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Clarity Index Section 1C. Quality Clarity Section:

Everyone wants to be Successful & Part of Something Special 


Four Strategies for a New Business by Brian Tracy

There are four strategies you can use to find a new product or service to start or build your own business.

LOOK IN YOUR OWN FIELD The first strategy is to find a new product or service in your own field or skills. You may have a million dollar idea in your own mind. Many people have had the experience of having an idea for a product or service nag at them over and over again, and you keep pushing it away or ignoring it. They say the average person has four ideas each year driving to and from work, any one of which would make them a millionaire if they would just follow it up. So look into your own field or skills. Look into your own mind. Look into your own ideas.


LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES WHEN YOU TRAVEL The second strategy is to find a new product or service while you travel. Keep your eyes open for opportunities. A very good friend of mine, who is now a multi-millionaire, started his fortune by traveling east and seeing a unique type of orange drink called Orange Julius and then getting the exclusive rights to sell it in a large Western city. From there, he expanded into other restaurants, into real estate, and into apartments. He developed a high positive cash flow from his Orange Julius business that made him a millionaire. Sometimes just finding a new product or service that is doing well somewhere else that hasn’t come to your market area can make you wealthy.


GET THE RIGHTS TO SELL IT Remember your objective, when you find a new product or service, is to acquire the rights to sell the product or service exclusively in your market area. Sometimes these rights are available for the asking. A gentleman I know named Peter Thomas got the rights for Century 21 to Canada simply by going to the offices and asking for them when Century 21 was a young company. From that, he turned Century 21 into one of the most successful real estate franchises in Canada. He is now worth millions of dollars, having taken the cash flow from Century 21 and channeled it into other real estate investments.


BE SURE IT IS ALREADY SUCCESSFUL Sometimes just asking for the right to sell it in your market area is all you have to do. Here’s the key, though. Before you bring a new product or service back to your market area, be absolutely sure that it sells well somewhere else. Many people advertise products outside their market area because they are not selling inside their market area, so make very sure that the product is selling well already in other markets.


DEVELOP A MONEY MAKING ATTITUDE Strategy number three is to keep your eyes and ears open and alert to new business opportunities occurring around you. Develop a money-making attitude. A friend of mine became very successful by building commercial property across the street from a new shopping center that was being developed. The traffic from the shopping center made that commercial space extremely valuable. He opened two businesses in it, and started his fortune. So be alert to what is going on around you.


BE SURE YOU LIKE IT YOURSELF And strategy number four is this. Remember you will only be successful marketing and selling something that you believe in, use yourself and would recommend to your best friend. Many times, I see people who make the critical mistake of trying to sell a product or service that they themselves would neither use nor afford, nor would they recommend to someone else, but they think that other people will buy it even though they wouldn’t. So remember you must really, really believe it the product. You must be excited about the product. You must absolutely believe that this product can enhance the life or work of someone else and then be eager to tell them about it.


ACTION EXERCISES First, develop a new business mentality. Continually look around you for new products and services that people need, want and are willing to pay for.


Second, develop a money making attitude. Look around you for opportunities to sell products or services that are not currently being offered, at either higher prices or in greater quantities. The possibilities are everywhere. ~ 452 Brian Tracy


“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.”

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Clarity Index Section 2C. Quality Clarity Section: 

Top 10 Qualities of Excellence

1. Natural Talent – Know Your Brilliance!

An uncut diamond has a wealth of unrealized possibility and brilliance. The beauty inherent in the diamond beckons us to develop its potential. Likewise, we are at our best when we develop our natural talent. Know your brilliance and learn to become it every day.


2. Invest in your success.

Life rewards those who are invested in their success. If you’re ambivalent about what you really want, you won’t get what’s most important. Let whatever it is you’re striving for mean something to you! Don’t stay stuck if you’re not happy or making progress. Invest in your success so you’re completely passionate and motivated towards realizing your dream. Believe in your dream and you’ll be invested in the creation of your success.


3. Integrity

When you have integrity, your word means something. If people can’t depend on your word, integrity’s lacking. If your actions aren’t aligned with your words, a disconnect occurs ­ this disconnect then compromises your integrity. Integrity is the quality of being complete and undivided ­ living from “what’s right.” Live life so that you are always in a state of integrity.


