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Ch.8A Financial Systems the Book of Finance (Pgs 674-689)

Page 676

Finance Definition

The money resources, income, etc…

Of a nation, organization, or person.

It is the science of managing money

The art of managing money is finance

One skilled in finance is a financier.

Accrual accounting is consider

The best accounting for finance.

Revenues to be recognized when expenses are incurred this method of measuring is accrual accounting.

Author’s Comments

It’s not necessary to understand everything to be able to use everything…

~ (Fourth of Seven Belief System’s of Excellence)


A entrepreneur can walk through a junkyard and make money, the first 1 Billion Dollars is the hardest.

~ Carlos Toomer (Born: July 9, 1972)


Overnight Limit

The maximum amount of currency positions that can be carried over from one trading day to another. The overnight limit is set by the Central Bank regulation the financial institution where the

positions are held.


The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

--Charles Kettering (born August 29, 1876 – November 24 or November 25, 1958)


To become financially independent you must turn part of your income into capital; turn capital into enterprise; turn enterprise into profit; turn profit into investment; and turn investment into financial independence. ~ Financial Investment Psalm



Content Honey Love Poem Inside of a Poem: Love matches are made by people who are content, for a month of honey, to condemn themselves to a life of vinegar. --Marguerite Gardiner Blessington 1789-1849, Irish Writer and Socialite


Real Life Blessings of Love Disney Fairytale Truisms: If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales. -- Albert Einstein #32 Pg.1485


Egyptian Proverbs were a very important part of the Ancient religion of Egypt, one of the main religious concepts the Egyptians had was "know yourself." Their spiritual aspect of this concept held that within man is the divine essence of the Creator and the heavens. And this finds expression in their teaching: "The kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it.". Proverbs were held as a teaching method for a man to understand the universe, thus they were inscribed in temples and tombs of Egypt, these inscriptions might be the first Holy Book known by man. Egyptian Proverbs: A man’s heart is his own Neter. ~ “Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days.” ~ It is no use whatever preaching Wisdom to men: you must inject it into their blood. ~ Error carries away the unteachable. ~ Pride feels no pain. ~ Pride goes before a fall. ~ A pupil may show you by his own efforts how much he deserves to learn from you. ~ Envious greed must govern to possess and ambition must possess to govern. ~ Altruism is the mark of a superior being. ~ Always watch and follow nature. ~ The plant reveals what is in the seed. ~ Peace is the fruit of activity, not of sleep. ~ Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. ~ Put a rope around your neck and many will be happy to drag you along. ~ Declare your line of conduct without reticence. ~ The best and shortest road towards knowledge of truth is Nature. ~ What you are doing does not matter so much as what you are learning from doing it. ? It is better not to know and to know that one does not know, than presumptuously to attribute some random meaning to symbols. ~ If you search for the laws of harmony, you will find knowledge. ~ True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awaking of consciousness which goes through successive stages. ~ There are two kinds of error: blind credulity and piecemeal criticism. Never believe a word without putting its truth to the test; discernment does not grow in laziness; and this faculty of discernment is indispensable to the Seeker. Sound skepticism is the necessary condition for good discernment; but piecemeal criticism is an error. ~ True sages are those who give what they have, without meanness and without secret! ~ An answer brings no illumination unless the question has matured to a point where it gives rise to this answer which thus becomes its fruit. Therefore learn how to put a question. ~ There grows no wheat where there is no grain. ~ Listen to your conviction, even if they seem absurd to your reason. ~ To teach one must know the nature of those whom one is teaching. ~ When the governing class isn't chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach. ~ We mustn't confuse mastery with mimicry, knowledge with superstitious ignorance. ~ Physical consciousness is indispensable for the achievement of knowledge. ~ No discussion can throw light if it wanders from the real point. ~ Your body is the temple of knowledge. ~ Experience will show you, a Master can only point the way. ~ All organs work together in the functioning of the whole. ~ You will free yourself when you learn to be neutral and follow the instructions of your heart without letting things perturb you. This is the way of Maat. ~ Every man must act in the rhythm of his time... such is wisdom. ~ Men need images. Lacking them they invent idols. Better then to found the images on realities that lead the true seeker to the source. ~ Have the wisdom to abandon the values of a time that has passed and pick out the constituents of the future. An environment must be suited to the age and men to their environment. ~ Everyone finds himself in the world where he belongs. The essential thing is to have a fixed point from which to check its reality now and then. ~ A phenomenon always arises from the interaction of complementary. If you want something look for the complement that will elicit it. Seth causes Horus. Horus redeems Seth. ~ If you would build something solid, don't work with wind: always look for a fixed point, something you know that is stable... yourself. ~ If you would know yourself, take yourself as starting point and go back to its source; your beginning will disclose your end. ~ Images are nearer reality than cold definitions. ~ Seek peacefully, you will find. ~ Organization is impossible unless those who know the laws of harmony lay the foundation. ~ Social good is what brings peace to family and society. ~ Knowledge is not necessarily wisdom. ~ By knowing one reaches belief. By doing one gains conviction. When you know, dare. ~ All is within yourself. Know your most inward self and look for what corresponds with it in nature. ~ Man, know yourself... and you shalt know the gods. ~ A back does not break from bending. ~ A camel does not tease another camel about his humps. ~ A man with two ears can be supported by two words. ~ Be patient with a bad neighbor. Maybe he'll leave or a disaster will take him out. ~ Beautiful discourse is rarer than emerald, yet it can be found among the servant girls at the grindstones. ~ Bed is the poor man's opera. ~ Believe the liar up to the door of his house and no further than that. ~ Everything is formed by habit, even praying. ~ Friendship doubles joy and halves grief. ~ Listen with kindness for a clear explanation. ~ Money is sweet balm.



