doughnut Day on the first Friday in June, people participate in National Doughnut or Donut Day. This day celebrates the doughnut and honors the Salvation Army Lassies, the women that served doughnuts to soldiers during WWI. On National Donut Day Krispy Kreme does your choice of any donut you want for Free Limited to One Per Customer No Purchase Necessary. It may also be a Fundraising day for the needy through all Salvation Armies.


June 8 National Best Friends Day…


June 11th is National Making Life Beautiful Day is observed annually on June 11. It is a day dedicated to encouraging and celebrating men and women who are making life beautiful. Whether you’re creating beauty through building relationships or helping others achieve personal success, one small action can lead to a ripple effect, making life beautiful not just for yourself, but for those around you, too.


June 12 Red Rose Day….


June 12th is National Loving Day Love whoever you want too love love whoever you need too love take care of whoever takes care of you We all need to Stay in bounds The justices unanimously agreed. On June 12, 1967, proscriptions against interracial marriage were declared unconstitutional. #LovingDay


June 14 Flag Day…


June 14th is Happy Birthday United States Army the longest serving branch in the United States Military on June 14th, 1775 we became more organized official and on Point.


June 15 Smile Power Day….


June 16th Fresh Veggies Day is Observed...perfect complement to a sporty and healthy lifestyle. June 16th is Fresh Veggies Day, and that is reason to celebrate because we love fresh veggies! ... Whether you follow a plant exclusive diet or not, celebrating the benefits of vegetables and making them the focus of every meal is a notion that can unite the Healthest of Counters and Response. Vegetables contain many vitamins and no fat. Therefore it is recommended to eat a lot of vegetables every day - split into five or more servings.


June 17th Eat Your Vegetables Day is Celebrated...June 17th is National Eat Your Vegetables Day is observed annually on June 17. June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, and National Eat Your Vegetables Day is one more opportunity to remind you or everyone to continue or start a healthy diet. Vegetables are an essential portions of a well sustainable healthy lifestyle and long lasting good thriving conducive living.


***3rd Sunday in June is always Father’s Day it is observed annually on the third Sunday in June. This day is set aside to honor the role that fathers play in the family structure and society.


June 19 World Sauntering Day is a day to saunter here and there, wherever you go. Sauntering is not a walk, jog, trot, or run. Sauntering is a form of strolling. Sauntering is a very casual, yet stylish, form of movement from point A to Point B.


June 21st International Day of Yoga...


June 21st is World Music Day is to spend the day listening to all your old favorites and or explore, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home or venture out. Of course, you could always pick up an instrument and start adding your own voice to the choir! It's a music celebration that marks the beginning of the summer solstice.


June 22nd The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Cancer at June 22, 2018 and leaves it on July 22, 2018. Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac. It is considered a water sign and one of four cardinal signs. Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Individuals born when the Sun is in this sign are considered Cancerian individuals.


June 23rd is National Hydration Day training gets intense under the hot summer sun. On June 23rd, National Hydration Day reminds us to replace fluids lost in the heat of battle or exercise. The human body contains more than 60 percent water. Maintaining that balance while training is a challenge, doing it during the summer months is a practice that must be consistent. Becoming overheated or dehydrated can lead to headaches, heat stroke and possibly death. There are ways to help prevent dehydration. Being hydrated before a workout even begins is important. If you are under hydrated before you start it is hard to catch up once the sweating starts. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the training. These can include sports drinks which contain electrolytes (Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium and Potassium) to replenish the essential minerals the body loses through perspiration. This day honors Coach Victor Hawkins’ contributions to athletes health, safety and success. SafeTGard Corporation founded National Hydration Day to increase awareness of the importance of proper hydration to athletes everywhere.


June 23rd Olympic Day is celebrated all around the world: hundreds of thousands of people – young and old – participate in sports…Perfect!!!

June 30th Social Media Day.....

August Bond Bedrock Fall Shifting Awareness We recognize these Holidays Honor these Special Events Celebrate or Observe these__________dates...?

August 1st is World Wide Web Day! And Respect your Parents 365 and every given Sunday, if you can do better than your Parents do better don't be like the pull on Mother board break you down but don't build you back up.....Together we are a whole system.....


August 4th Coast Guard Day…

***1st Sunday in Every August is always American Family Day and Friendship Day…..


August 7th is Purple Heart Day commemorates the creation of the oldest American military decoration for military merit it honors the men and women of Military Order…..


August 8th is Happiness Happens Day.....