4. Passion

Passion is that which deeply moves us. It’s the fire from within and that which motivates us. Passion deeply stirs us and compels us into action. Passion gives us the ability to be touched, moved and inspired. Passion is at the core of excellence tap into yours and let it guide your vision!


5. High Standards

Excellence implies striving for quality. Standards of excellence are those that are flawless and impeccable. Do you complete work? Do you surround yourself with people who nourish your spirit and intellect? Do you address discrepancies or concerns on the spot? Good isn’t enough; we need to exceed expectations and continually raise the bar for excellence. In this way, quality is continually generated.


6. Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and innovation require openness and questioning. The belief that anything’s possible paves the way for creative thinking. *Outside of the box* thinking produces innovation, and what company doesn’t want to be at the forefront of innovation? Creativity and innovation require a boldness to play and discover… to be comfortable enough to admit that one doesn’t know the answers. It’s in the openness to not knowing the answers that allow creativity and innovation to be born.


7. Self Awareness

Self-awareness, particularly about the supports and structures that bring out our best, is key. Lacking self-awareness is like stumbling in the dark – one randomly bumps into what one is looking for. Contrast this to knowing exactly the supports and structures that support you. With self-awareness, one is able to get oneself *into the zone* with precision and accuracy. Pay attention and observe yourself to enhance your self-awareness skills.


8. Commitment

Commitment implies a willingness and a *stick-to-it-ness.* If one is committed, one’s support is uncompromising and unending. One is willing to do anything in support of the commitment. Commitment drives us and anchors us during challenging times. Commitment enables us to maintain a high degree of perseverance. Commitment opens the door to self-mastery and excellence.


9. Showing Up

It doesn’t matter HOW we show up, what matters is THAT we show up. Day after day, step after step. Don’t let temporary obstacles keep you from showing up on a day to day basis. Pace yourself like an athlete and learn to develop new habits by incorporating the behavior on a day to day to day basis. Show up no matter what, and you’ll gain stability and forward momentum as you move your vision forward.


10. Contribution

Looking back, what do you want the memories of your life to be? Excellence isn’t solely about success, measured by how much money or notoriety we gain. Success is definitely not excellence if we’ve stomped on people en route to our goals!


Excellence is about contributing our best to the world while evoking others to do the same. It’s about understanding our place and making our mark in the world, as we attempt to make it a better place. Excellence is about contribution and honoring others as we move forward towards our vision. Excellence lies in the hearts of all who evoke it in others by mentoring, supporting, exemplifying and giving back. ~ Jan Gordan Executive, Career & Personal Coach 



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Clarity Index Section 3C. Quality Clarity Section:

The Art of Self Transcendence


By: Sri Chinmoy

Life without hope

Is no life at all.


Hope passes beyond,

Far beyond,

The abyss of despair.


Our hopes

Should be as deep

As the Pacific Ocean.



Is not just a word.


Is today’s beautiful plant.


Is tomorrow’s fruitful tree.


Hope is not a momentary flicker.

Hope is Eternity’s slow, steady,

Illumining and fulfilling height.


O hope, you are my treasure dear

Of a long century.

Because of you I see not the fear

Of stark penury.



Listen to the Exhortation of the Dawn! Look to this Day!

For it is Life, the very Life of Life. In its brief course lie all the

Verities and Realities of your Existence. The Bliss of Growth, The Glory of Action, The Splendor of Beauty; For Yesterday is but a Dream, And To-morrow is only a Vision; But To-day well lived makes Every Yesterday a Dream of Happiness, And every Tomorrow a Vision of Hope. Look well therefore to this Day! Such is the Salutation of the Dawn! Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them. The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope.



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Clarity Index Section 4C. Quality Clarity Section:

The Art of Combined Transcendence 




Mother is adored in each part of the universe.


Even the Lord give due respect to the mother.


The great epic ‘Bible’ also throws light on the place of mother in the life of a human being.


What ‘Bible’ says about mother is…


Gen 3:20

Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living. 



My Kids, keep the Lords Commandments and do not for sake your mother’s teaching. Jesus is the way.

~ Proverbs 6:20 (EIV) Epigrammatic Impetus Bible



Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. The mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom. Of all the greatest pleasures of a Mother, it is to raising a loving child that is thankful. Few misfortunes can befall a boy which brings worse consequences than to have a really affectionate mother. No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement. If nature had arranged that husbands and wives should have children alternatively, there would never be more than three in a family. So love mothers’ and females’ for they are the key to peaceful humane loving evolution success. Females become mothers’ and mothers’ are females.