I been meaning to compliment and tell you… You look like you are ready for the Price of Greatness…Pause…May, I have the Last Dance if you are anything like a Rodeo… ~ Semi Shock Wave Subtle Country Laughter Humor Line Responsibility


I am like a fervent warm dream you can touch…

~ Robin Jameson Birth Name Line #521 We was all born Waiting in Expectation Waiting Patiently Civilization is a Plus


Listen to Music Selection by Marcy Playground “Sex & Candy” 1997

Page 677

Business Entities

In our environment there are three main

Types of business entities

with systems and quadrants:

Sole proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporation

*A sole proprietorship is a business

That is owned by one person.

*A partnership is an unincorporated business

that is owned by two or more

persons known as partners.

*A corporation is a business that is incorporated

Under the laws of a particular state,

And whose owners are known as

Shareholders or Stockholders.

Author’s Comments

There‘s no abiding success without commitment.

(Seventh of Seven Belief System’s of Excellence)


Franked Dividend

A dividend paid out to shareholders where the company has chosen

to pay the tax on the dividend. When an investor receives a franked dividend, the investor receives a tax credit for the amount of tax that the company paid on the dividend. This practice is most commonly seen in Australia.


Institutional Investor

Entity with large amounts to invest, such as investment companies, mutual funds, brokerages, insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks and endowment funds. Institutional investors are covered by fewer protective regulations because it is assumed that they are more knowledgeable and better able to protect themselves. They account for a majority of overall volume.


There’s one guaranteed point of promise between quality husband and promising wife. That is that, they always agree upon; he thinks nothing is too good for her, and so does she…~ Evan Easr Comedian


Spread Love & Kindness Poem Inside of a Poem: Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house...let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile. - Mother Teresa #41 Pg.1487


United Royal Quantum Impetus Conversation Females Devotional Shakespeare Pure Love Stimulus: Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference . ~ Barack Obama President of the United States is at #215



I notice you, noticing me…I want you to notice that I have rendered a courtesy call…Let’s Keep it Rolling French Lessons that Notice Coed. ~ Notice Line Coed


You look like you got a champion bank account diet…

~ Miss California 2009 Kristen Dalton #523 Water Pull Line


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Page 678

Financial Planning Process Worldwide

Blue chip one main source of stock

Putnam international

Globalization is World Wide

Wall Street 9:30a.m. to 4p.m.Trading Hours New York Stock Exchange Financial Capital of the World

It has been stated that only 10 percent of the human race

will be able to live a life style

through the use of a lab top.

Are you going to be in this category?

Financial Markets bells ring

The international and national clocks wined

Who are the leaders

Of the New York Stock Exchange?

Financial planning

Needs to be your course of life

Saves time

When you pay the price

Learn all you can about what is important to you

Stocks and Trends

And how money works

The World trade

More than 9 to 5 Basically 24 hours 5 days a week

Monetary value is fundamental in your success

So pay the price, you could be global or worldwide

Understand fair market value and practice


Author’s Comments

Financial planning process focuses on the planning and projection of future flows of scarce resources, but it also prepares you in the present for a successful life in the future based on pass results.


Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.

-- John D. Rockefeller One of the richest men to ever live #26 Pg.1484


There’s no denying that a collapse in stock prices today would pose serious macroeconomic challenges for the United States. Consumer spending would slow, and the U.S. economy would become less of a magnet for foreign investors. Economic growth, which in any case has recently been at unsustainable levels, would decline somewhat. History proves, however, that a smart central bank can protect the economy and the financial sector from the nastier side effects of a stock market collapse.

~ Ben Bernanke – Problems – Economy – Finance – Stock Market (Born: December 13, 1953)



Dress Up in Positive Progress Love Poem Inside of a Poem : For Mercy has a human heart, Pity, a human face, And Love, the human form divine, And Peace, the human dress -- William Blake


Female Devotional for Whom: "SING like you Know the Words; DANCE like No One's Watching; & LOVE... like it's Never Going to H U R T ...


Money Epigram Financial Humor: Among bankers, the heart is just an internal organ and nothing more. -- Honore de Balzac Cesar Birotteau, Ch.4



Catch my heart find love, explore the deepest desires, no reason to look no more Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will.

