Page 299 Poem Who does Care? Ch.1 The Book of Facts the Virtue of Humor
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Page 299 Poem Who does Care? Ch.1 The Book of Facts the Virtue of Humor

Page 299

Who does Care? Patrick Patterson #54 (U of K 2007-2010)
141 Lila Elaine McCann aka Lovely Excellent Mother’s-American Female Country Music Vocalist “You are my sunshine” Courtly Christian Country Sunshine #141
The Entire Female Country Music Singing World mine Heart can Ponder
How do you Assemble Gather Together all the Female Occupations in the Entire World…over here over there and or over yonder

Collaboration & Communication is and are the Primary Fundamental Catalysis Truest Trust Necessary Necessity is….Wing Tip to Wing Tip

Oh Motherhood Oh Motherhood…In and to Any Relationship or Relationships
Believe in yourself and watch the miracles unfold
When one door closes, a new one opens. Life IS is at least meant to be good! Minds Whirl and Hearts Sing and Shouts Greet the Daring Ones

Offspring Establish the Results of Success in our future needed needs need Inspiration Motivation & Encouragement is…Life is a Quest and Love is a Desination
When we are grateful for our blessings and can maintain an optimistic attitude through thick and thin, there's no limit to the opportunities that will present themselves to us.
Who’s Always there for you through the thick & thin…and or Times that....Sing and or Bail….? Make Lips and Music Wed Waves of Melody

Who listens to your Hopes and Gripes from birth to life’s dead end Just not with Pantomiming Wings....from Bail to Sail more than Angel Wings and or Summer Calls Wing Tip to Wing Tip
Plenty is Nature and Summer Falls Much is Winter with a Heart of Spring Believe in yourself and watch the miracles unfold

Who is able to be Your Best friend Smile and Give Plenty Hugs…and able to Remember When or that Genuine Love Never Fails  nor never Falls
Believe in yourself and watch the miracles unfold
Sincerely Spring Fling CLING to Nature Summer Heat Fall Passion Winter Romance Give me more than Just Good Hug Action  Hugs and Kisses and or Date Nights Make Lips and Music Wed Waves of Harmony

My Summer of Love Spring Romance Fall Autumn Starts Winter Chestnuts Roast me with 365 Loving Compassionate & or Caring Good Care Friendship Praise
Who Loves’ you the way you are, If you Nurture and Guide them to Lead…? Remember you the way you was still feature you as the one you were....
Naked as a Spring Jay Bird Blue as a Playdate Blue Birds and Angels that Sing and Um that Swing Birth Nature…on  Harp’s Strings and or on Harper’s Calls
Humanities’ and OFFSPRINGS Summer June and Fall Who Loves you…? Who always Cares…? Who Loves you Summer June Fall 365 Spring Winter Calls

One of my mantras are "Never give up!" Never underestimate what you can achieve when you believe in yourself! Believing in yourself doesn't come from "with-OUT"; it comes from within, from that heart-centered place where our god/dess essence resides.

Author’s Comments
Action is the real measure of intelligence.
~305 Kelly Clarkston American Singer Song Writer Character C Courtly #305 was (Born: April 24, 1982)
Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries the seed of an equal or greater benefit or benefits.
~13Taylor Swift American Country Singer & Song Writer (Born: December 13, 1989) #13 Courtly C Lover lovelove
Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing.
~139 Trisha Yearwood Country Music Star (born September 19, 1964) Courtly Care Nature #...?
With new hope, We build new lives. Why complain when it rains….? This is what it means to be free.
~Jessica Tandy America Actress “Driving Miss Daisy” (Born: June 7, 1909—September 11, 1995)
It is good to dream, but it is better to dream and work.  Faith is Mighty, but action with faith is mightier. –Thomas Robert Gaines

Affirmation Self-Esteem Diet Anti-Aging Health Tip Recipe #4: Use prebagged baby spinach everywhere: as “lettuce” in sandwiches, heated in soups, wilted in hot pasta, and added to salads.
Quality Romance Marriage Value Love Sparks Recipe #12: Greater love is when you marry a friend that you laugh with, live for, dream with, and love unconditionally.
Repent Sin from the Heart Biblical Clarification Point Recipe #13:  He that hateth to be reproved is in the way of sinners: but he that feareth the Lord will repent from his heart. ---What book in the regular bible is this…? {21:6}

Have you ever been busted, caught, or curious…? Sneak Peek Holler Back, Show your love. If you flashed or Flash me, than I will know and or be able to see, if nature gives. Look back and thank God, Look forward and trust God check your show of pride. ~ God’s plan for my Life is simple. He will take all my choices, mistakes, and failures, and turn them into something Good of more than a  line
I hope, I hope. I hope, Love Never Fails. No fairy tales, it goes on to the end of time until humans tell each other Human Rhymes Man's Best Friend Capacity Times Two it Goes On Till the End of Tailing Time Tailing Time Tailing Time Until humans are man's Best friend.   Tailing Time Tail the End of Tail and Tailing Time….As if Tailing Time and History…
Lord God of Hosts be with us yet.
~ 286 Freida Pinto Pure Indian Modern Time Classic Classical Dance Line Slum Dog Millionaire  
Listen to music selection by Lee Ann Womack “I hope you dance…”

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