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Music List Pages 1521 -thru-1535
Index 3: Page Number & Location of Music Selections
Music Recommendation Location Page Numbers
Chapter One the Book of Facts the Virtue of Humor
294.) Jo Dee Messina - “Burn” Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor Poem is Poetry with the use of Creativity 

 295.) Shania Twain “Any Man of Mine”… Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor 

296.) Blues Brothers  “ Gimme Some Lovin ” …Ch. 1 Facts  and the Virtue of Humor and the Name of the Poem is Immaculate Poetry Flawless 

297.) Tresa Jordan Nashville- “Montage 2 from Tresa Jordan”…Chapter. 1Facts the Virtue of Humor and  the Poem  is How to be a Poet 

299.) Lee Ann Womack- “I hope you dance”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor and the Title of the is Who Cares….? 

302.) Jay-Z “Bounce with Me…” or Sanctus Real ~ Longer Than a Lifetime…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Name of the Poem Initiative 

303.)Colbie Caillat “Bubble” Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor and the Name of the Poem is Journey 

304-305.) Michael Jackson  “We are the world”…Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor 

306.) Fun Factory “Celebration” Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor name of the Poem is Let’s Roam Together 

 307.) Monet Rox “Suddenly”…Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor 

 308.) Celia Whitler “I will be Your Voice” Chapter. 1 the Virtue of Humor and the Name of the Poem is the Art of Communication 

 309.) SheDaisy “Don’t Worry bout a Thing”…Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor 

310.) Prokofiev, Sergey "Symphony No.1 in D Major" Classical Music  from The National SymphonyOrchestra ...Ch1 Fact 

311-312.) Heat wave “Always and Forever”… Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor and the name of the Poem is Care 

313.) Francesca Battistelli  – “Go, Tell it on the Mountain” and “O Come , O Come, Emmanuel” Ch. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor 

314-315.) Lou Bega “Mambo No.5” ( Little bit of… ) Chapter. 1 Fact 

316.) Bruce Springsteen “Born to Run”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor and the Poem Name is “Born to Run” 

317-318.) “Nashville” by David Mead….Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor and the Poem is the House of Intellect & Imagination 

319.) Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F Ch.1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor and the Poem is Image

320-321) The Charlie Daniels Band “The Devil went down to Georgia” The Virtue of Humor Ch.1  

323.) Staple Singers “Let’s Do it Again” 1975…Chapter. 1 

324.) Megan Conner “This Day”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor

 325.) Gordon Lightfoot “If you can read my Mind”and or Natalie Grant ~ Be One…Ch.1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor 

326.) Murray Head "One Night in Bangkok" Ch.1

327.) The Oak Ridge Boys “…Bobbie Sue…”….Chapter. 1 the Book of Facts the Virtue of Humor 

328.) Jason Whitton “I still believe in love”…Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor
329.) John Mayer “Waiting on the world to Change”…Chapter. 1 Facts and  the Virtue of Humor 

330-331.) Passion (feat.Kritian Stanfill) “My Heart is Yours” Chapter.1 Facts the Virtue of Humor and the Poem Name is Habits

332-333.) Boy Zone “Together”…Chapter.1 Facts the Virtue of Humor 

334-335.) Bruce Springsteen “Born in the U.S.A”and or Public Enemy “Can’t Truss It"…Chapter. 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor 

336-337.)Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel “Ain’t no mountain high enough”And Or Eva Cassdidy "Songbird"…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor 

339-340.) The Clark Brothers “This Little Light of Mine”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of and in Humor 

341-342.) 4 Non  Blondes " What's Up " Ch.1

343.)Diana Ross “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” And Sara Bareilles "Brave"…Chapter. 1 and the Virtue of Humor 

344-345.) Hank Williams Jr. “Family Tradition”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor 

347.) Talesha Hogan “Unconditional”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor 

348.) Frankox – On Fire…Chapter 1 Facts the Virtue of Humor and the Name of the Poem  is Meanings  

349.) Blind Melon ~ No Rain…Ch.1

350-351.) George Strait “I Cross my Heart”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor 

352-353.) Janet Jackson ~ AnyTime Any Place…Chapter 1 Facts 

354-355.) The Eagles “ Love will Keep Us Alive”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor and to Know the Name of the Poem 

356.) Taylor Ware “Yodeling Cowgirls”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor and the Poem is Cowgirl Query 

357.) Master P  “ Make Em Say Uhh ” or Steven Curtis Chapman "Warrior" Ch.1 Facts 

358.) Master P  “Hooody Hoo” My Weight Lifting Song Ever Since 1996 to 1999…” And -or- Aaron Shust "My Savior My God" Ch.1 Facts Virtue of Humor 

 359.) Etta James “At Last”…Chapter. 1 Facts and the Virtue of Humor with Building Trust in our Lives Poem 



Chapter 2 Communication the Book of Tactful Humor the Virtue of Courage Page 1521-1522 Music List
363.) Spin Doctors “Two Princes”… Chapter. 2 Communication 

364.) The Verve Pipe ~ “The Freshmen” Ch.2 Communication the Book of Tactful Humor Virtue of Courage

365.) Jackson Browne “Tender is the Night” 1983 and or Junior Walker & the All Stars "Shotgun" Chapter. 2 Communication 

366.) Keb ‘Mo’ The Song is “She Just wants to dance…” Ch.2 The Book of Tactful Humor The Virtue of Courage 

367.) George Clinton “Erotic City” Chapter. 2 The Book of Tactful Humor The Virtue of Courage 

368.) Kenny Chesney “Some People Change”…Chapter. 2 Communication the Book of Tactful Humor 

369.) Katie Armiger “Unseen”…Chapter. 2 Communication the Virtue of Humor the Book of Tactful Humor 

371.) Mazzy Star ~ “Fade into you”Chapter 2 Communication
372.)The Sounds of Music Motion Pictures Sound Track “Do Re Mi”…Chapter. 2 Communication 

 373.) Tina Turner “Simply the Best” Chapter. 2 Communication 

 374.) Boni Jovi “I’ll be There for You”…Chapter. 2 Communication the Virtue of Courage

 375.) Jerry Maguire Soundtrack Bruce Springsteen “Secret Garden”…Chapter. 2 is Communication
376.) Captain Jack “Iko Iko” Talkin  bout Hey now Hey now I-Koko un-day Jack-a-mofee-no-aina-ne…Ch. 2 Communication  

377.) Jennifer Love Hewitt “How do I deal” Chapter. 2 Communication the Virtue of Courage

378.) the Band Perry “ Better Dig Two”…Chapter 2 

379.) Donald Lawrence ~ The Best is yet to Come…Ch.2 Communication 

382.) Bob Seger ~ Night Moves… Ch.2 Communication the Virtue Courage the Book of Tactful Humor 

383.) The Bee Gees “Night Fever”…Chapter. 2 

384.) Britney Spears “3”…Ch.2 Communication the Virtue of Courage 

385.) Shania Twain “She’s not just a Pretty Face”…Chapter. 2 Communication the Book of Tactful Humor 

386.) Hillsong ~ Our God is an Awesome God Chapter. 2 Communication the Virtue of Courage

387.) Puala Cole “I Don’t Want to Wait” a Dawson Creek Original Hit Theme Song … Ch 2 The Book of Comm. Virtue of Courage 

388.) Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”…Chapter. 2 Communication the Book of Tactful Humor
389.) Method Man & Redman “Da Rockwilder”…Chapter. 2 the Book of Tactful Humor
390.) Belly “Feed the Tree” Chapter 2 Communication the Virtue of Tactful Humor

391.) One Republic ~ “Counting Stars” Ch.2 Communication 

392.) Safety Suit ~ “Never Stop” Ch.2 Communication 

394.) THE AMERICAN NATIONAL ANTHEM…Ch.2 Communication the Virtue of Courage the Book of Tactful Humor

395.) Lee Roy Parnell ~ When  Something is Wrong with Baby ~or~ Fatboy Slim -“Funk Soul Brother” --> Right About Now ~And~ Corey Hart  -“Never Surrender” Ch.2 Communication Book of Tactful Humor Virtue of  Courage

Chapter 3 Inspiration or and Encouragement The Book of Opportunity Optimism the Virtue of Determination Page 1522
398.) Jimmy Eat World “The Middle” Chapter. 3 Inspiration and or Encouragement 

399.) Jungle Book “I want to be like you”…Chapter. 3 Inspiration and or Encouragement 

400.) Darude Sandstorm ~ Radio Edit… Chapter 3 Inspiration and or Encouragement the Virtue of Determination 

401.) Norman Greenbaum ~ Spirit in Sky”

402.) Miranda Lambert “Take Me Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go”…Chapter. 3 Inspiration and or Encouragement the Virtue of Determination 

403.) Chumbawamba “Tub Thumping”…Chapter. 3 Inspiration/Encouragement Sister Andrea Jaeger Courtly Character I would Court 

404.) Melissa Suzanne “Dream your Dreams Again”…Chapter. 3 Inspiration and or Encouragement Poem  is When I think of You 

405.) Romantics “What I Like about you” …Chapter. 3 Poem Name is Twenty-First Century Athletes
406.) Nelly, P. Diddy, & Murphy Lee “Shake ya Tail Feather”…Chapter. 3 The Book of Opportunity Optimism 

407.) Proclaimers “500 Miles”…Chapter. 3 Inspiration/Encouragement 

408.)  Tim Timmons ~ Starts with me and or  Ice Cube “No Vaseline” (N.W.A. Diss)…Ch 3 Inspiration  Encouragement the Virtue of Determination  

409.) Olivia Newton-John “Physical”…Chapter 3 Inspiration /Encouragement the Book of Opportunity Optimism  

410.) The Doobie Brothers “Listen to the Music”…Chapter. 3 Inspiration/Encouragement 

411.) Michael W. Smith "Freedom”  C.D." Classical Music...Chapter. 3 Inspiration/Encouragement 

412.)Seven Mary Three “Cumbersome” One Hit Wonder…Chapter. 3

413.) Savage Garden “Affirmation”…Chapter. 3 

414.) The Youngbloods “Get Together” 1967…Chapter. 3 

416.) Atlantic Starr “Secret Lovers”…Chapter. 3 

417.) The Temptations “The Way Udo the Things Udo…” Ch.3 Inspiration Encouragement The Virtue of Determination 

418.) Newsboys “Your Love Never Fails” Ch.3 Inspiration Encouragement 

419.) Alan Jackson “Remember When”…Chapter. 3 

420.) Marvin Hamlish “…The Entertainer…” Ch.3 Inspiration or an Encouragement The Book of Opportunity Optimism 

421.) Crazytown ~ Butterfly…Ch.3

422.) Pam Tillis “Shake the Sugar Tree”

423.) Naked Eyes ~ "Always Something there to Remind me" Ch.3 the Book of Opportunity Optimism Inspiration and or Encouragement 

424.) Amy Stroup ~ “Hold Onto Hope Love”

425.) Kylie Minogue “Fever”… and Beyonce “…Fever…” Ch. 3 The Book of Opportunity  

426.) John Lennon “Hold On”…Chapter. 3 

427.) The Byrds “Turn, Turn, Turn”…Chapter. 3 

428.) Bob Dylan “Knockin’ on Heaven's Door”…Chapter. 3 and the Name of the Poem is a Psalm of Life 

429.) Stealers Wheel “Stuck in the Middle with You”…Chapter. 3 

430.) Uncle Kracker “Follow Me”…Chapter. 3 

431.) The Police “Every Breath You Take”…Chapter. 3 

432.) Ashleigh Rogers “Sweetest Memory”…Chapter. 3 Poem is Friendship is like Rainbow 

433.) Barenaked Ladies "Pollywog in a Bog" Ch.3 the Book of Opportunity Optimism

434.) Ben Howard ~ “Keep Your Head Up” Ch.3 Inspiration and or Encouragement the Book of Opportunity Optimism 

Ch.4 the Book of Enlightenment the Virtue of Innocence & Other Epigram Impetus Improvement Virtues Pg.1522-1523
437.) Dire Straits “So Far Away” …Chapter. 4 Maxim Poem Epigram Impetus Improvement Virtues & Creative Creativity  

