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Introduction to EIV Bible


The Art of Communication is based on care, compassion, and tactful communication; which needs understanding and excellent practice to master it, a wise balancing act that will guarantee your future success to the point of Positive level. The act itself takes belief to master. In theory this poetic hypothesis will increase well being, education, understanding, health, positive guidance, and happiness. The Art of Communication uses the poetry format style as a vehicle to solving problems and potential obstacles with invitations that leads to conversation and solutions. If, the mind is the only place where problems are, “The Art of Communication” concludes and fulfills with the dictionary & periodicals in a most positive effective way. Basically, ever single word that has a positive meaning is used in verse in the Impetus Bible with literature of content. By using positive encouraging words that flow positively internally rhythmic, paints and reflects a true precise clarifying or inspiring meanings. The combined use of words are represented best in a certain defined structure, creating a better understanding, that is creative in a positive way. This invention clears and improves brain functioning that stimulates and motivates the entire body and mind into a balanced leveled positive harmony ideal reality. It is a Reality Society Civilization positive enhancer. “The Art of Communication” is also a formulated proof based on dictionaries and college text that does increase efficiency of motivating factual knowledge with humor. “The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible” which is written in a fun, interesting, fascinating way elevates recall and memory. This is supported with competent skillful content research and ingenuity. Through this adroit, communication literary system, a person vocabulary is broaden and heighten. The original ingenuity of this communication literary art work gracefully filters the thought processes, while enriching learning. Through learned experience and repetition, I have developed an additional formula for success in communication with Marriage & Relationship lines. It shows a highly effective cute ways of conversating. The Ethical Tactful Communication which does balance and level a situation holds and displays examples of morals, virtue, righteousness, character, and content. This is one of the truest best ways of quality tactful humor conversation. These formulas of communication with ethical tactful communication can lead to absolute zero positive level of balance in society and civilization. Depending of your nightly, morning, evening, afternoon, and daily activities or habit experiences is what you may and will perceive from reading the EIV Bible for the majority of the bible is writing in certain tell all and tell on yourself way, a positive mind altering creative writing techniques.

The Patriot Act was enacted by Congress in October 2001 to arm law enforcement with new tools to detect, prevent terrorism and crime. The Patriot Act purpose is to protect homeland security throughout the entire world. The Patriot Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 were signed into law March 9, 2006. It is just, an improvement of the 2001 patriot act to meet the demand needed to secure homeland security throughout the nation in a changing world. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security came into existence on January 24, 2003. Its strategic goals, with respect to terrorism and disasters, include awareness, prevention, protection, response, recovery, and service: “ Serve the Public Effectively by facilitating lawful trade, travel and immigration. The goal in mind is to be in a crime free, safe, and peaceful nation and world. I am sure we all agree when we feel safe, we are able to produce better and faster quality. The Patriot act has the ability and capability to make the world a safe place, if you use pure enlightenment and quality omnipotent understanding to see and apply the complete 100% Action Ability to and above or beyond any situation with positive humane civilized positive sports science higher learning action progress will be yours. The Last Revision or as they say Renewel Provision Extension Vote was February 22, 2011…

     The University of Kentucky ,1990 -1992, is where I was first introduce to the effectiveness of influential belief inspirational moderated motivational encouragement communication of guidance by Coach Rick Pitino and that is how I came up with the title “The Art of Communication.” Mastering the art of communication with understanding of personalities is a way to change and correct behavior and attitude. By placing a person on a level or in a category, which is based on their present abilities and teaching unlimited potential. Potential anointed ability is unlimited, if guided in the best direction. Mastering the Art of Communication will help you be a skillful communicator which also encompasses mastering the Art of Listening. The Art of Communication goal does inform and educate the human race about certain situations and issues facing planet earth as people living life of earth. The Art of Communication is fundamentally written in a tactful manner in away to increase positive social change and awareness with power of positive belief and positive tactful action.

     The act or process of communicating an activity, by one organism that changes or has the potential and capacity to change the behavior of other organisms is communication. The transfer of information from one cell or molecule to another, as by chemical or electrical signals is communication. Care is serious attention, protection, temporary keeping to be concerned with; having thoughts or regard for person or entity. Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for someone struck by misfortune, accompanied by a desire to alleviate the suffering, mercy of another. “The state of our health and happiness depends on the healing power of compassion.” –Naomi Judd

      Poems pass on the important values of education, faith, values, perseverance, humor, and true affection. Poems are able to celebrate and nurture the human spirit. “Next to the Bible, the poets of the world provide us with the greatest source of inspiration to enrich family life and enable us to deal with the problems of the world”. -P Edward Ernest

        Anthony Robbins , Unlimited Powers, says “we see in pictures”. My poetry articulates, thought provoking and simple messages which improves the psyche leading to directional positive guidance. It is intended to motivate the heart and transform the soul. The human condition is directly proportional to this fundamental question. What type of communication is poetry? The heart has its reasons for everything but positive civilization should guide all of us.

