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Page 1500-1501 Clarity Index Section C 2C. Quality Clarity Section Top 10 Qualities of Excellence

Page 1500-1501

Clarity Index Section C 2C. Quality Clarity Section:

Top 10 Qualities of Excellence

1. Natural Talent – Know Your Brilliance! An uncut diamond has a wealth of unrealized possibility and brilliance. The beauty inherent in the diamond beckons us to develop its potential. Likewise, we are at our best when we develop our natural talent. Know your brilliance and learn to become it every day.

2. Invest in your success. Life rewards those who are invested in their success. If you’re ambivalent about what you really want, you won’t get what’s most important. Let whatever it is you’re striving for mean something to you! Don’t stay stuck if you’re not happy or making progress. Invest in your success so you’re completely passionate and motivated towards realizing your dream. Believe in your dream and you’ll be invested in the creation of your success.

3. Integrity When you have integrity, your word means something. If people can’t depend on your word, integrity’s lacking. If your actions aren’t aligned with your words, a disconnect occurs ­ this disconnect then compromises yourintegrity. Integrity is the quality of being complete and undivided ­ living from “what’s right.” Live life so that you are always in a state of integrity.

4. Passion Passion is that which deeply moves us. It’s the fire from within and that which motivates us. Passion deeply stirs us and compels us into action. Passion gives us the ability to be touched, moved and inspired. Passion is at the core of excellence tap into yours and let it guide your vision!

5.High Standards Excellence implies striving for quality. Standards of excellence are those that are flawless and impeccable. Do you complete work? Do you surround yourself with people who nourish your spirit and intellect? Do you address discrepancies or concerns on the spot? Good isn’t enough; we need to exceed expectations and continually raise the bar for excellence. In this way, quality is continually generated.

6. Creativity and Innovation Creativity and innovation require openness and questioning. The belief that anything’s possible paves the way for creative thinking. *Outside of the box* thinking produces innovation, and what company doesn’t want to be at the forefront of innovation? Creativity and innovation require a boldness to play and discover… to be comfortable enough to admit that one doesn’t know the answers. It’s in the openness to not knowing the answers that allow creativity and innovation to be born.

7.Self Awareness Self-awareness, particularly about the supports and structures that bring out our best, is key. Lacking self-awareness is like stumbling in the dark – one randomly bumps into what one is looking for. Contrast this to knowing exactly the supports and structures that support you. With self-awareness, one is able to get oneself *into the zone* with precision and accuracy. Pay attention and observe yourself to enhance your self-awareness skills.

8. Commitment Commitment implies a willingness and a *stick-to-it-ness.* If one is committed, one’s support is uncompromising and unending. One is willing to do anything in support of the commitment. Commitment drives us and anchors us during challenging times. Commitment enables us to maintain a high degree of perseverance. Commitment opens the door to self-mastery and excellence.

9. Showing Up It doesn’t matter HOW we show up, what matters is THAT we show up. Day after day, step after step. Don’t let temporary obstacles keep you from showing up on a day to day basis. Pace yourself like an athlete and learn to develop new habits by incorporating the behavior on a day to day to day basis. Show up no matter what, and you’ll gain stability and forward momentum as you move your vision forward.

10. Contribution Looking back, what do you want the memories of your life to be? Excellence isn’t solely about success, measured by how much money or notoriety we gain. Success is definitely not excellence if we’ve stomped on people en route to our goals!


Excellence is about contributing our best to the world while evoking others to do the same. It’s about understanding our place and making our mark in the world, as we attempt to make it a better place. Excellence is about contribution and honoring others as we move forward towards our vision. Excellence lies in the hearts of all who evoke it in others by mentoring, supporting, exemplifying and giving back. ~ Jan Gordan Executive, Career & Personal Coach

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