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Page 1475-1476 Ten Examples of Distinct Rhyme Schemes Used in the EIV Bible

Page 1475-1476

Ten Examples



Rhyme Schemes

Used in the

EIV Bible

Page 1476

Ten Examples of Distinct Rhyme Schemes

1.)End Rhyme

The butterfly’s flapping wings…

Are the lyrics that she sings…

2.) Slant Rhyme

I went to the store…

To purchase a new stove…

3.)Eye Rhyme

Would you move…

in with me, my love…?

4.)Internal Rhyme

The Window sill silts there…

Still with me on its lap…

5.)Double Rhyme

The crowd all saw the catcher

Had an impressive stature,

6.)Triple Rhyme

The jester spoke verily

As he pranced around merrily


My friend farms donkeys

Yet still my friend he is

8.)Head Rhyme (Alliteration)

Can one consider it a coincidence

That Crackers don’t crack, they crumble?

9.)Identity Rhyme

Lady Macbeth wondered.

“Will this stain,

Forever remain?”

10. Semi-Rhyme

Will you be able to find

A ring for our binding?

*These different rhyme and rhythm schemes are musically inclined structurally to stimulate hearing and seeing and all senses.

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