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January 11th, 2013 3am Revision Page 948 Poem Creative Love...Ch.11 Reflection

Ch.11 Page 948 Poem Creative Love Friday January 11, 2013 3am

Creative Love is…

Katrina Elam Courtly Character #91 aka Kitty Kat Eloquence ~ CountrySinger “Prelude to a Kiss and or a Wink”

You are the cosmic Connector Creative Love

My protector My everlasting nectar Creative Love

The Creator of my plans Spectra Creative Love Detector the director ideal projector Creative Love

Conscientious Objector, Executive Director, Mind Positive Projector

Butterfly Collector, Security Director, Managing Director

Ticket Collector, Research Director, Radius Vector

Mine detector, Chest protector, Art Director. Combined Omnipotence together Creative Love

Bowling Ally Love

Creative Love is, what my life stand for

Full bliss, so remiss without restrictions to explore

The web of desire ultimate attire Communicator décor

Like a maze to the end of life’s teaching dark learning light illuminate intelligent rapport


Creative Love Feel the heart, Express needed Love and or Improvement Quality Pure Emotions Creative Love

Trust with the heart and Devotion Creative Love

Fight or Flight with the heart into Action Creative Love Worship a Penguin and Pantomime Onomatopoeia

Memory Thinking Memory Editions Heart Decisions Lead and Positively Guide Positive Guide Mind Mapping Learning Synergy


Choices to make Choices believe all positive creativity love so Fast Last forever Creative Love Heaven Gates Heaven Doors

Something better is never far away whatever Creative Love We or you are Never Alone We are Headed Your Way

House of lineage all of us setting around together Creative Love

Creatively Planning a Forever Future Together Trillionaire Profits Family Stability that last forever Creative Love

Onomatopoeia not Only Worship but Devote Supreme Excellent Good Time to Onomatopoeia and lots of Love

Author’s Comments

We all need to take a deep breath in recognition of President George W.Bush his Father the 41 President and Daughters while out and in Office Barbara P. Bush The Conservative Princeton Expert & Stephen F. Austin the Daughter of Texas Jenna Bush the Early Years … having the crosses to bear like Jenna you know we don’t need no ID.s for The Liquor Stores…. you and me have always been a Presidential Family… I’d would go out and have a couple of drinks too after 2002… ”Actually No”….2004…

~ 91Katrina Elam Country Music Singer, A Song “Prelude to a kiss” (Born: December 12, 1983)


To know love when all you want or need is for the social coterie to be happy and collectively close experiencing each other's happiness. ~ 419# Mandy Barnett Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, Pop, Jazz “Give myself a party” (Born: July 28, 1975)


Creativity the quality and power to use thoughts, ideas with ingenuity use of knowledge to create a desired result.

~ Jessi Alexander #420 Water UP Character Body Up Courtly Country Music Singer/SongWriter (Born: December 29, 1983)

( Before going into show business, she attended: Middle Tennessee State College )


Momma may say more Happiness makes more Happiness Tactful Humor Quality Improvement Love may or could Say: I'm going swimming and if the snake is in there I'll just sing something from "Chicago". Snakes hate show tunes.


Shield of Crest House of Origin #87: Pg. 18 The NameToomer Originated in Ireland Tactful Humor Female Feline Kitty Country Education Recipe Nation H20 Pink Positive Empire Love Points: When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty, my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup and or Cups.


Chicken Soup for the Soul Female Devotional for whom? Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives."


If, you were ice cream and I were hot chocolate. I’d or I could pour all my love onto you and or all over you. ~ Love Pick-up Line if they or it Pulls


Love isn’t love until you give it away time, tells me you’re a rare find and a executive order and the exceptional charm to me and my Laws of Attraction…

~ Give & Receive Love is Divine for Who and Whom not only just a or the Line for Who…?


Listen to music selectionby Jack Johnson “Better Together”


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