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Clarity Index Section 5C. Quality Clarity Section:

Buddhist Wisdom Path to Quality


Heedfulness: the path to the Deathless.

Heedlessness: the path to death.

The heedful do not die.

The heedless are as if

already dead.

Knowing this as a true distinction,

those wise in heedfulness

rejoice in heedfulness,

enjoying the range of the noble ones.


The enlightened, constantly

absorbed in jhana,


firm in their effort:

they touch Unbinding,

the unexcelled safety from bondage.



What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for. You become what you believe. ~ Oprah #229 




Our body is precious. It is a vehicle for awaking. Treat it with care. ~ Buddha



Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation use it. Your quality value path is a gift use it. Love is the answer to any question of your mind. Love is the key that unlocks the heart. Love gives like the sun shining rays. Love transcends and sets a soul to flight. Love is light. Love is the path. Successful seems to be connected to action. Successful people keep moving…If they make mistakes, they don’t give up…..They don’t Quit…..They may change their course and or direction but they don’t Quit… #77 Tempus Maximus (Born: July 9, 1972) Pg.17



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Clarity Index Section 6C. Quality Clarity Section: The Champion Within Article to Excellence or Better


By Denis Waitley

The Power of Positive Self-Expectancy: The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley

Positive self-expectancy is the first, most outwardly identifiable quality of a top-achieving, winning human being. Positive self-expectancy is pure and simple optimism: real enthusiasm for everything you do. And optimism is expecting the most favorable result from your own actions.


There never was a winner who didn’t expect to win in advance. Winners understand that life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. And they know that you usually get what you expect in the long run. So winners accept the belief that hope and a deep, unbreakable faith — forged into a fundamental attitude of positive self-expectancy — is the eternal spring from which all creative, motivating energy flows.


The idea that faith conquers all has been verified from biblical times to current-day medical histories to daily stories of heroism and come-from-behind victories and rags-to-riches success we read about every day in the newspapers. They’re human biographies of greatness we read about, hear about, and watch on TV. And we marvel over these special people who pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.


Let me ask you this: Did it ever occur to you that you, also, are one of these special people? Well, you are! You see, most of the real winners in life are so busy contributing, they don’t even think of seeking publicity for their acts. Most of them are discovered by the media, caught in the act of winning. Success is the way you spend your minutes doing your best for others. It is the way you take the talent you were born with, and the knowledge and skills you have since developed, and use them fully, toward a purpose that makes you feel worthwhile, according to your own individual, internal standards. However, the winning edge of excellence comes from team effort & positive success.


In your quest for excellence, there are two powerful sets of great expectations affecting your life. First, there are the expectations that others close to you have for you. And then there are the expectations that you have for yourself. While we all try to rise to the expectations others have for us, there is no question that our limitations and success will be based, most often, on our own expectations for ourselves. What the mind dwells upon, the body acts upon.


As a behavioral scientist studying the lives of thousands of winners and losers, I find that “psycho,” the mind, is your own best fortuneteller to forecast the actions of “soma,” the body. And understanding this mind-and-body, psychosomatic relationship is the key to understanding the importance of the first, most outwardly identifiable quality of a winner: that of positive self-expectancy. Winners expect another good day, a promotion, a raise, to find a parking place, a productive meeting, and a harmonious family life — and they usually get them. Winners know that their actions will be controlled by their current obsessions. Losers generally expect more of the same frustration, more problems, the loss of a job, a dull evening, bad service, and failure. Most importantly, losers expect to feel bad and get sick — and they do.


Careful studies of the life histories of thousands of widely differing people have shown that the probability of health changes, such as sickness, accident, even pregnancy, can be predicted. We are learning that all disease is not necessarily caused by germs. All of us have germs, but only a few become ill as a result. Instead, the cause of disease is loosely linked with the way individuals react to life. The link between stressful life changes, expectant anxiety, and health changes seems to be associated with the body’s immune system, which makes antibodies to fight foreign material and germs. Situations that arouse fear and anxiety suppress antibody production as well.


Distrustful situations may also upset production of hormones, which have a role in emotional balance. An emotionally upset individual is much more prone to accidents.


