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February 19, 2013 Revision Poem 60 Minutes Broadcast Live Broadcast my Version Pages 1147-1150 Ch.15

March 23, 2008 8-9 PM Sunday Evening United States Eastern Standard Time

60 minutes Broadcast Live Broadcast my Version

We are going to close Mental Health Hospitals, got to, need to, Absolutely not needed… also March 2003 Statistics state that South Georgia Medical Center was the worst Hospital in all of the United States of America they have killed and lost more patients than any other major hospital in the United States but this is not the Gas war or the Glass war only ignorance like the Glass War lack of common sense a type of confusion, a Lesser Value not needed for Optimal Harmonized Civilization for the best Education, butt still but still it could be the Glass war need more investigation from Proper Best Quality Authority into the Glass War and or Traditional Mental Health Hospitals and or all their Associations...

Go in for a Routine Dehydration Cause from Exercise in up in a Mental Health Hospital for Evaluation by Force…..March 2003

Ashley Judd.....Their founding fundamentals, Principles, and progress is where……? Why does the Traditional Mental Health field Psychiatrist, know not even all the bones in the body And or organ systems in the body and how they work together for improvement...Human Physiology and or Mike Wallace… They don’t completely understand the concept of how the mind works best with exercise & supreme excellent nutrition…I swear. If this is true…This is true. It’s a Glass War. See through the poison…Habits Habits Habits Habits Habits

Mental Health Traditional Psychiatrists don’t know all the systems in the body and how they work together or even how to Set a Bone…..? They have an average man’s basic understanding of how all the systems in body labor together. All this communication & labeling of psychology words to the mind is nothing but talking state points. All that is needed to gather from traditional psychology from the Human mind is the language. It leads the human mind into & out of Temporary States of conscious; But this Reality Butt But These Butts Bite

Onto Sports psychology which deepens its bases & fundamentals into certain excellent habits and uplifting language, but Always to be positive with Content, Character, Humor, best nutrition and excellent exercise, as if a Sound body Equals and or Equates Presidential Sound Mind and body…Sound Body Sound Mind Equates Sound Body and Mind…

Go in for Dehydration Cause for over Exercising without Water or Juice in up in a Mental Health Hospital Asking a lot of Military Private Questions…March 2003

I tell the truth…through and Through. I do… It’s a Glass war…Habits Habits Habits Habits Habits… Who in the Sam Hell will have U on Social Security Disability for Life if you let them…...? Medicaid Medicare Shit like that Combine Insurance I almost know you all taught me it is Illegal….?

If this is True…This is True. It’s a Glass War see through the poison…Habits Habits Habits Habits If Traditional Mental Health Field don’t know they are not needed…Then they would know… That the mind, body and heart is connected…Thus this is True… It’s a Glass war poor men are dying and do die Because

You can’t have a healthy body and not have a healthy mind… and Vice Versa…the Psyche Fluctuates and all it takes is a Second to Fuck Up

1.human soul: the human spirit or soul

2.human mind: the human mind as the center of thought and behavior

3.the human faculty for judgment and emotion

It works as one Unit…unity and spiritual force…looking at this in Plain View and or through the Looking Glass…. It’s a Glass war and the poor men are dying…Have you ever heard…? My mind ,my body, my spirit is my temple… This is a Sports Aphorism it is best and preferred.... It is so real and true this is a Life Improvement Aphorism…>>> My mind, my body, my spirit is my temple..It is a Glass War See through the Poison… Habits Habits Holistic healing Pmi Preventative Maintenance Ask me Why…… is their a better way with exercise and or excellent or better habits than H2O Living Epigram Impetus Improvement Virtues are Phenomenal and or are the Best.

Go in for a Dehydration Cause for Superior Exercise Habits to South Georgia Medical Hospital in up in Thomasville Mental Health Hospital Georgia

All you all need is exercise, motivation, positive guidance, to overcome stress like Basic Training and or Tech School with no subsidence without the yelling…but encouraging positive guidance & Positive direction... Motivational Hospitals are needed…and necessary for positive progression... They will save and improve the world & guide it into absolute positive civilization and into Supreme Excellent Direction.... Motivational Hospitals will make the world positive… and just with the Motivational Health Field. Leading to Perfection in the mean time... It’s a Glass War see through the poison poor men are not the only ones dying habits and belief need to be just...

