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Have a "thank session" every morning. Take even 3 to 5 minutes and thank God for everything you can think of. ~ JoyceU (Sharing Christ Loving People) We Share Christ. We Love People.

Call 859-317-4554 or toll free 855-885-CATS(2287)

and tell us who would deserve to be on 4 statues

outside a new Rupp Arena(mythically)

Jenny Chapman younger Sister to Rex Chapman and you all told the Entire 1990 Men's Basketball Team you or Kenny "Sky" Walker.....I have always been real loyal to my Team when i was 18 i did not have the scope or understanding of Team Building for the Long Haul....I thought you could only have One......I didn't know you could have more than one......I didn't know.....

Top 10 NFL Plays for the Regular Season 2011-2012 June 1993 -thru- August 1993 Basic Training August 1993 -thru- March 1994 Tech School for 2E031B Radar Satellite Maintenance Specialist April 1994 -thru- August 1995 1st & Only Active Enlisted Duty Station Communication Squadron

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Choose a Subject write on it into a certain formula or schematic and you have Business Class Poetry to Watch or Read or Listen too or Vote on.....

Pmi Maintenance Orion's Union

The EIV Recipe Bible Blueprint like Circuit Board Mother Day 2018 Update you just got do the proper page count additions at the bottom and or for $600 Dollars on the Comments and Recommendation page leaven your Name & Address & Phone Number and Telling me what you want and or need and I 'll mail you a Happy Valentine 2018 Update of the EIV Recipe Circuit Board Bible for Personal Use on a Jump Drive Shipping and Handling is included in the $600 Dollars and Jump Drive you just got to mail me a $600 Dollars Money Order my Address & Home and Business Phone Number is on the Contact us Page...your or our Choice be Alert we got Options.....We should and may need to do what is best....? A Celebrity tweeted "if your Good people will talk about you if your great people while tell you.... So what we need beside the or this process...? For $600 Dollars I'll mail you a Happy Birthday 2018 Update to the Epigram Impetus Version of Bible with a Birthday Card with a Handwritten Note Tell me what you like Tell me what you love.....

The Epigram Impetus Version of the Bible 2017 June 12 Version is Here Now. If you do a download help me help you Subscribe to my Email List at the Upper Most Right Corner of every Impetus Services Web Page.....

The EIV Bible.doc (DOC — 23 MB)

Microsoft Word Document Converted from 2003 into a Microsoft Word Document 2013.....

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Why is thier a Social Media Website for Ever Thing Under the Sun and Moonshine Moon....? We missing a Target Social Media and Dating Sites... We need One Called Friendship always Last when nothing Else does..... Wilmington, North Carolina is the Richest City in the entire United States of America for Retired Business Class of people... This is from a Cameron School of Business UNCW Dr. Steve Harper Class Room Fact Management Discussion...

Visit to make a gift to the Cameron School of Business and or other departments....Peanut, I have been doing this also for 12 years...Ha Alumni Big Brother, I have a New Name for when you don't know somebody and it is not a Professional Business situation or transactions.... I am Jacob....I carry my own ladder......however you want to spell it...

William Golding Revised:Wisdom Dreamer Nervelli “Water Child” Marx, Darwin and Freud are the three most crashing bores of the Western World. Simplistic popularization of their ideas has thrust our world into a mental straitjacket from which we can only escape by the most anarchic violence or through the most creative positive running water means.

Solution Resolve Impetus Close Pg. 1471

Impetus Circle is The Cake Batter Nation of Country Educated Wit…Impetus Positive Nation with Inner Circle Impetus, all of us on Team Impetus!!!

Impetus, all of us are on Team Impetus!!!

It is the job of leaders to motivate and positively direct citizens into a positive direction or you will always have crime and corruption. If you want war to stop Vote Department of Motivation, If you don’t care don’t vote until you find your bottom over in war. It is Hell Sons & Daughters. It is pure hell. This is what Thomas Paine would of say, if he was presently living…”Peace Peace Peace, they all are screaming and yelling, we want peace, I say to them how you going to achieve peace? How is peace achieved, if you don’t have the motivational systems in place through out life with physical protection and spiritual positive motivation, and quality education and love."

At Age 13 Pope Benedict XVI, I did not agree with Everything in the King James Bible But…

But not saying, I did not agree with the Purpose of the Bible for Non-violence and Love and Positive Progress…

United Impetus & United States Government, I hope all can see how the Movie, Music, & Literary Industry with United Impetus, Incorporated, together we can produce excellent and better consistent quality positive products. That will give people of the world and their country something positive to talk about in any and all situations. Where the Bible may or does fail, if Wars and lack of peace have been fought because of Religion or Confusion. The Epigrammatic Impetus Bible of Elements & Ingredients is the solution with tactful communication for progression in humanity into positive social change, a absolute positive civilization.

Virtue & Tactfully Yours,

Carlos B. Toomer


Patrick Henry & Thomas Paine could say to this Generation “I thought you all knew we had The Most common Sense for our Time Period…We Think you all need to know Common Sense is something special that needs to always evolve…and progress..."


Church of Truth & Light Love & Humor from my Research and the way I see it...It would be Christian Sports Science, the or a Sports-ology "Science & Religion" not Myth but Method, not Educated Guess but Habitual Habits...not Zoology but Methology.... not Archaeology but Method -ology.....not so much Child Psychology but Popular Science Child Psychology...

 Below is One of the Schools I could went to Out of Highs School on a Basketball Scholarship 1990.

United States Air Force Academy - Home. Join the Air Force ... Forged in fire · Team USAFA stands together during crisis ... KAFA 97.7 FM - The Voice of USAFA...

Below is One of the Schools I could went to on Basketball Scholarship Full Ride with two years Active Duty in the United States Air Forces...They Offered many of Times August 1994 to March 1995...

"He who blames others has a long way to go on his journey. He who blames himself is halfway there. He who blames no one has arrived." ~ Chinese Proverb

One of my Classmates Said Go to Hell He was not telling me to Go to Hell but what if you are in a Hell like Situation.....How does this Chinese Proverb Work......

Inspiring your people is the key to unlocking your staff's potential. It's the ingredient that enables you to lead your team to unprecedented success. Your ability to inspire makes you more than a manager, it makes you a leader.

Inspired People Produce Results

helps you unlock incredible growth. Learn how to inspire people by:

FOCUSING on the passion that people need to succeed

EXAMINING the purpose and mindsets of great leaders

DISCOVERING the principles that can change the culture of a company

Fast-paced and enjoyable to read, this game-changing leadership guide focuses on a single, vital premise: your success as a leader hinges on your ability to inspire.

Tom Ziglar, Cindy Ziglar Oates, and Julie Ziglar Norman your Dad to me was like George Michael of and on the Sport Machine all the Time... 44 United States Presidents 22 are Delta Tau Delta Brothers how about that

for a Statistics...? However, we got the highest percentage... 

Impetus Longevity Living is a Life Long Precise Precision Aqua Living...