But what does all this have to do with positive self-expectancy and winning attitudes? Simply this: Mental obsessions DO have physical manifestations. You do become that which you fear. You get what you suspect. You are that which you expect to be. This power of the self-fulfilling prophecy is one of the most amazing phenomena of human nature. What do you expect for yourself? You should expect the best. The winners in life, believing in the self-fulfilling prophecy, keep their momentum moving upward by expecting better jobs, more money, good health, better family relationships, financial security, warm friendships, and success.


All really successful individuals fervently desire and expect to win — no matter what curve life throws at them. Think about Helen Keller, who graduated magna cum laude and devoted her entire life to the service of others, although she had been deaf and blind since infancy. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had polio. The modern artist Matisse created some of his best work when he was nearly blind, aged, and bedridden. A young woman named Patti Catalano overcame the self-destructive habits of overeating and chain-smoking to become one of the top 10 marathon runners in the world. I remember a little girl who took her optimism from the back streets of Harlem to the center court at Wimbledon — Althea Gibson. In spite of their handicaps, they expected to do their best. They wanted to achieve and expected to excel.


But there’s more to positive self-expectancy than meets the eye. Medical researchers have discovered that the body produces natural morphine-like substances that operate on certain receptor sites in the brain and spinal cord. These natural internal opiates are called endorphins. Secreted and used by the brain, endorphins reduce the experience and screen out unpleasant stimuli. In fact, the presence of endorphins actually causes the feeling of well-being.


In one related study, actors were wired to electrodes and connected to blood catheters. They were then asked to perform various scenes. When they portrayed characters who were angry or depressed, endorphin levels dropped. But when the scene called for emoting joy, confidence, and love, endorphin levels shot up dramatically. Science has shown that positive thoughts produce endorphins. Endorphins, in turn, encourage feelings of optimism and well-being. So it works both ways. You sing because you’re happy, and you’re happy because you’re singing. Sixty to 70 percent of the population who visit physicians are sick as a result of an emotional feeling of stress because of the pressure they feel from life. That’s why it’s critically important to remember that the key to winning positive self-expectancy is to understand that in the long run, every individual receives just about what he or she expects. And if you have faith that if you do things the right way, you’ll be rewarded accordingly — you’ll be a winner!


Optimism is a way of life. Some techniques for generating a greater attitude of positive self-expectancy include the following: First, look at problems as opportunities — search for the favorable aspects of every situation. Next, learn to stay relaxed and friendly, no matter how much pressure and tension you’re under. In the beginning, it’s likely that you’ll have to fake it. But the truth is that both calmness and courage are learned habits, and there’s no better way to learn a good habit than by actually getting in and doing it and living it. Next, and this is very important, in dealing with other people, instead of griping, try praising. In place of cynicism, try optimism. Instead of being unhelpfully critical, try being constructively helpful. You know these are learned habits, too. And everyone is dependent on others for at least part of their own positive self-expectancy.


And next, get excited and enthusiastic about your own dream or positive dreams. This excitement is like a forest fire. You can smell it, taste it, and see it a mile away. Everybody loves a winner. But nobody crowds around a loser’s locker room. Don’t run around with the doomsayers who look up and shout that the sky is always falling. Optimism and realism go together. They are the problem-solving twins. Pessimism and cynicism are the two worst companions. Surround yourself with the “no-problem, can-do’ type with big dreams like your own. It’s the excitement of the big dream that carries you through the setback that you encounter. The single most outwardly identifiable quality of a winner is positive self-expectancy — optimism. It’s the key to good health. It’s the key to happiness, and it puts the favorable inclination toward the achievement of every goal you set. Positive self-expectancy is the winner’s edge.


~ At Slot 463 is Courtly Bio Denis Waitley



The ego and the Self dwell as intimate friends in the same body, like two golden birds perched in the same tree The ego eats the sweet and sour fruits of the tree, while the Self looks on detached. For as long as you indentify with the ego, you will feel joy and sorrow. But if you know you are the self, the Lord of Life, you will be free from suffering; the supreme source of light; the supreme source of love. You will transcend duality and live in the stare of oneness. So exercise real hard and smart every single day with perfect nutrition and it takes care of the rest.

~ Hindu Impetus Wisdom Impetus Psalm



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Clarity Index Section 7C. Quality Clarity Section:

Seeds of Greatness a Way of Life & Excellence


Winning is never whining.


