January 20th, 2013 8am Revision to Poem Truth Pg.1001 Ch.13 Society
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January 20th, 2013 8am Revision to Poem Truth Pg.1001 Ch.13 Society

January 20th, 2013 8am Revision to Poem Truth Pg.1001 Ch.13 Society

Truth...John Brewer U of K (1954-1957)

Truth and Love’s a lock…. That time Makes Loose….  Truth and Love Sometimes may seem as if…it is like a Clock Tick tock tight as a Noose… Truth and Love… Truth Love’s a Fire  more Sometimes more than Maybe Burn bright don’t be lose Quality Love is no liar If truth and Positive Community is what you choose Love Conquers all We are the music makers And we are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering Lone Sea Breakers  Sometimes Sitting by desolate streams; World Winners and World For sakers…. On whom the pale Moon Gleams….. We are the Movers and Shakers  The Makers of the Best Dreams The Eye of Hurricanes backed by Tornado Dreams We are the Lovers of Positive Creativity & Peaceful Loving Quality Real Deep the Deeper the Love Goes the Deeper the Depth of Loving Love Spirituality The Truth of Spirituality and Leading Education Quality Experience more than Adaption Readers
Author’s Comments
A nation is molded by the tests that its people meet and master. --37 President of the United States Lyndon Johnson 
 In present society modernization and commercialization are their more Alpha Omega females there are than males what does this mean…? Has somebody say it, wrote it, or proved it. Hold your Attitude and Sit on Your Rectum Negative Action Return Potential and Pay Attention, if you choose to stand “Ad Ease your Leisure… Don’t Lock your Legs or Knees at Attention…” ~ Larkspur Lace Courtly Character #77 Famous Female Country Singer Loretta Lynn 77 
 You know, this is such a rich time that we’ve just been involved in, and there’s really a job now for historians. Film is still very young. This is the first hundred years of film making. So, I think it’s important that we have some sense of history and continuity. Especially in film. ---- Dennis Hopper 2001                                                                                                                                                                                      &                                                                                                                                                                                                         Chase after the truth like the need for water, even though it mainly may come down to the most dominate, the smartest and or the strongest. Truth is no liar…. ~ Law of Nature Survival of the Fittest

#103 Female Attraction more than a Guaranteed Name is UNCW Summer 1996 Lull water Drive Condo Element Thermal Motion Energy Water Transitions Ingredients Principles of Operation to Thermodynamic Qualitative Break down Heat Relations Water Quantum Techtronic High Voltage Change of Electrolytes Synapse Spark Gaps and  Sweeps... Wave Signal Generator Jump Off  Spectrum Analyzer to Table Drive like Check to Lube AFC Check… Magnetron like Charges Texted Twitter Tektronix Water Electrolysis Pure Friction Mechanical Smooth Swift Precise Swift Precision Rhythmic Techniques Pull Back always See what you are Working With Enjoy the Moment be in the Moments Rhythmic Timing Motion Pace Change of Pace Stimulation Debrite 3 Triple Point Temperature Black Light Conditions Exceed Pleasure Equilibrium Balance and Pressure.... Don’t Stand Up to Quick Transmitter Receiver Point Monitored her Applications Radar Specialist Shelter to Bed Check... Power Up Frequency Check Mental Flight Aerial to Ground  Physical Mental Flight Ground to Air Bearing Checks  Physical Mental Flight a Principle Operation of the Mind to Track AFC Check Points Tracked all her Curves, Angles, and movements Honed n to Mine Beep Beep Beep Duuuaaaal Soul Applications Air Traffic Control Flight Transponder Check Take me there where are you at Ginger Bread Cookie Sensitive Tender Sensual Cake Spot Check more than a Ginger Snap Cookie Check String of Light the or A Guaranteed Profitable Profit Sensory Senses I need all 100 Personal or individualistic Birth Anointed Human Physiology Sets and Frequency Spots Focus Alignment Check Points Test and Check Synchronization Rhythmic Standard more than a Promising DNA Anatomy Release Spot of Spots Depending of Birth Nature and Adaptions and or Experience the Genius teetotum Latin teetotal Te DeumLaudamus Rise up Spot Talk and Check with the 2E031B Application to NASA AFSC ILS Met her NAV Mode Up System Ignition and Maneuvers Moded On & Off into & out of  at that point from Grind & Motion Changes... Body Sections Test Points and Checks... Suctions & Kisses Combined…More than The Greek Sports Deity to the H20 Timing Systems the Pull & Push Purest 6’4” Rhythmic Pace & Timing on Points Ripped her Voltage Regulator Alignment Hit Her with some Current Took her Voltage Knock her off her Feat into Missionary Trigger and Timing her Timing ie… Etc.. Applications to Goal to Coaching Measurements Shredded Sub Human to Superfood Strength Endurance Versatile more than  Coordinated Missionary AFC Stamina Check Azimuth to Grind Frequency Counter Orgasmic System Counter Check the Perfection Point Guard 2Guard Small Forward 205 Pounds the Male Athletic Multi-Billionaire Female Coupler Capacitor to Codes and Needs that Store Applications was & were Applied 2EO31B Radar Tektronix's Oscilloscope 8 Pack Plate Abs The San Adreas Female Fault Line System Operations Backed Up her Default  Back Me Up Tell me what Happen…and be more than Precise with Physics of Natural Systems and  Motion Timing with Versatility And Coordination Practice Applications Reception Senor Sensory Senses Receptive Admitting Pace & Timing also Caused more than a Natural Obedient Natured Submissive Techtronic High Female Admitting Moans and Quarterback Decibels at and to the other Point of Points Screaming Cool Down set in After Words of Hydration… Did she need a Jug of Water…? No all she needed was at least a Glass of Water: Have you ever seen  or heard a female Say Sh.t Sh.t Sh.t for a longtime during a 60 Second Orgasm while and mainly in the Excited State exceeding all kinds of Pleasure… She was humming more than cursing before the 1996 Poltergeist Climax set in… She said  “ F.ck no… Quit… No more…”  and Jump up out of the bed from the Orgasm and flopped like a Fish out of the Missionary Standing Up while still in the State of Climax…? She did the Kid and play kick at the End of it with her Preposition Shaking Exclamation Bare Bottom Rare As… from my perspective through my eyes it question my honesty… She was a Arm Length and A Lean Away from me… What you know and Trust...The 101 to more than Pg.18 #103… It was not a 3A.M. Call…It was more than a Basic Advanced Radar Application Foundation that was Applied after dinner…with the Understanding of Human Physiology, Anatomy, Super foods, Perfect Physical and Mental Preparations with System Principle Operations and Timing…with a Pace Friction Grind Chaging on all her points and Female Coaching on Time…
Enlightenment Understanding Quality Motivation Value Fact: In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged. -- Nouwens        

         “Can I have your picture?” Pause “So I can show Santa what I want for Christmas!” Sugar and Spice and Everything nice….~ Casanova line                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -AND-                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay a while And she will be loved.   ~ Music & Comedy & Entertainment & Improvement Virtue Life for your Love Line 4 Who…?                                                                                                                                                                                    

  Listen to music selection by Terri Clark “The Real Thing”

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