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No candle loses its light while lighting another candle. "So never stop sharing and helping others because it makes your life more meaningful."  Subscribe to my Email List at the  Upper Right Page of the Website so that you will get updates... test  Since October 2013 has received more than 100, 000 Visitors and Views from around the Entire World per Year it has went from 20 Views and 20 Visitors 2007 thru 2008 to more than a 300, 000 Visitors and Views 2013-2014 Impetus Services is like a Pen Name I use that is a solid foundation unstoppable meaning with good action that allows me to voice my ideas and opinions with the Fortune 500 people and or celebrities.  I have created Christian Sports Science a Branch of Sportology a Method Habit Science in Impetus Psychology. Everything Good that inspires and motivates is  Impetus Psychology home of the Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible Proof Positive Essay Poems, Church of Truth, Light, Love and Humor. Ten Thousand of the Best Quotes that go in the direction of Inspiration and Encouragement and Love are in the EIV Bible with almost over 1, 000 Number One hit songs from 1930 to 2016 covering all Genres. These songs just get you going in the Right Direction...? Over One Hundred Books 43 Movies and One Medical T.V. Series.....We are Crossfit Ministries home of the Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible at the Labs of Christian Sports Science... I might start given speeches if my memorization keeps going good...How does that sound...? How much should i charge...for speeches that motivate and stimulate real good action...?  Subscribe to my Email list and we might get started. Why do Division One Athletes and all Athletes need Christian Sports Science and Business Class Poetry and Legal Brief Classic Philosophy...? Impetus Services 2016 is kind of  like a Advertising Agency i could hold auditions.....what is the secret language of the stars...? Impetus Services has been like a Background Effect Butterfly Effect Production Company....

You can’t make a living being a poet, but you can make something of a living traveling around the country talking about poetry. ~ MAXINE KUMIN


You can’t make a living being a poet, but you can make something of a living traveling around the country talking about poetry. ~ MAXINE KUMIN the Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible Fanpage the EIV Bible is a social network revenue sharing and network platform join me here friends and family and or Everybody and Everyone.....

Keep your ears open and commitments close I may need a paying job in the near future going forward I accept your offer.....The United Air Force November 15, 2016 asked me how have I contributed to the mission and or to Society as a  Citizen in the last 21 years.....Carlos Toomer What are your accomplishments since August 1995...? I Graduated from College May 1997 with a Bachelors of Science Degree from Cameron School of Business at University of North Carolina Wilmington it was ranked the 3rd best business school in the entire United States May 1997.....I am currently the catalyst to a online community ministry since Christmas 2007.....

The FBI Background Check has been done...This the Results January 24, 2017......

Almost Know Bartow County happen Christmas 2002. I was walking from Valdosta, Georgia to Lexington, Kentucky had no transportation made it to Atlanta walking up I-75, it was raining and it was real cold and i had 3oo miles to go.....I thought the police was kidding when they was waving at me i kept walking they ran up behind me hit me in the back of the Head with a Billy Stick and Club me in the Side of my right knee......My knee swole up like a Cantaloupe a huge knot was on the side of my knee for the entire 30 days i seat in Jail without representation......I was walking to University of Kentucky to tell Coach Tubby Smith about Georgia....."My eye sight is poor real bad by Age 30 2002.....It's what you call Near Sighted can't make nothing out from a distance with glasses on or off.....legally almost blind......"

February 16th, 2017 the request for Upgrade and or Clemency is complete and has been sent off to the United States Military Air Force Review board SAF/MRBC (AFBCMR) correction of military records.....This has been a 22 year process. Congressman Austin Scott's Office here in Georgia has got involved in the last 3 years, July 2014. We have made good progress with him and his staff. I am thankful. His Secretaries in the Tifton Office and Warner Robin's office said it will be or it maybe another 12 months to 18 months before we here or get a reply from the Air Force Medical Review Board..... 