Whoever don’t exercise and don’t know how the mind and body works best At peak performance…No No No “No Big Show Sub way One Dollar Grand Way” like Anyway…like Ever Like Forever How in the Sam hell have we allowed this…? They Don’t listen to us…the best in the sports world…They are so jest traditional…Coach Rick Pitino 1990 University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball said more than once that the Traditional Mental Health Field is 30 years behind the Sports World of Exercise and kids who have lived our daily sports habits of nutrition and Exercise… The Traditional Mental Health Field is 30 years behind Us or more….. Much Different than Sports’ Psychologist and Psychiatrist. Who are just. Who Motivate and Encourage and Inspire Direction and the Best Guidance. The Mental Health Field is a Lower Man’s End of Beliefs and they Believe the Belief s of Educated Guessing… Just to Say Damenation is not enough to say Scary is a understatement for the lesser value of human and or to be Humane. WE Ain’t Guessing Mental Health Field it and you is not Needed in the Totality of the Entire Complete 365 Sport World of Exercise and Nutrition.

The Traditional Mental Health Field Professionals are or could be as confused as a Pantomiming Panda Bear Cliché on Decision of which two kids to keep Loving, the Patients and or the Humanity in Humans. The Motivational Health Field is like Impetus Stimulus Care Packages Encouragement Health Field Inspires Pmi to all 100% Natural Daily Quality Improvement and Quality Supreme Excellent directional Positive Lifestyles….

The Traditional Mental Health Field professionals are or could be as confused as the Patients just to say it Move Your Ass and Follow Directions….. Making a point on a or the kind of Kinda Lifestyles Lived could be True and or Obvious Daily Life Long Habitual Habits…? Jest need to find their heads Up out of their Cannonball and or Jack Knife Traditions Traditional Mental Hospitals are not needed. They are not needed not necessary not wanted for Positive Success and or Positive Progression not needed….?

You just need to Exercise Alot and make the Transition Don’t Fill Good at First but the River and or Crystal Clear Stream Runs and Flows on

Traditional Psychiatrist could find out how stress really works need of finesse or Die But these butts can Ally Oop my Bally’s Fitness Girlfriend Michigan Law School The River Ran….and Stream Can…

Performance of the mind and body and spirit is combined don’t need medicine apply… Give them to the Homeless Only....... With holistic healing and exercise and perfected nutrition …Why….? Understanding of the mind & body is connected to the heart & brain Complimenting systems supply and remain…

On to the need of the Motivational Health Field and Motivational Hospitals…Which is and are True and in the direction of 1oo% just... Ha…. Ever--- Tom, Dick, and Harry Who got charged in the As Why? Pass this on to the Business world, Politicians and Doctors of all fields to tell The Positive Truth to all of The Professionals of the, and the, best in the, or of the world…Why…?

If you got Accounts that nobody else has but to your deepest Compassion wish is to have theirs Join the Motivational Health Field and or our Foundations.

Traditional Mental Health doctors are Lame no Science and or Religion and or just Lost not needed, if they don’t listen to us then they are not needed, But the Homeless need more than a Hand out and Financial Support and Shelter…..Oh…?

Cancer Doctors and the best Specialist are Better than a Low Fat Ham Sandwich with Cheese and or Wheat Germ and When they don’t listen to us or our Wishes the wishing Well to the Money Profits Fail in and to the patient and or Patients more than just Fail and to positively proclaim and admit the truth Society Fails and or Civilization is not Civil

Supreme Court Justices’ Personalities & Professional Motivator’s Attitudes that Actually Encourage and Inspire Motivate Encouraging and or Inspiring habitual habits to be more and to Improve Daily….

Is a Plus.

