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Updated July 22, 2012

 Elevator Sell in Less than One Minute.......

 I am the creator of business class poetry articles chosen for subjects and issues put to music, backed by books, entertained & lined with humor & chapter appropriate movies and kick ass cast celebrities that check Legal Brief Classics put to scale... with Saints and Educators, Peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kind. Set to a numbering system on Pg.1300 and a constitution backdrop key that makes up the body of the poem the cake ingredient recipe Pg.3 it is a Proof Positive Bible. It can be a Proof Positive Signature Bible. A strategic or serious truth it could be a Mental Health Project.....which could be applied to others.


A 16 June 2017 Elevator Sells Pitch Practice makes Perfect....

I am the Creator of the Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible short for EIV Bible Business Class Poetry A,B,C, Etc. Essay Poems and or Subject Articles put to music, backed by books, entertained with movies, and set to motion through ways of close with "Wit Humor Pick Up Lines Magnanimous Pull Lines" Relationship Lines at

~And Or~

How did i get to the University of Kentucky on a Full Ride Men's Basketball Scholarship i had to train my Biceps and Triceps everyday from 1st Grade to 12 Grade i had exercise and train my muscles everyday.....with the best farm raising and or United States Air Force Nutrition.....How did i create everything that goes with (2000 thru 2018) I use my Brain a lot more on this Go Around Bend or Break.....with the EIV Bible and all support that goes with it.....However it all is about repetition and having to have to improve daily and or weekly each year.....

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