March 6th, 2017 No Return Receipt for Upgrade and Clemency of Military Record it is in Boston, Massachusetts.....the United Postal Service at 3698 Inner Perimeter Rd, Valdosta, Ga 31602 They mailed it to a Boston, Massachusetts address.....It was suppose to go to the Address Below that is or was the address on the 9 by 12 inch envelope the military package We mailed off February 16th, 2017:
1500 West Perimeter Road 
Joint Base Andrews NAF Washington, MD 20762-7002

March 13th, 2017 Return Receipt came in today....United State Air Force (AFBCMR) Signed the Return Receipt for.....the Military Package Request for Upgrade through Clemency  "Correction of Military Records..."

Roll Call Service Sundays are Rolling on email & check your inbox, or text 229-300-5640, and or participate at and We can pray together on whatever change, choice, challenge, or chance to trust God with good action...We can pray together or I can email or text you a prayer on whatever need or want you have or may have...Subscribe to my email list and or email and or Text my Cell 229-300-5640...Subscribe to my Email List at the  Upper Right Page of the Website so that you will get Prayer Request Invitations Answered and other Updates on Events that may be Happening... 

Just because you've had a bad start doesn't mean you can't have a good finish. ~Joyce Myer

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My Kentucky Men's Basketball Lettermen wins the NCAA 2012 Division One Men's College Basketball Title Ranked #1 the Entire time from Pre-Season Open August 2011 to Post Season April 2012  

Amy Lee... What is the the 1st thing Employers or Investors ask you when on a Interview,
the Homecoming Queen Amy Lee Corinth, Mississippi.  How is or was the Point Guard...  the Only One
in Advance Courses with you, Billy Davis, and the Likes of Valedictorian Amy Boatman... " Every Single
Class Sophomore through Senior Year...1987 thru  Spring 1990... How in the  Sam Dickens of a Chance,
do we Live without Each other other...kind of like you may have a better Chance at Tagging the Ass of  a
Donkey...  Amy Lee at and coming in at #1 What is She Selling...? the Wise Never Die Young... Swift Vote
the Rest of them Amy Boatman....and Um Amy Lee  coming in At....
If you ordered the Easter bunny pre-order. They have already been Shipped in the mail!



Suzanne Alexander @SuzannAlexander Shhh..I think everyone's sleepin'...

"2EO31 B" A1C Carlos Toomer had (some of the Highest Scores of Consistence in the United Air Force history up to and into and out of the Years 1993 to 1995)when it came and comes to Equipment and Physical Properties of Reality Systems and Flow Systems of Energy in How they work and how to use and fix them and Equipment Systems of Electronics and Maintenance... Carlos Toomer has a Ph.D. in Electronics. It is a Equivalent to a or the Highest Degree from two years on Duty Station Altus, Oklahoma with on the Job Training taught by Senior Airman Reed, Sgt Starret, and Tsgt Landry. Sgt. Jake Starret was 100% qualified in everything in the Entire World of Electronics by 12 year's of Service in the United States Air Force with Technical Orders and or Schematics... We have always been a 100% Private.  We the best at everything... When needed in more than theory and or Guessing about Education Systems and or Science. Sgt. Landry was our NCO. It is the Highest Level of Maintenance in the Entire World. "2EO31B Radar Satellite Maintenance Experts..."  What I have been taught. Only NASA could and can explain it... See if they tell any of you in Public Office or anything with NEX Rad Radar physical property capability is... I, Carlos Toomer Scored in the 1% out of everybody to get the Job Offer and served flawlessly in Maintenance PMI Ready Situations compared to the competition in the Military... Communication War Fair and or Chemical War list a few of my additional job duties combined with Maintenance. Carlos Toomer job description with the five of us; Landry, Starret, Reed, Toomer, and the Computer Expert Macomer 1994-1995 is at least James Bonds of Maintenance...and Communication Experts of and on all levels of and to Special Forces...We the Back up to all your deployment and or deployments...We got the best Grades...Our AFC Specialty Code 2EO31B is the hardest in all of the Armed Forces across the board. It is the Hardest AND the Highest... It is or was Classified as the Highest necessary need in the United States Air Force Military 1993 to 1995...So we needed and or need the best or smartest to do it…The Test in Technical School don’t or did not have to much to do with how Good you did in College or High School because Keesler Air Base Biloxi, Mississippi Teachers taught everything from Scratch…It just Depended and or depends on how well you listen and take notes and apply everything to everything for 10 Months, going to Class 40 Hours a Week Upon Graduation our Equivalence Rating and Graduating Certificate was that of a Master Degree from MIT in Electronics…My Over all Score in Radar Maintenance Specialist Technical School was a 98 Percent Upon Graduation.
Are their any Private Lawyers of the Best that understand it? My name is Carlos Toomer.
I had a Job in the United States Military that Stated during Briefings not to follow the directions of a Superior Officer and or Commanders if you know what is Best...? All 9 Professions in the Entire World of Public and or Private, how many of you all have ever had this type of Job...? Zero...I know. My Job was Classified nobody was ever really ever suppose to know to much about what I did in the United States Air Force except Radar Maintenance. Traditional Mental Health you all are Kidding Us...Sen ator John McCain has already Tweated Iran Space is Tweating Why don't you all Lighting Up......?
My Businesses, I created  are mainly only for females.   Carlos Toomer has always been "The Best Quality Fun Water Type of Love Virtue..." Social Christian  Humor... Female lovelovelove Leader . I am nothing like the Beatles but if you tell me I am I say sure O.K. Needs Need Needs. Water makes more Water. Wake Up females it is our  Angle 2 Perfection. Happy Mothers Day May 2015.....May 10th, 2010 Mother's Day was the 4th Published Revision for the EIV Bible... The 1st was December 2008...I started this entire project with one sheet of paper and one word which was Thought. January 2000, my three kids were 7, 6, & 4 ...Aaron was Seven, Amber was Six, and John was Four years of Age...