~ Someone or Something Special Line


I need a guaranteed profitable business plan of purpose to lay down and open up inside me the checker board, the Saltine, and or the Ritz Carlton…Jesus like Jew Business like Pleasure…

Walk today’s March with Courage….Create your Celebration of Life….

~ Whitney Port my Needs need Needs a #531 lovelovelove Line


Read the book by Marci Shim Off “Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason”

Page 679

Bloomberg Professional Fastest Services

Michael R. Bloomberg founding vision in 1981 was to create a information services, news, and media company that provides business and financial professionals with the tools and data they need on a single, all-inclusive platform.

The success of Bloomberg L.P. is due to the constant innovation of our products,

Unrivaled dedication to customer service and the unique way in which we

Constantly adapt to an ever-changing market place.

Bloomberg is about information: Accessing it,

Reporting it, Analyzing it, and Distributing it,

Creating and seizing opportunities

Faster and more accurately than any other organization.

Author’s Comments

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”— Steve Jobs #1106


My formula for success is rise early, work late, and strike oil . – Paul Getty


Indirect quote

A foreign exchange rate of a foreign currency per unit of the

domestic currency. In terms of U.S. dollars, an indirect quote is

the number of U.S. dollars that one unit of a foreign currency could

buy. For example, an indirect quote for the Japanese Yen could be

110 Yen = US $1. opposite of direct quote.


It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard or deep. –Poet May Sarton



Tactful Humor Point True Comedy Checkpoint Quality Improvement: Lessons in life: Don't watch movies that make you cry when you're waiting for the groceries to be delivered or need groceries...


Words of Wisdom Success Clarification Points: “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” —Willa A. Foster


Opportunity for Michael Bloomberg here to write a Epigram Ingredient Quote after reading EIV Bible...?



I am looking for a long term relationship… Love is the only unsinkable ship…I I Caption Dream Girl… ~ Natures Coarse Humor or Human sexuality Line


Hey you, you know they got apple cider at Wal-Mart, the apple of my eye, goes mmm…when mmm is more than a Name. What’s your name…? —Subtle Country Hint of Suggestion Line 533 Fiona Apple I Got this Apple Pie for you if you can more than feel the beat of my Heart Rhythm Soul Vibration Rock Rock Rhyme Rhythm Techniques


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Page 680

The Power to Know 2007

Engineering the flow of communication

Mail-stream solutions use satellite imagery

To let you see customers in

Unprecedented detail

Your Global business

Is connected to your distributors

Is connected to your customers

Is connected to your infrastructure

Is connected non-stop flow of data

Large caps: Time to Buy

When sparks fly to power to know into the future Invest smart & wise

Bullet proof your bonds

Hail Mary Stock Picks

On the investment Spectrum

The time is always now

Now is the time Big Growth A-Go-Go

Large cap Growth

The market is Cyclical

This means what happen one day

Will return on another day

The SEC not the South Eastern Conference

Your money can be bigger than Just

An Investment

We believe that being successful

And doing more can go hand in hand

S&P 500, Dow Jones Industries, and NASDAQ Composite Quality Needs always need to know


Author’s Comments

Financial accounting focuses on the role of accounting information in the decision-making processes of parties external to the business; that is, owners, investors, potential investors, creditors, and the public.


EQUITIES: An instrument that signifies an ownership position, or equity, in a corporation, and represents a claim on its proportionate share in the corporation’sassets and profits. A person holding such an ownership in the company does not enjoy the highest claim on the company’searnings. Instead, an equity holder’s claim is subordinated to creditor’sclaims, and the equity holder will only enjoy distributions from earnings after these higher priority claims are satisfied. Also called equities or equity securities or corporate stock.


Forward Cover Taking

Buying a forward contract in order to hedge against exchange rate variability.


No mutual fund manager who relies on market timing has kept his job for fifteen years. Individual investors who try to time the market will be tossed on the same horns. – Ralph Wanger


Fun Motivational History English Fact: The longest word(207,000 letters) was published in a science journal in 1981. The word - deoxyribonuclaecacid (DNA) -- has never been printed in full.


Parental Love Line Good Advice Poem Inside of a Poem: My father always told me, 'Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. -Jim Fox


Disney Fairytale Truisms and the Progress of Love words of more than not Only the Positive Imagination: There is no fairytale too magical to come true. Life imitates art when we lead from the heart.



Are you like excellent medicine taken every 4 to 6 hours that produce great results in any situation mathematics and or Octaves…. ~ The Power of Positive Motivation Line


When life may give you 100 reasons to cry, show life 1000 reasons to smile… #549 Debbie Ryan Combined Positive Imaginations Makes it Possible in Civilization Positive Socialization and Perfect Obtain Progress with Impetus Chemistry not Only a Line


Listen to Praise Instrumental by: Mary Beth Carlson "Great is the Faithfulness" from & On the C.D. --> A Brand New Day

Page 681 

Dr. Steve Harper Enterprise UNCW....Carlos Toomer

I had more Jobs than most at least 30

In a 10 or 20 year life span

Once upon time aspiration of fame

I knew I had to be true to more than my name

Main points and lessons by Teachers, Coaches, and Professors TQM Management a must

