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Pg.297 Poem How to be a Poet...a Groom Poem Ch.1 the Book of Facts the Virtue of Humor


How to be a poet…a Groom Poem Pg. 1540 #38

(Remind yourself do what works best for you)

Make a place to sit down but observe your surrounding all the time!!! For Glory gives herself only to those who have always dreamed of her.

Sit down and be quiet. Morning Light on my Knees Hearts Bow with Dew O Lord, who lends me life; lend me a heart with thankfulness.

Dependence upon affection, reading, knowledge, emotions adjectives, prepositions, verbs, & nouns and a lot more…

Skill and much more ability precision vocabulary diet. Don’t simply follow your heart But Follow a Light so Lovely that it will ignite your Heart

When you think you have inspiration

Work or write, grow old with action and active patience,

For Positive Action and Patience joins time to eternity Grace Salvation My Spirit Rocks evening light morning light on my Knees Show yourself Approved

Be your on reader of your poems lost comes out of impatience and or lack of Positive Action Study and Show yourself Approved

It could be a judgment past time, Hearts Bow with Dew Until God Past Time Destiny gives herself only to those who have always dreamed of her.

Breathe with unconditional breath the unconditioned lifesaving air. And Study and Show Yourself Approved

Shun the electric current embrace God given talents rhyme & harmonize

Communicate Slowly to Yourself and be Aware and or Awake and Conscious Follow a Light so Lovely that it will ignite your heart

Three dimensioned life, reading, writing, conference with tactful experience Morning Light on my Knees pray to those who pray

Take solace from anything that obscures or improves the place it is in.

There are no unsacred places; But sacred places to make art and or Love Direction Let there be peace on Earth. And let it begin with me.

Find your comfort Zone…application of the mind Hearts Bow with Dew until God Past Time a Laborious me a Laborious you

Utilize and exercise the dictionary all the time with perfect nutrition perfect exercise Love is not So much a Place as a Direction

Don’t simply follow your heart But Follow a Light so Lovely that it will ignite your Heart.

Accept what manifest form silence and Synergy. Make and do the best you can with and or of it. And or Of the little words that come from it

Out from silence prayer or pressure release write scan positive progress Love Synergy your environment and or Loving Good or Better Society

Love Sounds like Jest Fit for No or Fit for Yes

Flow with what comes and always revise Pray back to the He or She who prays and Loves Love,

Make a poem that does not disturb but express The place from which it came and or Love

Life’s a blessing of gratitude and Miracles…Positively Write Love Loves Love and a lot more…Positive Writers Write and a lot more….

O, what land is the Land of Dreams? What are its mountains, and what are its streams?

Author’s Comments

It is an easy matter for a stingy to get rich-but what’s the use? ~ American Proverb


Poetry: the best words in the best order.

---Samuel Taylor Coleridge (born 10/21/1772---7/25/1834)


The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

--Albert Einstein (Born: March 4, 1879— passed April 28, 1955) #32 Pg.1485


No man was ever wise by chance. ---Seneca


The stars are the windows of heaven, where the angels peek through. ~ Old saying


Holistic Healing Lifestyle Guide Natural Nature Sanskirt Wheel Health Information The Human Chakra System 88,000 Spiritual Energy Power Points Healers Recipe #4: The heart chakra, also known as the fourth chakra, is associated with the colors green or pink. This chakra is considered to be the love center of our human energy system. Learning self-love is a powerful initiative to undertake in order to secure and maintain a healthy heart chakra. The heart chakra is the purest healing energy vortex for all emotions of feelings.


Quality Love Clarification Point Recipe #13: If, you love someone you would be willing to give up everything for them, but if they loved you back they'd never ask you to.


Enlightenment Quality Love Value Encouragement Clarification Point: Humble thyself for thy God and Civilization, and in the time of sins show repentance. ~ EIV Bible {18:21} What book is this in the Real Bible? {18:21}


I believe the day will come, the harnessing of space, wind, tides, gravitation…you & me through God could harness the energy of love…It could be like the romantic loving passion burning with heat and passion and or heart…Consumed positive emotion and mind and or your touch of heaven, and a or the touch of heaven. Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for others? What power there is in our service when our actions line up with our mission, skills and joy. Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven.

~ Harnessing Work Romance Sweet True Cute Passion Love Line


“Most people say that is it, the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.” –Albert Einstein Water Pull Quality Success Love Line #32


Listen to music selection by Tresa Jordan “Montage 2 from Tresa Jordan”


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