Page 319 Poem Image Ch.1 the Book of Facts
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Page 319 Poem Image Ch.1 the Book of Facts

Page 319

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Perception is everything Depends on who you are
Or is it…That you never have to explain to a friend….?
An enemy there is no reason to explain…
Or is it…The other way around the unfound,
Seeing only what they know, Does this mean knowledge is power…?
Wit and wisdom is born with a man.
Ways that we live by When you are
Dealing with reality.
Where are we going…Where did we come from
Light is at the end of the tunnel
When than all will be able to see
What is in the Image of God…? What is the Image of God..? What is a Image of Positive Perception & Happiness
with Success & Love........?
Let the mirror in your mind reflect all memories of heaven, and bring this peace to sorrow, to melt away the cares upon the earth.
Image has a lot to do with your Perception…Motivation with Enthusiasm Equates at least an Industrious Ideal way to God way of God  Image Imagine Consistent improving Quality Lifestyle and Impetus Stimulating Habits Superfood Habituals Simulations Red Wine Age Reversal 969 with More than Supreme Excellent Habits Image Imagine not Just in the Eye of the Beholder…Wit and Wisdom can be Passed on and Image…

Imagine with all your mind. Believe with all your heart. Achieve with all your might.

Author’s Comments
My opinion wit and wisdom can be taught and passed on to other people…God leads the way…”If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, It has owned more to patient attention than to any other talent.” --Issacc Newton (born 1642 – passed 1727) English Scientist
The beginning of love is to let those, we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them. 
---Thomas Merton (born 1915 1968) Poet, Religious Writer, American Trappist
Behavior is the manner in which everyone shows there imagine. –But, How shall I get ideas? Keep your wits open observe! Study! Study! But above all, Think, Think, and when a noble image is indelibly impressed upon the mind-Act! And self confidence is always at high….
~ Confidence Breeds Success Psalm
As a well trained athlete you have the ability to be in tuned with your peek senses better than he or she that doesn’t exercise. Self image and self-confidence is always at high, but quality love and faith is paramount. ~ Motivator Strength Life Coach Carlos Toomer (Born: July 9, 1972)
It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are. ---E. E. Cummings

My Anti-Aging Longevity Living Holistic Lifestyle Dietary Youthful Aging Health Tip Recipe #4: V-8 your way to 5 a day servings of Vegetables, vegetable juice is a excellent classic choice supplement for daily health improvement..
Language Love Play Sweet Beauty Romance Love at First Sight Tactful Humor Romantic Comedy Recipe Element #9: I WANT TO FALL FOR YOU BUT IM NOT SURE YOU WILL CATCH ME….?  -PAM ROX
EIV (Proverb Chapter 2: Verses 1-5) Biblical Scripture Recipe Element #13: Listen to Quality improvement wisdom and apply your heart and mind to impetus understanding.

Angel am I dead…? This must be like Heaven. You are something like feel good music, if not better than music flowing through my veins, coursing, curious to know more than my name. What your Name….?
~ Paint the Positive Angelic Picture Line Cool Daddy Cat Daddy Ask the Girlout Introduce Yourself
I'm blank feet blank inches of pure human sunshine and heaps of lovin... 
~ Line for Whom and Whoever…?
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F

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