Friends, Family, and Parents Thrust Trust Just

To Success Working in main stream is not the same claim or aim

Proclaims College or High School Lessons this flame is to Tame

Obedience and Discipline which is needed in Main Stream America and the world

Banking, Movie industry, Sports jobs, Sells and Youth Counselor Twirled

Retails, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, General Labors, and Life Guard Swirled

Farm hand, Construction, Military, Business Owner and many more Jobs in life time unfurled

Count your blessings, seek knowledge

Some of your best times should be in College, High school, Middle School. & Elementary

You have to get involved and be social able your imagination is one of the most important assets

but love is more important

Finance allows you to achieve any dream, vision, or aspiration

Once was poor limited foundation

Intuition, Heart, Mind, Love, Success, Peace Vibration

Four score in Thirty Years is a generation

The time is now. Now is the time for Positive Purposeful Love Purposeful Creation The Time is Always

More than A Now Daily Quality Improvement


Author’s Comments

No matter the situation always be positive and be productive. The fact is that financial statements are tailored to the needs, of a wide range of decision makers, depending upon the type of company and the characteristics’ of an industry.


Expectations theory

A theory that forward interest rates can be used as a barometer for

future interest rates. Investors expecting higher short-term interest

rates are more likely to buy bonds maturing in the short term. If

they were to park money into a long term debt they might not be able

to make as much interest.


Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing. ~ 1130 Warren Buffet


Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorizes, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants who give time to governing. ~ Romans 13:5-6 (NIV)


Proper Behavior is a Plus & a Must in Civilization Poem Inside of a Poem: Parents must get across the idea that I love you always, but sometimes I do not love your behavior. -- Amy Vanderbilt


Quality Experience is a Life Long Study Maxim Words of Love Wisdom Positive Mantra Encouragement Motto Pure Inspiration Creed: "All the woulda-coulda-shouldas layin' in the sun, talkin' 'bout the things they woulda-coulda-shoulda done... But all those woulda-coulda-shouldas all ranaway and hid from one little did."- Shel Silverstein, Author


I notice you, noticing me. I want you notice. I have reserved a courtesy call…

~ Notice Smooth High Intelligent Line


…Take my breath away make me smile musical pink toe instrument….for the love of God and or Freedom take my breathe away like Skyscraper and or mountain snow bunny Springtime Apple Pie River Run… ~ Ashlee Hewitt Angel Angle #551 Courtly Care Character Lover lovelove Line


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Page 682

Measurements in Dollars

For some reason

High school and Lower

Does not teach

How money works

I Imagine all of us

Want to be Financially Independent

However without a goal in mind

Your full Potential May Diminish

Whether you ultimately want to become an owner, a manager, an investor, or a creditor,

Or if your interest is in an organization as a concerned citizen, it is paramount that you

Understand how accounting information can enhance your I.Q.

Of How Money Works…


Author’s Comments

The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learned nothing about money. The result is that people learn to work for money but never learn to have money work for them.~ Robert Kiyosaki (Born: April 8, 1947)


I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advice them to do it. ~ Harry S. Truman 33 President of the United States of America (1884-1972)


Directional Trading

A trading strategy that simply considers the direction the investor thinks the market is heading. His or her determination on the future direction of the market will determine if he or she will buy or sell. The direction of the market is the only variable that is considered.


Money is a handmaiden, if you know how to use it; a mistress, if

you do not. – Horace



Words of Wisdom Motivational Fact: As we act 'right,' our right results are guaranteed ." ~ 268 Mark Victor Hansen… Professional Motivator


Romantic Mantra Motivation Motto Inspire Positive Encouragement Love Creed Excellence or Better Success Stimulus Wisdom: Carry Chopin in your heart and Vince Lombardi in your mind...



Once upon time a great fine guy meet a beautiful girl on the inside & out by Chance & Choice…He sent for her and she found him...Ha Hi…My Name is… ~ Introduction Transition Communication Line to Shift Pause Hold Create the Conversation you Need Communication


Can I Shake your Sugar Tree...? I Don’t Mind your Lolli Pop Love falling all around me…

~ Mandy Perkins Courtly C 554# Dolly-ite I also mean Dolly more than Alright Line Pam Tills Palm Sunday Revised Lyrics more than a Palm Tree


Listen to Brandon Heath “Love Never Fails” a Excellent 1 Song After a Wedding for the Reception



Page 683

Irrefutable Rush of the Sell...

Larry Johnson ~University of Kentucky Player (1973-1977)Basketball born Morganfield, Kentucky (born November 28, 1954)

Remember you sweet lady

Of questionable taste or morality shady

Business gone sour greed in the hour

Dealing under handedly no fair deal lost your power

God is always watching

Days are numbered keeping tally a Notch

On your outrageous acts recommending

Facts of life there is no short cut that pays dividends watch

Fair market value and Practice

Your worth not appreciated

In the Global economy

Diminishes every day you cheat, lie or steal

Best to be fair

If it is God’s intention

You will receive everything you want and need

Within the course of a life time

If you apply the laws of success

To your everyday life

Don’t cheat, Don’t lie, Don’t steal

Always negotiate a fair deal

Author’s Comments

The entrance of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. ~ Psalm 119:130


We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.