Winning is coming in fourth, exhausted but excited, because you came in fifth last time.


Winning is being glad you’re you.


Winning is a feeling, there is no ceiling.


Winning is beginning, and by beginning, the game is half won.


Impetus Winning is all in the Positive Attitude and Positive Water Actions Always!!!



Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now; you are whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else. ~ 545 Wayne Dyer




After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul, and you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning and company doesn’t mean security, and you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises, and you begin to accept your defeats with your head up and your eyes open, with the grace of an adult, not the grief of a child, and you learn to build all your roads on today because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans. After a while you learn that even sunshine burns if you get too much. So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure… that you really are strong, and you really do have worth. - Veronica A. Shoffstall



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Clarity Index Section 8C. Quality Clarity Section:

The Winner’s Edge Coaching Tips Excellent Habits of Life with Relationships


Live By the Motto That Repeat Business and Profitability are Directly Related to Relationships Based on Trust

You never close a sale. You only begin a long-term relationship where both parties win.


Can you think of a successful relationship without mutual trust? Break that trust and you break the relationship. Subvert it and it’s almost impossible to put together again. Creating a long-term relationship takes two or more people – whether they’re executives, representatives of labor and management, or husband and wife – who are grounded in and operating on the same non-situational honesty.


The central secret of good communication is bringing the other person over to your side by satisfying one of every person’s most fundamental emotional needs: Make him or her feel valued. With rare exceptions, people who feel valued – who are allowed to feel important in the sense that they are recognized – answer with openness, cooperation and reciprocated respect. If you want respect, be respectable. If you want to be loved, be loveable. If you want to be trusted, be trustworthy. If you want a life-long relationship, listen openly to the other person’s needs. Much more than trying to accumulate money and power, leaders in the new era will acquire more Good-Will by helping their associates, customers, neighbors, and loved ones to win. Instead of what can you do for me, we need to embrace the new impetus stewardship role of what can I do for you, my positive investment.


Action Idea – At the beginning of each workday, do something special for someone you work with or provide a service for. At the end of each day, say or do something positive for a family member or friend.


The male and female who planteth and waterth have one purpose and are one. Each human will receive his or her reward according to his or her own labor. For we come from God & we goeth back to God, righteously living with positive light and creativity.

~ 1 Corinthians 3:8-9 EIV Epigrammatic Impetus Bible



Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living with only the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Know what you truly need and want to become. Everything else is secondary. ~ 1106 Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple Computers

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Clarity Index Section 9C. Quality Clarity Section:

Your Relationships May Need Some Z.I.P.

Relationships are really what make the world go ‘round, aren’t they? I mean, good, positive, healthy and meaningful relationships provide us with the richest experiences we have here on this old earth of ours. Your loving spouse who shares everything with you; that best friend who connects with you like few others do; the people at work who appreciate you and help you to become the best that you can be. This is what brings joy to life!


But… relationships can also be the bane of our existence! What really brings more pain in this life than a broken relationship, especially when it isn’t just broken but downright ugly!


So, it behooves us to do all that we can to keep our relationships zipping right along, doesn’t it? If we put our very best into our relationships, we can almost guarantee getting the very best out of our relationships! So, always be positive and loving as much as possible and get away from the poisonous destruction.


Through the years I have spent hundreds of hours working with people in their relationships: Marriages, friendships, working relationships and social relationships. Through it all I have seen some wonderful things and some terrible things. It truly is the good, the bad and the ugly, 2009 and going back!!!


But, I have been able to find three core elements of successful relationships. These are things that, when done over time, begin to create for you the kinds of relationships that you truly desire and need. They are the kinds of relationships you have always dreamed of and want.


The key to remembering these three items is the acronym Z.I.P. Z.I.P. stands for three things you can do – and begin to do immediately – to improve any and all of your relationships. They are:


Put some ZEST into your relationships.

Cultivate more INTIMACY in your relationships.

Develop a PURPOSE in your relationships.


Let’s take a closer look at each of these three:


Put some ZEST into your relationships.

By Zest, I primarily mean fun. Relationships were meant to be fun! We wouldn’t have been made with the capacity to have fun if relationships weren’t supposed to have a little zest in them!