But If It’s a Glass war and poor men are dying see through the poison… Traditional Mental Health Hospitals are definitely nothing like the Sports World Best Doctors at Holistic Guaranteed Healing TQM Satisfaction..... The Sports World Doctors or the World of the Best Doctors, Who know everything about the mind and body know how all systems work together but It’s a Glass war not the Gas war but still poor men and a lot more are dying

Hate to use the word useless but 50% of them who work in the mental health traditional field Think They have a mental disease…Anyway Knock the Dust off of Sharecropper and Cultivate with Fun in the Direction of Zig Ziglar or Jack Canfield and Everybody like him or them that are in their Profession… It may be higher by now, However Think Butt Anyway But to Think Anyway…..But This is a Statistic from 1997-1998 College Psychology UNCW Educational class… Anyway…50 Percent are Mentally Stable but classified with a Mental Disease….Huh.

Simple Country Thinking and or Thoughts because of their Thinking and Beliefs Lack of the Proper and or Best Actions and or Exercise and or Nutritional Habits…..To know a lot but to Know nothing at all what does it mean…?

1997-1998 UNCW Psychology Statistics…. The Traditional Mental Health Field must of went from Research to wanting or needing money to meet Quotas... So I guess I was a Body Putted me or and him or them in the Category of Guinea Pig a Cheap of a Hog Round Up like Research the Cheapest Research to the Best Scientist i and we or them did but did not fall below or in the category of Homeless Anyway… How in the Sam Hell does or can this or a Stethoscope Check for or Tell more than what a Quality Heart and or Mind is….?…Hold Up Psyche why did it happen…? The Traditional Mental Health Field must of went from Research to wanting or needing money to meet Quotas... So I guess I was a Body Puted him or them in the Category of Guinea Pig Cheap Hog of a Research the Cheapest Research to the Best Scientist and to them but i or we must of did not fall below or in the category of Homeless How in the Sam Hell…? The Traditional Mental Health Field must of went from Research to wanting or needing money to meet Quotas...So I guess I was a Body to them but did not fall below or in the category of Homeless and or Andy Griffith

And onto the Issue of prescribing medication a static relationship with Medicine from what I seen & experienced Psychiatrist Don’t have to much of any skill or talent that is Obvious and or Heir Apparent to Any Promotion or Cause to Leadership Success..... Obliviously Wait Just a Hot Minute, Compared to the best in the Sports world…But…Anyway…Bottom out to the Issues of…these butts

Adjectives and Adverbs I got more than a Few Words I want and need to Share…..

To Solve Stress or Confusion from stasis stagnation into Holistic Healing with Perfect Nutrition and Excellent Exercise which is the best way and what is needed? PMI Dailiy Habits Supreme Excellence start it at age 6... Many Traditional Mental Health Patients have lost more than their Fleeing Prepositions because of Psychiatric Medicine But these Butts Listen Up focus see through and around the Poison…..? Shake it Off and Keep on Moving and Going on with Truth and Motivation that Encourage and Inspires

The Natural Positive Equilibrium Static Stasis Bodies at rest Blood Flows Purifies every 3 feet The Faster you run the faster it Rushes blood Purifies every 3 feet in the mind & Body Water What Water Who Water but….”No” y’all just didn’t stick WATER in the A$$ with a Nettle…Did you…..? If you didn’t for Ever Hold your PEACE with the Homeless.

The State of Equilibrium away from Nature & Exercise leaves The Mental Health field or Mental Health Medicine Stagnant Stationary Still not movingAnywhere Anyway But These Butts but these Butts are not the Butterfly to Cocoon and or Cancun they will and can have you in a Coma when U may have never experienced what it’s like to be Homeless Except on a Camping Trip and or achieving different Levels in the Boy Scouts…..

Let’s Concentrate of Sports Stigma and Fighter Pilot Coaching and Beliefs….