438.) Shania Twain ~ From this Moment Ch.4 Enlightenment 

439.) Danzig “Mother”…Chapter. 4 Enlightenment 

440.) Roxette “Listen to your Heart”…Chapter.4 Enlightenment the Virtue of Innocence 

441.) Bob Marley “One Love/People Get Ready”…Chapter. 4 

443.) Anton Dvorak “III Alegretto Anton Dvorak”…Chapter. 4 

444.) Emma Mae Jacobs “With You”…Chapter. 4 

446.) The Eagles “Take Easy”…Chapter. 4 

447.) The Five Stair Steps “Ooh Child”… Chapter. 4 

448.) Britt Nicole ~ “Gold”…Ch.4 Enlightenment 

450.) Ace of Base “The Sign”…Chapter. 4 

451.) Ed Townsend “For Your Love”…Ch.4 The Book of Enlightenment the Virtue of Innocence &18 Epigram Impetus Improvement Virtues on Pg. 451 

454.) The Wallflower “One Headlight”…Chapter. 4 

455.) The Del Vikings “Come Go With Me”…Chapter. 4

456.) Miranda Lambert ~ Mama’s Broken Heart…Ch.4 

457.)   The Shirelles ~ “Will you love me Tomorrow”…Ch.4 Enlightenment the Virtue of Determination 
459.) Smokey Robinson “Second that emotion”…Chapter. 4 Enlightenment 

461.) The Afters ~ "Beautiful Love" Ch.4 Enlightenment the Virtue of Determination 

462.) U2 “With or Without you”… Chapter. 4 

463.) Fievel Mousekewitz “Somewhere out there”…Chapter. 4 

464.) Cinderella “Bibbidi Bobbidi --- Boo”…Ch. 4 The Virtue of Innocence the Book of Enlightenment 

465.) Tom Petty ~ You don’t know how it feels

466.) “De La Soul” – Song is “Me, Myself, I”  Ch.4 And Listen Snoop Dog featuring Pharrell --> Drop it like its Hot 

468.) Hall & Oates  “One On One” (Live 1983)…Ch. 4 Enlightenment 

469.) Tammy Trent ~ “Rain on Me” Ch.4 Enlightenment 

470.) Stevie Wonder “Singed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m yours” Chapter. 4 Poem name is Wisdom Keepers 

471.) The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun”….Chapter 4 Enlightenment The Virtue of Innocence

Chapter 5 The Book of Love Virtue of Honesty Pg.1523-1524 Music List

475.) Lionel Richie “Three Times a Lady”…Chapter. 5 Love

477.) Eagles "Take it to the Limit" Chapter. 5 Love

478.) Sara Evans “Perfect ever piece of the puzzle don’t have to fit”…Chapter. 5 Love 

479.) Keith Urban “Making Memories of us”…Chapter. 5 Love the Virtue of Honesty 

480.) George Michael “Faith” Chapter. 5 Love 

481.) Bryan Adams “Heaven”…Chapter. 5 

483.) Dixie Chicks “Wide Open Spaces” Chapter. 5 Love the Virtue of Honesty 

484.) Bette Midler ~ The Rose Ch.5 Love  

485.) Alan Jackson “Where I Come From”…Chapter. 5 Love 

486.) Aerosmith “What it takes”… Chapter. 5 Love 

487.) Bryan Adams “Everything I do (I do it for you)” …Chapter. 5 Love name of Poem is True Love
488.) Obla Di Obla Da "Sugar Beats"the Beatles…Chapter.5 Love the Virtue of Honesty name of the poem is Best Friends 

489.) Harry Nilsson ~ “She put Da Lime in the Coconut" …Chapter. 5 is Love and  name of Poem is Many Forms of Fashion and Positive Passion 

490.) Eric Carmen “Hungry Eyes”…Chapter. 5 Love 

491.) John Lennon “Love”...Chapter 5  Love  

492.) Ziggy Marley “Love is my Religion”…Chapter. 5 Love the Virtue of Honesty
493.) 3 Door Down “Here without you”…Chapter. 5 Love
494.) Hootie and the Blowfish “Hold my Hand”…Chapter.5
495.) TLC "Unpretty" 1999  Chapter. 5 Love 

496.) Barry White “Can’t get enough of your Love” …Chapter. 5 Love and the Poem Name is Trust Worthy Love
497.) Steve Winwood “Higher Love”…Chapter. 5 Love and the Name of the Poem is Love Force
498.) Bryan Adams “Have you Ever Loved a Woman”…Chapter. 5 Love and Poem Name is I Cherish You 

499.) Anita Baker  “Sweet Love”…Chapter. 5 Love the Virtue of Honesty 

500.) Chordettes “Lollipop”….Chapter. 5 Love the Virtue of Honesty
501.) The Archies “Sugar Sugar”…Chapter. 5 Love
502.) Ben E. King & The Drifters “This Magic Moment”…Chapter. 5 Love 

503.) Johnny Tillotson “Poetry in Motion”…Chapter. 5 Love
504.) Buddy Holly “Peggy Sue”….Chapter. 5 Love 

505.) Jerry Lee Lewis “Whole Lotta Shakin Going on”…Chapter. 5 Love

506.) Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell “Ain’t nothing like the Real Thing”…Chapter. 5 Love

507.) Buddy Holly & the Crickets “Maybe Baby”…Chapter 5 Love 

508.) Buddy Holly “Rave On’…Chapter. 5 Love 

509.) Beach Boys “Kokomo”…Chapter. 5 Love
510.) Roy Orbinson “you got it”…Chapter. 5 Love

511.) Roy Orbinson “Pretty Woman”…Chapter. 5 Love 

512.) The Beatles “I want to hold your hand”…Chapter. 5 Love
513.) Little Richard “Tutti Frutti”…Chapter. 5 Love 

514.) Grease “The Theme Song”is Grease "Is the Word"…Chapter. 5 Love
515.) Grease “We go Together”…Chapter. 5 Love 

516.)  Finding Nemo "Sea Cruise" by Caroline Brown...Ch.5 Love
517.) Elvis Presley “My Way”….Chapter. 5 Love
518.) Kacey Musgraves – Silver Lining …Chapter. 5 Love
519.) Mary Mary "Put a Little Love in Your Heart"...Chapter. 5 Love 

521.) The Beach Boys “Surfin U.S.A”…Chapter. 5 Love
522.) Four Tops “I can Help Myself…Sugar, Pie, Honey Bunch”…Chapter. 5 Love
523.) Grace Potter and the Nocturnals the Song is “Apologies “ & "Mystery Train"… Ch.5  the Book of Love the Virtue of Honesty
524.) Billy Joel “For the Longest Time”…Chapter. 5 Love the Virtue of Honesty and the Poem Name is Love Unconditional 

525.) Monica “For you I will”…Chapter. 5 Love
526.) Andre Rieu “The Beautiful Blue Danube” Ch.5 Love

527.) Mama Cass Elliot  ~ “Dream a Little Dream of Me” Ch.5 Love
528.) Vengaboys (1999 Song) We like to Party”…Chapter 5. Love The Virtue of Honesty…
529.) Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline”…Chapter. 5 Love 

530.) The Beatles “Twist and Shout”…Chapter. 5 Love

531.) Connie Francis ~ Love is a Many Splendored Thing…Ch.5 Love 
532.) Tim McGraw “It’s Your Love”…Chapter. 5 Love 

533.) Diana Ross “Someday  we’ll be together” …Chapter. 5 Love 

534.) Nat King & Natalie Cole “When I fall in Love”… Chapter. 5 Love 

535.) Jerry Lee Lewis “Great Balls of Fire” …Chapter. 5 Love 

538.) Erica Campbell “A Little more Jesus”…Ch.5 Love the Virtue of Honesty

539.) Whitney Houston “Count on Me”…Chapter. 5 Love 

540.) Toni Braxton “you mean the world to me”…Chapter. 5 Love
541.) Luther Vandross “Here  & Now” …Chapter. 5 Love 

542.) Brian McKnight “Back at One”…Chapter. 5 Love 

543.) Mariah Carey “I’ll be there” …Chapter. 5 Love 

544.) Tina Turner “What love got to do with it”…Chapter. 5 Love 

545.)  Suzanne Vega “Tom’s Diner”…Chapter. 5 Love
546.) Janet Jackson “Again” Chapter. 5 Love 

547.) Natalie Grant “Alive” Chapter 5 Love the Virtue of Honesty
549.) Alan Jackson -The Greatest Hits - “Chattahoochee” Chapter. 5 Love

550.) Lil John & The Eastside featuring Ying Yang Twins “Get Low”Ch. 5 The Virtue of Honesty
551.) Whitney Houston “Didn’t we almost have it” Chapter. 5
552.) JamieO’Neal “When I think about Angels” Chapter. 5 Love 

553.) Marvin Gaye “The Complete Duets Album 2001” Chapter. 5 Love

554.) Disney Pinocchio “When you Wish Upon a Star”…Chapter. 5 Love

Chapter 6 The Book of Philosophy Virtue of Creativity Music List Pg.1524
557.) Room for Two “Roots before Branches”…Chapter. 6 Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity 

558.) John Mayer “Say”…Chapter. 6 

559.) Aaliyah “Try Again”…Chapter. 6 

560.) Evolution of Dance - By Judson Laipply a or the Comedian is or was on Youtube 2012 and or a Video of the Greatest Moments  Highlight Express One Video Needed Chapter. 6 is Philosophy
561.) Foster the People – Houdini…Ch. 6 Philosopy and Creativity is Spiritual and Always Virtue Potential  

562.)Arabic Christian Song "Zum Gali Gali" from the C.D. Vamos A Bailar! Let's Dance! Dora....Ch.6 Philosophy 

563.) Jackie Wilson “Higher & Higher”…Chapter. 6 

564.) Hank Williams Sr. “I am so Lonesome I could Cry”…Chapter 6 The Virtue of Creativity Book of Philosophy 

565.) Wendy Wiseman a Pre K song a Toddler Beat is ”Do Re Mi” Ch.6 The Book of Philosophy the Virtue of Virtue of Creativity  

566.) Hall & Oates “She's Gone (1976)”  Daryl Hall & John Oates Rock n Soul… Or Zach Williams "Chain Breaker".....Ch.6 the Book of Philosophy & Virtue of Creativity  

567.) JaciVelasquez – Imagine me without you…Chapter 6 

568.) MariahCarey “Touch My Body” Ch. 6 The Book of Philosophy 

569.) Hall and Oates   “You Make My Dreams Come True” Ch.6 the Book of Philosophy  the Virtue of Creativity 

570.) A Tribe Called Quest “Check the Rhime” Chapter 6 the Book of Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity 

571.) 504 SongWobble Wobble Ch.6 the Book of  Philosophy and Virtue to Creativity 

572.) Leann Rimes “What I Cannot Change”…Chapter. 6 

573.)   Bridgit Mendler “Ready or Not”… Chapter. 6 the Virtue of Creativity Course of  Nature 

574.) Megan & Liz: "Wanted" (Hunter Hayes cover)  Ch. 6 the Book of Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity Poem  is A Little Tradition 

576.) Whitney Houston “The Greatest Love of All”…Chapter. 6 

577.) The Doors.…“Touch Me” Come on Light My Fire Hello I love you…..Riders on the Storm or Riders of the Storm…” Ch.6 The Book of Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity…  

578.) Cher ~ If I could Turn Back Time…

580.) Carl Carlton ~ “Everlasting Love” Ch.6 Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity 

581.) P.M. Dawn-“Set a Drift on a Memory Bliss”…Chapter. 6 Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity
582.) Shanna Crooks “On to Somethin”…Chapter. 6 Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity name of Poem is Our Angels 

583.) Huey Lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow “Cruisin” Chapter. 6 

584.) Mavis Staples “At the end of the Day”…Chapter. 6 Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity 

585.) Kacey Musgraves “Heart of Gold”…Chapter. 6 Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity 

