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The Book of Bible promises Epigrammatic Impetus Bible should or could be in stores 2019 or 2020.....I could start a non profit fund raiser campaign for all the scriptureI chose for the Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible.....I may have to get business license to do that.....

Page 1497 - 1498


Clarity INDEX Outline A.B.C…Opportunity Info.

Section A & B The Mini Curated Flip Board Promotions


     There is a need of organization of all literature, music and material in Clarity Index Section A that has not been published or released that is not in the body of the Epigrammatic Recipe Impetus Bible. There has to be a separation between books, music, and entertaining educational movie material. Entertaining informative material needs to be categorized and noted in this particular order: Section 1A Clarity Index) Books (Magazines & Literary Articles) ; Section 2A Clarity Index) Music &-or- Discussion Zig Ziglar Types of (CD’s & Tapes ); Section 3A Clarity Index) Movies (DVDs’& VCR Tapes & etc…).


     In this first segment location Section 1A Clarity Index)Books’ that are used as reference learning positive tools of guidance need to be in alphabetical order by Title of Book with author’s name or authors’ names. This Clarity Informative Book Section1A Clarity Index could have CD’s, Tapes, & DVDs’ with it… In the Music Section Clarity Index 2A, it should be organized by the Music Artist’s Name with the Song or CD/Tape that we choose. 3rd Section of Organization is Movies Clarity Index 3A; the Title of the movie is needed in Alphabetical order along with the Main Actresses’, Actors’, Writers’, and Directors’ names. Alphabetical Order and Selection Organization would Enhance, the Professional Quality of Chosen material that goes and belongs with each certain particular chapter or page. However, names could be in Alphabetical Order, if customers, humans, or fans remember names better than movies…than names need to be in Alphabetical order…Does the Artist make more money than Art…?


     So, for marketing purposes, if a book or music Tape/CD or any movies are coming to the market or if I missed something that would improve the Value and Quality of the Epigrammatic Impetus Bible it Goes in Clarity Index Section A. It should be added here. If, it is Ethical and Enhancing to this Version of the Epigrammatic Impetus Bible for Kids or Adults. All positive guidance enhancing additional material needs to be in proper categorical corresponding excellent order of location through-out, this Clarity Advertising Section A and B it is not Tricky. This Index for Clarity Purpose is for more than advertising. For example, the movie and book “Inertia” could and should go in Section 3A Clairty Index for it has not been released. It is on page 1474. The Movie: “Inertia” coming soon… Movie Section of Clarity Index with a Brief Description. In the Entire Body of the EIV Bible there are only two cases like this with Movies. The other example is Out of Blue 2002 Film is a Sequel to Beyond the Blue2014 Coming Soon, a Real UFO movie that is in the making by Director Producer Researcher James Fox. I thought it would tie in real good with the Pg. 293 Facts ,“Better Science Better Results Space is going to be Human Earth’s final frontier” before the sun explodes. I did not write it like this in the body of the EIV Bible but eventually this is what is going to happen. The sun is going to get to hot or explode, Supernova Sun…all the stars look blue they are to and so far away to see the truth… The Sun |

How do you measure how hot the sun is if you can't get that close to measure…..? What is the next closest star to Earth besides our sun? ...Why is the sun orange in the morning and bright white in the afternoon…?

Special Promotional Purposes to the Art of Communication “The Impetus Bible” Section B Clarity Index

    For Special Promotional purposes like painters’ and the entire professional world of the Living needs to be included in this division of the Bible. “The Art of Communication” from an artistic professional painting stand-point, I have not chosen an illustrative artist. If there is an individual or group that can enhance and improve the professional quality of “ The Ethical Tactful Art of Communication with the University of Kentucky Complementary Custom’s Educational Systems/Patriot Acts/Commonwealth/United Nations Ties & Friends the Book of Life for Humanity Positive Social Change Moral Implications & Lessons of Principles”Positive Maxim.” If, it will exceed my expectations and i.e. the need of standard of moral value supreme excellent NASA Quality, then thus it is always needed for improvement.

   If there are additional professionals that I may have over looked that meet the Art of Communication leadership abilities Values and Qualities from a management perspective that elevates the content and pleasure of the EIV Bible. Coach Rick Pitino, Carlos Toomer, Naomi Judd former Country Music Singer a Queen of Country, Professor Steve Harper Cameron School of Business University of North Carolina @Wilmington, Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Pope Benedict XVI, Senator Hillary R. Clinton, Taylor Swift Country Pop Rock Star, Reba McEntire, and or Natalie Grant Christian Seattle Girl Jesus’s Women and Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain needs to be contacted for acceptance and permission for other highly skilled groups or individuals to farther enhance this Unique Original Scientific Epigram Biblical Art Work. Which is a literary influential miracle book invention. My name is Carlos Bernard Toomer. I invented this work of art with imagination and analytics with poetry the vehicle of choice since it can speak the infinite like math. The Book of Bible promises Epigrammatic Impetus Bible should be in stores 2019 or 2020.The mention “The EIV Book of Bible Promises” is on Page 831, it needs to be in Clarity Index Section 1A and the Book like the Special Book of all the Quotes, Aphorisms, Proverbs, and Psalms and Epigrams and Lines…is another Book that goes in Clarity Index Section 1A…The Names of this Book Could be Called “the Epigram Impetus Recipe Bible Aphorisms, Proverbs, Psalms, Epigrams and Lines with Organization and Pull”

~ The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible of Promises …out of Chapter. 10 off of the Bottom of … Pg. 831 ~ needs to be in Stories 2021 or 2022. This goes in the Book Section of the Clarity Index Section 1A Books. In the Entire Body of the Bible, this is the only creation I created for Clarity Index Section 1A Books… The Book “Epigrammatic Impetus Bible of Promises” and “the Epigram Impetus Recipe Bible of Aphorisms, Proverbs, Psalms, Epigrams and Lines with Organization and Pull” are the only Books that have not been published to the public…that belong in Clarity Index Section 1A. These was Examples and discussions of How Clarity Index Section A, B, and C Works…. Clarity Index Section C Pages 1499 to 1517 is mainly Professional Motivational Material and Special Epigram Poems that brings Closure to the Epigram Impetus Recipe Bible….Reminders… Its material and or literature that some of the Best College Coaches give or would give to its Student Athletes….

Page 1498

Section 1A Clarity Index) Book List Follow Up and some and or a Little Explanation

1.)To become a master of communication, persuade people to your way of thinking and socialize confidently uncover Communication Secrets Of Powerful People, written by Joshua Uebergang that happens to be one of the world's top experts in communications and human relations:


"When you talk, you repeat what you already know; when you listen, you often learn something." ~ Jared Sparks


Mahatma Gandhi used to say, “Speak only if it improves upon the silence”. I would add, speak only if it objectively improves the conversation. Otherwise, listen!


And Um

"Nothing recedes like success." ~ Walter Winchell

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