The EIV Recipe Bible Blueprint like Circuit Board Mother Day 2016 Update you just got do the proper page count additions at the bottom  and or for $400 Dollars on the Comments and Recommendation page leaven your Name & Address & Phone Number and Telling me what you want and or need and I 'll mail you a Happy Valentine 2016 Update of the EIV Recipe Circuit Board Bible for Personal Use on a Jump Drive Shipping and Handling is included in the $400 Dollars and Jump Drive you just got to mail me a $400 Dollars Money Order my Address & Home and Business Phone Number is on the Contact us Page...your or our Choice be Alert we got Options.....We should and may need to do what is best....? A Celebrity tweeted "if your Good people will talk about you if your great people while tell you.... So what we need beside the or this process...?

Romantic Love Spark Inspiration Encouragement Point: We were two & had but 1 heart beating in Rhythm and harmony. ~ Francois Villon Revised
Purchase all Articles of Impetus Clothing Water Tapping  Wear at the bottom of the Portfolio page...This page you are presently on and reading this  is the Home Page for the Circle of Impetus Web-Site. If you, want to buy peace love heart forever and always revolution clothing. You need to go to the bottom of the Portfolio  page to order retail Epigram Impetus Positive transformation transcending products Solutions.  This is a Clothing Line We could Start.....These are ideas and Thoughts that go with the EIV Recipe Bible and Impetus Services the meaning behind it and what it is suppose to beable to do.....
Solution Solve any problem and or Obstacle to Over Come and Press on... All These Articles of Clothing and Hats and Totes and Pens and Coffee Cups and Everything has been sent to Royalty and Celebrities.....Coaches and Clergy and Pope, The Dalai Lama and Politicians and the Surgeon General and or Generals of the United States and Members of the Supreme Court Justice you always have go with the Chief Justice and all the Females Barack goes Bottom Up I went Top down between the years 2008 and 2012.....
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This website is mainly only for Female Radar Eyes and females, Effective July 23, 2010... We love you Delta Tau Delta & Pink Positive Female Nation Empire. I am a 2EO31  B Radar Satellite Specialist...equivalent to a Ph.D and higher n eletronics ....before the Baghdad War Radar Satellites other than CSI Tracking, Time, and Location Satellites could of been used to fry circuit boards to all main electrical hubs...On television they said the United States cut the lights off before the bombing ... I almost laughed.  However,  I Carlos Toomer, don't agree with killing or war, but I did say to myself Geneva convention...? GWB...How mad was you...My name is Carlos Toomer. I am a Tactful Humor...I love  and need to be in the Truth 24/7.