586.) Stacy Q “Two of Hearts” Chapter.6 Philosophy the Virtue of Creativity
Chapter 7 The Book of Nature Virtue of Enthusiasm Pg.1524-1525 Music List
589.) Rascal Flatts “Love you out Loud”…Chapter. 7 Nature the Virtue of Enthusiasm
590.) Linda Ronstadt “Love is a Rose”…Chapter. 7 Nature
591.) Taylor Swift “Red” Chapter 7 Nature name of Poem is Multicolored Masterpiece
592.) Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”…Chapter. 7 Nature 

594.) Ashton Shepherd “Sounds so Good”…Chapter. 7 Nature the Virtue of Enthusiasm
595.) "Daddy Dewdrop "Chick-A-Boom" 1971 or Mamma Dewdrip "It's the Real Thing" 1979 Ch.7 Nature 

596.) Harry Chapin “I wanna Learn a Love Song”…Chapter. 7 The Book of Nature the Virtue of Enthusiasm 

597.) Funiculi Funicula by Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer..Ch.7 Nature
598.) "La Rana"by Jose-Luis Orozco...C.D. Esta Es Mi Tiera Label: Acoiris Records...Ch.7 Nature name of Poem is Morning
599.)Larry Cordle &Lonesome Standard Time “Gimme 3 Steps”… Ch. 7

600.) Taylor Swift “The Best Days”…Chapter. 7 

601.) Tanya Tucker “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane”…Chapter. 7 Nature

602.) The Corrs “One Night”…Chapter. 7 Nature the Virtue of Creativity name of Poem is Never Go Away 

604.) Johnny Nash ~ I Can See Clearly Now…Ch.7 Nature the Virtue of Enthusiasm

605.) Mariah Carey ~ Joy to the World…

606.) The Four Tops “Baby I need your Loving” …Chapter. 7 Nature the Virtue of Creativity

607.) Puff Daddy feat. R Kelly ~ “Satisfy You” Ch.7 Nature 
608.) Enya “Sail Away”…Chapter. 7 Nature and the Name of the poem is Spring Fever 

609.) Robert Palmer “you might as well face it your addicted to love” Chapter. 7

610.) B 5 "Let's Groove...'Chapter. 7

611.) Cinderella III: A Twist in Time --- Please Remember” The Virtue of Enthusiasm Ch.7 Nature
612.) Smash Mouth “Walk on the Sun”…Ch.7 The Virtue of Enthusiasm a needed Nature
613.) Miley Cyrus "Climb"...Chapter 7...Nature

614.) The Black Crowes ~ She Talks to Angels Ch.7 Nature 
615.) Alicia Keys-“No One No One” Chapter. 7
616.) Julianne Hough “My Hallelujah Song”…Chapter. 7 

617.) Norah Jones ~ Don’t Know Why…

618.) Longstar "Mr.Mom"...Chapter. 7 

620.) Grand Master Flash Melle Mel & The Furious Five “The Message "Chapter. 7
621.) Josh Groban “You Raise Me Up”…Chapter. 7 Nature name of Poem  is Heaven 

622.) Jessica Simpson "I think I'm in love with you"...Chapter. 7
623.) The Manhattans “…Kiss & Say Goodbye…” Ch.7 The Book of Nature Virtue of Enthusiasm 

624.) Lesley Gore “Sunshine, Lollipops, & Rainbows…Chapter. 7 Nature 

625.)  Savage Garden "I knew I Loved you" Chapter 7 Nature 

627.) Roger Hudgson “The Logical Song”…Chapter. 7
628.) Henry Mancini “The Baby Elephant Walk”…Chapter. 7 

629.) Joe Cocker and or Ray Charles ~ Unchain my Heart…Ch.7 Nature the Virtue of Enthusiasm 

630.) Hi-5 "Wow" Amazing...Chapter. 7

631.) Gilbert O’Sullivan ~ Alone Again (Naturally)
Page Ch.8 Psychological Illumination The Book of Wisdom Virtue of Honor Pg.1525 Music List
634.) Natalie Grant “Perfect People”…Chapter. 8 Psychological Illumincation the Book of Wisdom the Virtue of Honor
 635.) Points of Grace by  Nichole Nordeman “You are my all in all”...Ch.8 

636.) Prince "1999"…Chapter. 8 

637.) KT Tunstall “Suddenly I See”…Chapter. 8
638.) Amy Grant “Baby Baby”…Chapter. 8
639.) Zoë Girl “Forevermore”...Ch.8 

640.) Bob Marley “Three Little Birds” Chapter. 8
642.) Mercyme “I can Only imagine” Chapter. 8 Psychological Illumincation the Book of Wisdom the Virtue of Honor 

643.) Alan Parsons Project-Sirus “Eye in the Sky”…Chapter. 8 

645.) Mariah Carey "Make it Happen" Debut 1992... Ch. 8

646.) Miley Cyrus “The Climb”…Chapter. 8
647.) Souja Boy “Walk It Out”…Chapter. 8 

648.) Veronica Ballestrini “Amazing”…Chapter. 8
649.) Natural Selection & Nick Harris “Do Anything”…Chapter. 8 

650.) Dave Matthews Band “Ants Marching”…Chapter. 8 Psychology Illumination with Wisdom 

651.) Boni Jovi “Living on a Prayer”…Chapter. 8
652.) Trisha Yearwood “XXX’s and OOO’s”…Chapter. 8 

654.) Wynonna Judd “Rescue Me”…Chapter. 8 

655.) Jeremy Camp “ I surrender to you”…Chapter. 8 

656.) George Harrison  & The Beatles "Here comes the Sun"...Chapter. 8

657.) Troy Sneed & BonaFide Praisers “Work it Out” Praise & Gospel…Chapter. 8
658.) MC Lyte ( Born: 11Oct1971 ) Instruamental to “ Keep On Keepin' On” 1996…Ch. 8 Illumination the Virtue of Honor  

660.) Aladdin “Friend Like Me” …Chapter. 8 Psychology Illumination with Wisdom
661.) Brandon Heath “Give Me Your Eyes” Contemporary Christian Pop…Chapter. 8

662.) Stevie Nicks ~ Dreams 
663.) The Lion King “Hakuna Matata”…Chapter. 8 

665.) Taylor Dayne ~ Tell it to my Heart…Ch.8 Psychology Illumination with Wisdom 

666.) Tammy Trent ~ Shine…Ch.8 Psychological Illumination  with Wisdom 

667.)Toby Mac feat. Mandisa & Kirk Franklin “Don’t Want to Lose my Soul” Contemporary Christian Hip Ch.8 

668.) Jaci Velasquez “If This World”…Chapter. 8 

669.) Patty Griffin “Heavenly Day”…Chapter. 8
672.) US3 “Canataloop (Flip Fantasia)” 1992…Chapter. 8 

673.) Third Day “Tunnel”…Chapter. 8
Ch.8A Financial Systems The Book of Finance Virtue of Cooperation Pg.1525

676.) Mercy Playground “Sex & Candy” 1997…Chapter 8A  Financial System  

677.) Diana Ross “I’m Coming Out”…Chapter. 8A
679.) The Pink Panther T.V. Show Theme Song from the Classic Cartoon...Ch.8 A 

680.) Mary Beth Carlson "Great is the Faithfulness" from & on the C.D. A Brand New Day Ch.8 A
681.) Bell Biv Devoe “Do Me” …Chapter. 8A 

682.) Brandon Heath “Love Never Fails” Chapter. 8A Financial Systems The Virtue of Cooperation 

683.) Lenny Kravitz ~ Again Ch.8A Financial Systems the Virtue of Cooperation 

684.) Matt Maher “As It is the Heaven”…Chapter. 8A

685.) Jamie Grace ~ Beautiful Day…Ch.8A Finance the Virtue of Cooperation
686.) 69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll 1994…. Backed Up by the Quad City DJ's!... Ch.8A Financial Systems  Virtue of Cooperation  

687.) Gene Nery “A Summer Place” Instrumental Chapter. 8A
688.) Miranda Lambert “Desperation:…Chapter. 8AFinancial Systems the Virtue of Cooperation
Ch.8B the Book of Accounting Virtue of Confidence Pg.1525 Music List
692.) Enya “Only Time”…Chapter. 8B Accounting the Virtue Confidence 

693.) Jason Mraz “I’m Yours”…Chapter. 8B
694.) Frank Mills “Kitty on the Keys”…Chapter. 8B
695.)Janet Jackson“Rhythm Nation”…Chapter 8B Accounting

696.) Johnny Rivers ~ Swayin’ to the Music (Slow Dancin’) Ch.8B Accounting the Virtue of Confidence 
697.) Prince ~ Adore and the Album is --> Sign ‘O’ The Times and Poem is Does Accounting Matter
698.)Jaime Jamgochian "Hear My Worhsip" Christian Music

699.) Unspoken ~ Start a Fire and or Aerosmith ~ Come Together Ch.8B the Virtue of Confidence 

700.) Alice Russell ~ I Love you more than you’ll ever Know Ch.8B the Virtue of Confidence
702.) Rick Nelson “Travelin Man”…Ch. 8B Accounting the Virtue Confidence
Ch.8C The Book of Management Virtue of Unity Pg.1526 Music List

705.) The Grand Ole Opry “How Great Thou Art” Praise Gospel…Chapter. 8C Management 

706.) High Inergy “You can’t turn me off”…Chapter. 8C Management the Virtue of Unity 

708.) D-Train “keep on”…Chapter 8C 

709.) Dolly Parton “I needed you most”…Chapter. 8C Management the Virtue of Unity 

710.) New Radicals “you  get what you Give” 1998…Chapter 8C Management 

711.) Junior Walker & the All-Stars “Cleo’s Mood” Instrumentals…Chapter. 8C 

713.) Des’ree “you gotta be” …Chapter. 8C Management the Virtue of Unity   

714.) Disney Movies FernGully “A Dream Worth Keeping” Song by Sheena Eason
715.) Mavis Staples “In Times Like These”…Chapter. 8C
716.) Kierra “KiKi” Sheard  “Invisible” Christian Pop Hit
717.) Diana Ross “Reach out and touch somebodies hand”…Chapter. 8C 

718.) McFadden & Whitehead “Ain’t no Stopping Us Now”…Chapter. 8C Management  the Virtue of Unity
Ch.8D the Book of Marketing Virtue of Flexibility Pg.1526 Music List

721.) Booker T & The MG’s “Mo’ Green Onions” Instrumental…Chapter. 8D Marketing the Virtue of Flexibility 

722.) Dion “Dream Lover”…Chapter. 8D
723.) Nat King Cole “Love”…Chapter. 8D Marketing
724.) American Idol (4-10-2008) “Shout to the Lord”…Chapter. 8.D

725.) Laura Story ~ Mighty to Save…Ch.8D the Virtue of Flexibility  
726.) Alice in Chains ~ Man in the Box
727.) Sherry Morris “What a Wonderful World”…Chapter 8.D The Book of Marketing  

728.) Chris Tomlin “I Will Rise” Christian Pop …Chapter. 8D Marketing The Virtue of Flexibility 

729.) Rissi Palmer  ~ Country Girl Ch.8D Marketing the Virtue of Flexibility 

730.) Bobby Mc Ferrin“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Ch.8D

 731.) Run DMC ~ Walk this Way Ch.8D

732.) Rock A Doodle “Kiss –N- Coo”…Chapter. 8D Marketing
733.) Robyn “Show Me Love”… Chapter 8D. Marketing the Virtue of Flexibility 

734.) Sixpence None The Richer ~ There She Goes...Ch.8D Marketing the Virtue of Flexibility

735.)M “…Pop Muzik 1979…” The C.D. is Just Can’t get Enough…. Ch.8D The Virtue of Flexibility 

736.) The Whispers ~ I Love you Ch.8D Marketing the Virtue of Flexibility

737.) The Afters ~Every Good Thing Ch.8D the Virtue of Flexibility  
738.) Rupa & the April Fishes “Les Abeilles” Ch.8D Marketing
739.) Irvin Mayfield & Ellis Marasalis ~ Love Songs, Ballads & Standards Ch.8D Marketing 

