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Page 308 Poem The Art of Communication Ch.1 the Book of Facts

Page 308

The Art of Communication---Ties that bind like a blue print to success

They are simply challenges. Don’t never quite.

Acknowledge God

Keep setting your sights higher. And It always works one step or two at a time.

A vocabulary does help.

The person who says it cannot be done.

Turn your nose up to them and tell them to lick toes. Care Compassion Communication

The Judge calls to order.

In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths. ~ Proverbs 3:6

All the education in the world is not the or Just a Secret.

There are educated derelicts!

Proof-Care, Compassion, and Communication is a key.

If, this is what you want to achieve.

IF you can seize the unforgiving minute,

Nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, The world had been full of unsuccessful people with talent.

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent!

I've been devilered my past is over I want go back my past is over...

The righteousness of the upright delivers them, but the unfaithful are trapped by evil desires. ~Proverbs 11:6

If…You can seize the unforgiving minute of and with Goodness Gathered Single and or Solo Group Needs

Author’s Comments

Wit makes its own welcome and levels all distinctions.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) Pg.1482 #17


Intercourse of words, letters, or messages; interchange of thoughts or opinions, by conference or other means; conference at a place; correspondence is communication. A trope, by which a speaker or a singer assumes that his or her hearer is a partner in his or her sentiments or songs, and says we, instead of I or you is communication. Music is my means of communicating that calling—reaching beyond words to bring healing, encouragement and joy. —The Art of Communication Psalm


Take the time to understand what’s behind your success. It’s the best way to ensure it will continue. –Stuart R. Levine Author


Be good listener, your ears will never get you in trouble. -Frank Tyger


Comedy Specialist of Humor to Pull Blonde Nation Laugh it up Element #9: Eternity: Four blondes at a four-way stop sign could be as long as Eternity.


Words of Wisdom Quality Love Point Element Icing Point #10 Pg.3: Women wish to be loved not because they are pretty, or good, or well bred, or graceful, or intelligent, but because they are themselves. --Henri Frederic Amiel


Biblical Love Point Recipe Element #13: “Show me your unfailing love in wonderful ways.” Psalms 17:7 the EIV Holy Bible Pg. 308 Ch.1


People only see what they are prepared to see cultivate kindness and love and they will see it…

~ Emerson line


You remind me of Dairy Queen, if you asked me, How Rodeo Queen I am tougher than nails and also as I am mean… Cowgirl, if you ride me… Southern Bell Aussie Queen Attire I hope you can Rope a Steer kick up some Dust not only a or just as Rawr Rawr Giddy Up…. Does that or it mean you are the Greater value than any girl of Ideal…? Say Filly Foal One Two Three Four Breeding on a Farm not just at home ahhh cooking neither nor are the Thoroughbreds…On Repeat… Filly Foal One Two Three Four Farm Breeding not only for or only on the 4 of July for Farm Hands… I got more than a furlong for you, if you be my Quarter Mare… Not the Exacta, you don’t have to box it… A Dairy Product and Milk Glands, the Body does good on milk and bread give it Butter better to Give than to Receive Sunshine said to a or the American Queen…We follow in the Foot Steps on our Mommies… If the Mind is Better than Good as if is the Body Good or Better than Goodwill what does foundation foreplay say…to even a Gifted Junior…? Personalities Assist her… How does Dairy Queen become a permanent fix or figure to what I need and or what you want…more than just a ideal of what I mean with a or my or our Imaginations…? Barrel Racing or Cuddling, As they and we say here in the south for "Suppa" ask Dinner also ask "Supper" as we say in Boston Barrel Racing and or to Cuddling, true life if addicted to chipotle peanut butter or Chocolate… Open Up the Flood Gates Kangaroo Ass Sour Feet Body planking and or Barrel Racing and or to Sleep-in. Does Moon Shine and a Full Mid Night Moon produce the wilder side of youth more than warmth when married and or conjointed…? Open up the Love Gates Dues come Due... Doth does Barrel Racing and Queens Singing stop the Exacta...? Is it necessary in marriage Championship Guarantees… Cuddling and or Sleeping… Barrel Racing and or Cuddling…”Say” Quality Love says it is for a and not only the best of times…Cuddling and or Sleeping… I don’t know sleeping but we are serious about our Sleeping around here…Do needs need needs Tear Jerker and or G String Stripper like a Knee High Baby Marriage and or Kickass Spring Shower was or is or was that Baby and or Summer…? My my my she has honestly Grown…The Rodeo Junior Barrel Racing Champion Junior Kick Ass Stampede Junior Queen of Australia Tougher than Nails Cute as Lily more like Pony meaner than Mare cuter than Filly.... her first National Rodeo Association Junior Barrel Racing Title was at Age 9 was That Baby She Says Don’t Chase me…GM Babes I got Outback Steakhouse Game…Tater Salad your own Ribs…and I do my own…Stampedes…..

~280 Shea Fisher a Little Bit of Wonder Freedom of Love Nashville Tennessee Line Palomino Country Club Courtly Aussie Character #280


Music selection Listen to Green Eyed Celia Whitler Country/Christian Vocalist

“I will be Your Voice” Live Christ


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