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 Gifts are like Vehicles how you arrive depends on how you are Received.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882 "Letters"
Every day brings a ship, 
Every ship brings a word;
Well for those who have no fear, 
Looking seaward well assured
That the word the vessel brings
Is the word they wish to hear.
Saint Louis University  Billiken Mens Basketball Team amd
Head Coach Charlie Spoonhour and 1992-1993
was  Eric Bickel #44 6-10, Brian Smith #30 6'9", Marcus Jones #23 5'10,
"Erwin Claggett #13 6'1", Ryan Grant #42 6'8",
Scott Highmark #32 6'4",  Roomate Donnie Dobbs #34 6'3" Highschool Teammate and best friend Jimmy Jackson Dallas Mavericks NBA,
Carlos McCauly #12 5'11" H Waldman #20 6'3" UNLV Gaurd Transfer 1992, and
Evan Pedersen 6'8" Power Forward
Who I Carlos Toomer jumped completely over him  from the
Free Throw Line... Got undercut my left ankle hit his
left shoulder  Caused a Reverse Dunk following Off into the
Rim with my back to the baseline after doing a in and out 
cross over behind my back which was a  3 Piece Combination
Dribble Drill Change of Pace and Direction Dribble
Explode go by move...I broke his ankles and Erwin Claggett Ankles and knee
completely gave out... He fell to the Ground...just off of  and from the
in and out dribble drill combination that he may had never seen before...
It was a Rick Pitino and is a Travis Ford  Special... I completely sold it "my Rotator Cup"
with my shoulder keep it tight my shoulder his knee completely  gave out on the
Second Combination before the Crossover behind the back go by going into
the 3rd movement...Change of pace shift go by... I did set it Up "The
3 Piece Dribble Combination the in and out cross over behind
the back" with Stutter Steps and hesitation on Drag but fluent...while Running
the Point into transition Motion Offense Set Up...
I was just wondering, if I could get into a Open Lane for a   
3 Point Shot kick out  or Two man Game Set Up...
I just was Running the Point Rick!! and Coach Cal....and Michael...
Who has done a Dunk in Natural Basketball Play and or
Pick up or Game that Nobody can do...or Imitate...?
 This Page 2008 to Christmas 2013 was full of commentary and images: Totes, Pins, Shirts, Sweatshirts, all kind of Vista Print Gifts that I mailed off to Celebrities and Politicians, Coaches and Mentors, Reporters and Journalists, Royalty and many others...

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