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The Recipe Bible Elements & Ingredients 


Preface I Title Page Inside of Bible Cover

“On this page needs to be signs, symbols, and illustrations of sports, music, education, entertainment, and religions” -AND- ENCOURAGEMENT or Enthusiasm


The Ethical Tactful Art of Communication


The University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball…


Cameron School of Business UNC Wilmington…


Disney & Hollywood, & Nashville, Tennessee…


Corinth High School Mississippi & Mascoutah High School Illinois…


Patriot Acts United States of America…


Commonwealth United Kingdom…


United Royals Manners the World with Ties and Friends for Humanity & Tactful Humor…



The Book of Life Positive Social Change & Quality Progress Life Lessons, Moral Implications & Lessons of Principles

“Maxim Maximum Presides Precepts Percepts”


The Recipe Bible Elements & Ingredients

Beginning Analysis: Motivational Linguistic Higher Learning Sports Academies for The World For Example: Saint Bernard University “…Ivy League…” ASAP


Motivational Linguistic Academies for Government it could be called “The United States Motivational Linguistics Sports Academy”


Motivational Scientific Health Field


Church of Truth Light Love & Humor

“Seeking Omnipotent Understanding Together”


the Declaration of Independence "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..."

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