Don't Let Inefficient Technology Undermine Your Success
Next Update Internet Post for the EIV Bible Sooner than soon if...?  ...Epigram Impetus Bible of Tactful Humor Water Wit Love Sports Science Longevity Holistic Nutrition Female Christian Country Bliss.
This was the Last Internet Posted Complete Full Revised Epigram Impetus Bible  in it's free entirety which was May 13, 2010 on this Web Site because Queen Elizabeth II Duchess of Cornwall Yours Sincerely wants it Private and Confidential Thank you for the warmest Birthday Card July 17, 1947 and 2010 Gin thank you for Reply of Care and Consideration.  
This below and above was the 4th Complete Revised Version of the EIV Bible that has been published on Vista Print.
May 9th, Mother's Day our Epigram Cake Impetus Bible of Tactful Humor, Love, & Bliss Water Wet Wit Solutions was Saved and Published.
On Saturday March 13, 2010 at 1:13am... I published the 3rd Complete Revised updated creation version to the Epigram Impetus Bible ... Called The Epigram Cake Tactful Humor Impetus Bible of Bliss & Love a Christian Country Sports Science Longevity Holistic Water Wit. .. This is Team Impetus, Inner Circle Impetus , Circle of Impetus, Impetus Circle, My, & NASA Aim of Positive Humor Informative Epigram Impetus Improvement Creation Virtue target: Absolute level zero balance, Positive world harmony, Civilization community water enlightenment to Create.
The 2nd Complete EIV Bible Post Publication to the Public on Vista Print....
 was Posted December 25, 2009 Epigram Impetus Cake Bible Semi-Final Revision Stage of improvement for the EIV Bible.
Church of Truth & Light Love & Humor  from my Research and the way I see it...
 Would be Christian Sports Science Sportsology "Science & Religion Combined no longer Civilization will be Lame as a Whole...."

Backside of the
The Kingdom of Belgium and United Royalty Quality Growth Grows and produces purposeful needed output ...
      The Kingdom of Belgium and United Royalty Quality Growth Grows and produces purposeful needed output ...                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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8 Opportunities to World Growth are...?
1.)IMPETUS FITNESS & NUTRITION and Impetus Psychology...
Maxim Words of Wisdom the Wise never the Jackass neither the Wheel before the Cart nor the Lower Degradation of Stupid or Economy Educated Decline to cause nor lower conditioning or Condition or Conditioning Quality:There can be no such thing as mental illness. Thomas Szasz  may have died, but his Anit-Psychitary Lives on…~ Thomas Szasz The Denial of Mental Illness is Alive and  more than Well… Thomas Szasz,the father of the anti-psychiatry movement, has died, but more than his legacy lives on Thomas Szasz (born April 15, 1920 – September 8, 2012)
Impetus Psychology Websites NCAA Division One Coaches and Up!!!
All Division One Athletes and Up should and need to Get as Good as and or Better Benefits as Veterans and Celebrities... If we don't Take Care of them Business Enterprenuers and Polticians and Athlete Enterprenuers who is....? They are better investments of Energy and Coaching... you can depend on all them with the best Coaching and Mission Statements and Goals with the Reason and Reasons Why and Why nots.....I, Carlos Toomer is the Creator of the Recipe Impetus Bible...the University of Kentucky Men's Basketball has told me and would tell us...if you are in Good Standing with the Boosters and Coaches you have nothing to Worry about...Serious or Seriously...?
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4.)The First Version of the Epigrammatic Impetus Bible needs to be in one Volume. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and etc. Editions of the Epigrammatic Impetus Bible could be volume per chapter or volume of chapters as a Whole each page and or paragraph and or lines can be changed in the EIV Recipe Bible Versions One thru Eternity and If it ever gets to a point of perfection and Supreme Excellence and or Real Good EIV Bible Christian Sports Science We just change paragraphs, pages, or lines.... the concept of United Royalty and How Royalty has lasted 10, 000 years before Jesus Christ and on... it  is how positive progression proceeds. How true is this statement or Aphorism Declaration? Religion without science is Lame. Science without religion is lame.  Keep going in the direction of Christian Sports Science "Methodology Science"  At some point in the future, we can write other issues besides the LOVE Version: 
 " Peaceful World & Equality with Tactful Humor" which is how the 1st Version of the EIV Bible is and or has been Written for 2016 EIV Recipe Bible.