740.) Tone Loc “ Funky Cold Medina ”  (1989) Ch. 8D The Virtue of Flexibility 

741.) The Cranberries “Zombie”Chapter 8D Marketing the Virtue of Flexibility
Ch.8E the Book of Statistics the Virtue of Idealism Pg.1526 Music List

744.) Sam Cooke “Tenderness ”…Chapter. 8E Statistics the Virtue Idealism 

745.) James Taylor “Something in the way She Moves…” Chapter. 8E
746.) Mandy Perkins “Who I am”…Chapter. 8E 

747.) Little People “Graitas” Hip Hop Instrumental from Mickey Mouse Operation…Chapter. 8E
748.) Stereo MCs “Connected” 1993 …Chapter. 8E Statistics 

749.) Newsboys ‘In the Hands of God” Christian Pop…Chapter. 8E
751.) The Woodies and George Thorogood & the Destroyers “Who Do you Love” Ch.8E Book of  Statistics the Virtue of Idealism 

752.) JJ Jackson “It’s Alright”…Chapter. 8E
Ch.8F the Book of Economics the Virtue of Righteousness Pg.1526 Music List

755.) Nightmares on Wax “Mind Eye” Instrumental…Chapter. 8F The Book of Economics the Virtue of Righteousness 

756.) The Michael Gungor Band “Ancient Skies” Christian Pop…Chapter.8F 

757.) Christopher Peacock “Canon in D” Instrumental …Chapter. 8F 

758.) Booth Brothers “Welcome to the Family” Southern Gospel…Chapter. 8F  

759.) Susie McEntire Luchsinger & Reba “Sky Full of Angels”-Country Gospel…Chapter. 8F
760.) Johnny Kemp “Just Got Paid”…Chapter. 8F
761.) Greater Vision “Paid in Full” (Through Jesus, Amen)  Southern Gospel Enlighten Ch. 8F the Virtue of Righteousness
Ch.9 Book of Religion Virtue of Fortitude Pgs.1526-1527 Music List

764.) Casting Crowns “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”…Name of the Poem is Praise the Lord Chapter. 9 Religion the Virtue of Fortitude
765.) Donna Ulisse “If I were”…Chapter. 9 Religion the Virtue of Fortitude

766.) Mary Mary “Heaven”…Chapter. 9 Religion the Virtue of Fortitude 

770.) All Saints “Never Ever” 1998 …Chapter 9 Religion Religion the Virtue of Fortitude 

771.) Billy Ray Cyrus "in the Heart of a Woman"...Chapter. 9 Religion  

772-773.) Dixie Chicks ~ There’s Your Trouble…Ch.9

774.)Eddie Ruth Bradford- Saved by Grace…Chapter. 9 Religion
776-777) Newsboys ~ He Reign…Ch.9 Religion the Virtue of Fortitude

778.) Sara Evans “Suds in the Bucket”…Chapter. 9 

779.)  Shawn McDonald “Rise” &  Cyndi Thomson “This So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” …Chapter. 9 Religion 

 780.) Willy Wonka “Pure Imagination”…Chapter. 9 Religion  the Virtue  of Fortitude 

781.) Brad Paisley ft. Dolly Parton “When I get Where I am Going”…Ch. 9 

782.) Stevie Wonder “Shelter in the Rain”…Chapter. 9 

784.) The Moments “Imagination” Chapter. 9 

786.) Duice “Dazzey Duks” 1993 Chapter. 9 Religion 

787.) Aaron Neville “Pledging my love”…Chapter. 9 

788.) George Strait “Check yes or no”…Chapter. 9 

789.) Michael Bolten “When a man loves a woman”…Chapter. 9 

790.) Sam Moore “You are so Beautiful”…Chapter. 9 

791.) Luther Vandross “Dance with Father”…Chapter. 9 Religion the Virtue of Fortitude 

792.) Sam Cooke “Cupid”…Chapter. 9 Religion 

793.) The Temptations “I’m going to make you love me”…Chapter. 9 

794.) Luther Vandross “Here and Now”…Chapter. 9 

795.) Susie Luchsinger “Precious Lord”…Chapter. 9 Religion 

796.) Lee Williams “Can’t Run” Chapter. 9 

797.) The Blind Boys of Alabama “People Get Ready”…Chapter. 9 Religion 

798.) Martina McBride “Anyway”…Chapter. 9 Religion 

799.) Sarah McLachlan “In the Arms of a Angel”…Chapter. 9 Religion
800 .) Jackson Browne "Stay"…Chapter. 9 Religion the Virtue of Fortitude 

801.) Mercy Playground “Sex and Candy…Chapter. 9

802.) Madonna “Like a Prayer”…Chapter. 9 Religion
803.) Crystal Waters 100% Pure Love”1994… Chapter 9 

804.) Miranda Cosgrove “Adored” from Nickelodeon…Chapter. 9 

805.) Cash Money Feat. Juvenille, Lil Wayne, & Mannie Fresh “Back that Azz Up”Ch. 9 

806.) Debra Snipes ~ “If I had 1Ticket” Ch.9 The Book of Religion Virtue of Fortitude 

807.) Skee-Lo“I Wish” 1995…Chapter. 9 Religion 

808) Sarah Connor “Son of a Preacher Man”...Chapter. 9
809.) Florence Warner Jones…Once Upon a Forest Disney Soundtrack “Once Upon a Time with me ” Released  June 1993…Ch. 9 

810.) Nickel Creek  ~ “When you come back down” Chapter. 9 Religion Virtue of Fortitude

811.) The Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song EWTN --> For the Sake on his Sorrowful Passion have Mercy on Us and the Whole World 

812.) Mavis Staples “Have a Little Faith” Chapter. 9 

813.) Alexi Murdoch “Something Beautiful”…Chapter. 9 Religion 

814.) Avalon “All Hail the Power”…Chapter. 9
815.)Des’ree “You Gotta Be”…Ch.9 Religion name of Poem is Knowledge of life
816.) Chely Wright “Just the way we do it”…Chapter. 9 

817.) Sandi Patty “Faith Dancing”   the Edge of Divine Ch. 9 Religion the Virtue of Fortitude 

818.) The Tymes  “So Much in Love”…Chapter. 9 

819.) Len “Steal My Sunshine”…1999…Chapter. 9 Religion

820.) Father MC “I’ll Do 4 U”…1990…Chapter. 9 

822.)Maroon Five “Sunday Morning”…Chapter. 9 

823.) Tommy Ellison “At the Gate, I know” Chapter. 9

824.) Trisha Yearwood-“Heaven Heartache and the Power of Love”…Chapter. 9 Religion name of Poem is Heavenly 

827.) Burt Bacharach “Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head”…Ch. 9 The Virtue of Fortitude a Book of Religion 

828.) Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina “Danny’s Song” … Ch. 9 Book of Religion The Virtue  of Fortitude
Ch.10 The Book of Humor Virtue of Fidelity Pg.1527-1528 Music List

831.) Tag Team “Whoomp (There it is)” and Um Can’t Forget Billy Idol “Cradle of Love”…Chapter. 10 Humor the Poem is Called “the Proposal…”

832.) Taylor Swift “Beautiful Eyes” Song Goes to the Poem “The Female Prattler Lucky 13…”  Chapter.10  the Book of Humor
833.) The Witch Doctor “OO EE OO ah ah Ting tang Walla Walla Bing Bang”..Chapter 10 the Book of Humor 

834.) Taylor Swift “Fearless”…Chapter. 10 

835.) Baby Bash “Cyclone” featuring T-pain Chapter. 10 

836.) Live “Lightning Crashes” Chapter. 10
837.) Apache Indian   “ Boom Shakalaka Wacky-P”…Chapter.10 

838.) Love & Theft “Dancing in Circles”and or Minnie Rimerton "Lovin You"…Chapter. 10
839.) Patty Loveless “Blame it on your Lyin Cheatin” …Chapter. 10 

841.) ZZ Tops “Legs”…Chapter. 10 

842.) K7 “Come Baby Come”…Chapter. 10 Humor 

843.) The Cure “Friday I’m in Love”…Chapter. 10
844.) Van Morrison- “Brown Eyed Girl” Chapter. 10
845.) TomJones “Help Yourself”…Chapter. 10  

 846.) The Clovers “Love Potion No. 9”…Chapter. 10 

847.) Wendy Wiseman "The Green Grass Grows all Around" Chapter. 10

848.) Naughty By Nature “O.P.P” 1991….Chapter. 10 Humor

850.) Daniel O’Donnell “Let’s Twist again”…Chapter. 10
851.) The Big Bopper “Chantilly Lace”…Chapter. 10
852.) Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual”  …Chapter. 10

853.) Eddie Cochran “Summertime Blues”…Chapter. 10 

854.) Taylor Swift "Mine"...Chapter. 10 Humor 

855.) D.J. Kool “Let me clear my throat” 1997 …Chapter. 10 Humor
856.) Shaggy “Boombastic” 1995  Remix…Chapter. 10 Humor

857.) Club Nouveau “Lean on me" Humorous…Chapter. 10 

858.) John Mellencamp “Hurts so Good” Chapter. 10 

859.) Notorious B.I.G./P.Diddy/Mase “Mo Money Mo Problems” 1997…Ch.10 

860.) The Bangles “Walk like an Egyptian”…Chapter. 10 

861.) UB40 “Kiss & Say Goodbye”…Chapter. 10 Humor 

862.) Rod Stewart “Love Touch” Chapter. 10 

863.) Run DMC “It’s Tricky”…The Virtue of Humility 

865.) John Fogerty “Centerfield”…Chapter. 10 

866.) She Daisy “Don’t Worry but a Thing”…Chapter. 10 

867.) Piano Instrumental  “Bumble Boogie/B. Bumble & the Bee Stingers”…Chapter. 10
868.) the Afters “Lift Me Up”…Chapter. 10 

869.) Run DMC "Rock Box" and or Doris Day “Pillow Talk” Everybody Loves a Lover… Chapter. 10 Humor 

871.) Oak Ridge Boys “Elvira”…Pg. 10 Humor 

872.) Marc Bolan & T. Rex “Get it on”…Chapter. 10 Humor 

873.) Diana Ross “Upside Down”…Chapter. 10 

874.) Sugar Hill Gang “Rapper’s Delight”…Chapter. 10 Humor 

875.) Rednex “Cotton Eye Joe”…Chapter. 10 Humor 

876.) French Lounge Music by Lemongrass “Bonjour”Chapter. 10 

877.) Positive K “I got a Man” 1992 …Chapter. 10 Humor 

878.) Jim Croce “Bad Bad” Leroy Brown”…Chapter. 10 

879.) Divinyls “I touch myself”…Chapter. 10 Humor 

880.) Vanilla Ice “Ice Ice Baby”...Chapter. 10 Humor 

882.)Ritchie Valens “Come on Lets’ Go”…Chapter. 10
883.)Michelle Tumes “Lovely”…Chapter.10 Humor 

884.) Ricky Nelson “I will Follow you”…Chapter. 10 

885.) K C & The Sunshine Band “Get Down Tonight”…Chapter. 10 Humor 

886.) Montgomery Gentry “What do you think about that”…Chapter. 10 

887.) The Temptations “Ain’t too proud to beg”…Ch.10 Humor
888.) Natalie Cole “Grown up Christmas List”…Ch.10
889.) Ginuwine “Pony” 1996 …Chapter. 10 Humor 

890.) Marvin Sease “Sit Down on it”…Chapter. 10 Humor 
Ch.11 the Book of Reflection Virtue of Fidelity Pg.1528-1529 Music List

893.) Sanctus Real “Run” …Chapter. 11 Reflection 

894.) Santo & Johnny “Sleeping Walking”1959 …Chapter. 11 Reflection the Virtue of Fidelity
895.) Mya ft. ODB & Pras “Ghetto Super Star” 1998 …Chapter. 11 Reflection 