Some people may adapt to psychiatry Medicine…But no need for it Research has been done…it is a cocoon to Lazy or Lesser Value Patients never will reach full anointed positive Natural Country Educated Equilibrium State of Positive Force Positive Shifts Positive State to Gain and or Maintain with Positive Full Potential or and Ability it Never is or Will be Reached from a or a Group of Ah Just a Minute Ha a Wait a Minute, Educated Guesses Men and or Mens’ Beliefs, Weak Men’s Habitual Habits are not Christian Sport Science and or and are Excuses to us in Physics to Sports Science like G Force Habits but Butt Anyway From the Past or Present…. How do you lead to the better future of Progress…if these Educated Guessing butts are not Eliminated because they are like Static Electricity Causing A Lot of Friction from Stationary Beliefs and or Habits but these As AZZes of Butts dot my I Give Me a Semi Colon Hold on Psyche; Don’t jump in their Lack of Thoughts, Come on Diamond, Effect Affect

The Mental Health Field Time has and needs to be expired analyzing stress 2011 & Back but Butt These Asymptotes of Irrational and or Rational Assess of Action…., Is no more better than a Homeless Fecal Matter and or Bladder Control, Hold On….Just A Minute Comma, What and Where does stress come from…like the Back of Donkey's Ass Kicking Lesser Value and or Quality Man’s Habitual Habits Beliefs and or As if and or Lack of Impetus Positive Creativity, I believe it is how we leave and or Lead ourselves in and out of our own Ignorance, it is Clear when it is not detected Harsh means for Harsh Means lead to Injustice Mental Health Field Real Violent not Regal 2010 & Back was Real Mean...Butt the As of Azzes and Aisle of Them in a Row Mental Health Doctors may think they are and or may think they are High & Mighty Asking 2010 Questions that did not’ Carry any Positive 2003 Weight…but the 2EO31B Communication and Job Description and Names and Duties got the Mandate Up Lifted and Cancelled Not Kentucky Basketball they did not Give a Fuck to Much about Athletes they Consider us all Equal Healthy Body but problematic Mind, Traditional Psychiatrist Truly Don’t Care or They don't Got or have Much and or Enough Sports Compassion of Youthful Aging and or Growing Up Youthful As a Kid and or Growing Up as a Teenager….. All they wanted was or is or was to make the or a Quota, a Quota or the Quotas to knock the Motor Boating up out of me and you and or Up out of others so that their or your engine don't run as smoothly on ignition like when her or she would Give and Gave me Prepositions..., I know what i always have needed and Love...and What do We always need more than Love Penguins..., The Motivational Health Field should and would be Fresh & Encouraging, lead by example, and or Positive Guidance into positive stimulating systems and or Applications that apply the best processes and or Methods....

The best in the sports world combined with The Best of Virtue that is positively just… The Mental Health Field Harsh means for Harsh means belong with each other.....Mental Health Field belongs in the Prisons Only and no Where else, the truth has been told. It’s a glass war see through the poison poor men are dying. We need to end the Mental Health Field Completely. PERIOD. Close. PERIOD. Delete Period. Eliminate Period. However the Homeless need to be Cleaned Up and Directed…and Guided into the Direction of Supreme Excellence…

To Work a Miracle with Medicine Eat Perfectly Exercise Perfectly Take no medicine Drink lots of Green Tea People need to stop being lazy and be more positive Drink lots of Water Down Gray and Black Tea.... Understand how the mind works best going into, getting out of, or into Peak Performance Blood Purifies every 3 feet it is a liquid like Water But these butts to Know a lot but nothing at all and or little Traditional Psychiatry is the weak man’s understanding of human reality as if Follow Direction Move the Fuck on to the Homeless

Traditional psychiatry is a Take it easy perception of a lesser man’s value and or reality and or for the Lazy and or the Real Deep Confused. The Traditional Mental Health Field lack Amplitude and Aptitude, to listen, to Answer, and to solve… They do not even resolve…Anything Positive and or Leading to a excellent solution Except for the Homeless. Anyway Butt But The As of Azzes… Need to get un-Stuck up out of Outdated Reasoning & Stop asking do You hear Voices & get stuck in Positive Thought…But Butt But these Butts are in the Glass War Break through the Ceiling