August 9th Book Lovers Day.....


August 10th is Saint Lawerance Day he is the Patron Saint of librarians, archivists, cooks, and tanners. His celebration on 10 August has the rank of feast throughout the entire Catholic world.


August 11th Son and Daughter Day is a day to spend with your children. After all, your son and daughter are the joy of your life. We hope that everyone reading this has the opportunity in their life to see these joys born and raised happily, and successfully. Today is a great day to spend with your son and daughter. It's not a day of gift giving....except for the gift of time. If your son and daughter are still young and live at home with you, be ever aware that time goes by quickly. So, spend as much of today and everyday in their company.


August 16th National Tell a Joke Day.....


August 17th National Non Profit Day.....


August 18th National Fajita Day and or Pinot Noir Day…..


August 19th is National Aviation Day it is observed each year on August 19th. This day is dedicated by Presidential Proclamation to those who helped pioneer aviation in the United States. On this day We encourage citizens to observe the day with activities that promote interest in aviation.


August 20 National Radio Day…..

August 21 Senior Citizen’s Day…

August 22 Be Angel Day….

August 23 Ride the Wind Day……


August 24th The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Virgo at August 24, 2018 and leaves it on September 23, 2018. Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the zodiac between the 150th and 179th degree of celestial longitude. Individuals born during these dates, whilst the Sun is within this sign are called Virgos.


August 25 Kiss and Make Up Day….

August 26 Women Equality Day…


August 29th Today is More Herbs, Less Salt Day 365…


August 30th Celebrate Toasted Marshmallow Day or Night it’s a Mellow like Dinner after Dinner maybe Surprise Dessert or Event!!!!


***The Last Wednesday in August is: Willing to Lend a Hand Wednesday!

August 31st National Trail Mix Day 365…

September Readiness Prepare for the Coming Weeks Don't miss any of the Action or Adventure Events or Holidays We Celebrate or Observe Awareness is Half Way to Action Plan or Route Ready Courses of Actions Planned and or Training Readiness Preparedness Ready for_______Adversity...?

***1st Monday in September is always Labor Day it is the 1st Monday in September.....


September 4th is National Wildlife Day is an opportunity to learn more about endangered species, preservation and conservation efforts around the world.


September 6th is Read a Book Day.....Reading improves memory and concentration as well as reduces stress. Reading is fun and healthy.....Today is a great opportunity to read as long as the day is done and the nights are won 365 days of fun around the calendar clock reading and opportunity can be fun.....


***1st Friday in September is National Food Bank Day is always the 1st Friday in September contribute to the cause that believes no one should go to bed hungry and We always need to improve…..


September 8th International Literacy Day…..Yep!!!

September 10th Swap Ideas Day….


September 11th National Emergency Responders Day celebrate people who respond to 911 and other emergencies


September 12th Celebrate National Chocolate Milkshake Day on September 12. Yum!

September 13th Positive Thinking Day

September 14th National Cream Filled Donut Day


***3rd Saturday in September is Boys & Girls Club day what it do.....


September 16th Mexican Independence Day


September 17th is Constitution Day this document secures blessings of liberty to all...?


On September 18, we commemorate the establishment of The United States Air Force.

Almost from the moment the Wright brothers found a way to soar with the birds, aeronautical pursuits were incorporated into the military. However, it was not until September 18, 1947, that the US Air Force was a separate branch of the Armed Forces.


September 23rd National Day for Checkers Day….

September 24th National Cherries Jubliee Day

September 25th National One Hit Wonder Day….


September 26th is World Environment Health Day for American Public Health for Science. For Action. For Health.


September 27th Native American Day is the 4th Friday of every month in September

September 28th National Good Neighbor Day….

September 29th World Heart Day…..Heart choices not Hard Choices know your risk factors…


October 1st World Vegetarian Day…


October 4th National Golf Day….

October 5th World Teacher Day…


October 7th Child Health Day….


October 10 World Mental Health Day…..

October 11 It’s my Party Day….


***Columbus Day Second Monday in October Every October

***Thanksgiving Day in Canada is the Second Monday in Every October


October 12th Cookbook Launch Day…


***National Day of Chest 2nd Saturday in every October…..


October 14th Health & Sports Day National Dessert Day...


October 15 White Cane Safety Day!

October 15 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day!


October 16 Dictionary Day

October 16 World Food Day

October 16 Boss Day


October 17 Spirit Day to Stop Bullying…..

