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Subject Article Bible Business Class Poetry Poem "the Art of Winning" Pg.374 in Ch.2 Communication L

Poem Page 374

The Art of Winning

I done and did look and love a while Then I learn a life lesson

Love is not wondering how long it will last, but how beautiful it grows.

‘Twas but a youthful past of my life time Better to re-event than to look like love is sufficient upon discovery or adventure Karma is Real.....

Learn to Learn and Learn to Love Learning

"It is impossible to win the great prizes in life without running risks."

I sighed and then I wished all to ease

After my reset…I have the will with the power to succeed……Pragmatically

However Good or Bad a situation is, it will change…..Be Authentic. Be Kind. Be a Blessing.

"Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

Sighs, which do heat, impart Enough to melt the coldest ice,

Brave Enough to Stand move forward Winning can stimulate Trust and Truth in the or a prospective potential gratitude heart

Some Love Competition to those who Love the Art of Competition…

Oh, would your pity give me my heart One corner of your breast,

‘Twould learn of yours the winning way and or the Art of One and or quickly glide surreptitiously a bargain steal the rest

The Art of Winning Some Love and Some don’t

But my opinion competition shows your true god innate talents…

But it is never worth all or nothing in life that is not Stealth and or a or the Solution Smart…….

Author’s Comments

Better make a weak man your enemy than your friend.

--Josh Billing (born 1818–1885)


That which does not kill you makes you stronger.

--Nietzsche (born October 15, 1844—August 25, 1900)


Words are of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.

--Rudyard Kipling Nobel Peace Prize 1907 (Born 1865--- Passed January 18, 1935) Pg.1484 #28


Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth.

----Ancient Greece Aesop Slave/Storyteller of Fables (born 620—560 B.C.)


Winning isn’t everything, but the will to win is everything.”

--Vince Lombardi #45 Pg.1487


Fun Motivational Fact Word of the Day Recipe #6: INTENERATE (in-TEN-uh-RATE) Transitive. Verb–to make tender or sensitive, to soften. Use it in Creative sentence.


Tactful Humor Clarification Point Element #13: Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. -Martin Luther King Jr. #48 Pg. 1487


Beauty Grows Love Words of Wisdom Element #10: Love is not wondering how long it will last, but how beautiful it grows.


Hi my name is Change… I Could be Your Choice…Your Awe Loving Role Play Character…Teamwork makes the dream work; Leadership and Integrity. ~ The Art of Winning Line Introduction to Conversation Insight


I got the breast stroke butterfly melody backstroke down. I am a Quality value Freestyle not only Playing for Keeps. A girl's favorite songs will tell you more about how she feels than her lips ever will.

~ Rachel RayTasty Travels Network Line C #320 C Perfect Marriage Forever and Always and All Time Happiness


Listen to music selection by Boni Joni “I’ll be there for you”


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