A man in the bush or mountain man running across the plains of Africa do and does have a happier and or Freeier life….? Does Bush men from Africa need to be in the Mental Health Hospitals…? Reality Huh…I’ll Call and Raise all you on the Best Social Graces and Including Appearance…..that is or was lacking because of my Habits….Don’t Kid me on Comparisons

The Traditional Mental Health Field Locks need to drop & always be friendly & go bye bye to and for the Homeless..... Not a single one of you have the ability to be a Astronaut…Maybe I am Wrong but Jest because weak beliefs and habits have been passed on into civilization because of Weak Man’s Habitual Monkey Habits......

It just ain't Civilized It has caused a affect that has effected and affected the Entirety of the entire human population negatively… However these Butts, If they don’t listen to the sports aphorism of understanding positive evolution and civilization…That is and it is just Bottom line you all have no Sports Compassion or true understanding of how the mind and body is connected more than likely there will always be crime or war maybe both But

We Know more about this than all of you…Ask all the Wrong Questions Leading People in the Wrong Direction In psychology, the psyche (pron.: /ˈsaɪkiː/) is the totality of the human mind, conscious, and unconscious. Psychology is the scientific or objective study of the psyche. The word has a long history of use in psychology and philosophy, dating back to ancient times, and has been one of the fundamental concepts for understanding human nature from a scientific point of view. The English word soul is sometimes used synonymously, especially in older texts.[1]

It’s a Glass War see through the poison But poor men and a lot more are dying so who cares Motivational hospitals will lead with exercise & learning of how to be positively just.

All Mental Health hospitals need to be closed in the future unless…..?

And in the mean time only open in prisons… and or for the Homeless….

Maybe but then the Butts will see how inhumane they are…Homeless

You all have killed more than you all Have Improved confused people ruined & taken Advantage of to many peaceful souls & Lives Mental Health Field you all are not the cutting edge of anything Real Good to the best however but Sitting in your suits and or nice clothes looking important…As If an As is not a As….

Asking a lot questions to nowhere majority of the Time but hardly ever listening 2009 & Back Real Violent Traditional Mental Health Field U all are the the Leopard Colony like Ancient Times As of the Butts Still the Prepositions Asking Interrogation Questions It ain’t going to change until you change the name of the Mental Health Field & Principles..... Anyway you all are not the Action Proper Noun Verbs... you all are the Transitive and intransitive and never have you all ever been more than a Good Pay Day... You all need to learn how to build people up & their personal self-esteem Take away the Stigma Through Encouragement & Exercise Inspiration and Motivation Verbage...

Inspire that is just it…. Watch it Inspire… watch out whatch what the Newly Invented Motivational Health Field with Sports Compassion Inspiration Care and Tactful Humor Communication Motivation Positive Natural Encouragement Look at your founding father & what he practiced & preached what is out dated but Sigmund Freud Belief of reality does produce…. A Weaker person and or Habits, people and or civilization. But it’s a Glass war see through the poison poor men and a lot more are dying because of Stupidity and or Blissful Ignorance…..?

Motivational Health Field can or could be like Basic Training and or Tech-School…

Going to College, Attending Universities”, Taking-up a Trade and or Technical School with the best in the Sports World…

Entertainers & the Movers and Shakers will produce a Positive Effect just Jest But Butt As of Asses As if a Dumb As is not As at Times that is what I seen and HEARD in their behavior & reasoning 2003-2010 from the Mental Health field & all Associated…Did I say….?

Real Illogical no Respect not even for the best in the Sport World College of Coaching… Even though it is a Glass War poor men are dying…They had the nerve to try to tell me about Sports Coaches and their EGOs

You all have a Hellifying EGO without the Government you all would have a Cesspool of Shit and No Profits to Anything of Growth and or Source without the Government .

