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Share the Load

Take a Note Team is Everything Shake it Off Pockets Plugs & Sockets Make Up Artists Family Weighs Commitment to Advocacy &or Service Family Ways Share the Stage &or Say the Camelot of Sports Families maybe Breed or Pedigree who is most Consistent_______Credibility or Stock_______Likelihood or Weight_______Validity or Soundness_______Integrity and Character_______&or Fidelity or Truth..... 

Body/Mind: Sisterly Love & Female Water Impetus Sainthood... What is the Difference between Dry Saints, Martyrdom Saints, and Impetus Saints...?



The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible Quality Key Positive Progress


“To sum up History & the Understanding ..."Nature is the only Master."


--- Aaron Nation Name Holy Account: Adolph Ivan The Terrible Hitler “2000 & On” A Ends to a Better Beyond Statistical Means...Pg.15 #31



(Have U ever wrote a Bible from Scratch.....?)



High flying, adored, did you Believe in your Best Moments, all this would be yours, that you'd become the Men of them all...?— Real Effect True Accounts Name: Q-Tip Don Lyric Friday the 13 Sleeping Bag Number Jason Voorhees Magnús Ver Magnússon Cling Freeze Tag Shoulders Vice Grip can Palm a Basketball ~ (Born: July 9, 1972) Pg.17 #84

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