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Proof Positive Book of Life DNA &Maxim.



Book of Life Method-ology and Sportsology Christian Sports Science

DNA & Maxim. And or Church Revivals with H2O Science





“Smile is the language of love; Smile is a source to win hearts; Smiles create greatness in yourself & others’ personalities; So, Smile & Keep Smiling”

Dig the Days No Alcohol involved We had Fun --> And 969 Methuselah….

Crown the Jewel in His Head…


A Smile is even the language that a baby understands and transforms heartache into leisure compassion and or Understanding.

Enrichment Humanity Maxim Close “The Epigram Impetus Bible Open & Close on Civilization to Humane Positive Progress, when Love & Care is Properly Applied…”


Back Up Off Me

Your minds have been purified to have genuine friendship ~ 1 Peter 1:22

Proof Positive Book of Life Maxim Epigram Impetus Recipe Bible.

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