Think about it: Don’t you usually start out most healthy relationships with a lot of fun times. Whether it is going out to dinner or a ballgame, or spending time playing a game or even just a lively talk, you usually have fun as a major part of the relationship. Fun is some of the glue that bonds the relationship.


But as life goes on, specifically in a marriage, but in all relationships really, the fun starts to go by the wayside. More and more it is about getting the job done, whatever the job may be. So, always use your positive creative imagination for romance. Don’t be lazy and make what has always loved you into nostalgia.


To restore the relationship, to put a little zip into it, we need to reintroduce the idea of “zest.”


What about you? Have you lost the zest? What can you do to get it back? Think of a specific relationship you have: What were the fun things you did at the beginning of the relationship that acted as the glue that bonded you together? Now, commit to doing those again and see if your relationship doesn’t begin to soar again! If you can, develop new fun things to do together so you can both start an adventure of fun together! However, always go into a relationship righteously with clarity.


Cultivate more INTIMACY in your relationships.

First a couple of clarifications: One, I don’t just mean intimacy in the currently common understanding, that is, sexual intimacy. I mean for all intents and purposes, taking your relationship to a deeper level. Second, I don’t mean that you have to start doing group hugs with your workmates or having revelation sessions where the tissue flows freely.


What I do mean is that every relationship that is mutually satisfying has a level of depth to it that provides meaning. This is really what the search is for in our relationships: meaning.


Remember when you first started your relationship, whether with your spouse or friend. All of that time was spent opening up, telling who you are, where you were from, what your likes and dislikes are. There was a deep sense of satisfaction with the relationship – that is why it continued. You liked who they were and you enjoyed being known by them.


But then something happens. We get to a certain level and the pursuit of depth ends. We stop sharing feeling, likes, and dislikes. We stop sharing joys and dreams and fears. Instead, we settle into routine. The daily grind takes over and we stop knowing one another and we simply exist together. Now don’t get me wrong, every time you get together doesn’t have to be deep. Remember, I am the one who advocates in the previous paragraphs just having plain old fun sometimes. But there is a need for regular times of intimate connection where we go deeper with others. Being positive is perfect.


This maybe particularly hard for many male species like me, but it is not only possible but healthy and needed! If we want to have the kinds of relationship we were made to have, we have to open ourselves up to having others know us and for us to know others.


True meaningful relationships come when we are loved and accepted for who we are at our core, not simply for acting the right way in our relationships so as to keep the other person in it.


Think about the relationships you would like to see improvement in. Take some time in the coming weeks and months to spend time just talking and getting to a deeper level in your relationship. Specifically, let the other person deeper into your world. You can’t force the other person to be more intimate and you certainly can’t say, “Let’s get together and have an intimate conversation,” because that would be too contrived. But you can make a decision for yourself that you will let others into your world. Perhaps this will be the catalyst for them doing the same.


You can guard yourself from intimacy but then you won’t go much deeper and you will feel a longing in your heart for more, or you can begin the deepening process and see your relationships change for the better.


Develop a PURPOSE in your relationships.

The most meaningful relationships we have are those that are held together by a common purpose and vision for what the relationship can accomplish, not only for those involved but also for a greater good. The greater good of value and quality is being positive in modern civilization.


Let’s face it, when people have a common purpose they feel like they are part of a team and they feel bound together in that relationship. Even when people may be disappointed in the people they are in relationship with, if they have a purpose, such as raising the children, they are much more likely to stick it out. Purpose creates bonds.


So what happens if we are proactively involved in seeking out a common purpose with those who we want to have a relationship with or those who we already have a relationship with but we would like to see it go deeper with? Well, it gets better and stronger.


Think about your strongest relationships. Aren’t they centered on at least one area of purpose or a common goal?


What about a relationship that has cooled? Think back and see if perhaps you used to have a common purpose but it has gone by the wayside.


And what of your desire to see a relationship grow? Take some time to begin to cultivate a common positive purpose. Sit down with that person and tell them that you would like to have some common positive goals, some purposes that you pursue together. As you develop these, you will see your relationship strengthen in ways you never imagined!


Let’s recap: You want your relationships to show a little “zip?” Then put a little Z.I.P. in them:


Put some ZEST into your relationships.

Cultivate more INTIMACY in your relationships.

Develop a Positive PURPOSE in your relationships.