-- Winston Churchill #30 Pg.1484


Gross Profit/Loss: The profit or loss in a currency transaction in terms of U.S. dollars.



Loving Friendship is Absolute Love Poem Inside of a Poem: Where you find true friendship, You find true love.


Correct Attitude Positive Affirmation Encourage Self-Esteem Motivate Inspire Water Words of Love Excellence Wisdom: Every successful person of quality may have failed, but yet never do they regard themselves or others as failures...Life is a process you just have to apply all the best positive fundamentals to everything...



You look dead sexy for Halloween…You look dead sexy…you know what I mean dead sexy…

~ Halloween Comedy Dead Looking Halloween Time Line


You are a ray of sunshine on any day not only doing spring passover…~ Line 4 Who?


Lenny Kravitz ~ Again



Page 684

Falling Short of the American Dream

No I in Team They Said, “I Do.” We Said, “Please Don’t.”

History has given us a sense of pride

But there is I in Win….They Say, "I Do." We Say, "Call To Action."

Take Action the American Dream has been challenged My Dear Friends

Falling short of the American dream

What does this mean?

The American Dream

Where do we come from where are we going? Christian Sports Science Christian Hollywood

No I in team

The American dream

Times have changed

The American dream

No I in team

Falling short of the American Dream Christian Sports Science Christian Good Hollywood

Tiger Woods is it really what it seems?

Labron James What does this Mean?

Donald Thrump and Robert T. Kiyosaki what is a dream?

For all of life’s simple pleasures, I say, “Thank You, God!”

Spike Lee evaluates the American Dreams.

Damon Wayans and family what is a dream full of laughter and no tears after Mirth…?

No I in the team

Our American teams allies and dreams.

Is it Love that wonders mere fortuitous Combinations of Happy Thoughts and Sensations The House of Mirth the House of God

Author’s Comments

The pursuit of life, liberty, justice and happiness the traditional American dream…If power, money, respect is the 2006 American dream. What does it mean? Two books to read if you want to learn more about finances are

“The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump 157 and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.


A goal is a dream with a deadline…

-Napoleon Hill (October 25, 1883– November 81970 ) #35 Pg.1485


Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981

ERTA. A federal law that reduced income tax rates and provided

incentives for businesses, including an adjustment to depreciation

rates. It was signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The law

ultimately increased the federal budget deficit, and prompted some

of ERTA to be reversed or reviewed in the Tax Equity and Fiscal

Responsibility Act of 1982.


Life is what you accept and what you create. Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. ~ Carlos Toomer (Born: July 9, 1972)


Enlightenment Understanding Quality Value Mind Body Spirit Life Prayer: May you be safe, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may the blessings of life come to you with ease...


Quality Confidence Romantic Care Spiritual Compassion Beauty Psalm: Confidence starts with beauty. Beauty begins from comfort within.


A song from your vocals is an voice from heaven, lips & every appealing sound…Subdue…Subdue…Subdue my inter most Transmissions.

~ Nursery Rhyme Song Line Subdue Keys to Victory Lifestyle Subdue


Soul mate two little words, one big concept…A belief that someone, somewhere, is holding the key to your heart… ~Hey Your Doing Good Keep Going Line


Listen to music selection by Matt Maher “As It is in Heaven” Christian Pop



Page 685 is Page 694

Basic Purpose of Money

Understanding of money and what it can do and solving money problems

Money makes the civilized world evolve

It is symbol of what it can do resolve

What all humans need…be involved

Money can buy food and necessities solve

The problem of money the most common medium of exchange funny

To some wealth reckoned in terms of money

Functions of legal tender official currency issued by a Government

Or National Bank money does bring security and accruement

Author’s Comments

Those who turn good (organizations) into great (organizations) are motivated by a deep creative urge and an inner compulsion for sheer unadulterated excellence for its own sake.


I was a stock broker once. I think there is an absolute place for market investments. But they should never be the basis of one’s retirement they should be an additional piece on top of a basic, secure, guaranteed retirement benefits.

~ Barbara Boxer Democrat of California (Born: November 11, 1940) Courtly Caretaker CC #238


dividend payout

The amount of cash that a company sends to its shareholders in the

form of dividends. The company can decide to send all profits back

to its investors, or could keep a portion of it as retained earnings.


Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all

obstacles, discouragements, and impossibilities: It is this,

that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.”

Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish Essayist, Satirist, and Historian...


My Healthier Health Choice is Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken: Chicken turns this Greek-inspired salad into a substantial main course. Feel free to substitute other chopped fresh vegetables, such as broccoli or bell peppers, for the tomatoes or cucumber.