896.) Prince “The Most Beautiful Girl” 1994  Chapter 11 Reflection the Virtue of Fidelity 

897.) M.I.A. “Paper Planes” Ch.11 is Reflection and the Poem is a Clerihew Poem Definition of it on Pg.1539 at #18 Slot Location 

898.) Taylor Swift “Christmas Must be something More”…Chapter. 11 Reflection 

900.) Randy Travis “Forever and Ever…Amen”…Chapter. 11 Reflection the Virtue of Fidelity 

901.) Wendy Wiseman "Girls & Boys...Toddler Hits...Chapter. 11 Reflection  The Virtue of Fidelity name of Poem is Babies 

902.) Reunion "Life is a Rock but the Radio Rolled me...1974 Chapter. 11 

903.) Wynonna Judd “It all comes down to love”…Chapter. 11 

904.) LL Cool J “I  Need  Love”….Chapter. 11 Reflections 

905.) Ricky Nelson "Garden Party ...Chapter. 11 Reflection
907.)  Bee Gees "Stay in Alive"...Chapter. 11 Reflection  

908.) Anita Ward "Ring my Bell" 1977...Chapter. 11 Reflection 

909.) Bill Haley “Rock Around the Clock” (1956)  Chapter 11 Reflection The Virtue of Fidelity 

910.) Chantelle Paige “My Love Song to You”Ch.11 Reflection The Virtue of Fidelity
911.) Princess Diaries “MPUL-The Journey” Disney Movie Soundtrack…Chapter. 11 

912.)   Hall & Oates - Out Of Touch Chapter 11 is Reflection and the Virtue of Fidelity 

913.) Ray Charles “America the Beautiful”…Chapter. 11 Reflection the Virtue of Fidelity 

914.) Bill Withers – Lovely Day…Chapter 11 Reflection Happy Birthday Poem 

915.) Sugar Ray “Someday”…Chapter 11 Reflection
916.) Smokey Robinson and the Miracles “Mickey's Monkey”…Chapter. 11 Reflection 

917.) Baba B “One More Time” Hawaiian Music…Chapter. 11 Reflection

918) Snootie Wild ~ Yayo (Feat. Yo Gotti) Ch.11 Reflection 

919.) Belinda Carlisle “Heaven is A Place on Earth”…Chapter. 11 

920.) Miles Davis “It never entered my mind”  Sexy Music Chapter 11 

921.) Eddie Ruth Bradford “To Close to the Mirror” Gospel Soul Christian Chapter 11 

922.) Lady Antelbellum – I Run to you…Ch.11 Reflection name of Poem is Life is a Journey
923.) Candy man “Knockin’ Boots” 1990…Chapter 11 Reflection

924.) Alabama  Shakes ~ Hold On…Ch.11 Reflection
925.) The Beach Boys or -&- Brain Wilson “Good Vibrations” Ch. 11 The Book of Reflection Virtue of Fidelity 

926.) Vangelis “Chariots of Fire “1982”…Chapter 11 Reflection
927.) Angela McCluskey ~ “Love is Stronger than Dealth” Ch.11 name of Poem  is From Youth to Maturity 

928.) Joe South “Games People Play” 1960’s Pop Ch.11 The Book of  Reflection 

929.) Davis Lee Murphy “Dust on the Bottle”and or Hozier "Work Song"……Chapter. 11 the Book of Reflection
930.) Trans-Siberian Orchestra ~ Carol of the Bells…Chapter 11 the Book of Reflection 

931.) Frank Mills “Music Box Dancer…Chapter. 11 The Book of  Reflection

932.) Celine Deon “The Power of love” Chapter. 11 The Book of Reflection 

933.) Faith Hill “This Kiss” Chapter. 11 Reflection the Virtue of Fidelity and the Poem is We’ve Got Each Other  

934.) Mariah Carey “We Belong Together”…Chapter. 11 Reflection 

935.) I Built the Cross – Heart of A Servant is a Christian Heavy Metal Band Song  Ch.11 Reflection
936.) Bridget Moses “Who Compares”…Chapter 11 

937.) Dolly Parton “I will always love you”and or Shawn McDonald “Rise”  Chapter. 11 

938.) Heatwave “Boogie Nights” 1977 Number One Hit Chapter 11 Reflection and the Virtue of Fidelity 

939.) Sam & Dave “Soul Man” and or Diana Ross & the Supremes “I Hear a Symphony”…Chapter. 11 Reflection the Virtue of Fidelity 

940.) Hot Chocolate “I Believe in Miracles”…Chapter. 11 Reflection and Poem  name  is Masterpiece at our Fingertips
941.) Red Hot Chile Peppers ~ Under the Bridge…Chapter Reflection 

943.) Kid Rock “All Summer Long”…Chapter. 11 Reflection and the Poem is True Desires 

944.) Def Leppard “Photograph”…Chapter. 11 Reflection  Poem’s Name is Loves Cumming
945.) Newsboys ~ God’s Not Dead…Chapter 11 Reflection
947.) Taylor Swift “Umbrella” Chapter. 11 

948.) Jack Johnson “Better Together” Chapter. 11 the Virtue of Fidelity Poem Name is Creative Love is 

949.) Sugarland “Fly Away”…Chapter. 11 

950.) Amel Larrieux “Make Me Whole”…Chapter. 11 Reflection The Poem’s Name is Starlit Breeze Warm Heart of Ease 

952.) Sara Bareillies “Love Song”…Chapter. 11 The Book of  Reflection 

954.) Garth Brooks “Friends in low places”…Chapter. 11 Reflection
Ch.12A the Book of Guidance Virtue of Curiosity Pg.1529 Music List

957.) John Michael Montgomery” Life’s a Dance…Chapter. 12A Guidance 

958.) D-Nice “They Call Me D-Nice… Chapter. 12A the Virute of Forgiveness 

959.) Lee Ann Womack “Talk to me”…Chapter. 12A
960.)Sade “Love is Stronger than Pride”…Chapter. 12A
961.) Genesis “Follow you Follow Me”…Chapter. 12A
962.) Jaci Velasquez “Shout”Chapter 12A Guidance Name of Poem is Exemplar Lesson of Light

963.) Tommy James & The Shon Dells Sung “Mony Mony”…Ch. 12A The Book of Guidance Virtue of Curiosity 

964.) Elton John & Kiki Dee “Don’t Go Breaking  My Heart”…Chapter. 12A

965.) Spaniels “Goodnight Sweetheart”…Chapter. 12A 

966.) Pussycat Dolls “Buttons”…Chapter. 12A  

967.) Natalie Grant “Human” Chapter. 12A Guidance
968.) Dusty Springfield – “Son of a Preacher Man” the Name of the Poem  is “Preacher” Ch 12A Guidance the Virtue of Guidance  

969 .) UB40 “The Way you do the Things you do”…Chapter. 12A the Virtue of Curiosity 

971.) Ayiesha Woods “Happy”…Chapter 12A Guidance 

972.) Robert Palmer “Simply Irresistible” and  Ice Cube - Jackin' For Beats (Un-Cut) … Chapter 12A
973.) Chris Tomlin – Lay Me Down and or and Ice Cube - Check Yo Self (UnCut)… “Poem  is Chameleon”  Chapter 12A Guidance
974.) Fergie “Fergalicious”…Chapter. 12A the Virtue of Curiosity
975.) Marvin Gaye “Too Busy Thinking About My Baby”…Chapter. 12A Guidance
976.) Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear (ReMix)  and or Featuring Jamie Grace  “Hold me” Chapter 12A Guidance the Virtue of  Curiosity
977.)  The Wizard Oz Sound Track best Song Should go here more than Likey  Courage and or We're Off to See the Wizard" and or and Dj Quick “Tonite” 1991 Chapter 12A Guidance  
978.) They Must be Giants the Song is “Science is Real”…Ch.12A The Virtue of Curiosity the Book of Guidance 

979.) The Show - Doug E Fresh… Chapter 12A Guidance the Virtue in and of Curiosity                       
Ch.12B the Book of Education Virtue of Tact Pg.1529 Music List

983.) Brenda Lee “Rock The Bop”...Chapter 12B Educcation 

984.) Eric B. & Rakim – “ I Ain't No Joke “  &  “Paid in Full 1987” Chapter 12B Education the Vurtue of  Tact 

985.) Britney Spears “Every time”…Chapter. 12B Education 

986.) Artic Monkeys  “Baby, I’m Yours” written by Van McCoy… Ch.12B Education The Virtue of Tact  

987.) Chubb Rock - "Treat Em Right"… Ch. 12B Education The Virtue of  Being Tactful 

988.) Slick Rick- “Children's Story” … Ch. 12B Education  

989.) Chuck Berry “School Days” Chapter… 12B Education
990.) Nice n Smooth – “Sometimes i Rhyme Slow”… Chapter 12B Education  the Virtue of  using Tact 

991.) Peter Framptom “Show me the Way”…The Virtue of Tact Ch. 12B 

992.) Tiffany Thurston “Your Love Never Fails”… Ch. 12B Education the Virtue 

993.) Shayne Ward “All My Life”… Chapter.12B Education  

994.) Alanta Rhythm Section “So Into You”…Ch.12B Education The Virtue 

995.) Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)… Ch. 12B Education the Virtue of Tact  

997.) Dido “White Flag”…Chapter. 12B
Ch.13 Society the Virtue of Love Pgs.1529-1530 Music List
1000.) Blessed Union of Souls “I Believe” …Chapter. 13 Society
1001.) Terri Clark “The Real Thing” or Ying Yang Twins Clean Version “Hey Lil mama lemme whisper in your ear"…Chapter. 13 

1003.)  Dione Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, & Whitney Houston “That’s what friends are for” Ch. 13 

1005.)   Michael Jackson “Rock with You”…Chapter. 13 Society 

1006.)   Pink “Dear Mr. President featuring Indigo Girls”…Chapter. 13 

1007.)   The Showmen “It will Stand”…Chapter. 13 

1008.) Doris Day “Everybody” ….Chapter. 13 

1009.) Lee Greenwood “God Bless America”….Chapter. 13 Society 

1010.)  Tonya Watts “Mother Like Me”…Ch.13 Society and the Virtue of Love 

1011.) Ahmir “The Wedding Song” Ch.13 Society and the Virtue of Love

1012.) Taylor Swift “Love Story” Chapter 13 

1013.)  AC/DC “you shook me all night”…Chapter.13 

1014.)  Tim McGraw “Fly Away”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love
1015.)  Temptations “My Girl”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love 

1016.)  2 PAC “All Eyez on Me”…Chapter. 13  

1017.)  Green Day “…. When I Come Around… “  Ch.13 The Virtue of Love 

1018.)  Burt Bacharach “What the World Needs is Love”…Chapter. 13 Soceity  theVirtue of Love
1019.)  The Bee Gees “How Deep is Your Love”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love
1020.)  Blackcrowes “Hard to Handle” 1990 …Chapter. 13 Society 

1021.) Scarface - I Never Seen A Man Cry… Chapter. 13 Society and the Virtue of Love
1022.) Rod Stewart “Have I told you Lately” Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love 

1027.) The Princess & The Frog “When We’re Human”…Chapter 13
1028.) Jay Z "Big Pimpin"…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love 

1029.) Earth, Wind, and Fire- “Reasons” Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love 

1030.) Charlie Chaplin “Smile”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love 

1031.) Notorious B.I.G “Juicy” 1994…Chapter. 13 Society
1032.) The Viscounts “Who puts the Bomp”…Chapter. 13 

1033.) Egypt, Egypt - The Egyptian Lover (1984) and   or Das EFX – “ They Want EFX ”…Chapter. 13 Society  the Virtue of Love  

1034.) Citizens Way ~ Nothing Ever Chapter. 13 Society  the Virtue of Love

1035.)  Cindi Luaper “True Colors”….Chapter. 13 Society
1036.)  Trisha Yearwood “She’s in love with the Boy”…Chapter.13 the Virtue of Love 

1037.) Sarah Buxton “Love Like Heaven”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love

1038.) Trace Adkins “Swing”…Chapter. 13
1039.) Nena ~ 99 Luftballons …Chapter. 13 Society