October 17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty!

October 17 Conflict Resolution Day!


October 18 Persons Day is an annual celebration in Canada. The day commemorates the case of Edwards v. Canada (Attorney General), more commonly known as The Persons Case


October 19th Evaluate your Life Day

***Bridge Day every 3rd Saturday in October is Bridge Day is annual one-day festival in Fayetteville, Fayette County, West Virginia, United States it is sponsored by numerous companies of both local and internal significance….


October 23rd TV Talk Show Host Day

October 24th United Nations Day World Development Information Day...

October 25th World Pasta Day Make a Difference Day……


4th Saturday of Ever October Make a Difference Day

4th Saturday of Every October is Mother-in Law Day

October 26th National Mincemeat Day

October 26th Angam Day


October 27th Tell a Story Day Tell a Story Day Celebrates Story Telling of all Kinds in the United Kingdom and Scotland October 27th and Navy Day United States


October 28th Happy National Chocolate Day…..


October 29th National Friendship Day….


October 31 Halloween Dress Up be a Fun Cute Creative





November 1st of Each Year is All Saints Day a Holy Day of Remembrance that Honors Christianity’s Saints and Martyrs, Known and Unknown

November 1st World Vegan Day....


November 2nd…All Soul’s Day


November 3rd Housewife's Day....


November 5th Bonfire Night....

November 6th It’s National Eating Healthy Day…


November 8 S.T.E.M/S.TE.A.M Day a day meant to inspire kids to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.


November 8th is also National Parents as Teachers Day there are organizations that offer educational services to parents across this country they also provide information so all children learn, grow, and develop to realize their full potential. Parents take some time to teach your children something new.


November 9th World Adoption Day…..


November 10th is the day the United States Marine Corps is observed annually It’s Happy Birthday 1775 is when the United States Marine Corps was established to end the American Revolution.



November 11th Veteran’s Day…..


World Freedom Day is held on the second Sunday in November…..


Remembrance Sunday is held on the second Sunday in November, which is the Sunday nearest to 11 November Armistice Day......


November 13th World Kindness Day….

November 13th Sadie Hawkins Day….


November 15th National Philanthropy Day…


***3rd Thursday of Every November is World Philosophy Day it is or is the "Love of Wisdom" the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.


***Beaujolais Nouveau Day is marked in France on the third Thursday in November with fireworks, music and festivals. Under French law, the wine is released at 12:01 a.m., just weeks after the wine's grapes have been harvested. Parties are held throughout the country and further afield to celebrate the first red wine of the season with the best food in the region of festivities.


November 17th World Peace Day…

November 19th World Toilet Day...The world economy would grow by an estimated $260 billion if everyone had a toilet.# Fact


November 20th is Universal Children's Day....

3rd Thursday of Every November is World Philosophy Day…


November 21st World Hello Day…

November 24th International Day of the Bible….A Time to point to the Story of God’s unrelenting love for us. #Bible Celebration


November 25th Elimination Violence against Women Day….


November 26th National Cake Day bake a Cake or Make a Cake Share Time and your Cake and or Cakes with others or Somebody…At least buy a Cake and Share!!!


***4th Thursday of Every November is Thanksgiving Day…


***The Last Tuesday in November is #GivingTuesday is about all kinds of giving. Treat a friend to lunch, open the door for your neighbor, by a colleague a coffee. Do whatever you can - big or small - to spread kindness and the spirit of #GivingTuesday today!


November 29th VA celebrates National Patient Ambassador Day November 29th to recognize Red Coat Patient Ambassadors and volunteers across the country who go the extra mile to make a good first impression when Veterans visit a VA facility. Have you ever thought about volunteering at the VA...?




December 1 World AIDS Day…..


December 1st is Eat a red apple on Eat a Red Apple Day. This delicious food holiday honors the red tasty fruit which is said to keep the doctors away, when you eat one every day. There are hundreds of species, but the most popular ones are sweet and of green, yellow, golden or red color. "Some things you have to do every day. Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn't going to get the job done." (Warren Buffett)


***The 1st Sunday of Advent is every 1st Sunday in December

December 3 is International Spirit of the Game Day. On this day, communities around the world are encouraged to embrace Spirit of the Game (SOTG) by hosting events, clinics and activities where players can discuss and demonstrate good Spirit.


December 4th It's Cabernet Franc Day and or Santas' List Day it's the Day that Santa makes his naughty and Nice Lists.