Class Words of Wisdom Tactful Humor Finance Point: Money wants what it can buy. Class and Talent. And remember that while there’s a talent for making money, it takes real talent to know to know how to spend it… ~ Candace Bushnell-One Fifth Avenue C 577 Courtly C Slot


United Royal Quantum Impetus Style Heart Proverb Conversation: When you meet a man, you judge him by his clothes; when you leave, you judge him by his heart... ~ Russian Proverb



If you mix Hersey & Vanilla together it comes out something like Tan…Singalong Vitamin C…

~ Biological Humor Wit Line Financial Market is Diversified Character in the Individual Ability to Think


Hey what’s cracking? Wipes & leather just not sweet dreams when knelt on well loved curbs love never fails faithful Good Responsibility. What you give comes back to you in one-way or another…..

~ Introduction Tactful Humor Greeting of a Question of a Line Statement for Who?


Jamie Grace ~ Beautiful Day

Page 686

Financial Heaven-As If this could come true

Maria Bartiromo Courtly Character #164 aka Minx Beautie

“Financial Anchor and Reporter Television Journalist

Looking into eyes with a gazing Stare

Away to see into a Soul of Care

Just the thought of Financial Freedom Exceeding Liberty Love Quality Purpose

It’s a peaceful and loving wonderful place….I wonder….

Knowing you're in a amazing place to learn more than fun move on and positively grow

What are you Going to do is my Concern… I Ponder…measure a little while long time gone

The way to achieve success in life…Is…Maybe is…

Is to communicate and learn from successful people of the past and in the presence of truth the measure of treasure lifelong heaven lead on How to Walk the Talk: Everyone talks the talk. Most Folks walk the walk live with integrity.

The way a heart can skip a beat

Understand human behavior and or culture

The way you may love to laugh easy feat

Create positive habitual environment of what you want to have & be for the future

A beautiful place like a financial heaven and or opportunity of the Heart that once was your Shrine for better love too divine

Truth True Admire all positive actions person place or things you do on your course to your desired goals and needs

The way to make life worth living use the power of forgiveness Understand Learn Unity Impetus Positive

Pick-up your life be with positive people Move on reborn saved Souls…I wonder…I ponder…

Knuckle Up to go down and up in under and Plunder Buckle Up like a Financial Rodeo

It is more about being Human than the Numbers Heat Asunder Whist Thunder

All of us want the best for you Unity in our World Community Financial Heaven Unite Positive Unity

Fortune Favours the one who follows the light emanating from his or her dreams

Author’s Comments

When you cannot make up your mind which of two evenly balanced courses of action you should take-choose the bolder inter beauty outer beauty has no age limit.


Jesus Speaking “Take heart, son, your sins are forgiving” If you repent your sins…& mean it…

~ Matthew 9:2


Grant that I may not pray alone with the mouth; help me that I may pray from the depths of my heart. ~ Martin Luther


maturity gap---A method of attempting to quantify interest rate risk by comparing the potential changes in value to assets and liabilities that are affected by interest rate fluctuations over all relevant intervals. The maturity of each asset or liability defines an interval that must be assessed.



My Healthier Health Entree is Greek Chicken & Vegetable Ragout: Chicken thighs stay moist and succulent during slow cooking, infusing the accompanying vegetables with superb flavor. This easy braise has a luxurious finish of avgolémono, a versatile Greek sauce made with egg, lemon and fresh dill. Serve with whole-wheat orzo or crusty bread to soak up the sauce.


Fun Motivation Fact Enlightenment Value Love Quality Role Models Inspiration Water Point: I think the best role models for women and girls are people of either gender, who are fruitfully and confidently themselves, who bring light into the world.

~ Meryl Streep The Highest Quality Family Majestic Private or Public Perfection Perfect Magic Solo Iso Perfectism C#477 Courtly Caretaker Element Compassion Ingredient Element Care Element Grace and Character 477…


Comedy Tactful Humor Laughter Joy Bliss Education Medical Question Point: To be schooled on the Topic of Auto Erotic Asphyxiation would hormones be involved, if so how?



Have you ever tried “Miracle Fruit Thanksgiven Goodness” it’s the fruit and Chemistry that makes everything taste sweet, turns lemons into lemonade and love like magic MisleToe State of Affairs…. ~ Maturity Gap Positive Progress Financial Heaven Proverbs Line Jaime Jamgochian #460


Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts up where we belong. All you need is love.

~ From the Movie Moulin Rouge Tag Line


69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll was Released 1994…. Backed Up by the Quad City DJ's!



Page 687

The Love River of Finance

Erin Burnett aka Ember “Flirtous Girl Church Bell Towers Chime” Benefits Bio Info at the #37 Slot

There’s a love river it flows forever like street signs Church Bells Ring Burning Clues in Hearts of Mine

It is so peaceful and calm cyclical and predictable like Bloomberg on the markets Sky’s the Limit just in the Nic of Time

As if My Side Kick is a Marine Financial Expert it is a beautiful Clue Cue Money line and or Citi Group Making Moves Making Profits Church Bells Chime

True view accrue like love on the edge of a river Be Positive. Crave the Positive. Life is a success seeking adventure Counting Your Blessings Love River Bed Adieu

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. Count Your Blessings

Dream on to when to wed to Win more than Quality Profits Making Money Making Beds

It can be a wise secure balanced investment neat full of dress or full of dread the need to exceed the Highest Quality Habits of Profits Gamble Gumbo Gambol High Stakes Love Making Moves Love Making Beds...

