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Since June 2017.....Construction in Progress of the Entire EIV Bible to coordinate website and manuscript to be matching identical's....

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Page 14 


Outline of Epigram Recipe Tactful Humor Impetus Bible of Love & Bliss by Sections & Pages


1.) Preface 1 Beginning Analysis …Page 2

2.) The Cake…Moral to a Story…Page 3

3.) Preface 2… Twelve Pillars of Character…Page. 4

4.) Share The Load a Joyful Toon…Moral to a Story…Page. 5

5.) Preface 3…Design to Improve Thinking, Understanding, and Humor …Pages.6-13

6.) Signature Title Page Introduction to Creative Imagination and Names…Page 15-18 is now (Pgs.15-19)

7.) Courtly Characters One thru 1200 Rhythm Title Signature Styles Humor Country Nature Introductions…Page 19-261 is now (Pgs.20-273)

8.) Statement Overview…Page 262 is now Pg.274

9.) Book Introduction…Page 263-264 is now (Pgs.275-276)

10.) Acknowledgements/ Education/ Recognition/ Awards & Honorary Recommendations Timeline Creative Resume Life Long Auto Biography…Page 265-269 is now (Pgs.277-281)

11.) Table of Contents Chapters Outline and all 56 Creative Virtues …Page 270 is now (282 in Manuscript)

12.) Table of Contents Poems & Pages and at End List of Special Days and or National or International Holidays…(Pages 271-290) is now (Pgs.283-299)

13.) 3 Types of Calendars (Ones in the Body of the Bible Pg.300) (365 Days of Awareness &or Holidays Pgs.301-310) (12 Months a Year Reality Calendar Pg.311)

14.) Prelude into the Interlude…Page 291 is now (Pg.312)

15.) Body…Page 292-1474 is now (Pgs.313-1495 in Manuscript)

16.) Ten Examples of Distinct Rhyme Schemes…Page 1475-1476 is now (Pgs.1496-1497)

17.) Index I---Name & Main Occupation of most Important People in Profession’s that have died (Pg.1477-1495) ( ? Blank) is now (Pgs.1498-1519) (3 Blank Pages 27 March 2019)

18.) Special Glossary of all Quotes, Proverbs, Psalms, Aphorisms, Epigrams & Lines ?(Page 1496--?) is now (Page 1520)

19.) Clarity Index Outline Advertising, Promotions Curated Flip Board Section A, B, & C Quality Clarity Section: (Pgs: 1497--1517) is now (Pgs.1521-1541)

20.) Index II.)---Page & Chapter Location of Recommended Books to Read…Page 1518-1520 is now (Pgs.1542-1544)

21.) Index III.)---Page Number & Chapter of Music Selection Chosen…Pages 1521-1535 is now (Pgs.1545-1559)

22.) Index IV.)---Page Number & Chapter of Movies Selected…Page 1536-1537 is now (Pgs.1560-1561)

23.) Glossary Poetry Terms & Styles …Page 1538-1545 is now (Pgs.1562-1569)

24.) Rhyming Riddles Mind Brian Education Stimulation Enhancer Answers-Page 1546 is now (Pg.1570)

25.) Final Words & The Twelve Maxims… 1547-1548 is now (Pgs.1571-1572)

26.) Final Biblical Promise Once with Understand Each Other & Care…Page. 1549 is now (Pg.1573)


27.) Mediation and Three Prayers in Closing…Pages 1550-1552 is now (Pgs.1574-1576)


28.) Closing Argument for Humanity, Civilization, & Tact of Progress…Page 1553 is now (Pg.1577)


29.) Solution Resolve Impetus Close...Pg. 1554 is now (Pg.1578)

30.) Bible Cover Back Proof Positive Book of Life DNA & Maxim. Pg.1579 Last Page






Construction in Progress of the Entire EIV Bible every page and everything on each page has to manually be coordinated to match manuscript with website so they are identical.....






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