 1040.) The Beatles “Love Me DO (1962)”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love

 1041.) Danielle Peck “Isn’t That Everything”…Chapter. 13 

1043.) Nate Sallie “Lone Ranger”…Chapter. 13  

1044.) Fleetwood Mac “Landslide”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love
1045.) Snap “The Power” 1990…Chapter. 13 Society
1046 .) UB40 “Red Wine Red”…Chapter. 13 the Virtue of Love 

1048.) Ini Kamoze “Here Comes The Hotstepper”…Chapter. 13 Society the Virtue of Love 
Ch.14 the Book of Peace Virtue of Forgiveness Pg.1530-1531 Music List

1052.) Manfred Mann “Love like Yours (Don’t Come Knocking Everyday)”…Chapter. 14 Peace 

1053.) Outlandish- “Look into my Eyes” Chapter.14 Peace
1054.) Elvis Presley “Don’t Be Cruel” Chapter. 14 Peace 

1056.) Puff  Daddy “I’ll Be Missing You”   Chapter. 14 Peace
1057.) The Supreme “You Can’t Hurry Love”…Chapter. 14 Peace 

1058.)  N2Deep - Back To TheHotel…Chapter 14 Peace 

1059.) Chaka Khan “Ain’t Nobody”…Chapter. 14 Peace 

1060.) Sarah Bastin “I like the Peace”…Chapter. 14 Peace  

1061.) John Lennon “Imagine”…Chapter. 14 Peace
1062.)Elizabeth Mitchell “you are my Sunshine”…Chapter. 14 Peace
1063.) Melvin and Lee Williams “Cooling Water” Chapter. 14 Peace the Virtue of Forgiveness

1064.) Ken Zhu Xiao Tian “A Song for you” Chapter. 14
1065.) ChristianAquiliera “Candyman”…Pg. 14 Peace 

1066.) Hillary Duff “Come Clean”…Chapter. 14 Peace
1067.) Rachel Williams “Leave me like you love me” and or  “Once”…Chapter. 14 

1068.) Dean Martin “That’s Amore”…Chapter. 14 Peace
1069.) Nelly Furtado “Say it right”…Chapter. 14
1070.) 2 Unlimited “Twil Light Zone” 1990’s St. Louis Blues Power Play Song Ch.14
1071.) Karen Peck & New River “Spirit of Jesus”…Chapter. 14 the Virtue of Forgiveness  

1072.) Plastic Ono Band “Give Peace a Chance”…Chapter. 14 

1073.) MandyMoore “Crush” …Chapter. 14 Peace
1074.) Wu Tang Clan-C.R.E.A.M and or  “Song Shoolin Dance” Hip Hop &  MC Lyte ( Born: 11Oct1971 ) feat. Xscape “ Keep On Keepin' On” Ch.14
1075.) JohnLennon “Give Peace a Chance”…Chapter. 14 Peace 

1076.) Atlantic Starr “Always”…Love Song…Chapter. 14 Peace the Virtue of Forgiveness 

1080.)  Bachman-Turner Overdrive “Taken Care of Business” 1974…Chapter 14 Peace
1082.) Jason Mraz  ~ I Won’t Give Up   Chapter. 14 Peace

1085.) The Preamble “Schoolhouse Rock”…Chapter 14 Peace the Virtue of Forgiveness 

1086.)  John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John “Summer Nights” 1978…Chapter 14 Peace
1088.) TheCzech Republic National Anthem…Ch.14 Peace
1089.) Blu Cantrell“Hit Em Up Style…(oops)” …Chapter. 14 Peace  the Virtue of Forgiveness 

1090.) the Royal Salute (Anthem) & National Anthem of Saudi Arabia Chapter 14 Peace 

1091.) Frank Sinatra “I’ve got you under my Skin”…Chapter. 14 the Virtue of Forgiveness…
1093.) Ey Iran, National Anthem of Iran…Ch.14 Peace 

1094.) Sam Cooke “What a Wonderful World…Chapter. 14 Peace
1095.) The French National Anthem, "La Marseillaise” Ch.14 Peace 

1096.) Method Man Ft. Mary J. Blige - You're All I Need… Ch 14 the Virtue of Forgiveness maybe more with Self than Behavior 

1097.) Rap Artist RIP (Mc Breed)- the Best Old School Song is “Ain't No Future In Yo' Frontin” Chapter 14 Peace  

1098.) Mary Chapin Carpenter “Shut up and Kiss me”…Chapter. 14 

1100.) Lee Ann Womack “Something Worth Leaving Behind” and the Mexican National Anthem is one of the Best Poetic Anthems …Chapter. 14

1101.) MariahCarey “Fantasy”…Chapter. 14 Peace 

1103.) LedZappelin “Stairway to Heaven” Chapter 14 Peace  the Virtue of Forgiveness
1104.) The National Anthem Of The Republic Of Ireland - Amhrán Na Bhfiann ( a Soldier Song)…Chapter 14 Peace
1105.) The O’Jay “Love Train”…Chapter. 14 Peace

1107.) Air Supply “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” & Um The NationalAnthem of England -"Land of Hope &Glory" Ch.14 Peace 

1108.) House of Pain “Jump Around”…Chapter. 14 the Virtue of Forgiveness 

1109.) Elvis Presley “Burning Love”…Chapter. 14  

1110.) The Platters “TheMagic Touch” …Chapter. 14 Peace 

1111.) Rick Astley “NeverGonna Give you Up”…Chapter 14 Peace
1112.) The Fleetwoods “Good Night My Loves”…Chapter.14 the Virtue of Forgiveness  

1113.) The Red Hot ChilliPeppers “Give it Away”…Chapter. 14 

1114.) Gary Glitter “Rock & Roll Part 2” 1972 …Chapter. 14 Peace 

1115.) Joan Osborne “One of Us”…Chapter. 14 Peace
1117.) Helen Reddy “I amWoman” 1972 Chapter. 14 Peace  

1118.) Mase “Feel So Good”…Chapter 14 Peace
1119.) Jason Mraz “Im Yours & I won’t Hezz-i-tate”…Chapter. 14 Peace  

1120.) Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel “The Sound of Silence”…Chapter. 14 Peace  the Virtue of Forgiveness 

1121.) Danielle Peck “Where there’s a Woman “…Chapter. 14 the Virtue of Forgiveness
Ch.15A Medical the Virtue of Kindness Pg.1530 Music List

1124.) UB40 “I can’t help falling in love with you”…Chapter. 15A 

1125.) Train “Calling All Angels”…Chapter 15A Medical the Virtue of Kindness 

1126.) Hinder “Lips of an Angel…Chapter 15A the Virtue of Kindness 

1127.) Point of Grace the Female Christian Group “King of the World” and “I Wish”…Ch. 15A. Medical the Virtue of Kindness 

1128.) Symphony Selection in C Minor, Op.11 by Mendeissohan, Felix... Ch.15 A Medical 

1129.) Francessa Battistelli ~ Write Your Story Ch.15A Medical the Virtue of Kindness Grook Poem

1131.) George Harrison “Got My Mind Set on you”…the Virtue of Kindness Ch.15A 

1132.) Irene Carol “Flashdance…What a Feeling” Soundtrack from Flashdance…Chaper.15A  

1133.) Dido ~ White Flag “I will go down with this ship I want put my hands up in Surrender I’m in Love…”  

1134.) Collective Soul “Shine”…Chapter. 15.A The Virtue of Kindness 

1135.) Natalie Grant ~ Burn Bright…Chapter 15A Medical the Virtue of Kindness

1136.) The Clash – I Fought the Law…Ch.15A the Virtue  of Kindness 

1139.) Cyndi Lauper “Time After Time” Feat. Sarah McLachlan…Ch. 15.A the Virtue of Kindness 

1141.) Inner Circle “Sweat (La La La La Long)…Chapter. 15A 

1143.) The Kingsmen “Louie Louie”…Ch.15A The Virtue of Kindness

1145.) Darius Rucker and Hootie & the Blowfish ~ Time…Ch.15A the Virtue of Kindness 

1146.) Edwin McCain “I’ll Be”…Chapter. 15 A 

1150.) Christopher Cross “Sailing”…Chapter. 15 A Medical 

1153.) Reba McEntire featuring Vince Gill “The Heart Won’t Lie”…Chapter. 15.A Medical the Virtue of Kindness  

1154.) Steven Curtis Chapman “Cinderella…Chapter. 15A   the Virtue of Kindness
Ch.15B the Book of Medicine Virtue of Peace Pg.1531 Music List

1155.) Mandisa ~ “Overcomer” Ch.15B Medicine

1157.) Reba McEntire “Because of you”…Chapter. 15B Medicine 

1159.) Donna Summers “Last Dance”…Chapter. 15B. the Virtue of Peace

1160.) Sounds of Music Motion Picture Soundtrack “Do Re Mi”…Chapter. 15B the Virtue of Peace
1161.) Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love” 2007…Chapter. 15B the Virtue of Peace 

1163.)French Lounge Music- Lemongrass – Bonjour and or Celine Dion “It’s all Coming Back to Me Now” Ch. 15B the Virtue of Peace 

1164.) The Browns “It’s a God Thing”  Southern Gospel…Chapter. 15B 

1165.) Animla House Sound Track  “Shama Lamma Ding Dong” …Chapter. 15B 

1166.) Blue Traveler “Hook”…Chapter. 15B the Virtue of Peace 

1167.) Karen Peck & New River “Ephesians Chapter 1” Enlighten Southern Gospel-Chapter.15B 

1168.) Carol Douglas “Doctor’s Order”…Chapter. 15B 

1169.)Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Sting  “All for One”…Chapter 15B 

1170.) Big Audio Dynamite “E-Mc2" …Ch.15B The Virtue of Peace 

1171.) She Daisy ~” In Terms of Love” Ch.15B Medicine

1172.)Sam & Ruby “Ain’t Love Somethin…Chapter. 15 B Medicine 

1173.) The Dixie Cups ~ “Going to the Chapel of Love” Ch.15B the Virtue of Peace 

1174.) Mandisa ~ “Press On” Ch.15B the Virtue of Peace

1176.)Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers  “In the Sanctuary” Ch. 15B theVirtue of Peace
Ch.15C Physiology Virtue of Grace Pg.1531 Music List
1179.) The Emotions “Best of my Love”…Chapter.15C Zoology the Virtue of Grace Poem Physiology History  

1180.) Deborah Allen “All That I Want”…Chapter. 15C Zoology Human Physiology & Youthful Health 

1182.) Pharrel Williams “Happy” Ch. 15C  DNA is the Poem and the Virtue of Grace

1183.) Shirley Murdock ~ “As We Lay” Ch.15C Physiology the Virtue of Grace
1184.) Aretha Franklin “You make me Feel like a Natural Woman”...Chapter. 15C Physiology 

 1185.) Dolly Parton “Those Memories of you” …Chapter. 15.C Physiology  the Virtue of Grace 

1186.) Joss Stone Ft. Mavis Staples “I’ll take you there”…Chapter. 15 C Hormones as Chemical Messengers  

1187.) Jaci Velasquez “Unspoken” Christian Pop”…Pg. 15C the Virtue of  Grace 

 1188.) Kelly-Lynn “Miracles Happen”…Chapter. 15C Zoology the Virtue of Grace  

 1189.) Listen Up & ESPN College Fight Song  “Game Day & The Big Show” …Chapter. 15C the Virtue of Grace
Ch.15D Anatomy Virtue of Purity Pg.1531-1532 Music List
1192.) Chris Cagle “What a Beautiful Day”…Chapter. 15.D Anatomy  

1193.) BlackEyed Peas  “Boom Boom Pow” Featuring Fergie… Chapter. 15D Anatomy 

1194.) The Beatles  “Come Together “..Chapter. 15D 

1195.) Superchick“Pure”…Chapter. 15D Anatomy 

1196.) Britt Nicole “The Lost Get Found”…Chapter. 15D the Virtue of Purity

1197.) Need to Breathe “Lay Em Down” ….Chapter. 15D Anatomy 

1198.) Deana Carter “How do I get there”…Chapter. 15.D 

1199.) Brian Hyland  “It’s Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini…” Chapter 15.D The Virtue of Purity 