-- Chris Widener



A secret to creativity and originality when you see something or hear something that touches the heart, fascinates the senses, or is interesting to the mind. You get a thesaurus and dictionary and learn how to write or say it different. That’s how you get your original creativity. Enrich my heart, mind, mouth, hands and me, with faith, hope, love, romance, knowledge, understanding, positive creativity and clarity, that I may run, rise, rest with positive original creativity.


~ Carlos B. Toomer (July 9, 1972 a Heart of July Ruby Red Red Red Wine Birth)


#48 Pg. 16 Marriage Relationship Pull Line But She is Already Married

I want to be the hand that raise’s your veil. The Recipe of more than you or yours and or you all…I would like and love to be the Recipient of more than “I do” when you or you all say “yes”.


Carlos Bernard Ryan Warren Heart Swift Toomer Windsor-Cross The or A House of Impetus


(He was Born: 7/9/1972 ) & (She was Born: 12/13/1989)

And or We was Born 10, 000 Years before Jesus Civilization when Communication Begin here on Earth and or then…or than….the Diamond Effect or Affect Started its and or its Process on or to and or toward Civilization….



Elizabeth II Regina Alexandra Mary Rose Toomer Windsor-Cross The House of Impetus EQII QRII #76 Pg.17 (The Queen was Born: 4/21/1926 )

The way of the miracle worker is to see all human behavior as one of two things: either love or a call for love. ~Marianne Williamson

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Irish prayer Saint Patrick the “Breast Plate” of St. Patrick–words that shield. 


I arise today

Through the strength of heaven;


Light of the sun,

Splendor of fire,

Swiftness of wind,


Depth of the sea,

Stability of earth,

Firmness of rock.


I arise today

Through God’s strength to pilot me;

God’s might to uphold me,

God’s wisdom to guide me,

God’s hand to guard me.


Afar and a near,

Alone or in a multitude.


Christ shield me today

Against wounding:


Christ with me,

Christ before me,

Christ behind me,


Christ on my right,

Christ on my left,


Christ beneath me,

Christ above me,

Christ in me.


I arise today

Through the mighty strength

Of the Lord of Creation.



No one is as deaf as the man who will not listen. ~ Jewish Proverb



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Wishbone Backed-up with Backbone Positive Action


Caroline Myss, is a best-selling author, speaker and medical intuitive.


"Beethoven was deaf, Milton was blind, but their names will last as long as time endures, because the dreamed and translated their dreams into organized thought.


There is a difference between wishing for a thing and being ready to receive it. No one is ready for a thing until s/he believes he can acquire it. The state of mind must be belief, not mere hope or wish. Open-mindedness is essential for belief. Closed minds do not inspire faith, courage, and belief.


Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty. A great poet has correctly stated this universal truth through these lines:


'I bargained with Life for a penny,

And Life would pay no more,

However I begged at evening

When I counted my scanty store.


For Life is a just employer,

He gives you what you ask,

But once you have set the wages,

Why, you must bear the task.


I worked for a menial's hire,

Only to learn, dismayed,

That any wage I has asked of Life,

Life would have willingly paid.'"


~ Napoleon Hill , from his classic and best-selling book "Think and Grow Rich".



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Water: The Most Abundant Nutrient a Way to Excellent Health

Water comprises two thirds of the body's mass. It is required for the elimination of toxins and waste through the lymph system, liver, digestive system, kidneys, and sweat glands. The amount of water that your body eliminates each day is somewhere between 1 and 3 liters, the equivalent of four to thirteen 8 oz. glasses of water per day. The US FDA recommends that women drink 11 glasses and men drink 16 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. But part of that consumption may be from foods and juices. A bowl of oatmeal, or a cup of soup, provides 8 oz. of water. A serving of broccoli or spinach, or a cup of rice, provides 5 oz. of water. Many fresh vegetables and fruits contain 3-5 oz. of water. For example, an apple or a pear contain 5 oz. Other foods are not as hydrating, such as an egg, which provides about an ounce of water, or a slice of pizza, providing only about an ounce. Snacking on chips provides virtually none. Some people argue that tea, soft drinks and coffee do not count, however this is arguable. Although these contain caffeine, a known diuretic, which cause the body to expel a small amount of moisture, they do still provide additional fluids. Two indicators of advancing dehydration are headaches, and dark colored urine. Thirst is a good indicator of the early stages of dehydration, and you should drink if you are thirsty. Some suggestions have been made that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated, but your body creates the sensation of thirst when your body is still within normal hydration limits. However if you are actively exercising you should make it a point to stay ahead of the thirst so that the dehydration does not get ahead of you as you are sweating. So staying hydrated is not as difficult as one might think. An extra glass or two over what you normally consume will probably be enough. But you definitely don't want to drink yourself into being over hydrated. This can cause hyponatremia, a shortage of sodium and other essential minerals in the bloodstream. This is particularly dangerous during exercise, because these minerals are excreted through the sweat glands. And because these minerals are necessary for maintaining brain and heart functions, deficiencies can cause serious problems. In selection of your source of water, filtered water is best, to remove chlorine and associated chloroform, and fluoride. A healthy addition to filtered water is Vita Enhanced Water, which can be added by 1 oz. per gallon to provide an alkalized water source, with added benefits of being ionized.


