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So Remember, no matter what you're going through, tough times don't last, tough people do.

~ Trace Adkins

Choose a Subject write on it into a certain formula or schematic and you have Business Class Poetry to Watch or Read or Listen too or Vote on.....

16 June 2017 Elevator Sells Pitch Practice makes Perfect....

I am the Creator of the Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible short for EIV Bible Business Class Poetry A,B,C, Etc. Essay Poems and or Subject Articles put to music, backed by books, entertained with movies, and set to motion through ways of close with "Wit Humor Pick Up Lines Magnanimous Pull Lines" Relationship Lines at

Update 8 June 2017

My or Our Brand would have to be H2o everything H2o with the best wording and phrases that go with it for those iconic celebrities who don't want to be Political or Religious my journey has always been like all the forms of H2o go with the Ones who love you the most and or are best for you.

Update 20 November 2016

the Circuit board EIV Recipe Bible is on the Website now with better clarity with Resistors, Capacitors, and many different Diodes that lead better than just Respect the Specs.

Update 20 October 2016

Crossfit Ministries is a branch off of Christian Sports Science it could be Crossfit Team Ministries with all my Teammates from the Past and Athletes and inspiring athletes....

Each year, 12 million Americans are misdiagnosed.

If my original doctor had the correct training and treated me early, I possibly could have avoided years of misdiagnosis and the subsequent years of treatment.






Update 20 January 2017

A Fan, a Customer, or a Client left a Comment about a January 2013 Business Class Poem and 2017 Proof Positive Website what where the Doctors and Nurses saying about by website in 2013 was you're Bipolar if your mind works like this website you are no longer Schizophrenic like more than 10 Psychiatrists in Valdosta, Georgia and South Western Mental Health Hospital Thomasville, Georgia was saying March 2003 to Christmas 2012 what happen to them...? January 19, 2017 Therapist at Valdosta, Georgia Behavior Health are saying you have almost made a full recovery if your mind works like your 2017 website......nothing was ever wrong with the Sports Deity he may needed to be Delivered but never medicated or put on mandate.....

You have received a new comment on your Vistaprint website "Epigram Impetus Recipe Bible and Um...." page from website ( Jeffrey Poynter ) in response to January 13th, 2013 7am Revision Page 960 Poem "Moments of Ethics" Pg.960 Ch.12A Guidance .

Author Name: Website

Comment Date: 1/19/2017

Comment: Seems you are doing everything in a very systematic way. It is really very good actually. Every word of this blog is so good that I have read this blog of yours twice at one time.So it was a well chosen sentence, and I like it very much.






Customer Responses:

Page from Essay (Clay Anderson) in response to Pg.1546 Rhyming Riddles Mind Brain Education Answers Section.

Author Name: Essay

Date 6/22/2016

Comment: It is superb content I thought and even I was searching similar this subject articles for knowing about it. And I truly enjoyed to read plus collected a tremendous information about it.

What trial have you faced? How have you used it for the Kingdom? Have you used your testimony to change the lives of others for Christ—to win lost souls? Or do you tuck your story in your pocket and save it for yourself? The Bible says we will be known by our testimony. What are you doing with yours? Your trails are your testimony.....

March 21, 2012

Posted and Updated to the Fact who was our Favorite Boyfriend

are we Mature enough to answer it now... if he was your First you was not his first

i have always heard playboy playboy are such a player.....always playing always trying to play somebody... i have been in Georgia for 12 years and have caught up to.....Kristy Judge Celibacy...

Funny how the lifestyle works and improves with each other Triumphs.... I and we passed you all by and now i done come up behind you all gaining ground on Mother Angelic... Why Did We Choose Each Other...? Why...?

1985 to 1995 don't know might not know...the little school boy became more than a playground legend.....1997 and or 1998 and On...Open Up...What U like...? What did You Like Bestfriends...?

VOTE# Keep voting for Taylor Swift Daily and Yearly Award and Events 2013...,,GAC_26058_47219,0.html


every day ♥ Top Twenty Countdown 2013

Mean Speak Now and the Hunger Games Start Now

Red Tour Starts March 13th, 2013

Taylor Swift and the The Story of Us...

Update to Pages 253 & 254 as of September 2, 2010 @2:13Pm Eastern Time Zone


Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals; nothing can help you have this right the man with the wrong mental attitude…? –Coach John Wooden… (Born: October 14, 1910-- June 4, 2010 ) John Wooden was the only coach to compile four undefeated seasons of 30-0 and his Bruin teams captured 19 conference championships (the record of which Wooden is most honored).





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