1200.) Guns-N-Roses… “November Rain”…Chapter. 15D  

1201.) Timbuk 3 “The Future’s So Bright, I Gottta Wear Shades…..” Ch. 15.D Anatomy The Virtue of Purity
1202) Etta James “A Sunday Kind of Love…Chapter 15.D Anatomy 
Ch.16A Science Virtue of Reliability Pg.1532 Music List

1205.) Salvador “Heaven”… Chapter. 16A   the Virtue of Reliability  

1207.) John Waite "Change" from the Movie Vision Quest (1983) & Sports Science Chapter 16 A 

1208.) Christian Aguileria “Come Over”…Chapter. 16 A 

1209.) Chuck Berry “Little Sweet Sixteen”…Chapter. 16A Science 

1210.) Journey “Faithfully”…Chapter. 16A  the Virtue of Reliability  

1211.) Amanda Bynes “Pictures Perfect”…Chapter. 16.A Science the Virtue of Reliability  

1212.) Kings of Leon “Use Somebody…Chapter.16.A 

1213.) Madonna “Cherish”…Chapter. 16.A Science 

1214.) Bette Midler “Wind Beneath My Wings”…Chapter 16.A 

1215.)New Radicals “You Get What you Give”…Chapter. 16A. Science the Virtue of Reliability
1216.) Coldplay “Viva La Vida”…Chapter. 16A 

1217.) Jefferson  Starship “Noting is going to stop us now” …Chapter 16 A Science the Virtue of Reliability  

1218.) Crystals “Da Doo Ron Ron”…Chapter.16A Science  the Virtue of Reliability
Ch.16B Biology Virtue of Devotion, Discernment, & Humbleness Pg.1532 Music List

1222.)  Eddie Ruth Bradford “Saved by Grace” …Chapter. 16B the Virtue of Devotion, Discernment, & Humbleness 

1223.) Creedance Clearwater Revival “Looking out my Back Door”…Chapter. 16B 

1224.) Parachute “She is Love”…Chapter. 16B 

1225.) Michelle Tumes “Love Shines Through”  Chapter. 16B Biology 

1226.) Deniece Williams “Silly”…Chapter. 16B Poem is Communities  

1227.) One Republic “Apologize”…Chapter 16B. Poem is “Populations…” 

1228.)Booker T & MG’s “Green Onion” 1960’s Classic…Ch.16B. the Virtue of Devotion, Discernment, & Humbleness 

1229.) Deana Carter “Strawberry Wine” Ch. 16.B  

1230.) Alanis Morissette “You Learn”…Chapter. 16.B the Virtue of Devotion, Discernment, & Humbleness
Ch.16C Zoology Virtue of Wisdom & Hope Pg.1532 Music List
1233.) Natasha Bedingfield “Unwritten”…Chapter 16 C  Zoology
1234.) Three Doors Down “Kryptonite” 

1235.) Katy Perry “Hot & Cold”…Chapter. 16C Zoology 

1236.) Tawny Health “Star Bright” Duet with Mom  Ch. 16.C Zoology the Virtue of Wisdom and Hope 

1237.) Jackson Five “I’ll be there”…Chapter. 16.C the Virtue of Wisdom and Hope  

1239.) Gloriana “Wild at Heart”…Chapter. 16.C Zoology 

1240.) James Brown… “I got  you…I feel Good”…Chapter 16C. the Virtue of Wisdom and Hope  

1241.) Tawny Health “Controversy”…Chapter. 16.C the Virtue of Wisdom and Hope
1242.) Fats Domino “Whole Lotta Lovin”…50’s Pop Hits…Chapter. 16C. the Virtue of Wisdom and Hope

1243.) Debra Snipes ~ “We Come Along Way”Ch.16C

1244.) Harry Belafonte “Day-O Banana Boat”…chapter. 16C Zoology
1245.) Natalie Grant ~ “In the End” Chapter. 16C. the Virtue of Wisdom and Hope

1246.) Taco “Putting on The Ritz”…(1983) Chapter 16.C the Virtue of Wisdom and Hope 

Ch.16D Astronomy Virtue of Wonder Pg.1532 Music List

1249.) Bobby Darin “Beyond the Sea”…Chapter. 16. D Astronomy  

1250.) Jonny & the Great Symphonic Orchestra “Secrets of the Stars”…Chapter. 16. D Astronomy
1251.) Lady Gaga “Love Game”…Chapter. 16.D Astronomy  

1252.) Frank Sinatra “Fly me to the Moon”…Chapter 16.D Astronomy 

1253.) Pat Monahan “Her Eyes”…Chapter. 16.D Astronomy 

1254.) Kim Carnes “Betty Davis Eyes”…Chapter. 16D the Virtue of Wonder 

1255.) New Edition “Mr. Telephone Man”…Chapter. 16D Astronomy

1256.) Ronda Vicent “Fisher of Men” Country Bluegrass …Chapter. 16D the Virtue of Wonder 

1257.) Groove Theory “ Tell Me”…Chapter. 16D the Virtue of Wonder  

1258.) Bonnie Taylor “Total Eclipse of the Heart”…Chapter. 16D the Virtue of Wonder  

1259.) Louis Armstrong “What a wonderful world:…Chapter. 16D the Virtue of Wonder                              
1260.) Madonna “Lucky Star” Song Goes to Poem  Heavenly Celestial Constitution Astrology Celerity Swiftness Speed …Ch. 16D 

1261.) Chrissy DePauw “Shine”…Chapter. 16D the Virtue of Wonder  

1262.) Buffalo Springfield  “For What it’s Worth” …16D. Virtue of Wonder 

Ch.17A Technology Virtue of Strength Pg.1532-1533 Music List

1265.) Ashley Gearing “A Girl Like Me”…the Virtue of Strength Chapter. 17A Technology the Poem  name  is (Breaking News…) 

1267.) Sheryl Crow… “Soak Up the Sun”…Chapter. 17 A Technology the Poem is (Egyptians) 

1268.) Color Me Bad “All 4 Love…Chapter. 17 A the Virtue of  Strength… 

1269.) Barry White “Never Never Gonna Give Ya Up”…Chapter 17A the Virtue of  Strength…
1270.) Melanie B “Feel So Good” A Spice Girl Solo”…Chapter 17A the Virtue of  Strength… 

1271.) Technotronic “Pump Up The Jam”…Chapter. 17A
1272.) Joy Williams  “By Surprise” Christian Pop…Chapter. 17A the Virtue of Strength… 

1273.) Frankie Vallie “Can’t Take My Eyes off You”… Chapter. 17A 

1274.) Jordin Sparks “One Step at a Time”…Chapter. 17A the Virtue of  Strength… 

1275.) Steve Miller “Abracadabra” or  Danny Gokey “Hope in Front of me” the Virtue of  Strength……Chapter 17 A Technology

1276.) Green Day “Good Riddance” Time of Your Life…Chapter. 17A  Technology 

1277.) Stevie Wonder If you Really Love me”…Chapter. 17 A the Virtue of Strength… 

1278.) Elton Britt “Chime Bells ”…Chapter. Chapter 17 A the Poem Name is ( Flow)   
1279.) Kelis “Milkshake” Chapter. 17 A the Virtue of  Strength… 

1280.) Dion & The Belmonts Runaround Sue” the Original  Song was 1961…Chapter.17.A

1281.) Nicolette Larson “ Lotta Love” 1978…Chapter. 17A  the Poem Engineering 

1282.) Vito and the Salutations “Unchained Melody” Ch.17A   the Poem Instruments of Technology

1283.)Willy Wonka "Pure Imagination"...Ch. 17A  Technology the Virtue of Strength     
1284.) Miley Cyrus ft. Billy Ray Cyrus “Ready, Set, Don't Go" the Poem Sunlight Foundation…Ethics Technology…Ch. 17A Technology the Virtue of  Strength…

Ch.17B Mathematics Virtue of Simplicity Pg.1533 Music List

1287.) Ashlee Simpson “LO.V.E.” the Virtue of Simplicity Chapter 17B Mathematics 

1288.) Barry White “Can’t get enough of your Love Babe”…Ch.17.B the Virtue of Simplicity 

1289.) C & C Music Factory “ Gonna Make you Sweat (1991 Release) ”…Ch. 17. B Mathematics 

1290.) Taylor Swift "Love Story" for Piano Solo with Sheet Music the Virtue of Simplicity  

1291.) Sara Evans “I could not ask for more”… Name of  Poem is a Beautiful Mind…Ch.17.B the Virtue of Simplicity 

1292.) Madonna (Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) “4 Minutes”…Ch.17.B Mathematics 

1293.) Bredna Lee “My Boy Lolli Pop”…Ch. 17B the Virtue of Simplicity 

1294.) The Ting Tings “No that’s not my name”…Ch.17B. the Virtue of Simplicity 

1295.) Bob Dylan “Knockin on Heaven’s Door”…Ch. 17B. the Virtue of Simplicity 

1297.) Brent Helming & Andy Park “Let it Rain” Ch. 17B. the Virtue of Simplicity 

1298.) Teddy Pendergrass “Close The Door”…Ch. 17B Mathematics 

1299.) Casting Crown ~ Thrive and  Ellie Holcomb “Love Never Fails” As Sure as the Sun Shine…Ch. 17B the Virtue of Simplicity

1300. ) Whodini “ Five Minutes of Funk (1984) ” 17.B Mathematics

Ch.17C Physics Virtue of Courtesy Pg.1533 Music List

1303.) Bobby Brown “Don’t Be Cruel”…17.C the Virtue of Courtesy 

1304.) Jim Croce “You don’t Mess Around With Jim”…Pg. 17C. the Virtue of Courtesy

1306.) Elvis Presley “Just Pretend”…Chapter. 17C. Physics 

1307.) Dobie Gray “ Drift Away”…Ch. 17C Physics 

1308.) Elvis Presley “All Shook Up”…Ch. 17C  Physics 

1309.) The Platters… “The Magic Touch” 17C the Virtue of Courtesy 

1310.) Louis Armstrong "a Kiss to build a Dream on"17 C the Virtue of Courtesy 

1311.) Dixie Cups  “Chapel of Love”  Love Song…17C the Virtue of Courtesy 

1312.) Evelyn “Champagne King Love Come Down” 1982  17.C Physics  

 1313.) Wendy Wiseman "Do Your Ears Hang Low?"...Chapter 17 C Physics the Virtue of Courtesy
1315.) Karen O & The Kids "Heads UP"…17C Physics the Virtue of Courtesy

Ch.17D Chemistry Virtue of Self-Discipline Pg.1533 Music List

1318.) Mungo Jerry “In the Summer Time”17D Chemistry the Virtue of Self-Discipline  

1319.) Aretha Franklin “Baby, I love you”…Ch.17D the Virtue of Self-Discipline 

1320.) The Chemical Brothers “Galvanize”…Ch.17D Chemistry the Virtue of Self-Discipline 

1321.) Switchfoot ~ When We come Alive Ch.17D Chemistry the Virtue of Self-Discipline

1322.) Billy Joel “ An Innocent Man”…Ch. 17D the Virtue of Self-Discipline 

1323.) Chicago “You’re the Inspiration”…Ch.17D the Virtue of Self-Discipline 

1324.) Deborah Allen “What Makes a Woman” and  Love’s What makes a Woman (Feel Good)…Ch. 17D Chemistry 

1325.) Technotronic “Move This”……Chapter 17D the Virtue of Self-Discipline 

1326.) Kenny Loggins “Footloose”…Ch.17D Chemistry 

 1327.) Mat Kearney “Closer to Love” Ch. 17D the Virtue of Self-Discipline 

1328.)Taylor Swift “The Best Days” ….Ch. 17D  Chemistry the Virtue of Self-Discipline

