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Subject Article Bible Business Class Poetry Poem "Positive Steps" Pg.371 Ch.2 Communication Legal Br

Poem Page 371

Little Footsteps of Positive Stimulation

Judy Davis & Bio Courtly #129

You are my sun, you are my rain You are my joy, you ease my pain

Love is in the air It could be the most fun you ever could have had Family Affairs

Little footsteps in the sand, seashells, bikinis in hand…Where are the Kids…? Where are the Children…?

Having so much fun Pleasure Enhance Sexual Demand not Sex on Demand…Self-image look in the mirror

Cheekbones flush, sudden excitement blush…No Kids…

Ribcage Heart Rush Swift Tingling Timing Ting Ting Ting Maximum point of intensity nearer nearer nearer Always the Potential

Hipbones back thrust, push, pull, drive, Hush Always Improve

Let me try, Let me do, Let me be, Let me see…

Set me Free Gravity Rapture Thrill Euphoric Deep Sexual Healing Will and or Deliver me Vitamin C

Let me Up, Let Me Go, Let me Breathe…Let me Employee Overcome me Vitamin C

You always need to have a side hustle through out your Twenties and Thirties or it is is a lack of Responsibility

Exchange of Information tells me you know me told me I will always let you know…

Expression Feelings of Rapport Relate Relations Relate Relations’ Relate are you late….

Liaison to Most intimate Moments Spellbound Lets go…Vitamin D Swoon Cuddle Hush Maximum Growth Support your Dreams

Conversation with a Lady Sharing Special Sunshine Sensations and Moon Lite Moments and or a Handful of Second Sun

Hopefully the Night Creeps in, Let’s Go Spellbound Passion Dreams Relaxing Smiles Sensual Grins No Kids around

Let me try, Let me do, Let me see…Let me be Love and Sunshine Lifestyle that Grins Dreams do come true….

Voices of Wonder that Softens the Night... Grind…The Spiritual Voice Goes help me leave my heart in your hands….The Sexual Voice Goes let me wedge my way in your heart…...As the Conversation goes feet foot toes Embellishes the Good Light of Action into the Pledge of Promise I got Allegiance to my Needs…

Renewable Energy Track Makers Malt….The Plight of Engagement was no Ordinary Plot…Kids are not Always needed…

Pitter, Patter, Chitter, Chatter Bang Bang Bang Christian Hollywood is that it…?

Emotions running about with care like hide and seek Up and Down In and out the See Saw Goes Marry Could of Said No à Marry Could of Said NO

In and Out no…The Merry Go Round Goes Round and Round Round and Round

The Miracle Round Goes Grind and or Hold On No Kids The Virgin Marry Goes no as if Big Bro Rocks. Little Sis Woes

Destination spots of pleasure Unique…Grinds and Releases so Distinct and or Delish

Jubilation of High Spirits Simply Enjoy Pastime of Moving Chatter Ping that moves Action Ting Ting Ting…..Dam Noah was Brave started a Pool Trend

Continue to Seek fulfillment and Esteem Improvement Progress H20 Quality Qualify Her Improvement I Love H2O

Pure Freely Love Express the Purer Controlled Control Near and or Neatness the Purest Joys of Play…rrr…Joyous rrr Feelings

Beams of Euphoric Light Streams Natural Steam Dream Dreams…Ughs….DDD’s Ughhsss…Um Gush Gums Gush Ummm Gum

the Hold and Grind Leads to the Momma Grind Gush Adrenaline Crush Maker…Adrenaline Backbone Breaker and or make her…

Country Aussie World International on Best Behavior in a lifetime, may it remain and or Retain this way…Retention

“The Nature of the Purest Stimulation to the or a Beach is Calling Lifeguard on duty Little Footsteps of Pure Positive….”and or Delish

Christian Hollywood what is it…? To Grin and Know what is Best…like Footsteps of Positive Motion and or Direction…

Spiritual maturity isn’t measured by how high you jump in praise but how straight you walk in obedience

Author’s Comments

Sex outside the bible is or maybe the world's most understood language.

~ Charlie Daniels (Born: July 9, 1972 --- ) Pg.15 #34


.Let love be the foundation for everything you think, say, or do.

-Sholem Aleichen & Bruce Van Horn


“Action is the foundational key to all success.”--Pablo Picasso (born 1881---1973) &

Opportunity is everybody’s. Ethical competition in a team system delivers the better results. The best positive fundamentals applied to life produces the best results…

~ Ala’al Din meaning “Excellence of Faith” (Born: July 9, 1972) #12 Pg.15


Commitment is a Witness. If you want to live faithfully, practice your commitment to Christ both privately and publicly. Don’t look where you fell, look where you slipped.

~Charles Stanley & Susan Dolan Proverb


Hot Heat Echo Save Grace for Marriage Point Recipe #12 : The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer. —Oliver Wendell Holmes


Heart Promise Friendship Words of Wisdom Quality Point: Recipe #10 There are 3 things in life that should never be broken... hearts, promises & friendships.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Female Devotional for who…? A memory of true love is like a favorite song; no matter how many times it plays again, you never get tired of it.


Epigram Element Quote Recipe #11: Mile by mile, life's a trail, yard by yard, it's not so hard. Inch by inch, it's a cinch. ~ Nursery Rhyme Proverb Horizon Perspective


Should I call in the morning or just nudge you…?

~ Table Talk Dinner Line the Best of Friendships and or Responses make Good Marriage


If my heart, was a house you would be my happy home. Love is sunshine with a smile and any kind of creative that is more than much to do about something with the heart or the heart of a lover or lovers… Thank God when he says, “Yes” Thank God when he says, “No” Thank God when he Says, “Wait.” ~ Quality Love is Enlightenment Love the Purest Aqua in Water of more than a Love Element Substance H2O Atomic Line in All Things Give Thanks…


Mazzy Star ~ “Fade into you”

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