December 5th is International Ninja Day.....Act like a Ninja. Train like a Ninja. Be a Ninja. Or just watch Ninja Movies....


December 6th National Gazpacho Day typically a tomato based vegetable soup.....Health is Wealth close to being most important if not most important blessings.....


December 7th Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day…..


December 8th National Salesperson day savvy is chic everyone loves a great salesperson.......


December 9th Christmas Card Day…..

December 10th Human Rights Day and Nobel Prize Day…..


***2nd Sunday of Advent is every 2nd Sunday in December


December 11th National App Day Software Applications, Smart Technologies, and Internet Connectivity Etc...


December 12 Poinsettia Day…

December 13 Ice Cream Day….


December 14th is Bouillabaidse Day Seafood lovers everywhere have reason to celebrate #BouillabaisseDay - The French are known for many great recipes and seafood lovers everywhere have reasons to celebrate this recipe. Bouillabaisse is on the list of must-have cuisine. Originating in the port city of Marseille, Bouillabaisse is a fish stew with vegetables herbs and spices. It's a heart healthy, mind, & body stew.


December 15 Bill of Rights Day…..

December 16 National Chocolate Covered anything Day….

December 17th Wrights Brother Day....


***3rd Sunday of Advent is every 3rd Sunday in December


December 19th is Oatmeal Muffin Day it is annually celebrated on December 19 every year. Oatmeal can carry a label claiming it may reduce the risk of heart disease when combined with a low-fat diet. This is because of the beta-glucan in the oats. Oatmeal Muffin Day gives you therefore a chance to celebrate it by baking some of these Healthy Muffins year round add to your year round 365 Healthy Habits. Known for it's health benefits, millions of people start each day with oatmeal muffins. Oatmeal muffins are often complemented by raisins, bananas, blueberries, and other healthy fruits.


December 20th Today is Go Caroling Day….

December 21st Today is Look on the Bright Side Day! and Kiwi Fruit Day every day is always a day to improve....


December 22nd The Sun enters the Zodiac sign Capricorn and leaves it on January 20th.....


December 23rd is Human Lights Day….is a Humanist holiday. Human Light is a modern invention, created to provide a specifically Humanist celebration near Christmas and the northern Hemisphere's winter solstice. Humanists have cast Human Light as a celebration of "a Humanist's vision of a good future." They celebrate a positive approach to the coming new year, generally through the lens of Humanist (and particularly secular humanist) philosophy - secular as opposed to religious.


***Fourth Sunday of Advent is every 4th Sunday in December of every year


December 24th, Christmas Eve…

December 25th, Christmas Day…Jesus Christ was born…


December 26st Boxing Day…the day after Christmas Day…this is the One Day that can have more than One Meaning Just depends on the Country and or Region


December 28 is the Holy Day of Innocence….And please don't Strike your Children...


December 31 New Years Eve

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12 Months in One Year 365 Days in an out 4 Seasons Awareness Month Calendar

1.) January It’s National Human Trafficking Awareness Month!


2.) February is Black History Month…..


3.) March is Women’s History Month….


4.) April is National Poetry Month! What can you Create….? What is there to Learn and or that you may need to Learn about Poetry…


5.) May is National Barbecue Month… Pull off those covers and fire up the grill! It's an exciting way to start the summer. Organize a potluck, think more vegetables, use less dishes, start a mini-campfire, exchange recipes... get started! :-)


6.)June is Music and Arts Month for Singers, Songwriters, Actors, Dancers, Models, and Writers and Artists Contingency Fund and or Relief…..Also for New want to be Artists and or Writers just got to be Committed…Prayer should be the Key in the Morning, And the Lock at Night!! ~Faith in God Pray in Faith….


7.)July is Student Athlete Month for Progress and Association like the United States Military Active and Retired if your successful with Energy Levels your 1st 20 years you should be successful real successful your next 80 years with the Right Foundations and Support…and or legal….


8.) August is National Immunization Month promoting National Immunization Coverage and Levels Bee Wise....Go Holistic Preventative Maintenance and Super food Organic…with Lots of Exercise and keep it going 365


9.) September is Loving Drama Free Month Look for the good in people, Accept our Difference and Love Other’s as we love ourselves.....As God Love National Preparedness Month!


10.) October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….wear Pink in Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month….And Health Literacy Month…..


11.) November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.....wear Purple in Support for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month….


12.) December is Animal and Nature Month…Giving Thanks to God and to Everything that Breaths and Needs Water and or Sunshine….

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