Ch.18 the Book of History Virtue of Justice Pg.1533-1534 Music List

1331.) Story of the Year “Until the Day I Die” …Chapter. 18 History the Virtue of Justice
1332.) Kung Fu Panda “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting”..Ch. 18 History

 1335.) Aretha Franklin “Respect”…Ch. 18 the Virtue of Justice 

1336.) Linda Ronstadt “Poor Poor Pitiful me”...Ch.18 

1337.) Don Henley “The Heart of the Matter”…Ch. 18 History the Virtue of Justice 

1338.) Jordyn Taylor “What If”…Chapter. 18 

1340.) Tammy Trent “A the Foot of The Cross”…Christian Pop --> Ch. 18 the Virtue of Justice
1341.) Carly Simon “Nobody Does it Better”…Ch. 18  

1342.) Pocahontas “Colours of the Wind” Disney Soundtrack…and  Song Indian Vision – Chirapaq  “Native American Sacred Medicne-Powerful Pride” 

1343.) Sha Na Na “Hand Jive”…Chapter. 18 History 

1344.) Rolling Stones “I can’t get no Satisfaction”…Chapter 18 History

1345.)  UK Gospel Choir “Little Drummer Boy…Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum,  On my drum…?" Ch. 18 History 

1346.) Crystal Shawanda “My Roots are Showing”…Ch.18 History
1347.) Johnny Horton “Battle of New Orleans”…Ch.18  

1348.) Boyz-to-Men “End of the Road”…Ch. 18History the Virtue of Justice 

1351.) Maxwell “Lifetime”…Ch. 18 History 

1352 .) Bobby Darin “Dream Lover”…Ch.18 the Virtue of Justice
1353.) Steve Holy “Good Morning Beautiful”…Ch. 18 the Virtue of Justice 

1354.) Sam Cooke “Chain Gang…” Ch. 18  History Point Civil War (1861-1865) 

1355.) Master P “How you do that there” Ch. 18 History

1356.) Whodini ~ Friends 
1357.) Reba McEntire “I’m a Survivor”…Ch.18 the Virtue of Justice
1358.) Brother IZ Hawaii Kamakawiwo’Ole“Somewhere over the Rainbow” Chapter. 18 History
1360.) Rachel Thibodeau “Strip it down”…Chapter. 18

1361.) Doris Day “Que Sera Sera”…Chapter. 18 

1362.) Soul II Soul “Keep on Moving”…Chapter. 18 the Virtue of Justice 

1364.) Tupac “Life Goes On…” Secular History in Renaissance and Enlightenment Ch. 18 History
1365.) Voltaire --- Feathery Wings ( With lyrics ) Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice and the Poem  is Medical History
1366 .) Toby Mac “One World”…Chapter. 18 the Virtue of Justice 

1367.) Rend Collective ~ Build Your Kingdom Here

1369.) Garth Brooks “The Dance” Ch.18 History 

1370.) Debra Snipes ~ Out on God's Word from the Album Gathering all Saints Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice

1371.) Meredith Andrews ~ The Gospel Changes Everything Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice

1372.) Katy Perry ~  “Roar”  Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice

1373.) Mandisa ~ “At All Times” Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice 

1375.) Run DMC ~ Hard Times…Ch.18 History 

1376.)Tupac “Keep Your Head Up” Scares Do Heal & Positive Change Takes Time Ch. 18

1377.) Jaime Jamgochian ~ " you are my all in all" Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice Poem is “the Conservative Resurgence”
1378.) Europe “The Final Countdown”…Chapter. 18 History 

1379.) D.J. Jimi “Where they at (1992) …Chapter. 18 The Book of  History and Justice  

1381.) Stevie Wonder “ Superstition…Ch. 18 History the Virtue of Justice

 1382.) Harout Pamboujians’s Khntsor Ktsi Music “Tapdance Armenian Music”…Ch.18 the Virtue of Justice

1383.) Biz Markie “Just A Friend”…Chapter. 18 the Virtue of Justice

1385.) Jaime Jamgochian ~ God Unchanging Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice

1386.) Big Daddy Weave ~ Love Come to Life…Ch.18 History the Virtue of Justice
1387.) The Offspring “Come Out and Play”….Chapter. 18 History the Virtue of Justice

Ch.19 the Book of Motivation Virtue of Understanding Pgs.1534

1390.) Faces “Ooh La La”…Rod Stewart Classic Hit …Chapter 19 Motivation

1391.) Queen “We are the Champions”…Chapter. 19 Motivation
1392.) Doris Troy “Just One Look”...Chapter. 19 Motivation
1393. ) ESPN Presents “Jock Jams” Lets get Ready to Rumble with Lyrics…Chapter. 19 Motivation

1394.) Stylistics “you are everything”…Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding 

1395.) Corinne Bailey Rae “Put Your Records On” Ch.19 Motivation the Virtue of Understanding  

1396. ) Cheryl Lynn “Got to be Real”…Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding 

1397.) Carole King ~ You’ve got a Friend…Ch.19 Motivation Virtue of Understanding Poem is Natural God Given Impulses 

1398.) Luther Vandross”So Amazing”…Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding
1399.) Bee Gees “Night Fever”…Chapter. 19 

1401.) KLF “ …3 A.M. Eternal… ” Chapter. 19 The Book of Motivation the Virtue of Understanding….
1402.) Chicago “Just you –n- me”…Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding

1403.) Barry Manilow “Never Gonna Give you Up” Motivational Quote Poem of Life
1404.) Alison Krauss “ Shimmy Down My Chimney “  (Feel up my Stockings) Comfort Zone 

1405.) Hezekiah Walker ~ Every Praise…You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be Driving Force Ch.19 Motivation the Virtue of Understanding

1406.) Natalie Grant ~ Hurricane and or and or You Are -- Montell Jordan with Chris August Ch.19 Motivation Virtue of Understanding Poem is and or Name of Poem is Success

1407.) Micheal Jackson “Ho Ho Ho up on the House Top Saint Nick goes Click Click” name of  Poem Painting Passel Passage 

1408.) Boney James is Smooth Jazz name of Song is “Sleigh Ride”Optimist Creed
1409.) the Beach Boys “ Little Saint Nick... Run Run Raindeers” Promise Yourself 

1410.) KoKo Taylor “ I ‘ma Woman”  Stand the test of time Provocation Ch. 19 & Ch.18 Together History of a Woman 

1411.) EMF “Unbelievable”…Chapter. 19 Motivation 

1412.) the Afters ~ Life is Beautiful Ch.19 Motivation
1413.) Kassie DePaiva “I want to love you”…Ch.19 Motivation the Virtue of Understanding

1414.) REO Speedwagon “Can’t fight this feeling”…Ch.19 Motivation
1415.) Al B Sure ~ “Oooh this Love is So” Ch.19 Motivation Poem is the Will to Win 

1416.) The Commitments “Mustang Sally” The Best of Irish Music 1991 the Sound of Ireland 

1417.) The Afters “Light Up the Sky” Ch.19 Motivation  

1418.) George Michael “You gotta to have Faith” Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding

1419.) Joe Cocker “you are so beautiful”…Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding 

1420.) Joe Cocker “With a Little Help From My Friends”…Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding 

1421.) Wendy Wiseman "Smile Smile Smile"...Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding  

1422.) Lenny Kravitz “Are You Gonna Go My Way”…Chapter. 19 Motivation 

1423.) Sara Westbrook “Love Crusade” Chapter. 19 the Virtue of Understanding 

1424.) Pixie Lott “Your love My Love”…Chapter. 19 Motivation the Virtue of Understanding

1425.) Pat Benatar “We Belong” Ch. 19 Motivation Virtue of Understanding 


Ch.20 The Book of Romance Virtue of Love & Joy Pg.1534-1535 Music List
1430.) Wilson Pickett “634-5789”or Rapture Ruckus feat. Shuree “In this Together”……Chapter. 20 Romance 

1431.) The Isley Brother “This Old Heart of Mine”…Chapter.20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1432.) Johnny Rivers “Baby, I need your lovin”…Chapter. 20 Romance the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1433.) Jackson Five “One More Chance”…Chapter.20 Romance 

1434.) Johnny Rivers “Do you want to dance”…Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy
1435.) Dashboard Confessional “Stolen”…Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1436.) Color Me Badd “I wanna to Sex you Up”and or Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros “Burnin’ Streets…Chapter. 20 Romance 

1437.) Counting Crows “Big Yellow Taxi” Chapter. 20 

1438.) Dixie Chicks “Cowboy Take Me Away” and or The Loone Bellow "Bleeding Out"…Chapter. 20 Romance
1439.) Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” or Ellie Holcomb “Don’t forget his Love (Psalm 108)…Chapter. 20  Romance the Virtue of Love & Joy

1440.) Aerosmith "Angel"and or Ellie Holcomb “Love Never Fails” As Sure as the Sun Shine
 ...Chapter. 20 Romance   the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1441.) Journey “Open Arms”…Chapter. 20 Romance the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1442.) Wyclef (Feat. Claudette Ortiz) “Two Wrongs” Chapter. 20 Romance
1443.) Room for Two “My Kinda Perfect”…Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy
1444.) The Penguins “Earth Angel" (Will you be mine) Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy
1445.) Bobby Darin “Dream Lover” Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1446.) The Romantics “What I like about you” and Ellie Holcomb “Grateful for your Love” Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1447.) Gregory Abbott “Shake you Down”.…Chapter. 20 The Book of Romance the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1448.) Whitney Duncan “Skinny Dippin” Chapter. 20 Romance 

1449.) Paul Simon “Love me like a Rock”…Chapter. 20 Book of Romance The Virtue of Love and Joy
1450.) Sixpence None the Richer “Kiss Me” 1999 Chapter 20 Romance the Virtue of Love & Joy
1451.) Fall out Boys ~ Know What you did in the Dark ( Light em Up) Ch.20 

1452.) the Wanted ~ Glad your Came…Ch.20 Romantic the Virtue of Love & Joy
1453.) Carol King with James Taylor ~ Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow Ch.20 the Book of Romance

1454.) The Platters “Only You” Chapter. 20 Romance
1455.) Freddie Jackson  ~ “you are my Lady” Ch.20 Romance

1456.) Shania Twain “You are still the One”…Chapter. 20 Romance the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1457.) The Charleston by Green Hill Instrumental and or Spike Jones "The Charleston"
 Ch.20 Romance
1459.) The Drifters “Under the Board Walk”…Chapter. 20 Romance
1460.) Morris Day & The Time “Jungle Love” The Virtue of Love & Joy the Book of Romance

1461.) Paddy Casey “I keep”…Chapter. 20 Romance 

1462.) Engelbert Humperdnick “Am I that Easy to Forget”…Chapter.20 

1463.) Bill Haley & his Comets “We’re gonna Rock Around the Clock”…Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy
1464.) Escape  “The Pina Colada Song”by Rupert Holmes…Ch.20 the Virtue of Love & Joy
 1465.) Chubby Checkers “Limbo Rock” Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1466.) Chubby Checkers “Let’s Twist Again”…Chapter. 20 Romance 

1467.) Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons “Stay”…Chapter. 20 Romance 

1469.) Journey “Don’t Stop Believin” Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1470.) Alison Krauss & Union Station” When you say nothing at all”…Chapter 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

1471.) Bruce Springsteen “Radio Nowhere” Chapter. 20
1472.) School House Rock Elbow Room C.D. America Rock &  the Monster Mash "1962" Halloween Song name for a U of Ky Men's Basketball Player (1990-1993) where did it come from Bobby Pickett "Boris" &Listen to Anna Nalick --> Breathe (Acoustic) lyrics
1474.) Tommy Ellison “Put Jesus in your life” Chapter. 20 the Virtue of Love & Joy 

 1477-1478.) Lullatone – Braham’s by Martinshorn away of Praying and Saying Thanks and Goodnight to you all!!! In the Index One Section 
Music is a total constant. That's why we have such a strong visceral connection to it, you know? Because a song can take you back instantly to a moment, or place, or even a person. No matter what else has changed in you or the world, that one song or songs stay the same, just like that moment or moment and or Moments… 
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