         Throughout this bible, you will find other recommended books for reading depending on the situation you want to understand or over come with selective music to listen to and movies to watch. The best contemporary poetry is life affirming and directly relevant to all our lives. Many people turn to poetry only at unreal times whether for consolation in grief, affirmation, in love, or guidance. Poetry is consider one of the most heartfelt profound tools of all the arts that can stir up emotions and have the ability to resolve and restore new found humor, encouragement and hope. The power of poetry is celebrated by the ordinary miracle taking you the reader on a journey around many different aspects of life. Some of these poems, characteristically playful and profound call upon the meaning of this book title, “The Ethical Tactful Art of Communication with the Patriot Acts/Commonwealth/United Nations with Ties and Friends for humanity the Book of Life Positive Social Change or a shorter title is “The Motivational Optimism Health Healing Success Quotes Proverbs’ Psalms’ Aphorisms’ Quatrain Epigrammatic Impetus Bible for Kids or Adults. The simple Title is “The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible.” These poems in this book are written to be fun, educational, teach life lessons, principles and values of quality with faith. This facilitates you to learn the best way to live in a Civilized World while being informed and promoting togetherness.

      Poetry says more about the psyche of a poet, their age and experiences in life than any other Art form. “Poetry is a place where all the fundamental questions are asked and expressed about the human condition.”- Charles Simic- We believe positive influential communication is the first step to curing any disease.

     These poems perform a highly useful public service by creating a better understanding of the perplexing problems that affect the lives of all of us. Some of these poems have the capacity to strength faith and rekindle hope but together all them are a healing educational fun force with books, music, and movies. The great experience of life is a course with a quest of some philosophy to sustain us in time of trouble or disappointment. My style of poetry in particular has the power to change the way one may perceive the world. “Love is the human experience not a political statement”.- Anne Hathaway

     Some poets are witty and charming guess to have in your home. I pose the question? Can world peace and problems of the world be metamorphosed through poetry? In closing, scratching the surface of humanity, can we someday learn what it means to be human compared to animal? Truly the world awaits a map of direction for humanity. We in the past seemed to be faltering in our task to explain humane respect for the human race. However, the art of communication will show how the entire human race has evolved through all different colors of people and ages through a combined effort to create the present world here on earth and our future world that can be secure and prosperous to all humans. If, you can think it, you can make it happen; all it takes is the most creative people.

      The Art of Communication relays heavenly or scientific messages of truth in a fun entertaining and enlightening clever way. The art of communication has many themes in hope of solving problems in the entire world. I have read a great poet is supposed to bring life to poetry in other words is a great story teller. “I am more like a painter in the way; I tell a story probing the mind improving the psyche, health, ideas, thoughts, and success through influential encouraging tactful communication.”- Carlos Bernard Toomer

 The Art of communication which is the Impetus Bible is also designed to

motivate, direct, guide, and show anybody in the entire world how to adjust their mind set to reach their full potential in life. Which gives them an educated positive experience belief with humor, if only they believe in God’s grace, blessings’, spiritual power, truth, and apply it. I have learned man or woman can accomplish any goal with time, positive action, collaboration and the correct resources. “The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible Marriage & Relationship lines” is written and designed to be a Proof Positive to yield success in your life and world. What if, a book had everything or all the information a general population needed to answer fundamental basics in religion, science, entertainment, and humor while projecting a positive combined civilized future. If, it is a combined accepted civilized belief to achieve positive results and togetherness? If, all you had to do is go to a certain section or chapter to answer any of your problems, questions, or get guidance and understanding to your curiosity or needs which leads you into positive motivation? Would that be useful in stimulating a positive imagination which then produces positive action?

