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Solution Resolve Impetus Close

Impetus Circle is The Cake Batter Nation a Country Educated Wit with Impetus Positive Nation & Inner Circle Impetus, all of us are on Team Impetus!!!

It is the job of leaders to motivate and positively direct citizens into a positive direction or you will always have crime and corruption. If, you want war to stop vote Department of Motivation, if you don’t care don’t vote, until you find your bottom over in war. It is Hell Sons & Daughters. It is pure hell. This is what Thomas Paine would of said, if he was presently living…” Peace Peace Peace they all are screaming and yelling, we want peace. I say to them, how you going to achieve peace? How is peace achieved, if you don’t have the motivational systems in place throughout life with physical protection and positive spiritual motivation and quality education and love...”

At Age 13 Pope Benedict XVI, I did not agree with Everything in the King James Bible But…

But not saying, I did not agree with the purpose of the Bible for non-violence and love and Positive Progress…

United Impetus, Inc. & United States Government, I hope all can see how the Movie, Music, & Literary Industry with United Impetus, Incorporated, together we can produce excellent and better consistent quality positive products & civilization. That will give people of the world and their countries something positive to talk about in any and all situations. Where the Bible may or does fail, if wars and lack of peace have been fought because of religion and or confusion. The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible of Elements & Ingredients is the solution with tactful humor communication for progression in humanity into a Social Positive Civilization.

Virtue & Tactfully Yours,

Carlos B. Toomer


If, #10 Patrick Henry & Thomas Paine were living, they may say to this generation “I thought you all knew we had the most common sense for our time period…We think you all need to know. Common Sense is something special that needs to always evolve…and progress…”

P.S. Righteous actions for the future are the best apologies for wrong ones in the past. -- Tyron Edwards Revised... Church of Truth & Light Love & Humor from my Research and the way I see it...We would and could be Christian Sports Science Classified in the Discipline of Sports and Clarified in the Philosophy of Sports-ology which would be"Science & Religion with and or like systematic schematics... Truth, Light, Love and Humor with Coaching.""Science & Religion" not Myth but Method, not Educated Guess but Habitual Habits...not Zoology but Methology.... not Archaeology but Method -ology.....not so much Child Psychology but Popular Science Child Psychology...

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