Inform like the Financial Program Squawk “box” on the Street Church Bells also Ring…

This is Good Place to Make Money Dreams come true so please Don’t Scream Quality Life Long Daily Improvements needs need to more than Meet

If you were an Analyst with Goldman Sachs

This is the end of the love river but it still flows forever Lovers love and needs need to know more than the Purest Facts and Church Bells that Ring...

Like the New York Stock Exchange I got my Favorites and My Favorite Past and or Pass Times Be Fruitful. Be Established. Be Productive.

All of our Combined Best Abilities and Talents still remain to reach our Full Potential but to Always more than Improve Love the River of Finance that Chime

No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on dress.hlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.


Author’s Comments

We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh. -Agnes Repplier


“He who has achieved success has worked well, laughed often and loved much.” --Elbert Hubbard


The man who has a girl at every port is not a sailor but a wholesaler. -Evan Esar Comedian


Currency carry trade: An exchange of currencies, where an investor will exchange a specific amount of one currency for another currency which can be invested at a higher interest rate. The investor will then invest the new currency in a risk-free security, such as a bond, in hopes of earning more interest over time than could have been earned through investing the original currency. As long as the exchange rates stay the same, the investor will be earning money, but if the value of the original currency rose, the investor could lose money from this situation.



Aphrodisiac Foods My Anti-Aging Doc Health Tips: Chocolate-Chocolate is pure sex. The texture, the playfulness ... what's not to like? Interestingly, a sugar buzz is not what leaves you feeling so good after you have enjoyed a decadent chocolate desert. Chocolate is a great source of phenylethylamine, a naturally occurring chemical that imitates the feeling of falling in love. Recreating this thrilling sensation is one of the easiest ways to spice up your love life after years of monogamy. Pumpkin Pie-A recent study performed by Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, found that the smell of pumpkin can increase penile blood flow by up to 40 percent when combined with the scent of lavender, 20 percent when combined with the smell of donuts. The smell of pumpkin combined with candy-coated licorice can also increase vaginal blood flow by up to 18 percent. Combine the smell of pumpkin with cloves, responsible for increasing blood flow, and you have the perfect aphrodisiac food. Avocado-The creamy texture of an avocado is almost sexy enough to be considered an aphrodisiac on its own. However, avocados also contain a healthy dose of vitamin E, which increases hormone production. This will improve your sex drive and promote vaginal lubrication. Oysters-Since the time of the Romans, oysters have been considered an aphrodisiac. This is due to the fact that an oyster resembles female genitalia. Now, thousands of years later, it appears that the Romans may have been onto something. Oysters are pumped full of zinc, an important component in the production of testosterone. While most women would not consider a boost in their testosterone levels a good thing, it will help improve your sex drive whether you are a man or a woman. The next time you are having a bit of a dry spell, it may be just the time to head to that oyster bar. If oysters are not your thing, psychiatrist Dr. G. Frank Lawlis suggests a handful of nuts for a similar result. Watermelon-If it takes you a while to become aroused, watermelon may be just the solution. This fleshy fruit is full of phytonutrient citrulline, which helps to improve circulation by relaxing the blood vessels. Consequently, you will become aroused at the drop of a hat. Additionally, watermelon is sensual to eat, and smells sweet adding to the aphrodisiac properties of this fun food.



I think I love you…you have the most beautiful eyes…

~ Simple Line if you are quick on your feet


Call me overly-Simplistic but Jesus is the answer to everything…

~ Huh Oh Yeah not Just a Line


Listen to music instrumental “A Summer Place” by Gene Nery 



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Moneylender’s Dream on the Edge Frustration “Mission Liv”

Moneylender’s sometimes go along for the ride

Sometimes secretive and never confide

To another the secrets of their trade

Wealth can cover their eyes of jade

Pleasure common among their attire

And mind you, certainly it can become a desire

The warmth of a stock, grace or form

For as if the STASUS along was the norm to always improve from Birth when One was Born

In matters of business to excel

And no information properly passed on could be withheld

From a piercing glance to snarling glare into any obsess

Financial papers & Forms to track, plenty, and many and or mure digress

Can markets fall victim to frugality

Which can only be matched by vitality

To be seen on a dance floor

Wearing a flowery dress or Hawaiian attire of yore open Up the Door

With hands rapped firmly around a waist

Feet move quickly, too swift to be traced

Voice can vary accordingly to motion or emotion AND Both but never neither nor but to Live Mission Liv

Many dreams are or maybe to have a beach house by the ocean shore

Beige embers embrace

Wrap my heart tightly breathe erase

I love you…never to be traced

Whisper softly, so that only lovers lovelovelove always embrace

The wind may hear…

I love you too…Money & Dreams…Sainthood or Sainthoods Impetus Actions of yore...