~ Pioneer to Motivational Health Field & Motivational Linguistic Higher Learning Sports Academies for the World & Church of Truth Light Love and Humor Water Religion

~ Carlos Bernard Toomer

Author’s Comments It is a wise mans part, rather to avoid sickness, than to wish for medicines. ~#500 Thomas More, Utopia


Ask your angels to to enter your dreams to give you guidance and any information that you may need to know.

#527 Water Perfection Heaven of Earth Love Marriage Magic Majestic Doreen Virtue “The Light workers way” Belief Net


Physiology is the stepchild of medicine. That is why Cinderella often turns out the queen. ~ Martin H. Fischer


Every Footstep that I take Completes the Circle my Life Makes. What I lost in Time. ~Lucy Kaplansky & 496 #...Cher (Born: May 20, 1946 ) Pop-Singer-Songwriter, Actor, Director, & Producer


For the most part, Western medicine doctors are not healers, preventers, listeners, or educators. But they’re damned good at saving a life and the other aspects kick the beam. It’s about time we brought some balance back to the scale. -Claire Todae


Let the young know they will never find a more interesting, more instructive book than the patient himself. ~ Giorgio Baglivi


Effective people are not problem mined; they’re opportunity minded, they feel opportunities & starve problems. In every obstacle there is a opportunity not a problem. ~ Stephen Covey & Justice Sonia Sotomayor Courtly C #526 (Born: June 25, 1954)


Formerly, when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic. --Thomas Szasz, The Second Sin, 1973 and he is the Father of Anti-Psychiatry


In three words, I can sum up everything. I’ve learned about life. “It goes on” & I need Love” ~ Robert Frost & Courtly C 1087 Caroline Kennedy (Born: November 27, 1957) Daughter of President JFK


Success is never final and failure never fatal. It’s courage that counts. – George F. Tilton Real


There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

~ Natasha Bedingfield #38 Courtly Character (Born: November 26, 1981 ) British Pop Singer Songwriter


The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it.

–Brendan Francis


The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is that there are physicians for the body, physicians for the soul, and physicians for the mind, although the three cannot be separated. #75 Impetus (1972A.D. --- ? ) Pg.17


Sometimes reality has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass. And when the dam bursts, all you can do is swim. The world of pretend is a cage, not a cocoon. We can only lie to ourselves for so long. We are tired, we are scared, denying it doesn’t change the truth. Sooner or later we have to put aside our denial and face the world. Head on, guns blazing. De Nile. It’s not just a river in Egypt, it’s a freakin’ ocean. So how do you keep from drowning in it?

#666 Ellen Kathleen Pompeo as Meredith Grey on (Grey’s Anatomy) 2010…?


The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they’re not.” ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton C Bio #8 for more than Info


So accept each other, just as Christ has accepted you, then with Excellence & God be the Honor. ~ Romans 15-17 EIV Bible


My Anti-Aging Longevity Living Holistic Lifestyle Preventative Maintenance Youthful Aging Potato Health Doc Tip: You say “potato,” we say “Yum!” Whether you like yours in salads, mashed up, or hashed up, we have 7 healthy – and downright delicious – takes on this popular veggie…1.)Cheesy Potato Skins 2.)Crispy Potatoes with Green Beans & Eggs 3.)King Crab & Potato Salad 4.)Cheesy Broccoli-Potato Mash 5.)Rosti Potatoes with Ham & Cheese 6.)Potato-Horseradish-Crusted Mahi-Mahi 7.)Kale & Potato Hash


I Ching & John McCain Motto to Live by: When the Way comes to an end, then change – having changed, you pass through.”


Salute me, tease, ad ease take a break let it run through your mind why you love to flirt... ~ Edgewater Simmer & Rock the Cradle the Stud Stimulation Penetration Ultimate Perfect Moments Conservative Values Line


Girl Hey, I am like a Rubik’s Cube, I can solve all your problems. What you Know…? What you Need…? ~ Segment Slot #24Christian Slater Vision Quest Shoot Line…I Can Overcome Anything with Hard Smart Work- “I think I can, I think I can, I think Can…Terry Fox Story….”


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