Keep Hydrated and Stay Healthy!



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Think Out Loud with Positive Progress

Purpose                                                                                      Bury Your Negative Past or It Will Bury You

“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” ~ Isaiah 43:18-19

I recently read a story about the hippopotamus. A zoologist observed that these animals will not leave the lake that they have become familiar with. Even if it dries up they will often stand there until they die because their minds cannot move beyond the past memories of a lake once filled with water. As one Christian blogger put it “they died where they stood, not wanting to go forward, because they wanted to live in the past, where it had always been comfortable for them.”It is hard to imagine a hippo literally stuck in the mud of a drying pool of water. Even harder to picture is such a large animal dying where it stands because it lacks the ability to see past what it had and go find what it needs to live—water. Yet there is a lesson we can learn from the hippo. We cannot live in the past and embrace the future. Actually, we need to bury our past or it will bury us..The good news is that God’s desire is to do something new in our lives. He is a Creator and as such loves to create. He has promised in His Word to do “a new thing” and along with that has also promised that we will recognize what He is doing. The question is will we heed His word? Will we listen, pay attention, and respond? Responding properly means doing things that you may have never before done or going where you may have never gone before. When we are wandering into places He has never taken us before, in response to the new things He is doing, He has promised to be the “Way Maker.” When we become dry and thirsty spiritually, emotionally, and physically, He will provide refreshment. Isaiah 43 does not say we won’t go through the wilderness but, just as He brought the children of Israel to the Promised Land through, He will also bring us through. He will provide all that is necessary to sustain us on the journey. But we have to be willing to travel with Him. the One who makes all things new, wants to make things new in your life today. Perhaps you have not heard that He sent His only Son Jesus to die for your sins. You owed a debt, but He paid the price. All you have to do is believe in your heart and confess Jesus as Lord with your mouth and your sins are washed away. You become that NEW creation spoken of in II Corinthians 5:17. The old passes away and all things become new. That’s why we call it being born again. The slate is wiped clean, all things are new. You have a new life, a new start. God wants to make all of us new creations. Perhaps you are already a new creation but long for God to do something NEW in your life. You are not satisfied with where you are at in God; you need a fresh touch, a road in your current wilderness, a river in your desert. Well, He has promised, that if you’ll stop looking back and dwelling on the negative past that He will do a new thing. You won’t have to scope it out, chase after it, or wonder about it. You will know. You will discern. And if you will follow it He will do things that you never have imagined. He will do exceedingly abundantly above all you ask or think! Take a lesson from the hippo, bury your past and embrace your future, today.  


#85 United Impetus, Inc. Declaration Mission Statement is Also not Only on Pg. 17

Team Impetus is Circle Impetus a Country Educated Wit; a Water Tapping Love Process…to strike, to beat, to blow over & over again, a 24/7 water tapping love Impetus Process, and ...if needed a continual common sense motivational encouraging inspiration adversity quantum tactful solution resolve solver. Inner Circle Impetus passing, Team Impetus tapping 24/7 Aqua pure hydrating water the or a direction and a or the directional. The Subtle Mason Preside Precept Percept Country Educated Wit, sometimes it Throbs with Virtue Solution of Tactful Resolve Humor, a guaranteed solid success fruitful solution foundation...


Cake Batter Nation -> Delta Omega Alpha -> Impetus Positive Nation --> Recipe Nation --> H20 Pink Positive Empire 

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