5.) Possible Names for future Organizations there are 5 to world peace and 4 are listed...Did I List 5...?

   5 A.)United Royals-School of Positive Maxims...
 $45.00 Front and Back of this Shirt is Different         
     $45.00  Back and Front of the of Shirt is Different Design and Creativity     all 196 Countries are included in it...192 Countries  are members of the United Nations...

  5 B.)United Kingdom-House of Positive Motives..

$45.00 for this Great Britain Shirt it is a Front and Back Design and View of it...

    5C.) United States Government-Department of Motivation... In Line with
the LPC-Linguistic
 Peace Commission Coming Under the Impetus Branch... 
    C.)United States Government-Department of Motivation... In Line with
the LPC-Linguistic
 Peace Commission Coming Under the Impetus Branch...

      5D.) United Nations-Chamber of Rationis...
***As long as war is regarded as wicked, it will always have its fascination. When it is
looked upon as vulgar or incest, it will cease to be popular.

$45.00 Kingdom of Sweden Flag front and Back View of Shirt

6.) I am going to make it real simple for you United States Government &
Allied Forces:
Six Actions got to and need to happen and we will have a Loving Utopia Motivating Civilized Civilization & Societies...

6A.)Open or  Change the Mental Health Field to the Motivational Health Field.

6B.)Close Mental Health Hospitals or put them in Prisons and open Motivational

6C.)The Entire World needs Motivational Linguistic Sports Academies. This needs to
happen ASAP. People need to learn how to fish and or stand for them selves with motivation and or substance.

6D.)St.Bernard University...The Main Department will be the School of Motivation &
 Linguistic in   the "Ivy League" The Mississippi Lions
in between Pick Wick Dam & Corinth or in Nashville, Tennessee....

6E.) Church of Truth & Light  & Humor "I love Sports & the 80's without the Drugs.PERIOD...We put or call this Church Corporate Church. Carlos Toomer is a Business Major from the University of North Carolina Wilmington Cameron School of Business always in the Top 3 Business Schools in the United States but what is Worship and how would we praise not much different than Local Church but just a lot more better Message in Preaching as Good or Better than TBN ~ Trinty Broadcast Network Ministries don't know if you can do better than them but current events would always be a Topic of discussion mixed in with the Word of God...

6F.) University of Love " I may be no Master however I have always been a Student of Love"
United Middle East League of Islamic Arabs 2011...and into the Future...State of Tribunals  Logic & Reason
Queen Rania Jordan is the Middle East...The Olympics and Sports is a way to World Peace...Opporunity Here...?

Does this name sound for us Girls?
Quantum Entertainment

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8.) This is ours Females this Website--> We need Movie Rentals or Purchase Store Enterprises  that sell only Miracles Movies..
A.) It will come under our Impetus Quantum, LLC Industries in the future.
B.) We need money and profits to create Utopia Havens 4 all Females...
Carlos Toomer is Charlie Chaplin to Christian Hollywood...?
Who got complaints? We are young, it is our choice to do with the world what we want. 
Why is thier a Social Media Website for Ever Thing Under the Son and Moonshine Moon....? We missing a Target Social Media and Dating Sites... We need One Called Friendship always Last when nothing Else does.....

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Television is a lot better 2014 than 1995 and or 1985 and or 1975 you can always find a Good Family Program and Movie on Television 2014 that keeps you going in the best direction of Holy Wed Lock Marriage Family and or Friendship Love Care Compassion... I will always love the Radio...
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