 Basically, the Epigrammatic Impetus Bible is going to have to have a patent, because the only way to improve is to subtract and add pertinent sections, chapters, or information with new artist, creative literature and positive material. I don’t want the invention to be missed used. Amen. The Art of Communication is a positive proof, were a Master of much knowledge or scholar of many degrees with vast understanding and worldly experiences and or celebrities with motivating personalities may be suited best for this project. There will have be a copyright on the Epigrammatic Impetus Bible 80% to 100%, royalties has to be paid to Impetus Services, Inc., and everybody else because without the parts to make or that makes the whole the EIV Bible will fail. R oyalties has to be paid to Impetus Services, Inc. and everybody else. The ability and capability of a group or individual to complete the Art of Communication in a righteous effective way is paramount to world success, learning, and understanding. Individuals who are pure and innocently positively driven with experience may be best for the growth of the Epigrammatic Impetus Bible and Impetus Service, Inc. Those who write peaceful spiritual or motivating literature that positively directs people, is one of the intent’s of the Impetus Bible with the main intent being positive fun content humorous tactful creativity. It’s a Scientific Experiment that I know it will work if we all work together…No more crime no more problems in the future…after the EIV Bible is applied to society. We just have to write it and apply the Laws of Nature and quality creative love…with all the main Variables that make up the EIV…Artist, Celebrities, Movies, Books, Scripture, Poetry, Business, Science, and Music…

----- Randy Alcorn-“It is on our imaginations here, we can make heaven on earth.” “Without Wisdom-Imagination is a cruel taskmaster.”---- William Young

      Efficiency and efficacy of productive positive influential language of words does enhance health and learning in an enlightening peaceful manner. Which are the positive motivating encouraging stimulating transponders into the nervous system producing a desire affect on the entire mind and body. Transform and just make it an excellent habit. In order to heighten and elevate the nature of “The Art of Communication, the Impetus Bible”, it may take pure divinely worldly inclined Writers' and Speakers’ with Epigrammatic Omnipotent individuals or groups to embellish it. If to improve this communicational literary invention, being a Peaceful Epigrammatist of speech and writing is helpful. The main purpose of the Art of Communication is to improve friendship, family, society, understanding, humanity and tactful humor. The earnest sincerity of “The Art of Communication Impetus Bible” is one of the best modern teaching tools that have ever been invented for civilization. “The Art of Communication” could be one of the most sacred books of literature, depending on how we write it. The Impetus Bible is able to educate a world of people, convey and deliver truth and facts, about concepts, thoughts, ideas, perceptions of a single or combined reality into fun, loving, and graceful learning. This shall be achieved in a respectful truthful way or ways. The Epigrammatic Bible also teaches kids about the facts of life with adult supervision or guidance. The beauty of this book is that from beginning to end, it investigative enthusiastically originally, entertains, trains, and develops the mind as it flows with: religion, romance, drama, action, science, Disney Amusement, reflection of the greatest of all time thoughts & ideas, history covered from the beginning of time to the present time, humorous comedy, education, nature, technology, tactful communication, love, philosophy, wisdom, displays peace and positive guidance into society to resolve conflicts and gain solutions, it manifest positive H2O guidance into success with the intent of the present so called flawless perfected immaculate epigrams of motivation that can be improved. The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible can always be improved to meet society desires of understanding moving forward with progress and civilization. One of the main focuses of the Impetus Bible is to enhance selective memory with facts and truth in a creative positive learning fun like water way.

This version of Impetus Epigrammatic Bible, The Art of Communication is the Love Version: Peaceful World & Equality. This could be the most sought out literature in history as family entertainment. The presentation is laid out like nothing before it’s time. “The Ethical Tactful Art of Communication the Impetus Bible” in short is also a collaboration work of humanity and guidance. That brings together the best of the past, incorporates present, for the good or great of all people to achieve full potential with the best, obtaining combine excellence for the future. This is a Positive Book of life.

1.) Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. --- Oprah Winfrey (Born: 1953) Bio#229 & Bio#1145


2.) Precise and concise communication is the Art of Communication with effective productive listening yields positive success which is value. ~ Carlos B. Toomer (Born: 1972)


3.) I feel strongly that there ought to be fair justice. We are like any other political figure or figures’, everybody wants to beloved and wants’ to love. There’s a lot of blow heads in the political process, you know, a lot of hot air artists, people who have got something fancy to say. In Office (2000---2008) President United States of America George W. Bush (born: July 6, 1946 ) and First Lady Laura W. Bush (born: November 4, 1946 )


*** The Virtues in this Bible is for Humane Humanity & Peaceful Loving Civilization a water changing pace process to positive Tactful Humor Utopia on Earth to add value to your life…***







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