Author’s Comments

Unconditional Love and Support can cure, fix, and transform the majority of the problems in the world with solutions. ~ Saints & Money Needed Aphorism


I have the faith that belief in the Godly Spark in each person has the power to transform others as well. -- -Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen


In truth, curiosity often leads to more mess than mastery, but it is how we handle the mess that helps encourage further exploration, and thereby, development. Redefine failure. When the five-year-old is learning to jump rope and he trips a thousand times, this is not a thousand failures — it is determination.” —Bruce D. Perry



“I can’t do it” never yet accomplished anything: “I will try” has accomplished wonders. There is no such thing as failure keep at it going in the positive direction. This is persistence.

~ Miranda Lambert (Born: November 10, 1983 ) Courtly Slot #140



My Anti-Aging Doc Health Tip on Dementia Memory Lost: Baked fish is the protein source that you should eat at least a few times a week. It is the lovely omega-3 Fatty acids found in fish that reduces the chance of getting dementia.


Fun Motivation Joy Encouragement Bliss Inspiration Love Fact: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength loving someone deeply gives you courage...~ Taoism


Comedy Humor Romantic Financial Humor: If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it….?



Did you have Campbell’s Soup today because you are looking…mmm…mmm…Good .

~ Commercial Remix Healthy Line


Love is like dew that falls on both nettles and lilies…~ Swedish Proverb Line


Listen to music selection by Miranda Lambert “Desperation"

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Fundamentals of Financial Management Conclusion & Content Positive Directional Brief


Finance is, in a real sense, the cornerstone impetus stimulus to the or a enterprise system-excellent financial management is the vital force and power to phenomenal economic health of all firms and hence to the constant shifting economic condition that needs to be stabilized. This can be achieved with and by the most creative minds and bodies as the solution to the whole human population...a consistent aggregate quality improvement.


II.) FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS A.) Financial Marketing B.) Financial Statements C.)Analysis D.) Time Value of Money

III.) FINANCIAL ASSETS A.) Interest Rates B.) Bonds & Their Valuation C.) Risk & Rates of Return D.) Stocks & Their Valuation

IV.) INVESTING LONG-TERM ASSESTS: CAPITAL BUDGETING A.) The Cost of Capital B.) The Basics of Capital Budgeting C.) Cash Flow Estimation & Risk Analysis D.) Real Options & Other Opportunities

V.) CAPITAL STRUCTURE & DIVIDEND POLICY A.) Capital Structure & Leverage B.) Distributions to Shareholders

VI.) WORKING ON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT & FINANACIAL FORECASTING A.) Putting Things in Perspective B.) Financial Planning & Forecasting

VII.) SPECIAL TOPICS IN FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT A.) Derivatives & Risk Management B.) Multinational Financial Management C.) Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Leasing, Warrants & Convertibles D.) Mergers & Acquisitions


Author's Comments

When life is filled with new possibilities, we become energized, motivated and inspired. When we train ourselves to see through the eyes of possibilities, "no" doesn't stop us it invigorates us. Judgments cease to block our growth. All our excuses no longer have power over us. When possibility is our default position, optimism is our calling card. ~ Fearless Living Institute Founder Rhonda Britten WWW Courtly Love #1080 Quality Control is Pure Sport


True love is night jasmine, a diamond in darkness, the heartbeat no cardiologist has ever heard. It is the most common of miracles, fashioned of fleecy clouds - a handful of stars tossed into the night sky. ~ Jim Bishop



Element Ingredient Opportunity Daddy Daughter Trivia: Miley CyrusCC#105 was born left-handed, just like her father , Billy RayCyrus CC#106. He believes that lefties have to learn everything backwards in life, so he trained Miley to write with her right hand from a very early age. To this day, she does use her right hand...Her youngest sister Noah Lindsey Cyrus CC#482, who in 2009 launched a Children's Lingerie Clothing Line. Girls do love to play dress up as young as female toddlers...Ladies, I see a lot of positive opportunity with this...and the best positive leadership. Creativity is creativity. It just depends on the direction you want or need to go and what you want to achieve.


Today's Lifetime Quality Lifestyle Affirmation Impetus Love Maxim: Chase it and it will elude you. Let go of it and it will stay. Give it and 10 times more of it. I will be given back. It has many faces but is always with you. It asks you to become greater than your fears. It breaks your Heart on purpose to know It's value. When you put it first, all things come to you. It forgives immediately and forgets every time. It's to your left, your right, behind you and right in front of you. It has many names but one purpose - Love. I attract only loving people that serve the greatest good into my life. It's okay to love people from a far. I love myself enough to let the right kind of love in. I put love first in all my affairs and surrender the outcome because I know it will be AWESOME!


Tactful Humor Quality Comedy Education Improvement: A neutron walks into a bar and asks “how much for a beer?” The bartender says, “for you? no charge.”



"[T]he deterioration of any one part of the planet affects us all." ~ Pope Benedict Catholic# Solidarity# 839


Watch the movie "Easy A" (2010) with Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Patrica Clarkson, & Lisa Kudrow





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