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Body of EIV Recipe Bible Pg.1471 Poem Infinite Procreation Latin Ch.20 Romance the Virtue of Love &

Page 1471 Infinite Procreation Latin Articulate Uttered Clearly in distance syllables Expressed or presented with clarity and effectiveness Artifice cleverness; ingenuity on the human species and sociology Artificial insemination the injection a human socialization To be a one world people need tactful communication and interaction Artificial selection a process enjoy and love nature In the breeding of animals positive philosophy and thought enhances reality Have a certain type of desirable balance belief or beliefs Inheritable characteristics level to enlightenment a positive necessity We have evolved as a human race no more cave man days Is it tactful or ethical love peace equality romance history earned history learned Artificial Selection based on Ethical Positive Evolution Guidance Education Family Aphorism is a true Concise Statement or Statements Positive Evolution is needed relation Author’s Comments I don’t think any one person or any one organization should have the final word. That begin said, I am working for a better United Nations…Nothing is perfect. You should never rely on only one source, but rather rely on those you believe the most. ~ Angelina Jolie Actress Have U Read Bio #65...? & Sex without love merely healthy exercise if it is with a safe partner.-Robert Heinlein & Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.--Gandhi #29 Pg.1484 & Self-respect is the noblest garment with which a man may clothe himself…the most elevating feeling with which the mind can be inspired. One of Pythagoras’ wisest maxims is that in which he enjoins the pupil to “reverence himself.” Other people opinion of you does not have to become your reality. One self-approving learning hour outweighs a whole year of wealth and richness. Give of yourself and charity and it will come back to you in wellness. Examine yourself daily and correct faults try hard and harder but be smart than eventually positive success becomes a positive habit and it becomes easy. Self-respect is the corner stone of all virtue. ~ Civilization Positive Progression Self-Respect Optimism Success Health Healing Aphorism Proverb Epigram Impetus Psalm -AND- Situational Comeback line on Dating, Marriage, & Romance....: The greatest feeling in the entire world is to know what to expect from someone...I think you maybe everything, I want and need...Time will tell and show. This is a test of discipline. It has a three year time clock. If we lay in each other's arms together...hearts begin to connect. If we lay next to each other, just not to close it show discipline... If, you tell me over and over you love me....I always accept the truth and make exceptions. You are more than welcome to sleep on my couch during our three year romance dating period, until our life long romance of excellence and beyond goes into good holy wed lock the marriage escapade unity unite Kick off... -AND- Hot Heat Value Control Quality Situation Love at first Sight Spark Heart Stopper: I took one look at you That's all I meant to do and my heart stood still. ~ Lorenz Hart -AND- Creation and Creativity Aphorism Epigram: The impulse to propagate our race has propagated a lot of other things too...Georg Christioph Lichtenberg God, who repented of having created man, never repented of having created woman. Francois de Malherbe a Thousand Flashes of French Wit -AND- I want to be your candy man, your bubblelicious, lovelicious gum drop, your sweet everything with love that makes the world taste delicous follow my twinkle and I maybe I will more than wink at you...Gum Drop~ Infinite Procreation Latin Lover Line -And- Listen to music selection by Bruce Springsteen “Radio Nowhere”

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